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America – Part 1



The beginning signs of this Golden Age is right around the corner, 2023 to 2030. These are the cycles when the planets’ positions become more gentle and if we pass our tests, we can finally see the beginning of the Age of Aquarius materialize. There are some really old relationships America has with strangers we need to wrap up first however. These relationships are mostly why we are in a mess.
So lets start out with the dramatic and wind our way down to the less epic cycles.
Pluto in the sign of Capricorn trine America’s Natal Sun in Taurus

America 4/30/1789 New York.


Forgive the long description for this cycle, it’s a complex multi-faceted energy released into the United States and positively energizing. Pluto enhances the following:

Sun- Empowerment and purpose…disconnecting from so much electronics, facebook and emails, and getting back to old fashioned love, companionship, checking in on each other and remembering what it looks like to genuinely care about each other. A powerful revisiting of Taurus trust, bonding and valuing your close ties. Quality not quantity is Taurus, and that is what this country originally possessed. Pluto is helping these qualities come back to life now.

Taurus enhances high values and ethics. It cares about the preservation of all thing of worth. It inspires us towards integrity and honesty. Physical valuable materials such as gold, treasures, the idea of abundance and having enough, come under this sign. It also inspires all forms of building and engineering, and then the taking possession or ownership of materials and product. It likes to acquire and magnetize, since its sign is naturally ruled by the planet Venus, which is involved in magnetism. Taurus as a country’s Sun sign creates a tendency to be territorial over things. The Pluto in trine to Taurus would maximize the potential of good fortune for all these qualities, including pouring energy back into industry and building projects of all types. It would inspire a step up of producing her own products. Since Taurus also involves quality and wholesome a respect for basic natural food becomes elevated as the preferred food to grow and consume. And, we can’t forget Taurus denotes strength, solidness and holding mass. These Taurus qualities are all found in the 9th house of cultural influence. So what are the qualities of the 9th house, in which the U.S.Natal Sun in Taurus emanates through?

9th house – The 9th house is sort of a renaissance house. It holds the power to open ones’ mind to wonderful things, philosophical concepts, higher expansive visions of what could be. It is the place where people have aspirations, and dream big dreams. So, during a Pluto trine Taurus Sun in the 9th house, many will engage in philosophical conversations. The conversations over any issue, are geared towards ultimately restoring faith and hope. The discussions could be over consciousness and physics. (As Jung suggested, consciousness is also a unique body of some kind of mass abiding within the persons field.). Pluto trine the Taurus Sun in the 9th house increases the vision for journeying long distances, space travel, planning far away or planning far into the future, and the ingenious engineering required to get there. Taurus in the 9th wants to expand its territories and expanding our understanding of matter ( Taurus qualities again). Science explaining spirit will take off from 2012-2013 and on throughout the decade. There is another qualitiy to the 9th house, and that is ethics, integrity and the law. It is suppose to be our social moral compass. Constructive changes in social awareness of abortion, such as in the Gosness case, will be incorporated into societies’ attitude of right and wrong. Good and evil.

It is the place where a higher standard is held up for society to follow, so much contemplation is given to high moral ethical behavior and codes to follow. Cultural national standards, educational standards, University standards, behavior standards.

Pluto trine Sun ideally would open for discussion the epidemic of forms of autistic conditions. This transit would desire the rapid correction of artificially manipulating everything we breathe and eat and grow food in, to restore organic wholesome consciousness inhabiting our bodies.
Pluto provides the energy into the nation’s sign Taurus, in the 9th house of standards and cultural influence to come up higher and do better as a nation in every area of life. The planet which rules Taurus is Venus.

.Venus ruler of Taurus is also found in the sign of Taurus and also placed in the 9th house of the U.S. Natal Chart. Venus governs things like blood, genetics, bloodlines, “DNA-privileged”. Could this also blend into the understanding that our food, medicine, etc, are potentially genetically altering our pure genetics as a civilization?

Venus provides peace and plenty. It can produce wealth. It holds a potential for a world without nuclear weapons. During this period, the concept of an elite group ( who up until recently, have been almost invisible to the public) and who have been bent on preserving their own high civilization in their own world will be studied and understood. This concept is in contrast to the highest culture Pluto could inspire in us for the nation’s people creating a spiritually ethical high civilization separate from a corrupt one. These will be compelling conversations. How do they differ?
A more logical transparent function of banks and the nations’ economic condition could happen, because Taurus and Venus rule money, and Pluto trine the Sun, ruled by Venus, desires to uphold a higher moral compass for all to abide by.

Certain engineers, inventors, scientists could discover amazing uses of materials, or new materials for all forms devices and equipment. So, all Kinds of elegant designs come under the expansive breakthroughs of these transits, including profound use of minerals and metals.
It is very possible an attitude increases for the replenishing of our gold, returning gold to its owners, and just, ethical honoring of old promises involving loans, money, gold, or giving back other country’s possessions are part of the trend of moral integrity inspired by Pluto trine Sun.

