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Choices and Timelines – Mercury Retrograde 1/30/2021




January 30 – February 20, 2021

Mercury Retrograde at 26* Aquarius with the ruler of Aquarius – Uranus, at 6* Taurus conjoin Mars at 12* Taurus square Saturn at 5* Jupiter at 9* and Sun at 11* Aquarius.

A time to Manifest in the physical world, something truly Transforming and Beneficial, for self and for Earth. (The next Astrological line-up below, just might be the perfect situation in the heavens in order to create this wonderful thing.)

( Mercury, moments prior to retrograde. With Uranus/Mars square Aquarius planets)



February 1 – 6

At the same time Mercury moves into Retrograde in the Alchemical sign of Aquarius, and it’s planetary ruler, Uranus, the planet of change and transformation, conjoins Mars. This acts like a lightning storm of raw energy to build from. This configuration will also square Saturn, Jupiter and the Sun in Aquarius, adding to the tension. We desire to bring some new profound meaning into our world, the world, yet there is another agenda attempting to project itself into the world at the same time. Below just might hold the answer as to how we can harness this conflicting storm creating scenario for the highest outcome.

As Heliocentric Jupiter at 9* Aquarius lines up in a square with Helio Uranus’ position 9* Taurus, the past two weeks’ energies have been rough. This pressure is peaking February 1, continuing for another two weeks bringing us surreal and discombobulated alternate states of mind.

This kind of Helio pressure is the kind that triggers Solar disruptions, which in turn can alter events on the earth in major ways. It can create sudden shifts of opinions, change people’s minds along with sending earthquake and weather triggering irregularities down to our planet.

As for our own Human behavior and moods, this square could stimulate a sense of everything speeding up again – losing time, feeling hurried. So much to think about, ideas come pouring into one’s mind, but how to sort it all out into a linear plan of action is the challenge.

Jupiter desires to expand and gain speed, inspiring humans to move forward with Jupiter/type plans- beliefs, opinions, agendas and cultural building however Uranus in a tight pressure is creating an unbelievable agitation. Every leap that is taken in the name of cultural progress is challenged by an irritating counteraction, and every degenerating plan put into place is challenged by an alternative force of Light. Again we see the two parallel pathways vying for dominance.

The nature of the two planets grating upon each other creates a sort of urgency falling upon mankind. It comes across as if in a huge rush to implement plans, even if they appear half hazardly thrown together in some form of rash illogical matrix from fragments of ideas once whole and functional. What’s the big hurry?

Attempting to build from jangled concepts creates chaos. And chaos is what this square represents. Cultural Chaos.

Expect more earthquakey and illogical concepts, discussions and thought patterns to whirl around the world as brilliant helpful ideas, but In reality, quite insane over the next few weeks, especially as Helio Mercury also moves quickly from 26 * Cancer to 9* Leo into an opposition to Helio Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter and square Uranus now up through February 6.

From the position of the Sun ( Heliocentric) the Moon also joins the line up at 9* Scorpio square Jupiter at 9* Aquarius and oppose Uranus at 9* Taurus. Let’s see if this lineup triggers unexpected earth disruptions.

The Dates of Feb 1 – 6 is tense for handling erratic energy and finding it difficult to concentrate.

Planet’s positions below:

I would take advantage of this strange whirlwind of disruptive energy

and alter an outcome, as we are in the middle of a changeable unformed vortex of energy and we wouldn’t want degenerate minds with too much power, molding it into their own destructive designs.

February 1 – 6 Experiment: take the time, with much serious visualization, to send out personal, national and planetary intentions, in powerful waves of Good Will, progress, love and advancement. As Divine Creators of Great Infinite Abilities and Power to Build a New World of Happiness, let’s use what is hidden inside.

Do this for yourself and for the planet. Write down specifically what you desire to achieve and what values, cultural outcomes and progress in detail you desire for earth, your nation, or town.

Meditate upon this powerful positive blessing and let’s alter a disruptive and disjointed Timeline we are in right now, into a cohesive crystal clear positive path of Sanity, Expansive Freedom Building Activities made firm and solid from this Taurus power now.

Remember who on Earth you are…..

Divine Intelligent Light, pour now into our minds, hearts and hands. Manifest order from chaos, progress and expansion of freedoms from all limitations and projections. We are commanding this light to conform to the most highest blueprint possible for my life, our lives and the Earth, right now today. Bring into manifestation according to the highest Will possible, drawn from the most perfected Blueprint of my own being, that which will speed up my progress and satisfy my soul. I thank you and accept this done in full power, Amen.”



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2 thoughts on “Choices and Timelines – Mercury Retrograde 1/30/2021”

  1. Linda Eberhard says:

    As usual, you give beautiful ideas on current astrology. This is no usual time as you say. Thanks for the advice. Choices must be made on these considerations & not on others ideas for us. be made by astrology

  2. Penny Wilson says:

    Dear Christine,

    I eagerly look forward to your weekly Stardrops and all are very much appreciated certainly durong these times.

    The music attached in the Stardrops mailings is beautiful, thank you for creating the stunning artistic website we
    view and most especially your astrology. In Light, friendship and Love.


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