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A Place for Us – Venus Retrograde 12/21 – 1/31/2014


A Place For Us – Venus Retrograde 12.21 – 1.31.2014


      “Can you take any given
situation which grieves you, and work hard to elevate the situation to a
higher respectful solution?  Take the full responsibility for your
actions and decisions and visualize an outcome, bigger and better than those
around you could have ever seen?  Trust yourself and the power inherent
within your mind and spirit to achieve results for a thing that no one
thought possible.  It is a win win situation, not a compromise; not a
pathetic best shot at something with doubt lurking in the back of yours or
others minds that it may or may not be the solution, but oh well, it’s the
best we can do. 

No.  It is a new way of getting in touch with Love.  LOVE/WILL/POWER.   A new prestige and position of power elegantly designed to once and for all establish the
authority and respect back into the situation, into your world, our world..  We need you to do this now.  Go beyond the boundaries of
what anyone thought possible.  What is at stake?
Everything.  Your future quality of life and security.
Think about what is at stake?  What will happen to you or anyone around you whom you feel close to, if you don’t do this brilliant thing? “

As we enter December 2013, we are surrounded by a soft atmosphere.Take off your armor and put down the sword.  Rest a while in the renewing light of our Love Star.

Nothing makes sense in the world today, but the sanity of your own will tied to a higher
Will.There is a place and purpose in this world for your dream. 
How is it, that such a star can capture your soul’s attention so completely, when
the world around us is so, unsettling?   It pierces through,relentless, until somewhere around the end of December, you notice something subtle all month, has been altering  the way you see your life. The world out there is still parading its drama, but you are now different. The light entered your body and changed you. It is the light of the Venus retrograde. She has captured you in her light.
This single star brings hope and love to you,  yet, its radiation within the
sign Capricorn, has a plan. Venus is not just the planet of love, it is the planet of culture, values, magnetism of ideas and things which are refined, functional, elegant, such as a beautiful designed free energy machine, or a mathematical equation explaining time and space. ( It can also represent a gorgeous suit or wonderful French meal).

Venus wants you to engage in a purpose, AND  a process that helps you get there, because it is moving through the sign of Capricorn.  The purpose
of Capricorn, is to help you achieve goals, but with Venus, it must be something you treasure.  The act of treasuring something, is Venus’ job.

 This star is reflecting the One Heart,and it abides within our spiritual community, or people of great light. This One Heart is speaking the words, “know your worth”.

How can you become powerful if you don’t know your worth, believe in something of merit within yourself you know you deserve, if you could just find the key to manifest it.  It is so important in this cycle to overcome the decision towards laziness and inertia, passive acceptance of any old recommendation presented  to yourself, or projected upon society that is slowly
tediously implemented to take away exercising your muscles of self
sufficiency.  It is dangerous because it will surely be the way of death
of the spirit.

This is the time to use Venus’ magnetism of Power, and put into place structures, laws and rules to upgrade our own individual independence and right to choose
your divine life and plan.  It is important to embrace the concept of being valued and treated with respect….a person of great value. Think of
it.  Can we do this without succumbing to that ego-self importance?  I think so.  A person of value would desire deeply their version of quality of life, and believe somehow they are going to have it, no matter what they have to do. The movement of a retrograde planet,  from our earth’s perspective, appears to slow down and stop in the sky,  December 21,  then moves in reverse, only to slow down again, stop a, January 28, change directions and move forward, back to its original place where it began ( 21* December at 28* Capricorn). The entire cycle of influence of this retrograde planet, Venus, will be from Dec 1 through March 1 2014.

It has the ability to lift up your life and take you to a higher place, high up the mountain.  From this height of the plateau, we want to find the blue stones which do represent your  will, to love your life enough to believe in a higher purpose.  It is called, God’s Will within you, tethered to those who have gone before, and are tethered to an even Higher Purpose. But we are all
tied together and need each other.  Your will to strive is the jewel of great treasure.  It is recognized as the color Blue, and its action is Will, perseverance, respect and honor.  It is the desire to have good will, for all those around you, and in the world.