Pluto trine Sun, and Venus’ influence upon all of us, enhances our will to own our soul. ( Who would have every even thought of the need to care about such a thing before?)
Ideas such as what is God, feeling God, who were or are those who think they are gods and have ownership of a race, covertly manipulating consciousness with a variety of methods, so as to culturally demoralize and diminish one’s identity within the boundary of the body and aura.

These ideas are in drastic contrast to owning yourself. It is about individuals’ owning and in possession of their own identity vs manipulation of consciousness against their conscious free will. Now, the Sun in any chart, ties into where Leo is on a particular house cusp in the natal chart. So we need to go to that Leo place to see what house it is ruling, and pull in all that houses’ descriptions also. This will then give us a more complete picture of what is to come.

Leo is on the 12th house of the U.S. Natal Chart, and the 12th house is a mysterious house. It holds mystery, and spiritual energy. It is the one place in the chart that also contains the records of akasha, past life activities. There is also the potential for the ethical culturally high ideals to be corrupted from hidden sources. No one knows how it happened when the 12th house is involved. No one was at their watch to stop the infiltration, or theft of this or that idea or technology. Who decided to poison our air? When did this begin and who is behind it? Why is no one doing anything about it?

This Leo emphasises a concern within the nation of keeping future corporate technological secrets away from spies, incorporating serious protection of new products, industrial, technology completely built in U.S. No leaking of data and recognizing the honor of ownership and territorial shielding of product, new Industry. Honor over Greed. Dealing aggressively and openly with saboteurs. So Pluto trine the Nations’ Sun, ruling the Leo on the 12th, powerfully inspires people everywhere to address these activities.
The nation has the opportunity in 2013-2014, to set activities in motion to increase the abundance of the economy, reach material goals, and set new ideals in place to increase the value of our worth as a nation.

The will ( a Leo/Sun quality) to come up with plans to begin taking our country back from the corrupt who are only motivated by power, survival and control, and have no regard for the citizens’ future or welfare.

Solving issues of gold distribution, volume of gold, history of elite using gold for building technological power, not necessarily based in U.S.could happen now.

Where is all the Gold? Can there be a total gold standard again?

“Gold’s relative scarcity means that it could only ever replace a fiat currency on a fractional basis. Even that is unlikely, as a legacy of history.” In other words, “there ain’t enough gold to do it folks.” Well, true enough, but that’s not the only reason. As indicated in one above, the amount of gold is not really known, though the indicators are there is more in existence than the bankers are letting on, and this has been used, as I have argued, to establish a huge system of fraudulent financing for all sorts of mayhem”. Joseph Farrell
Gold and the Future of the Dollar
Helpful video…halfway through the video,Joseph gives his view of breakaway civilization use of gold off the books, plus a look at our new $100 bill.



Economic savants could succeed in transforming the complex bind we are in…it could be taken on as their National Golden Economy Alchemy for December 2013 through 2020.

Historically, Pluto trines successfully build the new system, the new matrix, create the blueprint, and start the first stages of the project. In that case, we might see any signs of our currency, money, economy changing too dramatically until after December 2013. However, for those who are involved in these projects, whether in Government or behind the scene decision making, already know huge changes are already in the works to turn the U.S. around financially. It is complicated because of the unethical compromises made by those in power. The trine promises a cycle of determined re-building of national worth, then protecting this wealth.

On a purer note, Pluto’s positive influence motivates the people and leaders into one mind of treasuring an Ethical code, our philosophical message, a mission statement from its inception to the present, and all agree it is something of such great value, that a new honor and loyalty to the core simplistic foundations are incorporated more and more. You’ll find it in slogans, advertising, products, speeches, movies, even though there is this strange old interference with the original intention of our country, even the elite can not deny, there is some overshadowing of an other dimensional grace and the mystical that created America. It is a new, yet very old mind set for the country and could sweep through the people, especially at the very end of this period, November/December 2013 and beyond through the end of this decade.

The U.S has the capability now to achieve its economic recovery, unite against corruption and accomplish a technological defense like never before, and expand its wealth and product assets. New product, national corporations, production facilities, and more jobs. It wants to own stuff, and have it at home…expand businesses and possess power in all forms of expansive high technological machines now. Territorial in regards to Sun in the 9th house affairs. Aggressive progress towards mining resources on the Moon and Mars/astriods, are included in this aspect as Taurus rules mining and minerals…Helium 3 and ambitious engineering. It is the massive Engineering Sign of all the zodiac signs. Mining the Moon

We gain a permanent foothold in space in some way that had not been possible before, via government or private corporate labs and stations for a variety of purposes.

