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Pressure to Rise Above the Predictable – Saturn, Jupiter square Uranus and Mars


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January 3 – 9, 2021 


As we progress deeper into the world of Aquarius, freedom and truth are now magnificently calling us to a place where we want to transform ourselves. Progressing into a higher way of living without faking it, pretending or even circumventing our own foibles is now upon us.  We easily look at others’ lies and misdeeds but in order for the whole world to move up, maybe it requires us to now tackle the few things left we have not finished up in our own lives. Then, possibly we can raise the bar for peace and progress to rule. Lofty ideas, I know- I’m in a bit of a philosophical place desiring the best outcome.
The theme for this week’s Stardrops is Saturn as the Strength and Aquarius as the Star of the Show.
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