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America – Part 2


Continued ……Part Two  America- Forecast for 2013 -2016

conceptional u.s. w transits

AMERICA – 2013-2016   PART TWO

Part two deals with the Uranus square U.S. Conceptional Sun in the 7th house, and Uranus oppose the Conceptional Saturn in the 10th house. Its theme is disruptive, oppositional and chaotic on numerous levels and arenas.  All should be guarded on these dates:

Beginning June 2013…..
Escalates March 15, 2014- to April 30 2014  ( peaking on April 17 2014
October 15- November 30 2014 ( Peaking on November 8 2014)
January 15 2015- February 10 2015 ( Peaking on  Feb 2 2015)

Transiting Uranus squares Conceptional Sun at 13* Cancer, and conjoins the Natal Mars at 14* Aries in the 8th house.

Uranus Square Conceptional Sun…
This cycle brings a series of uncontrollable people, situations, expose’s and upsetting events challenging the norm…challenging the business as usual relations within our country, within government, for example:
1.    Certain departments come under threat of some surprising circumstances upsetting their plans.  Unusual, abnormal, unexpected  complications triggered in certain sections of departments within government or private business, messing up the usual  smooth arrangements with other particular departments or private businesses.

This is all happening within U.S but will also impact other governments because the Sun is in the 7th house of all relationships. This cycle instigates huge disturbances in the normal business as usual, their familiar relations, protocal and their agendas.   It ( the disruptive situation) could create a snag in their goals, suddenly, out of nowhere. Because of the nature of 7th house Sun, much blame and hostile accusations could occur.

2.    Individuals/agencies/activities in public  vs. outspoken groups, pushing certain policies, bills and old ways of managing the country especially in regards to maintaining the Cancer domestic security economic stability of our country becomes seriously challenged in some chaotic escalating crisis.

3.    External threats escalating challenges to security of home, borders, and all ways of domestic water/finance, internet, banking, public security and privacy, food, agriculture, and even physical safety.
4.    Challenging ultimatums from an external origin puts those in the know, on red alert, puts them/us in a complicated bind, and no negotiations will work at this time.
5.    Severe Weather leading to various crop failure…Uranus many times involves plasma, electric disruptions, solar flares, grid failure, earthquakes, weather anomalies, demanding much ingenuity put out to maintain way of life, within U.S. or internationally.
6.    Discussions and debates over  use and history of the weaponizing of high advanced Tesla and other technologies.    Through powerful discernment from those responsible for these deep technologies, activities,  a Uranus square the U.S. Sun, would be one of 2 things:

A. something seriously trying to interrupt the use of them, such as an anomaly or accident in its functioning properly or sabotage of some kind, but it is in your best interest to push forward and maintain your conviction to achieve your end for the security of U.S.
B.  An attempt by well meaning people to expose prematurely these technologies before their use is completed, thereby interfering with their use.

Whatever the issue is, Uranus Square Sun seems to be a critical period where I would brace myself for a storm.  Brace myself for some kind of disruption and sabotaging of my precious time, materials, equipment and goals.  Sometimes the person or thing that is threatening, is completely oblivious to what kind of sabotaging they are creating.  Because it is the country, and because the Sun is partially suppose to represent our government representing the wishes of the people, in the best interest of public safety, the disruptive thing is probably at this level a conscious and malevolent threat. Guys, be on guard, because not only are you receiving this Uranus square, once in 80 some years from the 4th house of our country’s boundaries, national security and home base, ( including space boundaries) but we are also receiving Pluto oppose the U.S. Conceptional Sun at the same time. ( previous article, America Part One)

Cycles for this Transit::

2013 begins;  January 20 2014- May 30 2014 ( peaking March 14 2014).
Returning November 20 2014- January 20 2015 ( Peaking January 5 2015)
Returning August 17 2015 – November 1 2015.  Ends.  The last peak is the big one.  Always a crescendo of the event.