Multi-Use space platform

The theme of this aspect is sheer will, motivation and vision to accomplish specific goals, by the last peak of this Pluto Cycle, .December 2013, and again Fall/Winter 2014.

Great Value is placed in occupying space could be considered location in foreign land ( 9th house) The influence of Pluto’s trine to the Sun extends for decades. You could say whatever is built, established, realized during this cycle becomes a permanent trend.

The Trine period’s most powerful radiation to the U.S. Is January 2012 through December 2014. The peak is January 2013 – December 2013. This is once in app 240 years.

The transit of Pluto trine U.S. Sun in 9th puts focus back upon the value of our constitution. It is the defining document declaring the rights of people evolving

This period of 2013 could reinforce laws, concepts, ideals of integrity towards each person owning his own body and DNA, therefore again declaring we belong to ourselves and God, and no other thing that could claim ownership over our genetic material. This is a 9th house philosophical moral Taurus ownership issue because if it has any validity at all, the possibility of the 12th planet gods returning, could use law to genetically prove they created portions of humanity. ( Here I must say, I believe there was also an ephemeral etherealization of an original divine race in a Golden era, long past and those evolutions are also among humanity.

I believe this race was materialized through a process we might find hard to comprehend. These people evolved, reproduced, and left a type of bloodline genetics different in certain ways from any extraterrestrial races or their genetically manipulated sub-races, so many today are pointing to. It is important to embrace your origin from God, purely……and not soley from an alien race, even advanced so called higher civilization race. Even if it is partially true, your soul may have had to descend into these bodies for a particular high purpose, but consciousness transcends DNA if you raise your frequency and love high enough, so there you have it. I think it is so unbelievably complicated, it is too much for my head to go into here.)

With this first soulful task in mind, this earth has entered a need to incorporate advanced engineering to survive but you see, this technology which depends on the billions to build it, will bless all life every which way if our Light and intention has reverence to a real God, not an advanced technological god. It all works together. If it goes in the direction of simply mechanizing without the Alchemy of Soulful Integration and Intention, autonomy and individuality, we are no different then, from becoming a Borg of soulless masses.

The worlds’ science and psychic capabilities, time/space teleportation, manipulation of frequencies via mind and machines, and so on…requires ethical boundaries (U.S. Sun in 9th house integrity ( granting each person autonomy and privacy of their own consciousness. The 9th house rules our consciousness, because it has the potential to be infinite, and expansive, journeying to foreign places, via meditation, prayer, bi-location or in sleep. We have the right for our consciousness to not be messed with. Pluto trine Sun in Taurus in the 9th house. Ownership of consciousness.

Pluto trine a Sun in the 9th house says, either we become fiercely strong and wake up that there are mind wars going on upon a society in consciousness engineering that need resisting and new walls built around our crown chakra and brains, or allow our brains to be re-trained…. I choose a hands off our minds policy ….some kind of spiritual returning karma will occur to those who practice this black magic upon a society in this manner. These are all 9th house activities, along with the unified spiritual agreement globally, for a halting of violations of the body and the spirit.

This Pluto trine Sun is our power to confront those who are trying to engineer and manipulate our minds for their own purposes. Leave our consciousness and minds alone, or this cycle will go down onto your timelines ( not ours) as the moment your opportunity is over.

(These devices used against the population are coming from a faction that has either evil intentions, or has been blackmailed to do so, or is so desperate to develop these weapons because another more advanced enemy has already been using them. I understand it has been going on like this for decades, but I also know it has accelerated recently. We are talking about the cycle of claiming territory and possession of Taurus material, emotional, mind/mental and consciousness in all planes and dimensions as our right to have it and allow it to be each persons’ own precious process and identity.)

In conclusion, I am excited about this trine, as it happens rarely, and could empower those heartfelt individuals in the millions to intensify consciousness to do everything in our power in a multitude of arenas too great to go through every one here, to bring change and progress to the wrong being done to our land and people.

The next transits are the reason we need Transiting Pluto trine U.S. Sun.

Pluto at 13* Capricorn oppose the Conceptional Sun at 13* Cancer.


conceptional u.s. w transits

Pluto oppose the United States Conceptional Sun at 13* Cancer in the 7th house of open enemies. This cycle began to increase 2007, and increasingly becomes more and more powerful up to: March 2014-January 5 2015 ( noticeable as early as December 28 2013).

Returns August through November 10, 2015

This young nation has never experienced Pluto oppose Conceptional Sun.

Normally an opposition from Pluto to the Natal Sun creates an intense and long ordeal with someone who is oppressive, un-cooperative, and could severely alter your way of life. It is a time to secure everything that you cherish. Because our Conceptional Sun is in the sign of Cancer, our home, land, boundaries, borders, agriculture, food, water, plants, domestic security and our soul are under attack.

