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America and the World – 2020 to 2022 Part I


April 4, 2020

I invite you to read and enjoy the astrological cycles which are impacting everyone in such a huge way at this time.  Within the report, we will explore what sort of cycles we are now involved in.  It’s time to pull in your power, sharpen your spiritual weapons and be amazed that we are living in Epic Times we will never ever forget. Thank you for YOU. I Am honored to fight by your side, once again.

( Affirmations to counteract the challenging periods will be sent out  separately )

FINAL U.S. Conceptional AND Natal Transits Part 1 V3

Click the link above to access the ARTICLE


One thought on “America and the World – 2020 to 2022 Part I”

  1. K Y M says:

    Priceless . . .
    Thank you!

    Look forward to reading Part 2 V2,
    didn't miss it, did I????

    Meaning, I have looked for Part 2,
    though have been unable to find it . . .
    Shall it be forthcoming or did I miss
    finding it somewhere on site???


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