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Stardrops for June 6 -12 Flow Right Into Your New Life



June 6- 12



This week is not a jam packed with a terrible amount of astro -cycles, thank goodness. It’s a simple week, especially because of our helpful Solar Eclipse assisting us in navigating to the next thing we desire to conquer! Flowing right into your new life, seemed so perfect for this week’s title. 

I see it as a slightly non – physical other worldly experience, where you simply put one foot in front of the other, without much analysis…just do what you are feeling inclined to do, as it should be a practical useful and very beneficial state of mind you are moving into. This intellectual Solar Eclipse might require some mental work, meetings, learning, communications and even advise to get where you eventually would like to go. The most important key however, is this…..Know your thoughts concentrated upon this new way of living, can literally bring the goal to pass. I know I’ve mentioned before – E-SQUARED by Pam Grout, but truly, this would be the best read right now to get in sync with this cycle.  Allowing yourself to move into the path that is opening up before you, which should feel as if a guidance, the next step to reaching ultimate goals, that is the most important part of this Solar Eclipse week. It is launching you. But, before we review this subject, which by now you might be good and tired of hearing about from me, let’s go over the last part of our Mercury retro and some other important news…

The Mercury continues its Retrograde and square to Neptune this weekend, ending a few weeks of some mind disorientation as to how dire or difficult things are and feeling scattered, overwhelmed, sick and major diffusion of our mental clarity.

It has a tendency to weaken us, our ability to make decisions, weaken our health, create disappointments with anything, weaken our bodies and immune systems, deceive, or hint at confusing communications which needs to be deciphered at a later date in order to make sense of the situation. If you’ve been staying on top of this subtle strangeness, good for you! It can create a scrambling of our normal waves between each other, as if your normal waves you emanate in order to connect with life and be congruent with all around you, has been sharply interfered with by something coming in at an obtuse angle, scattering your waves.

This square will not return again until July 5/6. For the most part, people seem to be handling this square fine – it’s the continual peculiarity of our daily moods, atmosphere and energy, not knowing what to believe and trust, or even find something solid with which to hang onto, which is the problem. All Media information is most likely being impacted by this square more than anything else in our personal lives. Deceptions will however, continue to be challenged with this Mercury in Gemini retro all May/June 2021.

June 4,5,6 Mars opposes Pluto testing us with opposing issues, – finding oneself in possibly in an opposition with others.  Also, concerns about finances, world situations and threats from just anywhere, pressure put on us that possibly we’re not going to be alright in the future. Let’s push that away.

Mars in Cancer activates our basic needs for food, water, money and shelter. It also triggers sentiment, emotional memories and family love domestic needs.  These needs feel very real, and do matter! The problem is that they are negated, ignored or dismissed by the apathetic behaving Pluto in Capricorn. I would disengage from the temptation to react to this negative loop of energy, whether it is between you and another or you and some sort of unproductive thing you are in conflict with, but compelled to do, just to relieve tension and numb out.  Even though this is a theme from June 4 – 6, watch out for it trying to drag on, all week, with worrisome people, negativity, abusive energies or anything appearing to be Anti-Security situations popping up at you. Push it back and walk away, or deal with it effectively without much reaction. In fact, this opposition could signal the final decision to separate from something incredibly unproductive in your life now.

JUNE 10 THE SOLAR ECLIPSE IN GEMINI – One last reminder of the event to single out our priority and focus on our next step on the path to fulfillment. This cycle brings us assistance in deciphering our path especially for the time frame from June – July 2021. Some have felt it become the new theme to master or achieve for the next five months or so, until the next Solar Eclipse comes around.

If the Solar Eclipse is in your:

First House – It brings a newness of importance to either your own personal development, self image, style, acknowledging yourself as smart, educated, and definitely motivated to present yourself as such to others.

Second House – Business launching, banking, investments, focus upon money, your values, net worth, what you value and truly realizing this – also attention put on your items and assets. …and more than that, your worth as a soul, a valuable treasure in this life. Increasing your value in your career and desiring a pay increase.

Third House – Writing, Studying, taking exams, memory, reviewing, expressing yourself with logical concise sentences in order to make oneself very very clear.  Anything involving short trips, your car, your phone, a conversation that needs to be had. Data and computers, saving information, but the most important, sharing information with another that can not wait any logger.

Fourth House – Your home life, you house, domestic, family, emotional needs and security – the sudden realization it’s time to build, move, renovate or, stay where you are because it’s perfect! Decisions made about real estate and hunkering down. A parent in need and what to do about it.

Fifth House – Love, your heart, going with your internal feelings which bring incredible Joy to your life. Something involving a child, their future or decisions to make on their behalf.  A decision involving the sibling which acts like the child of the family.