Typically with Uranus squares,  It will be only one or two people creating a massive disruption in your life,  if it is in an individual’s forecast versus a nation…..but in a nations’ forecast, it is so huge and complicated, so much so,  the distraction and chaos could be coming from several arenas simultaneously.
The Sun in Cancer always reminds me of a poweful drive for independence, for security and ultimate peace in the 7th house from 1776 on….but the reverse of the 7th house is war if not negotiations; it is a delicate house, always a delicate balance to have one’s Sun in this area of the chart.
The 7th house Sun  could also be anyone or thing that behaves as an outsider to our unity in freedom and self governing body.  outside the original purpose of the nation.

This is where it is tricky, because those who have taken the materialistic physical power/money path have considered this country to be their salvation of their ancient ways and technology, way of life once lost ages ago in another time and place. They  truly believe America has been formed to recreate their world again, further their goals of restoring the once lost glory of their high civilization, now in America.
So, Uranus square the U.S. Conceptional Sun,  and Pluto oppose Sun, 2012-2015, would be a terrible wrench in their gears of achieving that goal.  In that case, who would the cataclysmic entities be thwarting their agendas?

On the other hand, at the same time, the people who believe in the original high purpose of establishing a nation providing opportunity for man to be free and evolve, the Uranus square Sun and Pluto oppose Sun, is multiple cataclysmic situations and behaviors escalating against our purpose.  It could be  possibly one of the most challenging confrontations  we may have ever gone through,  holding on to one’s vision and purpose in spite of the whirlwind of escalating interference to those purposes at this time.

The beauty of prayer, affirmations, and sending consciousness intention of a powerful purpose, is that it literally can mitigate the disruptive astrology cycle. ( Affirmation below)

It’s all in the waves and frequencies generated from our electric field, via chakras and voice, sound, mind union.   And remember, without the heart, love and passion, it can not produce, empower the waves to go out to change the circumstances for the better.  In other words, your heartfelt prayers and affirmations, work. They’re scientific and spiritual.

One of the cataclysmic scenarios  of this Uranus / Pluto aspect is psycho consciousness interference to your Identity.  It can impact your emotions, your heart, feelings, mind’s ability to focus, and desire to pray.  The chaotic activity is attempting to interfere with your body because your body can be used  as an interference pattern against the mechanization of our world.
Again, keep watch, watch the dates, and take note how you personally are doing during these escalating times.  Watch the news, lets see what it ends up to be, or how many situations fit these patterns we are speaking about here.

Imagine on several levels the powers on the left handed path, being challenged or questioned, altered.  This is occurring in our country’s astrology, but it is occurring  globally.   Its Huge. I believe being an American is a metaphor for belonging to the Brotherhood of the one Great God who only desires freedom and peace for His own.

natal u.s. with transits
Leo on the U.S. Conceptional 8th and 9th houses.

Where Leo is ( ruling U.S. Conceptional 8th internally, and 9th  house cusp)  comes into play because Sun Rules Leo, and brings that house into the interpretation of this aspect.   Since the Sun naturally rules Leo and we find Leo ruling the 8th/9th house of this chart, which is secret, occult, expose, investigations, large vast financial pooling of moneys or gold owed to us, or we owe to others; the arrangements made with organized crime, industrial agreements, bargains and under cover arrangements/agreements, disruptive events also could be brought out into the open   AND 9th house, foreign international involvement, relationships,  foreign cultures,  others’ cultures, outlooks, upbringing, psychology, attitudes and codes, religious beliefs and concepts they adhere to;  this transit will also be  involving these issues, during these dates of:  ( same dates as above, repeated)
Beginning June 2013…..
escalates March 15, 2014- to April 30 2014  ( peaking on April 17 2014
October 15- November 30 2014 ( Peaking on November 8 2014)
January 15 2015- February 10 2-15 ( Peaking on  Feb 2 2015)

The uncovering of strange artifacts, uncovering old relics ..
These things would fit with this transit if it upset terribly the public and what they thought they understood about our history on this planet. ( Cancer can rule all things of antiquity, sentimental, familiar).  We are talking about an escalating of outrage or shock or emotional/common sense reaction here, upon the uncovering of these truths.  The actual age of intelligent humans, the age of monuments such as pyramids, the volume of pyramids and what they were really used for, etc….history of technology prior to this civilization and shifting our thinking from the familiar to the bizarre for some, these are Cancer issues.

