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America 2011-2013




Major Transits 2011 through 2013

By Christine Barrere
December 14th 2010


Over the coming months, I will be writing more on the upcoming astrological aspects of the United States. But until then, the following is a astrological event summary for the United States beginning for Oct 2010 through 2013. It is based upon a United States “birth” date of April 30th, 1789 at 1:30 PM, New York City and a Conceptional date of July 4th, 1776 5:13 PM, Philadelphia Pa.Uranus Square Pluto from 2010 through 2015, the 2012 event and Pluto moving out of the U.S.’s 4th house and going into the 5th house on January 1 2012 are the major influences for this unique time period.

OCTOBER 25, 2010
Saturn Inconjunct the U. S. Natal Sun
Begins a 10 month period of confusion. The country is being forced to wake up. Everyone can now see the ideas implemented in the past two years are not going to work. There are some who still want to give the leadership — who have been pushing their plans over the past few years — a chance to work but Rome is burning right in front of us. But many see these few leaders as being absent to reality and even a kind of abandonment. We are stunned all through this 10 month cycle at their inability to take accountability.

DECEMBER 2010 – July 2011
New teachers are coming forth and proposing innovative solutions which are being viewed with apprehension.

Some emerging possibilities…

Fiscal Responsibility:
Paul Ryan: Roadmap for America
Sarah Palin: Why I support the Ryan Roadmap
Paul Ryan is the new Democrat bogeyman
Newsweek: Why is the GOP ignoring the Ryan Roadmap

Ron Paul Chairman of Subcommittee on Monetary Policy:
New York Times: The Fed? Ron Paul is not a fan
Slate: Why Ron Paul’s new power both pleases and worries Libertarians
CBS: Ron Paul, Fed Critic to Lead Fed Oversight Panel

JULY 2, 2011
The peoples’ confused state turns to resignation and admit that we have to rely upon innovative politicians to pull us out of the mess with a new plan. The new teachers are proposing new ways and the country submits with much apprehension. But the mess becomes worse in the summer of 2011.

While much headway could have been made if the adjustments and new plans were put into place in the winter of 2010/2011. But it is the nature of this kind of Saturn cycle where finally turning around the minds of the people usually happens later than sooner — better late than never.

AFTER JULY, 4 2011
Saturn Inconjunct U.S. Natal Sun
No one is sleeping anymore and everyone agrees we have no choice but to allow the new analysts to put their blueprints into place.

NOVEMBER 20, 2010 – AUGUST 20, 2011
Saturn opposing the U. S. Mars and transiting Neptune semi-square the U. S. Mars in the 8th house
We need to handle a new crisis aggressively and a punitive attitude is taken.

Our relationships with many countries are in jeopardy, those who could be considered a national threat show their cards and reveal their power. Foreign nations rise up and make it difficult for the U.S. in many ways. These nations display a confidence and put themselves into competitive positions creating much difficulty in continuing to run business as usual.  There are countries whose new weapon capabilities and advanced technologies threaten the planet.

China Shoots down F22 in Alaska
(No mention in mainstream media, it is interesting to note that there are alot of people talking about it)
China: Mystery Contrail from Chinese Missle

The economic decisions these countries are making are a burden us. They are cocky, arrogant and seem have the advantage.

This is a transit of being forced to address these nation’s positions, not necessarily to handle an actual catastrophe. Uranus Square Pluto in 2012 is the beginning date of addressing this issue if it is to occur at all.

Certain 8th House facts are rooted out. Secrets and dangerous inflammatory challenges and accusations must be contained — such as in the Wiki-leaks. We are now seriously needing to take full responsibility towards these volatile events.

Just as in the potential brazen countries posing a threat at this time, there are particular people with the exact same personality who will do the same. Potential escalation of violence and anger comes from this transit involving other nation’s money, values, economic and political positions and dangerous secrets exposed and the responsibility we have to fix it, or contain it.  We also become secretly aware of events going on in the world and in space that pose a threat to world security.