There was a great book written a few years ago, called the Magic of Thinking
Big.  This would be a great book to pull off the shelf and re-read now.
How do I describe this Venus in Capricorn period?  If you could imagine
a person you admire, their self respect, the power they emit, their
mannerisms, their accomplishments and the respect they command from others,
their strength, their belief in their life and their purpose, whatever makes
them sterling, that is what you should emulate now.  Imagine you being
like this person.
This is what I want you to believe you can discover throughout this December -February period now.  ( write to me, and I’ll post your anonymous ideals) 

Throughout this December through February 2014,  Venus will not let you go, until you remember your power, your true values, your best self.   Do you remember?   Try to recall what made you happy. Maybe you need to try to reach it again.  What have you been thinking about lately?  What are you remembering about yourself, that you always valued, you always needed in your life, that you treasured and deeply loved?
Can you embrace it again?     Cherish it? It’s yours.  It’s what makes you, YOU.  The Challenge will be to allow this beautiful dream of satisfaction to become true.  How do we do this? We achieve it by practicing engaging in your power, in a new way. Through the Power of Love.  LOVE  the thing you want to acquire or achieve. Love it with
all your heart.  Be willing to sacrifice your pride for it.  Humble
yourself to achieve it.  It is beautiful, and worth the time and
effort.  Capricorn rules the knees. It’s time to get on your knees,
metaphorically, and ask for that higher Will to engage in your will, and show
you the star of your destiny.

Venus is taking you up the mountain for a while. Call it a retreat, an adventure away from the mundane.  It has already begun, and will conclude in the first week of March 2014.

Oh, you will probably still get up, feed the cat, drive to work, pay your bills, but, something is….different now. Something has come upon you this December, January, February 2014.

There is a vision up there Venus wants to show you of who you are, and not
only you, but what your loved ones who are so bonded to you, also, want to
accomplish, why they are your friends, why they are your family, how you can
see a thread of similarity among all you love. Not only that, how you
actually need them, and they really need you.   We all need each
other to reach these beautiful accomplishments.   I’m going to say
it, even in the face of some very doubtful and conservative public;
This Venus my friends, is introducing the technology of Atlantis back into
the world, into America, into our lives, in every imaginable way possible,
whether you are ready for it or not. It is also picking up where it left off,
before it’s cataclysm, and which was the spiritual cause of the
cataclysm,  with some ugly and degrading activities that require
solutions.  Some of these situations, require great courage, great tact
and education, but mostly, faith in your integrity, faith in a supreme
intelligence of love and power, and faith in right and wrong.  This
cycle of Venus retrograde in the power government, prestige and elitist sign
of Capricorn, is going to open up the floodgates of the power battles that
have been going on for a long time, on this planet in every situation that
involves humanity.  Get ready.  Hollywood has been trying to
prepare you for this moment.    It is going to require from us
a bigger heart.  A bigger person than we are now.  It is going to
demand from us, compassion, that possibly those in power, many years ago, got
themselves into some things, even they did not know how to handle.  It
requires from us a mature forgiveness, along with the truth in explaining
what happened, and where do we go from here.   Inherent within
those who gravitate towards power, can also be a benevolent excessive
personality of taking on the responsibility of “protecting the younglings”,
us, from what would shake our reality as we know it.  Then there are
those, who would rather risk upheavels and mistrust to milk the economy in
order to “handle the situation”.

All those who have found their way into your life,  is not a
coincidence.  This is your family.  You are from the same place and
promised each other, you would come together, and try again.  You are
bound by a sacred oath to protect each other, your neighborhoods, your
community and city, and this planet Earth.

 This time right now, is the beginning of a revolution of love and reclaiming the real
treasure that was always meant to be. It is multifaceted.  Your path,
and the worlds’ highest potential.

