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Astrological Trends for October 2014


Astrological Trends for October 2014



Table of Contents

Lunar Eclipse (with Affirmation)

Re-Cap of Solar Eclipse and Mercury Retro conjoin Venus in Scorpio

Last cycle of Uranus Square Pluto


True Friendships- Jupiter trine Uranus

Lunar Eclipse- Do we have the mastery to say “NO”

October 1- 10 is a Lunar Eclipse at 15* Aries. Exact on October 8 2014.

The rule of thumb during a Lunar Eclipse period, is to do nothing…make no commitments, don’t sign anything, agree to anything important, especially if it involves a financial commitment of some kind. If anything, this particular lunar eclipse is a time to liberate yourself from some burden you might have been wrestling with for a while. ( As I write this, we are moving our cat to another brother’s home, so we can get rid of our allergies. It is a most traumatic moment as this Eclipse comes to a peak. That would fit the theme of Uranus conjoin Moon ( Uranus is a sudden alienating or rejecting separating {Uranus} truth prevails!)

After October 8, usually by the 10th, when the eclipse is over, your head will be more clear, and something that was once stressing you, could be then, behind you.

If there is a pending commitment or decision, involving acquiring something, joining or paying for something, don’t. You will have more information as to why it might have flaws after the Lunar Eclipse is over.

This is a strange eclipse because of the Uranus, and could predict a sudden awareness or expose about a relationship. A truth could be revealed or forced to be dealt with between friends, partners, family members or romantic couples. ( or like in our case, the cat).

The truth has as the foundation, an abnormal, quirky, bizarre or unusually deeply attached and emotional compulsion of some kind to keep up the habit or situation.

The problem or attachment could have morphed over the years into a bad habit that has never really been challenged up until now. As usual, we are either on one end or the other of this confrontation. ( so, the boys for 8 years, never got around to moving the cat to some other persons’ willing home to relieve mom of her allergies, or taking it to the shelter. Their bizarre reasoning was this:

They ( my 22-35 age boys) had repeated dreams throughout their childhood, of cat defending the house, flying through the air, like a ninja, fighting “ bad things” so they swore it was some kind of magical cat, and if the cat were not here, we would be way more vulnerable. Because Mom, has problems sleeping sometimes for various reasons, the supernatural capabilities of the cat were sort of likened to a Genie, or animal X-Men, sent here to defend our fortress.

The mystical powers of the cat must be emanating like a temple guard cat, as in ancient Egypt. According to their research which was of course, completely inspired by their science fiction dreams and deeply dramatic belief they are warriors come to earth to defend home, earth and other like minded mutant people of great destiny…anyway their research revealed that the priests placed their temple cats on either side of the entrance of the door, to screen demonic forces or unholy seekers. The Cats would either allow people to walk into the temple, or swipe at them, immediately alerting the priest that a person was unfit to enter, obviously because of demonic possession of some sort, or worse, the individual was not human after all, and only The CAT, could tell.)


I seriously am not describing this with anything but humor, and as an example of a lighter version of this Eclipse in action. However, if you lived here, you might actually think it could be true. But enough of that….

Because Chiron is involved in this eclipse, the problem or “wound” someone has buried, seems difficult to remedy. In other words, arguments, breakups, hurt feelings or separations could occur because the situation has been going on so long under cover. Someone might feel it is too much trouble or too late to try to correct it. The Chiron at 14* Pisces is in an inconjunct to the Sun at 15* Libra, which says, something has to give, there is no win win here. ( Affirmation: Mighty God Presence, Seal off and Bar all drama, compelling energies attempting to draw me or my loved ones into regrettable commitments, especially involving financial responsibilities at this time. Transmute with the miraculous violet flame, the cause and core of all unexpected arguments, disagreements, deep emotional habits that are within me or others close to me, which must be addressed and overcome. Mighty Angels of Great Power and LIght, Mighty I Am and Archangels Seven, transmute and consume the negative portents of the Transiting Sun at 15* Libra, Oppose Transiting Moon at 15*Aries in a lunar eclipse, and Uranus at 14* Aries retrograde, and inconjunct Chiron at 14* Pisces. Maximize the harmonious energies of this Sun in LIbra sextile Jupiter at 17* Leo, and Mars at 16* Sagittarius, for all problems we may have to quickly resolve. I Thank you and Except this done in full power, Amen)

I really don’t want to make too much of a big deal over lunar eclipses. They can be powerful, don’t get me wrong, but once you ” pass the test” of this cycle, it’s over and forgotten, unless of course, you succumb to its temptation! My personal experience is that they can create two things…

1. A temptation to make a commitment with money at a bad time. ( I catch myself 90% of the time just as I’m committing to some kind of new internet service contract, coaching session ( which to this day, I haven’t yet done, because the offers or connections coincidentally always come during a lunar eclipse) or making a large purchase, in which I am sweating during the decisive moment, slowly realizing I’m getting into a bad deal. At the last moment, I suddenly hear my thoughts “ Wasn’t there a Lunar eclipse or something, sometime around now?? when was that darn thing anyway? Maybe I’d better look, then decide if I should do it”

2. Secondly, it could involve sparing someone else from a bad choice, separating from something that is not healthy, especially this one in October, or making a hard decision with others, that has the possibility of delaying a project, or not committing at all! All scenarios require boundaries and a reality check. So having good Boundaries and keeping alert, is most necessary under ALL LUNAR ECLIPSES. Each one may have a slightly unique theme, but I feel that’s the jist of it. I would like to add a word to parents; I wouldn’t allow my kids to go do anything questionable during any Lunar eclipse…. five days before up to two days following. Trust me, it doesn’t pay. Boundaries!

