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Aries- I AM


Aries is incredible fire sign ruled by the planet Mars.  The energy, dynamic motivation and idealism inherent within this one sign, is incomparable to all other zodiac signs and so must be governed by mature control. To be immature and be born under this sign, is dangerous.  Innocent enthusiasm with tremendous ability to inspire others towards taking action, or tantrums punishing behavior and excessive self absorption are choices in certain Aries lives.

When handled correctly the enthusiasm and idealism can inspire anyone to follow a worthwhile plan of action. This energy of Aries is governed by the Planet Mars. Aries is a leader, instigator, feels satisfied when action is taken. Has Aries examined the long term results of their inspirations and compulsions to act?

The Aries nature needs to express their identity, make a name for themselves, let others know what they like, what they’ve done, where they’re going and where they’ve been. Aries cares about themselves and their life purpose, their reason for being. They intensify self importance only to exert the power to move plans, families, co-workers, friends, businesses in the right direction and motivate others to get going. Once they inspire and initiate, other signs take over and finish up. Aries moves on to the next campaign or mission. Their purpose is to be the example of black and white right and wrong, explaining to others, what are the facts, what is crystal clear and which path would be a waste of time to follow. Aries can be inspiring warrior and is ruled by the God of War.  However, they are funny, bright, compassionate, loving, romantic and confident, usually. If you  know an Aries which is not, other planets might be in a difficult aspect to this Aries.

It is a blue ray sign, however, it rests within the mental belt so their minds are bright, assertive and quick. Aries has a childlike innocent filled with love for whatever they pour their heart into.  Aries must move, take action and initiate plans, or the Aries will become internally frustrated. If an Aries is upset, their minds begin turning over and over until they come up with an action they can take immediately that will help them feel as if they have the control back in their hands. They don’t like experiencing being out of control of situations and they would  really have to trust a plan or a person, a strategy or higher purpose to put up with compromising situations for very long. Whatever house your Aries Sun lies in, will be activated by the fiery passion of the Sun, and be the area in life Aries will want to create, begin each day, start projects and realize their purpose. Aries, you are truly amazing!



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