 You deserve to have pure food.  You deserve to breathe clean air.  You deserve
to be trusted and to be innocent until proven guilty.  You deserve to
travel more efficiently and quickly.  I don’t know about you, but I
would much rather be in Italy in 2 hours, than a day and a half.

You deserve to know truth about life, the world, your money, the country’s
situation and activities. You deserve to know what is underneath and what is
above, so you can situate yourselves accordingly, and if you are in the
position, contribute solutions to your country or community.

 We are grown ups, so lets act like one.  Raise yourselves up in your
professions and expertise and prove to those who run the world, you can
handle the truth.  Venus provides an open door for negotiations

It wants to bring you not only the answers, but the self respect, the education,
the knowledge and information, and the status that elevates you to a place of
being finally accepted as a co-problem solver in this conundrum of danger we
are in now.  You don’t want Venus retro in Capricorn to only empower the
elite by intensifying  further their version of indulgent Venusian
culture do you?  Or their version of elegant futuristic plans and
technology, so far ahead from our world now,  you wouldn’t even believe
what they have…and in the process of this acceleration leave us in the dust
with Flintstone apparatus? 

The rate they are moving, we will be even further split apart in class.  I
don’t want to see the population split by keeping us at a turtles pace of
technology and universal governing of everything, compared to a Star Trek
minority.  Do you want us all in the dark because we are too babyish and
backwards with our TV shows, beer, drugs and complacency  to really care
or believe anything serious is really going on.  Do you really want to
remain in a stupor of  disbelief in anything unconventional out there
that might in the near future change your way of life forever?  Wouldn’t
you want to know so you could actually participate in deciding if you like it
or not?  Maybe some of the things that are going on, would be something
you would not agree to, vehemently. Your heart  knows this master voice which speaks the word of truth, the word of love, “ know your worth”.  You are
grown up, you can handle the truth.  You and yours are worth being
informed.  Prove that you can handle it.  This is running parallel
to your vision of your real life.  It has to run parallel, because you
need to know what is the antithesis of your dream, and overcome it.

December 1 through December 25 2013  Venus semi-sextiles

This time frame for reaching this vision moment of Venus will be:a successful
period which brings hope and vision back into your plans, into your heart, to
believe that by simply following a particular methodical plan, the goal can
be reached.   This is an aspect that brings you a heightened
intuition and inspiration, that gut instinct, a hint of clarity and new idea
or concept that you must trust now.

January 8 – 13
2014  Venus sextiles Saturn

A wonderful period of collaborating with sound minds, practical people who
are the real deal.

These people or person, acts responsibly and you are relieved now, things are
finally becoming organized and settled.   Projects are coordinated,
the vision is coming physical, all details are listed and discussed and life
can take on a new sense of excitement as you venture into a new phase of your
life, Now is the time to begin moving up higher and concentrate upon what you
want to evolve into.

January 10
– 12 Venus conjoins Sun

Pure radiation of love.  Embrace the wonderment of your life.

Concentrate now, upon the great light, hiding in this other world, close by,
above you, we could say it is in an invisible dimension, yet very real. The
father of all Light. Capricorn rules the Father. The Authority figure, the
one who holds the power to release the grace and divine plan for you.
It/He, is waiting for you to commune with Him and ask Him to help you achieve
something so important now.   Close your eyes and pour your thanks
now, out loud to this Presence, and believe there is a Presence listening to
you.  It is  all that is good and permanent in your world.
Love is in you colored with an intention transmitting this intention to the
Love in Him, receiving it. It is surrounded in a Rainbow. In the center is
like a face, intelligent, all powerful Capricorn Father.

January 31- February 3  2014  Venus
Semi-sextile Sun

Again, this period was first seen in the beginning of Venus’ transit,
December 1 through 25.  It is back again, bringing another high
intuition up the mountain again, to refine your plans.  Remember, this
is the period of hunches, gut instincts, intuitions which present a concept
that you should trust again. Follow it.