There may even be a disruption of the U.S. Agenda with a negotiation process under highly volatile situation.  It increases the tension and pressure to work harder on behalf of our defense, such as if an expose on the private and international surveillance brings great challenges to our homeland security’s attempt to actually intercept national security threats…on the one had we can see how the violation of privacy has gone too far, however, how and where are the boundaries set between private sector of your everyday person being investigated for absolutely no reason, vs an actual interception of National Threat.   Who is going to be the discerning judge on every single one of these invasion of privacy issues and who decides what person is worth targeting into all their personal data?    Who?  So, a particular isolated drama could be part of U.S. knowing something, then the outrage of  public violation of personal privacy demanding it be stopped all at the same time……again, escalating on all the dates above.

…Whoever or whatever is receiving interference to their agenda, unflinching focus in one’s purpose and goal to cut through is crucial, and regardless, to manifest a particular agenda- accomplished.  Focus is absolutely required at this time……It is important to resist and push away the escalating chaos whirling around one during this period, in the most intelligent and cooperative way possible, while simultaneously, deal helpfully with the agitated group, person, situation.

So it appears there could be a building up of some massive chaos creating an  anxiety in general.    What or who could this be?
Our job is to stay on alert and objective with all potential  false flags distractions and be persistent in investigating clues, connect the dots as usual to come to the responsible conclusions.

The key to navigating through Uranus squares, is to maintain tremendous focus of purpose, and not allow anyone or thing distract you from a new sharpened understanding of what you know you must do, with utmost integrity.

( repeat of dates)

Transiting Uranus square the U.S. Conceptional Sun at 13* Cancer in the 7th house.
Repeating dates from above:
Beginning June 2013…..
escalates March 15, 2014- to April 30 2014  ( peaking on April 17 2014
October 15- November 30 2014 ( Peaking on November 8 2014)
January 15 2015- February 10 2015 ( Peaking on  Feb 2 2015)

Again, all Uranus squares mean  is a disruption of our forward movement and concentration in life or purposeful routine.  This time it is against the U.S. Sun, which is all things historically which represent flow of light, security, Cancer, the mother flow, the money, the nurturing and protection of not only our country but relationships with other countries.

The entire country could watch incredulously as one power person could stubbornly decide to dramatically go in a direction that is absolutely out of the norm.

Transit of Uranus in conceptional 4th house oppose the U.S. Saturn at 14* Libra in the 10th house.

( beginning April 2014 through February 2015)
Peaks: May 10-20-2014; September 20-October 10 2014; February 1-10-2015

This expands our awareness of the reality of the true world versus the illusion and lies which have been either presented to us, or the truth withheld from us.

Opposition from 4th house  means, all things personal, domestic, familial, have an oppositional impact upon the Saturn in 10th i.e. government, president, departments of power.  It is a polarization on these peaks.
This typically is an argumentative polarization between two people, two evolutions of people, two opposing attitudes.

Three peak cycles show a spiked display of heated accusations towards certain activities revealed about many in power.  The public  wants to know why, demands action, explanation or response to some pretty disturbing issues. It will all be in the news. The key to handling this cycle is to attempt to understand the history behind the position those in power have taken and why.    It’s a very long story and will take 10 months from the inception of this transit, at least, to get the gist of it.
The key is to open up one’s imagination and learn something about the depth of the issue, the entire story unfolding. Each sides’ perspective and position, and bend.
The Key is to recognize also, there may be terribly compromised individuals within these power positions who built trust relationships with others senior in power, many many years ago, who groomed these people and agencies, trusting for the most part their motives were always in the best interest for the country, but actually some were terribly corrupt, ( or dangerously deluded ).  Saturn in Libra’s weakness is deception, lies, organized crime, gambling, lip service and telling stories to placate the listener, the recruit, in order to gain compliance cooperation.  It’s all being confronted because of Uranus Oppose U.S. Saturn.  This is where the good souls separate out from the corrupt ones, within a body.

Even if they thought they were all working on the same team.

The abuse of power is to be irrevocably put to an end because of:

Transiting Pluto Square U.S. Conceptional Saturn in Libra in the 10th house.

