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Changing Serpent to Eagle – Full Moon in Scorpio


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April 26 – May 1


Changing Serpent to Eagle


April 26 – May 11

Powerful emotions and unresolved psychological issues could erupt from the depth of one’s buried self. Once again, the job is to process, resolve and move on after putting to rest things that could not be fixed or changed. Future cycles can support the healing and transformation of the issues, but this cycle, might draw it out into the open. Issues which have impacted us powerfully years ago must be seen in the stark light of Saturn in Aquarius truth, and faced. In addition,strong motivations to wrap up projects, finish our activities that were already in motion and planned for a while so we can finally have some closure is also in play.

If activities are partly completed and are partially realized, we might feel compelled to take a break – change it up and jump into something new and refreshing for a bit. These old issues need to be handled however before we move on to the next project – at least for the next few weeks. This will then wrap up our last few month’s unfinished tasks.  Saturn in a t-square to the Full Moon Scorpio/Taurus is the leader, the focal point of this full moon’s energies.


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Saturn will stand check, correct and point out indulgences, carried away emotions, feelings, and getting square with what the solution must be in order to progress with harmony and resolution. These deep energies swirling around us, some emanating or being triggered by others in our lives, do not come from a pure place. These old problems, mostly to do with issues of undeveloped morals, unchecked addictions, behaviors, moods and neglect, are coming to a head to be re-examined and checked again. Saturn will also bring a sudden reverse of negative destructive course of actions and put a halt to the continuation of these out of control destructive desires. It can assist others into liberation and freedom from entangled negative activities. Bad situations can be reversed and a restriction of some kind enforced upon an activity that could have been heading down the wrong path. A new discussion is ready to take place, bringing the truth out and taking our world to a higher level for the better.

Because of the grouping of Taurus planets all opposing the Moon in Scorpio, financial streamlining, budgeting, cutting back could be part of the issue. Research and deep investigating what’s going on with movement in financial activities global could be launched now. Within our personal lives, this Full Moon brings us to the culmination of a long cycle of spending and pouring our energy into a worthwhile situation. Now is when it stops. We regroup and take a break from such investment of our own light and money into something for a bit.

This Saturn also could be a long cycle of disciplined work that leads up to an accomplishment we feel was worth the sacrifice. The sacrifice most likely would have been something indulgent, addictive, or personally retro sabotaging to ourselves. The situation now requires reflection and deciding what is the most positive way to move forward with conviction to upgrade and change. Those new plans can be put into a more powerful motion starting on the New Moon, May 11. Saturn in Aquarius in square is like a presence that has arrived in order to set things straight amongst all situations dense, immoral, inhumane, unkind, unevolved, destructive, subtle or on a large scale, personal or globally.

The Taurus/Scorpio has the tenacity resources and deep creativity to produce strength – which can typically come out of a Taurus stellium in opposition to a Scorpio Moon. Deep desires, passions unchecked, anger, aggression, untransmuted unethical actions and behaviors must transform into the eagle and be free.


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Saturn stands at the Nexus, in its own independent sign, Aquarius, (Secondary ruler of Saturn) the sign of humanitarian objective truth, transparency and impulse to change all corruption, dysfunction, self destruction and all things stagnant into the electricity of Change and Correction. Humanitarian feelings replace base lower natures. These natures will be discovered in oneself, such as jealousy, deep hurt, etc..or observed in others near us.  All of these are being triple checked by Saturn, forcing accountability and change.

This cycle is released personally and planetary as of last week, peaking exactly on April 26-27 and continuing on through May 10, 2021 until the New Moon on May 11.




April 25 Mercury and Venus in Taurus also square Saturn in Aquarius     Some of the above warnings can be applied to this day also. Only difference would be it’s more intellectual, conversations, relaying and reminiscing our stories, sharing information or reflections in a social setting, visits, highlighting emotionally charged dramas dredged up from those buried memories.

April 27 Sun semi-square Neptune in Pisces and Mercury semi-square Mars – The Sun has slight pressure drawing down the intuition required to figure out the real reason things have turned out the way they have. Digging and probing as facts are put on the table, assist one to come to some pretty realistic facts and conclusions to ponder.

April 29 Mercury at 22* Taurus sextile Neptune at 22* Pisces – Our mind is working creatively inspiring and artistic. It’s a great day for meetings with creative dynamic designs, blueprints and decisions made based upon inspiring visionary events or projects.

April 30 Sun at 10* Taurus conjoin Uranus – Today is original electric and dynamic. Re-design, re-visit and transform something today that needs upgrading, Focus on this particular day as if you were engineering or designing an idea, sculpting it into our physical material world. Plan it out, experience the value of this new plan and then, do it.

May 2 Mercury at 26* Taurus trine Pluto at 26* Capricorn A higher level of mental power emerges from within. Laser focus upon re-calibrating an existing situation, a conversation, a musical piece, work of art or writing project. Suddenly, the mind is sharp and depth takes over to complete the big picture of how it needs to turn out. Whatever it is that has captured your attention, a puzzle to solve, a course to take, this cycle helps you win.


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