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A Mystics’ Dream – Stardrops May 1-12


MAY 1 – 10


To walk through this dream world, one foot in our daily earthly life, and the other, in a place of higher dreams, is the familiar, but will we ever accept this as normal?

With the loose Conjunctions of the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Uranus from April 18 – 22, 24, 25, 30 we found a mysterious week of new revelations, unusual events and truth emerging in unexpected places coming from unexpected individuals. Social and all relationship dynamics were poised during this period, to jump up in frequency, to a new level, a new evolution. They might not have seemed too important, but within each circle of people, community or group, this movement upwards, happened.

  • (Venus conjoin Uranus 4/22
  • Mercury Conjoin Uranus 4/24
  • Sun conjoin Uranus 4/30
  • Mercury Conjoin Venus 4/25 at 13* Taurus returns …. Mercury conjoin Venus 24* Gemini 5/28)


The build up of revelations and some form of steps forward and upwards, even the very small ones, led to an ultimate truth and growth on April 30, when the Sun Conjoined Uranus.

Now these planets have moved into sextiles, which takes the new insight into a more softened and assimilated form. We can connect the dots better, acknowledge what we gleaned from the past week’s events and share with others in the most light- hearted way our findings.

Conversations are processed – we take serious note of others’ opinions, where they stand. Because of Uranus’ placement, these narratives are perfectly accepted and allowed to play out, no matter how each person still might hold on to their opinions. There’s freedom in one’s right to believe what they believe.

This sharing with others brings validation, confirmation and comfort – to know others are most definitely having similar experiences, you are not alone in your observations.

The new sextiles and trines bring enlightenment, reflection and understanding and possible sharing one’s experiences, observations and revelations will be:

May 1 – 13.

Mercury in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn – May 2, 2021

Mercury in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces April 29, 2021

Venus in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces – May 2, 2021

Venus in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn – May 6, 2021

Mars in Cancer sextle Uranus in Taurus – May 10-12, 2021


All in all, these aspects could have jumped a certain section of the people on our planet up into a more profound wisdom about themselves, their own truth, their history and soul as it moves in and out of the world drama. More and more is beginning to make sense, as the outer world increases its disjointedness and bizarre reflection of crazy.

Sextiles are 60 degree angles between to points ( planets) and they are strong magnets for like minded energies to co-mingle and share harmoniously in order to intensify something wonderful and beneficial. Trines are 120 degree angles between two points, and enhance and magnify something that has already been grounded or placed in the world, or yourselves, that is good, positive and masterful. One is a sharing aspect and one is simply a being masterful at something aspect.

A peaceful and protected energy, should be out pictured this week.


Upcoming events:

  • Pluto turned retro on April 27
  • Saturn turns retro on May 23,
  • Jupiter turns retro on June 20
  • Neptune turns retro on June 25
  • Mercury turns retro on May 28


Each planet moving retrograde, tends to turn the power of that planet into an underground state. It becomes introverted, passively active, behaves sideways, not straight and clear, but reflective, subversive, goes into a more subtle reviewing and processing, ruminating and planning, catching up- reflecting, revolving and all that.

During this time, it would be helpful to take each Retro Planet, and use its energy to take in something we have learned personally for the past six months or so, something you’ve suffered through, dealt with, or attempted to process. Take this time, during these retro cycles, to allow those lessons to sink in hard.

Allow these lessons to take.

It is like assimilating another lesson enhancing our Masterful Self growing in wisdom, increasing our conscience and loving powerful nature.

Something we should have learned since the date it last turned Direct which is noted below.

When the planet turns retro, it turns inward and we process how far we’ve come, the planet operates beneath the level of outer expression. It becomes introspective.





On November 28 2020, Neptune has been direct.

( Normally when moving forward in the sky, Neptune assists us to be in touch with our intense ideals and expectations about life, the world, politics in the world, our business, money, our loved ones along with the potential of increasing some massive confusion, unhappiness, depression or grieving. These symptoms would absolutely be possible among many people with an active Neptune. Also issues such as increased deceptions, lies, subterfuge, and seemingly unsolvable and complex global or personal life situations which have gone left field, bringing much distress and appear no one is accountable nor acts as if they care, are seriously distressing and frustrating during an active Neptune. They are all in contrast with the heavenly blueprint ideals of what should be, but are not.)

On June 25, (and several weeks just prior to June 25,) we tend to now process what has happened, and accept outcomes, come out of denial, no longer hope for the best ideal fantasies, following pied pipers, and accept or make a truce and gather our wits to begin a new cycle.

It is almost as if we tend to the wounds of any losses and get back up and start the next round, regrouping and gathering new dreams and goals to us, but with a new awareness of the dysfunction we’ve been handling, vowing to do better next time.) We allow these expectations from others, from life and from Neptune to go underground a bit, realizing it was too much to expect out of life – putting Neptune in the correct perspective. We don’t abandon our ideal expectations and dreams, our visions and imaginations…we’re simply allowing this planet to take a rest and behave more subconsciously, more spiritual and trust it to internally guide us to a new and higher light.


On January 13, 2021, Uranus moved direct, which led to the entire month of January 2021 exploding with revolutionary motivations, autonomous sovereign empowerment and powerful group identification. Direct remember, means coming out, coming alive, waking up and moving forward, having full use of its power out in the open.

