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Barack Obama


Who is Barack Obama?

By Christine Barrere

(Originally Published October 2008)

Throughout the greater part of 2008, expansive and supportive transiting Jupiter has been trining Obama’s Natal Mars ruling his 10th house. This transit has been providing him a boost in the areas of fame, public success and career.

Obama’s progressed Venus has been moving into an exact conjunction with his North Node. The typical astrological reading on progressed Venus conjoin North Node in the 7th house denotes someone whose values are in favor and in tune with the latest trends and thoughts prevalent in the country — but if we look deeper into this Venus aspect — it reveals that Obama has hidden relationships with people who have their own agenda they want Obama to fulfill. This Venus aspect, reveals that Obama is receiving key Leo (royalty) support from others in an intimate and enmeshed manner.

There are other aspects which point significantly to Obama being influenced from deeply hidden partnerships. Not only is Jupiter trining his Mars in the 7th house and progessed Venus is conjoining his North Node in the 7th, there are other transits activating his 7th house which concerns me.

The 7th house is the house which not only defines activities occurring with our marriage partner, but who else we are “in bed with”. The 7th house reflects deep powerful close relationships, partnerships, and serious agreements of a deep karmic nature. 7th house relationships are those that have come full circle where we are now obligated to others.

Saturn began passing through Obama’s 7th house on August 29, 2006 through Summer 2007, making a very bad opposition to transiting Neptune directly on his rising sign. Among other things this aspect meant that he was willing to accept and play along with the presentation of a personal image that is , partly fantasy. This image comes from flattering individual(s) belonging to a larger radical organization.

These “generous partners” helped present a big Leo image that influenced his work, service and sense of his valued contributions. All they needed was for him to “see” how their vision matched his Aquarian identity that is searching for humanitarian truth and the desire to eliminate injustices and bring about Aquarian reform — all inherent within anyone with an Aquarian rising.

( Transiting Saturn in the 7th house from Fall 2006 through Summer 2009, activating his Leo ruled 7th house Cusp, and the Sun as ruler of the 7th, in the 6th house of work and service opposed transiting Neptune and his Ascendant exact at 18* Aquarius, primarily throughout 2006-2007, the inception and grooming period of accepting the job. )

Until late August of 2008, these planetary influences have assisted him.

Now these “partners” are expecting a return on their investment.

Saturn has now entered a new aspect in his chart, an inconjunct to his Ascendant. This aspect requires that Obama turn up the heat in his performance. Where he continues his theme of Aquarian reform — but now — in a manner advised by these “partners”. These changes are stressful and incongruent with what Obama naturally agrees with. His intelligence knows he is being given wrong advice but he has no choice but to follow.

This aspect is torture because you feel you are being forced by others to accept and behave in a manner that is completely against your nature.

This is just not pressure of a political campaign, of debates, issues, managing criticisms from the opponent’s camp, or even a step up of an aggressive media campaign.

This is pressure coming from these few specific individuals in Obama’s life who are pressing him to present himself in a manner that is seriously incongruent with his own preferred way. He is being advised to perform one way, and privately he feels adamant about taking an another position. But he does not dare oppose his backers.

This frustrating inconjunct from Saturn to his Ascendant not only creates a shroud of insecurity and depleted confidence — which is a crisis for any Leo — but will reveal a nervous system condition that will soon be obvious to the public.

This type of stress can create circulatory and endrocrine problems. It can affect our ability to sleep and can create intense exhaustion. Exhaustion beyond what one would be expecting in a stressful political campaign for President of the United States.

Mental interference, cognitive disruption and speech problems may follow.

The Saturn inconjunct the Ascendant peaks Oct 20 through Nov 10 2008, yet is being experienced at this time already. Saturn inconjunct the Ascendant is a bad time for a debate. This aspect will continue as a new theme for Obama through July 2009.

This transit alone, could be a serious threat to his ability to win the election.

Because of a deflation in his personal sense of connecting with a rapidly emerging crisis in the country which he nor his advisors predicted, he could feel unprepared, lacking experience and knowledge in how to handle such a new development within the country. (I take particular note of the number of Congressmen who oppose the bailout attempt — the largest government intervention and takeover of the private sector – a Socialists dream. It’s as if these Congressmen know their constituents do not support such a huge bailout)

This Saturn inconjunct his Ascendant along with all these new pressures has only just begun.

Uranus opposing his Mars, which has been ongoing since April 2008, will continue to contribute to this unbelievable pressure put upon him to perform perfectly for those who have intimately backed him and are in a private close relationship with him. Every flaw and faux pas will be shoved in his face by “friends and partners” who say they are only exposing them for his own best interst in mind. Yet there is such an undercurrent of nervous tension and personal self analysis, it’s difficult to pull through. It will continue into March of 2009.

These astrological transits denote he’s terribly beholding to key people — silently — who he does not want to let down or get angry. He knows that it would not be good for his career or personal future to go against these hidden advisors in any way.

Progressed Venus conjoin his North Node in the 7th house of intimate agreements with open and silent partners. This progression means he is approaching the cementing of an arrangement with his silent partners, culminating by some social event behind the scenes in the week of SEPTEMBER 30 THROUGH OCT 12TH 2008.

Natal North Node and Uranus conjoin in the 7th house of open enemies and partners making an inconjunct to his natal Saturn in Capricorn in the 12th house. This is a karmic contract come due. He has to face a test of being obligated to someone else in order to gain Capricorn power in government or career or both. Obligated in partnership to someone who is in a Leo/leadership role and connected with an unconventional organization. In other words, Obama is not the one in charge, someone(s) else is in charge of him.

We won’t see the behind the scenes dynamics, because the power is in the 12th house hidden. But it comes from karmic unfinished issues, from another time, fueling his own unfilled Aquarian hopes and dreams.

I’m concerned about these secrets — which other’s keep from him — and the duplicitous nature of his Mercury square Neptune in his birth chart. There is always a compromise with his hidden backers that is unsettling to him yet he tries to justify to himself that the ends justifies the means. Mercury square Neptune implies Neptune confusing the Mercury intellect from seeing things as they really are.

The end goal to him and to these hidden “backers”, is shown in the Jupiter in Aquarius in the 12th, sitting right next to the Saturn, at 0 degrees in a Finger of God to his North Node, and Venus, bi-sected by his Black Moon Lilith and Mercury. Because these aspects are in a Finger of God, he must choose the higher way of standing for the truth vs justifying deceit to others and himself.

Talk about being painted in a corner, one’s entire life!!!

Since Chiron has been conjoining his Ascendant since February 2008, his real self has been eclipsed, thereby creating interference in his mind and ability to continue emanating a savior image, further undermining his confidence and clarity in his identity.

People don’t know the real man.

After doing his chart, I am not sure I know him either.



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