Because this transit involves mining and military, the following could be involved…

Chinese monopoly on essential minerals threatens U.S. military
(Great article)
NY Times: Challenging China in Rare Earth Mining
China corner the market on rare minerals
Afghan minerals to China

DECEMBER 28, 2010 – SEPTEMBER 13, 2011
Saturn square the U.S. Natal Moon in Cancer
A country we are in friendship with, becomes “sick”. The serious — potentially lethal — atmosphere and circumstances of another country’s sudden sickness or weaknesses are revealed. The impact it has upon its people and how it draws upon the resources (food, water, money, care) of our nation is strong. Typically this aspect in a person’s natal chart involves someone we have empathy for but realize they are going down. In a individual’s chart it would be a member of their family. Bad timing to send more resources to this country.

OCTOBER 4, 2011
Saturn Trine the U.S. Conceptional Pluto
Decisions and resolutions regarding health care, national debt and the Federal Reserve are being made.

DECEMBER 15-22 2010
The Lunar Eclipse December 21 2010 at 29 degrees Gemini conjoin the Conceptional U.S. Chart’s Venus at 3* Cancer (ruling the 10th house/president)
A very bad idea is suggested to our President regarding his public image and ways to increase his respect and support, not only in our own country but in the eyes of the world. If this idea is implemented, those that pushed for this will be sorry. It will look bad and not work, and take years to reverse. It appears dual, split, a double standard or two faced.

Washington Post: Swindle of the Year – even some conservatives don’t like the tax cut bill
NaturalNews: “Food Safety” bill may unleash new army of FDA regulators
The FDA in bed with Big Business

MARCH 25 through APRIL 4 2011
Mercury retrograde square U.S. Natal Jupiter and Oppose the Natal Neptune
Someone will propose a ridiculously ambitious plan that results in more waste. Turn it down.

April 2 2011 is also a cycle of an escalation of a major attack somewhere.  It is an extremely volatile day in a stress filled two week period. It could predict another “cashing out” or manipulation of some sort in the financial markets. We need to be watchful for a secret withdrawal from the country of large sums of money. A foreign power challenges us in our economic relationship with them and there is nothing we can do at this time. Mercury is warning our country to powerfully move to independence from a narcissistic bully, financially, and that no more business with them the way it has gone in the past will work.

China – Russia quit dollar

AUGUST 2 -29 2011
The second Mercury Retrograde in 2011 at 1* Virgo to 18* Leo directly opposing our nation’s Pluto in Aquarius in the 6th house
Our Military is on alert and handling an increase of heavy opposition. Because of the Leo/Aquarius, 6th/12th house nature, there is some kind of a new virus affecting the countries circulatory, heart, nervous system and immune system. Possibly an attempt to curtail communications via Internet.

JULY 7, 2011 – MARCH 12, 2012
Jupiter and Pluto Trine
A glimmer of progress in the world economy (finally!) Decisions are made with political support and the plans for a turn around is happening. This cycle needs to be protected and allowed to “do its thing”

DECEMBER 3, 2010 – AUGUST 28, 2011
Saturn return at 14* Libra Saturn Conjoin Conceptional Saturn
Lies, deception, intrigue exposed within powerful individuals’ attitudes to do what they want even if it means the country goes down.

Jesse Ventura on Wall Street corruption

A) Relationships with foreign countries will be seriously challenged and need emergency measures to repair.
B) Peacekeeping is top priority under almost seemingly impossible circumstances
C) A person in leadership is seen as fence-sitting, vacillating, flip flopping and appearing shallow and socially inept.
D) There will be a crying out for leadership to “Get Real”. Total honesty voluntarily will come out or truth will be forced out through embarrassing incidences.

JUNE 24, 2012 – MARCH 16, 2015
Uranus Square Pluto (last time was 1931 through 1935)
More details:
This cycle actually could be seen as truly kicking in as early as September 2008. It  is very powerful, the challenges were already being in 2008 and will be felt out to 2019.