December 20 2014-February 28 2015  ( Peaks Feb 21 2015)
May 20 2015-June 30 2015 ( Peaks June 13 2015)
November 20 2015- December 30 2015  ( peaks exact December 24 2015)

Any Pluto square, shuts something down, closes or ends the cycle, puts to death or closure some thing that has come to its end……some kind of Saturn in Libra Karma, mentioned above. It puts to end THE LIE. The ending cycle could take years after the peak of the square, but it will happen.  Something criminal is going to be stopped, even if it was partially justified.

Saturn in Libra from 1776 on…..represents  an ancient Atlantean or Lemurian karma.  A karma the people have had with unreliable duplicitous politicians  or leaders who pose to threaten the very fabric of security our Country stood for, again, even though they believe what they are doing is the correct action to take.

We are speaking of a necessary step up in the requirements of the level of integrity here, through leadership.  This has to happen.  It is a new day.

If the leaders must evolve and become what we thought they were to be, then the people also need to evolve, and prepare themselves for the truth.  All these transits are preparing both sides for a huge shift.  ( Sun in Cancer= security, protection square Saturn in Libra=karmic relationships challenging Square our emotional security, stability, protection/Cancer)  in the 7th house= wealth, peace, harmony…maintaining our way of life.  in other words, giving our freedom, security, technology, abundance, money, gold, etc..away without our permission, and being told lies because, maybe people, we really can’t handle the truth about what the heck is really going on in this country to cause them to act so secretively, so compartmentalized,  and insane, from our perception. For many years, they have been desperately preparing for some thing.  ( Why don’t you just tell us.  Tell us the whole thing,rather than sneaking it into the latest blockbuster movies…)   This is the astrological cycle for the big disclosure.

If any of you have this square between Saturn and Sun in your own natal charts, you know how upset you get when someone close behaves detrimentally towards you and your plans you hold dear, and it probably has been happening all your life!

Well, our country has this square as its karmic lesson in its birth chart. Permanently. Confronting deception.

On the flip side, is our responsibility to not lie or scam our internal and international relations.
We as a country, a national karma together, have been on the giving and receiving end of this before. It is time to embrace Saturn’s reality and truth, responsibility with what we want versus what we settle with.

The main theme with Pluto square U.S. Saturn is the enforcing  of transparency to the people. No more hiding, delusions, lying, deception, criminal underhanded bargains and relationships.

If any powerful person within the U.S. Abuses its position to enforce getting what he or she or the agency desires by force, this transit will ferociously backfire upon them, and cause the biggest mess they have seen maybe  in their lifetime.
For at the same time Pluto squares the U.S. Conceptional Saturn, it is also opposing the U.S. Conceptional Sun.

Transiting Pluto at 13* Capricorn in the 1st house oppose the U.S. Conceptional Sun at 13* Cancer in the 7th house.

Transiting Uranus at 11-15* Aries conjoin the U.S. Natal Mars in the 8th house
April 21 2014  ( actually begins April 1 through May 15 2014.
November 1 2014   ( October 20 through November 20 2014)
Feb 8 2015   ( January 25 through February 8 2015)

This last cycle can be explosive and violent, shocking, leaning on the side of the paranormal and extreme abnormal.

On the less dramatic side, could bring a confession and exposure.  It denotes abnormal suspicious behavior brought to light.   It will energize the citizens into an acutely watchful and higher clairvoyant knowing about all things through the super spiritual guidance.  Information tends to be everywhere whenever they need it.  Technology takes a giant leap in every field, and assists in the uncovering of certain truths.

Tax laws, investigations and national debt debates come to a more intelligent transparent discussion.   Complex decisions to correct economic international crisis, ownership of gold, partial gold backed currencies, industrial assets and advantages, producttion of all forms of technologies which create new sources of income into the country, but because it is in 8th house, involves cooperation with others outside of U.S.   Wonderful breakthroughs in medicine, and medical technology, such as internal detection devices.  Advanced research brought to light regarding genetic discoveries, including facts which can not be hidden of the impact of GMO’s in our food changing our bodies and brains, and chemicals in our world, earth, air, etc…compounding diseases in the body of people, animals, everything.

I would like to also add that the 8th house I have observed deals with the necessity of transmuting the planets already there. So, if Mars in Aries is in the U.S. 8th house, it represents a continous vigilence placed within the nation to transform the ego narcissism within the nature of this Mars.