It would be like Germany giving a deadline to produce their gold and because we might not have it anymore, well, that would be an awkward Pluto oppose Sun transit.

Federal Reserve refuses to allow Germany to see their gold? Because transiting Pluto is coming from the 1st house, in opposition towards the Sun in the 7th house, we, as a nation together ( 1st house unity) are battling a power, but this power, I think is not only on the outside, but also within…( the 1st house rules internal affairs, and Pluto is a secretive underground power Planet..) challenging confrontations could be partially condoned by an inside agreement or “knowing” of some kind. Here are some scenarios:

A. The country is being punished by a step up of terrorist activities for it’s disregard of others’ cultures, resources and rights. Is it real, false flags, or a combination of both?

B. An open enemy declares its own claims upon all we have and cherish, domestically and nationally..and we are at a disadvantage because we are also beholding to them.

C. Electronic disruption of our stream of financial transactions, or interruption of energy, tampering with water supply…( Cancer rules the base chakra, it is the White Ray, and supplies all the Light/Money/Energy to animate the body and the nations’ body.)

D. On a positive tone, the people represented by our internal affairs as one body, create a movement to disengage from so fast a pace in life, addicted to facebook, emails and texting rather than making the effort to call or personally visit your loved ones, and begin a social love bond heart to heart revolution. Doing small favors for each other, as in older times, sharing burdens, pooling together resources, is a much needed antidote in a society when so many feel friendless and all alone.

Usually by the time Pluto peaks ( 2014-2015) to oppose the Sun, a polarization between two ideas, two forces, has long been in the works..

This 2014-2015 is considered a stand off, the culmination of a long ordeal usually resulting in some cataclysmic loss or non negotiable confrontation. Interestingly, China has a Pluto square Neptune Sun and Mercury at the same time.

Russia has transiting Pluto conjoin its North Node, Moon, Uranus and Neptune;

Isreal has Pluto square its Neptune…..These aspects interfacing with other nations will be looked at in part 2 and 3.

So, this cycle of Pluto opposition could step up trauma producing activities for the next two years.

How do we prevent this from happening?

Here are some other ideas of Pluto oppose U.S. Conceptional Sun.

A. potential of a severely oppressive individual abusing power and threatening our way of life.

B. Covert take over of our government and total disregard for our laws and constitution. ( again, think of this building over the past 4 or so years, as Pluto does )

C. Inside agreement from hidden source to open gateway into our secure places…whether eletronically, communications, banking, safety deposit boxes, accounts, food, shelter, homes, Technology, secrets and even people..etc….some type of forces relentless against the security of our way of life.

Our Government or elite acting through those in power, forcing an aggressive confrontation upon another country, which changes permanently our personal identity and shakes up the rules, messes with our structure of business, affluence, credibility or national respect and backfires ultimately.

Disrupting flow of money, commerce, export, assistance, in another region’s time of trouble. Cutting off help to those in dire need.

Attacking or bearing down on another open enemy, to stand down.

E. Realizing too late, ( whoops we were wrong about completely trusting those extraterrestrials…darn) the negotiation powers that were made with some thing or someone to share some form of technological machinery or equipment, has back-fired and there is nothing we can do about it now, but bunker down.

F. An irreversible dramatic war begins.

This cycle could reveal an agenda from some outside source to invade us. Some of it will be open, some from underneath and within. It will feel as if we are outgunned and held hostage if it does occur.

It is as if our country realized their opponent has reached their full power, and if only we had more time to get ready or reverse it.

The Opponent is ready to play their hand. Because of the Pluto is in the 1st house, and the 1st house represents a board of directors or our own personal internal affairs, we are accountable for why this incident is happening. It is as if those in power knew about it, tried to stop it, but can not, because of the shields and security, the assets or worth of product of the opponent is too great, and, its too late. Pandora’s box was opened a long time ago.

Whatever is broadcast in the media as the new challenge against the U.S..underneath there is something much more science fiction and dangerous than being revealed.

There are still solutions. I believe in George Washington’s third vision ending victoriously. My greatest hope, is that we avoid that timeline altogether.

Affirmation and Visualization:

” Beloved I Am that I Am, Mighty God Presence, release the most tremendous divine perfection, wisdom, innovation and progress into the United States of America, and all Nations of this world, and transform our governments’ economies, employment, technology, transportation and communication, for the highest good. Purify and correct all agricultural and food activities which were never intended to be, and heal our bodies from toxins and genetic mutations and consciousness manipulations. Bring us all back under the complete alignment with perfect sanctity of our lives in this dimension so we can fulfill our purposes, each one. Infuse us with purpose and vision to move our nations forward into the Golden Ages of Peace and Divine Governing. Archangels of light, seal this prayer and go now to manifest it, Amen.”
America 2013 and Beyond continues, Part Two….

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