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Neptune In Pisces


Your Vision Holds the Key-Your Word Manifests the Solution

This period of time holds Great Possibilities for all of us;  Close your eyes and block all Projections of Darkness coming upon the land, and lock yourself away for a bit of time each day in your room of Light. This is your place of Beauty, Longing, Hope and Love.

Great Miracles are about to happen.  Now is the time to cast ourselves upon the altar of change. God lovesit when we come to Him during the most impossible times, so he can completely enter into our bodies and our hearts, and work the Great Work!       Neptune entering the Sign Pisces covers the world with Ideals, Imagination, Visions of the Perfection, so quickly, there will be those who will not understand how their dark plans did NOT come to pass.

Pisces the Fish is associated with the Christ and those who are like Him.

We are going to see the restoration and regeneration of everything.

Miracles are coming and this may seem like a fantasy, but it is real.

Expect Angels to intercede for you and your nation.  Call to them now!

Expect the most unbelievable economic solution to suddenly be put in place in the governments, region by region, before any underground Power even has a chance.

” and the days shall be shortened for the sake of the Elect”

This Neptune, and this Pisces, carries within them the pure Ideal,  and represents the soul who returns to this time and place to practice the Imagery, the Photographic Projecting of Perfection upon the outer world as was always intended.  This will increase the deeper mind to access wisdom and mercy, compassion and a fierceness of making Ideals come true.

The souls of light are here again  for performing miracles and precipitating great Mercy and Healings.  Our ability to visualize and hold a thought, and with full confidence, watch before our very eyes the thing materialize will now be easier than ever before.  We, they are artist, ministers, musicians, healers…they are the compassionate ones.

Neptune in Pisces says ” Let go of the Desert and call down the Miracles, Let  These Waters of Amazing Perfections Flow and Create the Golden World.”

As Neptune moves into Pisces a door opens for us to bring forth the incredible power of God inside of us; imploring the Light to save the Earth and use this period in time where we can better exercise our use of the imagination….( Imaging).  Imaging is not fantasy, its a faculty of the soul to engage in the full use of the body temple as God created it. The body was created with the engineering in the two eyes, the glands in the brain, specifically the Pineal Gland and the inner sight and mental imagery, much like a camera, to be able to use its mechanism to project God’s Perfect Vision out into your world in order to create something better than what is happening now. Just like in the physical eyes, the  Pineal Gland has also rods and cones and acts very much like a camera or tv, allowing an inner sight, which is why it is called “the third eye”.  Not only is it suppose to be a receiving of imagery from the heaven world, capturing concepts and complete ideas from the Mighty I Am Presence above, but also God through this third eye, desires to project His/Her perfection of an idea or concept out into the physical environment around you.

The amazing thing is, if every Son and Daughter of God used this mechanism frequently, and it was done properly, no creation would conflict with any other creation because all creations are being drawn down from the Universal Blueprint in the invisible realms of the Spirit of All Light. And that Blueprint is in perfect harmony with every portion of the plan.  Faith is used to trust the formula, the process of using this mechanism.

This magnificent cycle will help us to:

A. Recognize there is a problem that must be solved in the world, and a new faith in turning the water into wine, the multiplication of the loaves and fishes, the walking upon the waters will become real;

B.  The Problem demands a solution, we need to become educated in order to solve the problem;

C.   We Hold onto that new knowledge and then believe it can be done.  It doesn’t matter, how big or small the matter is. It really doesn’t matter. Hold a concept of a step by step plan to bring prosperity and security back into our nations, our money, industry, health, protection against nuclear toxicity etc..whatever YOU need and that you feel would be good for others.

D.   Finding the most perfect formula, plan,  instructions or concept out there for the problem, then follow where this invisible Mind leads you to study about it; He’s making room inside of you to merge with your mental work, your excitement over the possibility to change, and you are now engaged in the Great Work.  As it comes out of you, you are now experiencing the power of God. It is now flowing out of you, you are allowing it to come out;

E.  take the experience and the study in, realize all the things you have read or heard, this is the best so far,and God will keep adding to your new truth, but you must work at it!

F.   Believing in the solution, it can come true,

G.   Saying out loud the affirmation describing the thing you desire to happen and call for the protection of this idea,

H.  Then Seal it in the name of the great I AM, it is finished.

I.  Watch, pay attention, write it down, keep a note of it because in some form, it will come true.

Neptune in Pisces is the Beauty of precipitating a purified world, purified economy, purified governments and multiplying out of thin air.   Neptune rules Idealism and Imagining, the Mirror projected outward, the glass.

You can see how terribly important it is to NEVER visualize and hold an image that has harm to it, or greed, or that will cause the suffering of anything.

Here are dates of perfect moments to create and project perfection through the power of this Neptune placement:

May 9 through June 11 ( Mars Sextiles Neptune, Mercury Sextiles Neptune, Venus Sextiles Neptune,

Jupiter Sextiles Neptune).