It is also a vigilent focus upon learning how to handle “those outside the nation’s boundaries” ego-narcissism and dangerous self absorption.  Hitler is an example.

So, is Uranus conjoin the U.S. Mars during these times flushing out into the open yet another egocentric dangerous figure? or Hero.

…..”Ronald Deibert
NSA spying trashes U.S. global role
By Ronald Deibert, Special to CNN
updated 9:03 AM EDT, Wed June 12, 2013

For American citizens, the recent NSA scandal has touched off soul-searching discussions about the legality of mass surveillance programs, whether they violate the Fourth and Fifth Amendments of the U.S. Constitution, and whether proper oversight and accountability exist to protect American citizens’ rights.

Opinion: Massive spying on Americans is outrageous

Indeed, with respect to the case of PRISM, NSA’s secret set of tools used to collect data about overseas Internet communications, some argue the program actually enhances those safeguards for Americans — because it appears that collection of company data was segregated in such a way to limit the collection to “foreign citizens.” As reassuring as this may be for Americans, for the rest of us non-Americans who enjoy our Gmail, Google Docs, and Facebook accounts, it’s definitely unsettling: We’re all fair game.”

On a more dark note, a step up of unusual killings, murder, military and civilian atrocities and accidents could happen, or be brought to light at this time.  They come to a peak concern, during these times, possibly implicating a particular director of operation behind the shocking events.  This is a volatile period for danger with groups, crowds, rioting, etc..

Heated escalations of firearms issues within the Nation.

The planet Mars is playing a top role in the news, the 2nd to the last peak, being October 20 through December 30 2014 especially, with some new discovery or concept presented.  Dramatic events surrounding space travel and colonizing will be also be part of this cycle of new events.

Mars is the planet of war, so the worst event is some kind of sudden attack.  Would it be exactly on the peaks?  Usually it isn’t,  but around the dates, or within the April 2014  through Feb 2015 cycle, triggered by other transits.  Would it be clear it is a genuine attack from an outside enemy?
The core of the transit is to have revealed all of the truth, even if there is a manipulation of assaults, it will be uncovered with Uranus the planet of transparency.

What is the real purpose of Uranus conjunctions?  To force out truth in order to make better decisions for your future.  They expel and punctuate old karmic debts, in order to purge the wrong done, and accelerate the person, or nation into a cleaner higher energy, and it simultaneously occurs during a shocking turn of events, publicly witnessed.

Mars in Aries in the 8th houses’ simplistic interpretation, is to:
A. Surrender and purge the narcissism within ourselves, and/or
B.  disempower the narcissists’ insane abuse of Power.

The perversion of Aries in the 8th is Luciferian Secret Society forced out into the open en masse. Why would this country have this in its national 8th house of dealings with “partners’ agendas, desires, goals, sex, death, and taxes?  What kind of history do we have collectively with these types of evolutions who bring these activities and desires into our world?

This is a nasty Mars to have in one’s 8th house, being conjoined and squared at this time by Uranus and Pluto.

Understand, it is the transits aspecting the Mars that is revealing the uglier side of Mars.
Not everyone with Mars in Aries in the 8th has to deal with this kind of thing in their life, but I know many who have, especially when transits hit the Mars, it all becomes clear.   The 8th house represents people who come into your life carrying these vibrations….it doesn’t mean you carry them.  So in the Nation’s chart, it would be outsiders [not necesarily other countries]  bringing these momentums of desires and habits, issues and manners of bargaining, taking, and in return, doing favors, or negotiating.  But with the squares now to Mars, and uranus  conjoin Mars, the more darker aspect of these interchanges of money, assets, goals between us and them, would be brought to light at this time.)
Uranus conjunction cycle  awakens people to this problem, for a faster resolution.

“Mighty God Presence, send your mighty Archangel Michael and his legions of angels to encircle those  criminals, and all things sinister within and without this United States of America, all evil things and individuals impacting the U.S. and all people of the world  who are tied as one body of Purity, Honor and Integrity, who desire to bring in  the Age of Enlightenment, Peace and Abundance, now.  We thank you for this Ultimate protection and intercession, Amen.”

Part Three uploaded soon…


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