Transit of Uranus square Pluto

( Exact December 14 and March 16 2015) The exact peaks are highlights…this cycle has been straight on powerful, since way before 2012.

This cycle has been pressing upon revolutionary souls to rise up, wake up and realize what has been happening right from underneath their noses, for the past 60 years or more, regarding the world as it really is. The Transit began energetically 2008. Officially June 2012. It ends officially March 2015. It will only mark the transition point, of 5 years of turmoil, where everything has been turned upside down and inside out. There are 5 more months as of this writing, for more “history” to be corrected and exposed, and true agendas of those who amass wealth and power, to be unveiled. The transition is the awakening. After 2015, the real work begins.

This issue really needs its own refresher article. So much to discuss, yet to come, under this aspect.

Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn 2012-March 2015″

“This square marks the moment in time of the courageous rising of a very large
number of people all over earth. The courage has propelled people all over to investigate, research, become alternative journalists on their own radio shows, blogs, books published and speaking engagements, or
just become simply extremely informed.

This square pressure between the Uranus in Aries, square the Pluto in Capricorn, in simplistic analogy, is like the good guys versus the bad guys. The truthseekers and revolutionaries are depicted by Uranus, and the power elite, Pluto. It is as if we are in a race to embed, implement a Powerful ( Pluto) Blueprint ( Capricorn) into the atmosphere of Earth everywhere, a new standard of Higher Service to life, Blueprint, which eventually will become the new Law within each heart, before the Elitists embed their own Blueprint of Power, demoralizing and diminishing the value of the human race.”

excerpt taken from 2010 article, Age of Morya and God Mercury


Saturn is finishing up its cycle in Scorpio. It will move in and out of Sagittarius for another year, up through fall of 2015. This movement back and forth between the two signs, is wrapping up financial decisions and issues, selfish versus selfless tendencies and all the final lessons and changes we want to make inside of ourselves regarding these behaviors and attitudes. It is finalizing the process of healing, physically for many, and emotionally. Letting go, rising above the issues from the past.

It especially is offering all of us to learn a technique. The technique is a Scorpio one. It is the ability to actually stand back, be patient, and enjoy the process of challenging unpleasant and not perfect people, situations or dynamics unfold with our help, to become productive, cooperative and progressively wonderful things and/or people! The test or the lesson is the concept Sit back, observe, hold a perfect vision of someone’s ability to shift, to become better, or a situation with our help to reach its potential, and enjoy the process of watching before your very eyes, the evolution of this person, the relationship and / or activity! What was the old way? Become exasperated, roll ones eyes, mentally judge them and cut it off, move on, don’t waste your time.

As Saturn moves into Sagittarius, on December 23 2014, a new exciting vigor, fire and vision of one’s potential takes over our emotions! The new test will be holding on to the vision as we now barge through the opposition. The opposition of Sagittarius usually comes as too many paths to take, options to consider, and resisting settling to someone elses’ standards. ( more on this later)


Mostly July 2015-June 2016 ~~ However, we will experience a tad of this on October 15-November 10 2014

A mild, hardly noticeable conflict between the following:

confidence and expansion of one’s capabilities versus serious self examination

exciting new opportunities promising greater joy in life’s accomplishments versus the remaining nagging restrictions carried over from the past year or so;

exciting focus on breakthrough projects in mind and materialized versus methodical duties and obligations, the pragmatic process seems too slow;

New heartfelt hope, gratitude and love versus old memories, concerns and negative realism.

September 2014 through June 2015. ( will go into more later)

Jupiter in Leo trine Uranus in Aries

Began September 22- 2014, runs through 2015 summer, should be felt straight through June 2015.
Exact Peaks: September 20-October 2014; February 20-March 15 2015; June 2015, exact June 22.

True Friendship-

The Power of Jupiter in Leo, trine Uranus in Aries, brings to us deep love for each other. It will be expressed towards your partner, your friends and colleagues who have hung in there through thick and thin, gone through the best and the worst, and are still committed to the cause, the work, and the relationship. This cycle will bring a renewing of the bond. It is sweet and deep, loving and powerful. Fresh new ideas, appreciation, projects, and activities sweep through the heart and emotions, invigorating relationships and community with a new boon of hope.

It is a satisfying love and mutual respect. n spite of their faults, what would this world have been like, upon reflection of our past trials, without these precious Unique souls, in our lives? Gratitude is in the air.

It is real. Enjoy it…cherish it and allow yourself to trust the process of this sweet sharing to only accelerate between you and your group or dearest one. It will wipe away the past hurts or suspicions. It is like a little bit of slipping into the world of heaven for many, regardless of the unfinished tasks at hand that are still toilsome.

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