Alan Greenspan: Once in a century financial crisis

NOVEMBER 17, 2010 – AUGUST 12, 2011
Saturn Square Conceptional Sun
Countries that were supportive in the past, now criticize wand cut ties with harsh action and words.

DECEMBER 21, 2011 – SEPTEMBER 13, 2012
Saturn Square the U.S. Conceptional Pluto in the 2nd house (of banking) and Neptune sextile the Federal Reserve (Dec 23 1913 6:02 PM Washington DC) Sun at 1* Capricorn, Saturn sextile the Federal Reserve Moon at 14* Scorpio, and Trine the Federal Reserve Mercury at 13* Aquarius
In the heat of a battle to establish new restrictions/laws and create a new constructive outcome for the Federal Reserve.

Politco: Ron Paul looking for Fed ‘reforms’

JANUARY 17, 2011 – NOVEMBER 20, 2011
Pluto Oppose the U.S. Conceptional Jupiter
Death of an economic alliance where we have enjoyed some material support from. No longer do we want this alliance realizing we must become independent from this relationship. The relationship with this country has now changed forever.

APRIL 14, 2011 – FEBRUARY 3, 2012
Uranus Conjoining the Conceptional U.S. 4th house
Our very land, borders, boundaries, cities become unstable, disruptive.  Weather, earthquakes, fire, explosions… country needs to be in an increase level of alertness during this period.  This transit occurs every 80 years.

People could be motivated to move to safer places. In an individual, they no longer fit into their neighborhood. Our country could feel displaced in the world, outsiders trying to convince the United States that we should no longer be seeing themselves as a nation. This continues for seven to eight years.

FEBRUARY 2, 2009 – JUNE, 2025
Neptune Conjoin Conceptional U.S. Moon crossing the 3rd house of media
Professionals, journalists, media personalities all over the world are networking to educate people and wake up. A healing is taking place with people becoming stronger and united. People take up causes. Businesses and organizations take up issues and supply solutions.

Government is no longer seen as the ONLY provider of solutions.

At its peak January 1 through 20th 2011 an individual’s magical personality (US President?) is melting away.

Wall Street Journal: From Audacity to Animosity

MAY 22, 2012 – MARCH 1, 2013
Neptune trine the U.S. Conceptional Venus at 3* Cancer, ruling the 10th house
A presidential candidate steps forward to bring healing, prosperity, security, jobs, respect back into the country.

JANUARY 1, 2013 through JANUARY 1, 2015
Pluto Trine U.S. Natal Sun in Taurus and Oppose U. S. Conceptional Sun at 13* Cancer
A powerful wave of intelligent strategies for empowering our country’s economy and businesses. Our country is awakening politically economically and ethically.

The country wants to put INTEGRITY AND UNITY back at the top of our VALUES. There is a resurgence of our history and our country’s original story. The reasons behind the values we took as sacred are on everyone’s minds.

Powerful new industries are pushed through.

A transition period begins from the old economic structure into healthier model (Gold standard?). This is a major power cycle which has not been around seen since 1767.

People born from the middle 60’s up through 1993, are inspired to take their positions in society to handle the world crisis. People born during this period from every nation will begin to powerfully challenge those who have been behind the scences, manipulating events. These behind the scenes operators who have raped their countries of security, integrity, jobs, and money.

Many of these courageous souls coming forward will work side by side with those older souls who have been holding their fingers in the dike. These older souls are the ones who have been so burdened by the corrupted, treading water and are relieved at the arrival of the shock troops moving right into the halls of government nation by nation, confronting and denouncing the idiocracy of the corrupted mindset.

They deliver the new plan, the plans that kick out the greed. It is not Socialism, Communism, Capitalism nor Progressivism.

The new plan has a new name but an old model. It is fair, prosperous, independent, encouraging hearts to participate in re-building their world, their businesses and engage once again in the creative work of realizing everyone’s highest dream.

Freedom, Trust, Integrity and Good Will are behind all of these new laws and plans.




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