February 22- 27

Venus sextile Saturn   Yet another re-visiting of the former plans
only now they are being refined and perfected.  What was started in
early January, you  know more now, about  the new goal and
situation that you are in, so the meetings will be at a more deeper refined
level, yet still, successful.

rainbow 2

source photo

By March 1,  your process is finished.  Venus is influencing you to believe in the treasure  at the end of the rainbow that has been placed  high in the sky for you. 

Can you take any given situation which grieves you, and work hard to elevate the
situation to a higher respectful responsible outcome, bigger and better than
those around you would have done?  Trust yourself and the power inherent
within your mind and spirit to achieve results for a thing that no one
thought possible.  It is a win win.  A new prestige and position of
power elegantly designed to once and for all establish authority and respect
back into your life, your world, our world.  We need you to do this
now.  Go beyond the boundaries of what anyone thought possible.
What is at stake?   Think about what is at stake?  What will happen to you or anyone around you that you are tied to, if you don’t do this thing?  What is your plan. What brings this life into sharp clarity for you?
It breaks right through the fallen angels’ power matrix, the false Capricorn lattice
work that is not only around humanity and the earth, but this solar system.  But, it is a frequency, a dimension, and does not have to be oppressive. We, you, can transform it into a more gentle civil world.
Capricorn governs rules and grids of power, architecture for freedom or oppression.

 Venus merges with Pluto as it turns Direct, at the end of January through the 1st half of February.  It is the Power of your belief in what is good.
During this phase of Pluto conjoin Venus,  those who are directing the
activities in the world, will be attempting to establish the blueprint, the
laws and new rules to lock in a permanent tighter matrix for all to live
within.   Because these planets are static, they respond to the
highest aspirations, why would we want to neglect this opportunity to project
the highest possibility of law, good will, humanitarian progress, security
and prosperity?

Once Venus moves on, and makes way for Mars retrograde, March 1 2014, you will have gained a deep power of  the love of planning, and believing in yourself, and of taking one thing at a time, and accomplishing that great thing of value.

For some it will be one thing,
For others, it will be a long list of things that must be accomplished.

There is a place for all of us who love.  This earth is becoming that place,
but we need a quick retreat, to regroup, up into a higher vista to be
reminded  of the original blueprint of what we are actually capable of
doing…. we need space and time to remember where we came from.
That is where the stillness of rarefied air of Venus’ world in Capricorn
descends to meet you on the mountain.
Venus will guide us to firstly,

 1. Discover the valuable thing.
Let’s sit for a moment and ponder, what is the thing you want to achieve and nurture in this life. What is the thing you must experience? Venus takes you on this journey to remember what you love.  What do you love?  That is where you are going, all
it truly means to you, what it brings to you, and how you feel, is where you
are going.  Venus will help you get there, now.

2. Now, close your eyes.   Visualize this very important thing you
need to have happen to you all the way from the inception to the end. See
that rainbow, and watch the out picturing of your heart’s dream at the bottom
of that rainbow.  You are walking towards that treasure at the end of
the rainbow, even as it is playing before you like a movie on a large white
screen.  Believe it can come true.


Remember, the will can be a powerful manifestor. Once
activated within your mind, heart and emotions, nothing is impossible to

3. A magical bridge appears from where you are to that
Venus says, “  Hold my hand  and I’ll take you there”. Make a
promise to this magnificent intelligence observing you, watching your every
hearts desire, and responding to your request, make a promise that you will
not abandon your dream, but research, write, study and log your intentions
and aspirations each day, each week, and nurture this idea throughout these
three months.  Make a request outloud for the materialization of your
good intentions, your good will to appear in the physical, according to this
Grand Architects’ Perfect Design.

With much love and joy from my Heart to Yours, Vondir.




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