This Uranus’ awakening to sharp and distinct truths, continues up to August 19, 2021, when finally it goes retrograde for a while, sending the sparks which project “you can’t control me” narrative underground for reviewing and evaluating the new strategy, to once again rise up with ones’ inspiration for independence and freedom on January 18, 2022.


Saturn went direct on September 28, 2020 pounding us with its most serious constant message of personal ambition, achievements, accountability, facing realities, pushing strong narratives and putting increase responsibility karmically onto us all.

This was in order to handle the higher karmic laws with our own lives’ duties, upon oneself while it was in Capricorn, and intensify universal higher evolution of change and objectivity, exposure.

The need and demand for truth, revolution, change taking on massive responsibility to engage and be involved occurred. This accelerated as Saturn began moving into the revolutionary sign of Aquarius. The intensity increased also to move against corrupt, dark and entitled group allegiances. Saturn acts as an immediate present here and now duty and reality check each day.

As Saturn turns retrograde, Saturn becomes the detective, going underground, digging deep deep deep with a highly refined Aquarian sophistication and intelligence, taking apart every piece of the details that was brought out into the global public awareness from that October 2021 on.

From this May 23, 2021 on – personally, it will cause you to get very real and smart with your life now.

Freedom personally, and globally will be so intensely ripped apart, examined and processed in every possible way, it will most likely force a natural organic spontaneity to take over the majority of life again.

The date again will be May 23, 2021 – October 10, 2021, where Saturn will then turn forward and bring to light more information, once again taking the world into another rich and quite overwhelming dump of truths and exposures. We can barely handle everything so far that has already emerged.

Saturn is not an expose planet, Uranus is, along with acceleration and change.

It’s the fact that Saturn is in the sign Aquarius, which Uranus is the ruler of, which incites the Aquarian drive for objective knowledge and exposure out into the open into the world of Aquarian humanitarian problem solving, that began to so incredibly intensify last year of 2020, beginning March, then returning again, on December 2020 for the next few years.


Pluto in the sign of Capricorn since 2008, has been driving its slow relentless pressure to use every avenue it can to funnel, to control, manipulate and permeate into the physical world that dark agenda which comes from the dimensions of anti-love. It attempts to take over all Capricorn type activities and individuals, to push its rules and agenda into every aspect of our world as fast as it can.

On the flip side, for those who are inclined to utilize Capricorn wisdom and organizational abilities, providing public impact for the betterment of others, laying down higher standards and laws, structures and boundaries, protecting boundaries, protecting sane and clear barriers to maintain order and some sanity in the world, this Pluto inspires those to relentlessly rise up every morning and push through what business they can accomplish.

Its been the power driving their positive ambitions for the better.

This Pluto has been actively direct openly transparent and unabashedly displaying its grandiose obsession of power for all to see since It last turned direct on October 4, 2020.

On April 27, 2021, it turned Retrograde until October 6, 2021. Some form of subduing of the feverish push for power grabbing might go underground, continue to manipulate, yet not so openly.

For all of us normal everyday people, this Pluto will operate within us as a silent reminder of our own inner need to achieve something good and important to us, yet it isn’t so tormenting or obvious for a while. We relax into the process of accepting our achievements and keep moving on with what is left to do.

Pluto will move for a while into Aquarius on March 23, 2023, then return to Capricorn for a while, then move back into Aquarius for several years, officially on November 19, 2024.



(Excerpt from April 11 2021 Stardrops)…

Mercury turns retrograde exact on May 29 at 24* Gemini.


In general, words, all forms of communications/emails/reports/meetings and decisions will be intensely high focus, but because this Mercury is squaring a totally unreliable planet Neptune on this stretch of time, May 22 – June 6, it’s the worst for getting a clear answer or response. Secrets, compromise and double agendas which confuse logical solutions or resolution is in play now. So again, bank on getting your important meetings and activities out of the way before the end of May.

As we approach the next Mercury retrograde, it might be a good idea to be putting our affairs in order starting now, clarifying our intentions,making sure in all our interactions with friends and family, we are sending consistent messages to the people around us which match our inner feelings and intentions rather than behaving indifferent, glib or sarcastic.

It will be important to not be wasting our time, energy or money on unnecessary projects, now up through the end of May also. April is excellent for planning and putting our intention out there, but as we flow into May, especially the last two weeks, things could get out of control with unexpected turns of events, disappointments or miscommunications,so if you find you are planning important projects, work, events etc…plan them now, and move forward on them as best as you can.

By the time you hit May 15, re-assess where you are at with important conversations and arrangements.


Get things very clear and concise!


If something starts to go awry, slow down a bit, and maybe you will want to wait until the Next Solar Eclipse, June 10, to start up again.

As you all witness, weeks are flying by like crazy – so before you know it, we will be in the Mercury Retro wave most likely felt by May 15, and the Lunar Eclipse energies by April 20 at the latest, peaking up to May 26, 2021.

The Mercury retro will be tricky and risky this time, because it squares Neptune in Pisces, specifically on the dates of May 26- June 6, and is running right through a Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius/Gemini, the sign of logic, facts, documents and communications.





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