June 16-18 Mercury Trines Neptune

July 3-5 Venus Trine Neptune

August 1-5 Mars Trines Neptune

Stationary Mercury retrograde at 0-1* Virgo Opposes Neptune July 28 through August 8 2011 which can reveal a lie and inspire you to call for its exposure and alternative plan.

October 6,7,8 2011 Venus Trines Neptune

October 11-12 Mercury Trines Neptune

Neptune Sextile U.S. Natal Venus 2012

Neptune Trine U.S. Conceptional Venus 2012

and most importantly:

October 10 2012 through July 19 2013 is the most important in the near future of all the dates of precipitating the Power of Security, Abundance, Change and implementing the Structure of the new Economic and Liberating Plan for the world, according to God’s Will.

You see, what you can do is take the idea of being a Co-Creator with God and actually understand how it works.  You are sitting there in your room, putting on your most beautiful inspiring music, and you have in your mind already an understanding of a great thing that could happen that would solve a problem of unhappiness somewhere, but more than that, it is the excitement of the Vision, of having something Magnificent to occur, to manifest, to come into Reality!  You pray, you say ” God, I desire and Call to you to make this thing come true; Bring this forth Dear God, with all your Power and your Perfection. Take command I pray to manifest this beautiful thing. This perfect thing. This most joyful and elegant Blueprint and process that can change civilization and remove the suffering in every way forever!

” and there will be no more night, and God shall wipe away all their tears”

This cycle slips into the complexity of all the other hard Astrology during this time, almost inconspicuously, so no dark force notices.

It moves in like the Holy Spirit, slips into your heart, wakes you up in the morning, calls you to visualize the perfect solution, the most amazing vision, and it sticks with you all day, you can’t get it out of your mind, you can feel it, want to research it, talk about it.  You think ” could this be possible, how could it happen?

Look, there are those who do believe in this science, and they are very dark, and they think that they should create in the world, and we sit back and watch TV and complain. You are actually created with more resources and internal powers of love than they are.  Yes, there is a difference.  Humility and a desire to have immortality.  There are those in the world who know their time is up.  How do you know which one are you?  Do you desire freedom love, mercy, independence, harmony creativity and happiness for all?  Do you think everyone feels like this who has the powers and capabilities to misuse their third eyes and their powers to put forth plans into the Earth? Well, the answer is NO. Not everyone has good will.

Once you lock onto your project, protect it, fight for it.  It is a Great Light that has come upon us, but quietly.  It doesn’t act like Pluto or Uranus, or Mars.  It is like the positive Divine Tsunami covering the  lands from coast to coast. You see, there is a perversion of Neptune also, but today I wanted to talk about what it was truly intended for: Manifesting and experiencing divine love and the immaculate feelings and concepts of God into the Earth.

The Great Lord represented by the powers of Neptune in Pisces which has an essence and mind and intelligence that permeates the atmosphere with Love and the Ideal Pattern of the Perfect World, has entered the world and is moving into your life, the streets, the cities, the nation.  This Presence literally moves upon you and inside and compels a longing to occur.  The longing for safety, perfection, abundance, magnificent. Nothing can stop it.

It’s like the antidote to the invisible nuclear toxins, only it’s the Invisible Power of the Divine Lightening Come.  He will permeate people who have a desire to merge with this Love and listen and combine their mind and ideas with the Greatness of this Mind that has somehow the ability to intensify, rapidly and release the Waters of Perfection and Mercy into the physical plane to completely in the blink of an eye, wash away the terrible error.   But it happens at that peak moment, when you call out and say ” Dear God, I want this thing to manifest! I call to you to realize this solution, this amazing Ideal you are now integrating with my mind”

He created bodies with the system inside so He could use us, like we step inside our car, and it accommodates our wishes to where we want to go.

“He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.”

Whatever you feel has come into your lap that inspires you and causes your heart to be passionate about the idea, and you desire this thing to be created so all can experience the blessing of it, call it down! and always say, ” According to God’s Will, Amen.”  I mean, it might really not be the best thing to have a Nordstrom built in every neighborhood, so lets lift up our aspirations a bit, but maybe a blessing to establish a completely safe and amazing school for children under the age of 6, where one could leave them there knowing all possible learning materials are being presented to their child, and in complete safety.

I had an inspiration to write this article and include an example of a strong argument for economic change in our country and the entire world, so it would settle and work within our minds.  This is like the learning stage, where we take in a new idea, and the more we assimilate it, the more we understand how it could be possible. Once that happens, and we call it down into the world OUT LOUD, IT BEGINS TO HAPPEN!

“Here is the revolutionary book on monetary reform – brilliant, compelling, clear, with specific reforms to do now ..”   “Had the U.S. followed the recommendations of this wonderful report when it came out in 1982, there would have been no housing bubble, no gigantic government debt, no depression, no economic upheaval, no high unemployment, and no international turmoil. This was a window of opportunity for reform. This is proof that Ron was right.” The Case for Gold

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