Vacation planning, joy and happiness planning, such as an event, a party.  Finding love, deciding this is my path, not someone else’s path, what am I doing allowing another to influence my life, and so on and so forth…

Sixth House – Health and immunity to diseases. New information or desire to learn about empowering the body, studying nutrition and supplements. Body and fitness routines. In fact, anything which inspires a new routine to jump onto. Issues which motivate or push you towards better accounting, bookkeeping and record keeping. Organizing, cleaning, purifying. Sorting through things and putting them in order.  Your job, employment and getting hired, changing jobs, being interviewed, or deciding how you would like your ideal work day to look and what to do about it. Projects and new starts for these projects.

Seventh House  – Relationships and collaborations. Being the inbetween person that is attempting to logically and brilliantly bring two things together,  facilitate and mediate. Decisions regarding a relationship and best way to handle the future together or apart. Legal issues beginning and desire to resolve something with another. Helpful and very important facts shared for the welfare of another you care about. Explaining something to another. Bonding and making a new friendship.

Eighth House –  Strange mysterious phenomenon, mystical activities one is attempting to solve- being a detective, searching for answers. Handling a challenge that was instigated by another, but now it’s on your plate to deal with it. Others’ money, problems, attitudes and things that were said or found or written down. What to do about it. Decisions to separate, or merge, leave or stay. Issues with trust because of things either found out, or discovering the other is actually quite honorable.

Ninth House – Higher consciousness – needing to just get away and experience something so different to change your view of things. Publishing a book, teaching a course, deciding to go back to school, or guided to open one’s mind to the most foreign ideas, information, lectures, possibilities or seminars, conferences and speakers. Expanding one’s awareness of what is possible. Dealing with anothers’ extremely foreign and confusing reality, psychology and outlook on life and what to do about it.

Tenth House – The motivation to take responsibility for what you want to achieve. Now is the time. Write it down, what do you really want, and push yourself to take the most logical yet inspiring steps to get it. Trust in your steps, and be patient. Your goals, your ambitions and  somehow revolving around your image as you see it in the world. What you want to become. Career and business, parenting and taking care of others in a larger future vision capacity.

Eleventh House – The world of people, your community and acquaintances, your friends, how to help them, what do they need, should I get involved and begin increasing my efforts to make positive changes and improve their situations. Invitations to join groups, launch non-profit organizations or find oneself guided to belong to a new group of friends. Handling bizarre emergencies, the unexpected, the unusual and all synchronicities and serendipitous things. Planning the future. Involvement and curiosity suddenly with space, technology, flight and all things inexplainable.

Twelfth House – Sacrificing for a cause or another. Taking the backstage position. Desiring a retreat, an escape, or entertaining a fantasy world, being exposed to something surreal and wonderful. Becoming aware of a procedure, a spa or retreat you should go to. Wanting spiritual immersion. Secrets, connections behind the scenes. Discovering a psychological pattern, a need that is so important, yet had been hidden all these years. Acknowledging your inner subconscious values and needs and overcoming some stigma you felt all along it was not right, correct or okay to want or have. Dealing with others in your life that have problems, sicknesses, weaknesses or continue to have bad luck. Becoming aware of the pattern of this situation in order to now, change it. Hospitalization for any reason.

“ The easiest way to decipher a Solar Eclipse, is to take a look at your birth chart, and discover where the symbol Gemini is on the outer rim.

(see example above)

Take a look at the HOUSE where the Gemini symbol is.

In this example, it is sitting on house #9. To then understand where your June focus would be, where all other minor life issues would be eclipsed (diminished in importance) go to the HOUSES page on Starfires, here

On this same page, you can find a link that will help you erect your own birth chart for free.

For more detail, take a look at that number 18 degrees Gemini on the outer rim of the Ninth House ( the line between house #8, and #9). Because this Solar Eclipse is at 19 degrees, I would put that Eclipse definitely in the 9th house.

If that # was 25 degrees let’s pretend, the 19* Gemini Solar Eclipse would then be just behind or before that 9th house, so it would technically be located in HOUSE #8. Then you would look up the 8th house definition.  Remember, this may already be playing out in your life now, as of even a few weeks earlier, and continue as a new theme for your attention for the next few months, very strongly.”

June 10 (Helpful entire week) Mercury conjoin Sun

The dynamic intellectual and most logical influence of Mercury energized by the Sun, assists us all in clear thinking. Expect your mind to be quick, clear and empowered. All forms of writing, scheduling, accuracy with all projects, figures, numbers, health, diet, medical, finance, etc…all things which require the stability and perfect reliability of our mind, is on during this day, if not the entire week.

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  1. Sharon says:

    Thanks Christine! It was right on. I had my own experience. With it.


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