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Creating Your Own Circle of Fire


Mercury Retrograde 14* Cancer 
June 17, 2020


Build A Perimeter and Love Your World You Live In


In order to nurture your sanity in this Epic period of earth, one must create their own beautiful functional bubble of HIGHER REALITY while simultaneously interacting responsibility with the outside world.


There will be friends, family and significant relationships which are operating fully or semi in the same world as yours, the same frequency, dimension and vibration – but in order to win in this strange time, creating your own bubble and trusting you will be sharing it with others who are thinking and feeling just about the same as you, could be an absolute necessity now.


This Mercury Retrograde can help us define what that  bubble looks like.


Began June 1 – most powerful by  June 17/18  continuing up July 11/12, 2020,  this would be the time period one might suddenly realizearound the survivors a perimeter create”, is now required.

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Can you sense the Mercury cycle pressing down dropping hints of plans, ideas, insights into your mind? Is it a new spiritual infusion of light? A physical plan for a better environment? Because it is in Cancer, it is about securing your world.  How would this appear now Mercury is moving into a retrograde in Cancer cycle?

What exactly would this one particular droplet of persistent thought be for you? Have you learned how to separate a Mercury retrograde theme in your mind from all the other thoughts wanting your attention? It’s the nagging idea in your mind which continues to pop up day after day until you finally take it on.

I would think this Cancer/Mercury retro thought would be something which could inspire one to notice some new things it wants you to nurture.

An idea that someone touched you, thought of you, understood you.

A realization something related to security is most likely possible to achieve.

A concept of happiness with re-arranging your home or office, or yard.

An incredible urge to cut through on some domestic house/property decision which will bring to you satisfaction and has finally been handled, decided upon, discussed or planned.

The understanding how important tempering ones’ words would be in order to soothe, comfort and support another, being aware of the other person’s emotional fragility.

Tuning into the need to preserve, protect and secure relationships, partnerships, employees and animals’ well being and thinking the best of people instead of judging them.  And I would add, believing people close to you will do the same.

Money and business, finances and concrete practical affairs handled beautifully throughout this Mercury retrograde cycle in order to clear away unfinished business or any issues that have been put off for a while. Cleaning up one’s money, budget, bills, bookkeeping. A Perimeter around your world, without insulating yourself from your external life and loves.

Insights in ways to serve others in a more genuine way, opening the doors for public to enjoy your business, products or service with a new personal touch that can stabilize and begin growing your business and financial abundance.

Sealing up your aura.

Sealing up your home.

Buying practical things you might need, just in case.

Growing a garden. Buying survival food and water.

Having a personal deep and supportive meeting with your partner, your child, employee, friend or family member, and mostly, honoring what you believe your environment, world, code in life should be.  Constructing those filters to strain out the mess of thousands of projections and beliefs. Sticking to the one truth you know is at this time in your life, the highest truth you have reached which feels safe and good.

What happens when Mercury turns retro in Cancer a strong pull towards security and comfort begins. The visual pictures in our mind tend to be repeatedly revolving on things that cause us to become very aware of an emotional need – and suddenly this emotional need keeps coming back again and again.  It might be a positive vision, or a vision of something gone wrong which needs fixing. Whatever it is, you’ll want to ask the Universe, God, Light and the Great I AM, what is the highest way to achieve ultimate security!

There can even be an emotional need to get a job, fix your house, change the way you acquire necessities or share your love with your family or loved ones.  You’re in the process of protecting yourself, without being rude, not only because of this Mercury challenge, but also the Solar Eclipse peaking on June 21 for five months throughout 2020, also at zero degrees Cancer inconjunct Saturn in Aquarius.

An emotional need does not have to be some dramatic overwhelming emotional state where one is obsessing about the thing you desire –

In the most sweetest way, a spiritual vision can pull on you, leading you into a decision to spend more time immersing oneself into commitment to nurture your own soul. It could be reading, studying, praying, meditation, exercise, self care or energetic healing work.

What if this emotional inspiration ( in your ideas and mind ) caused you to long for expressing yourself through music, photography or wanting to enhance your music and artistic creativity? Are you an artist? Would this period of time cause an Ah Ha moment for writing and performing some thing, or deciding how some piece must sound? If it’s the arts, there is a soulful element to the breakthrough, which satisfies.


It is at 14 degrees Cancer. I’m using a 3* orb. As Mercury turns retrograde, no other planets are close enough to connecting to Mercury within a 3* orb, so this is creating a Stand Alone Mercury Retro.


Mercury is standing alone  allowing a space for contemplation inside from June 3-July 12, peaking strongly now through June 18.

The contemplation might look something like this …. experience a moment, a pause you can feel ( Cancer ) deep inside that is almost a sort of secret ray intuitive sense. In this pause you sense the possibility that you just might be on the threshold of an exciting new cycle. Where did this come from and how?

The pause in time and space is allowing an in-breath of peaceful inner attention placed upon an idea that is coming down into your world you are about to move into a new way of living, thinking and accomplishing something in your life that was somehow before too much to believe could happen.

Maybe it was not even conceivable before, but now, it actually seems possible. Why?

What is the difference between now and a few months ago? Remember, Hermes, (Mercury) IS the messenger of the Gods.

This inner special sense you could be experiencing is encouraging you to allow this beautiful new thing to grow, be nurtured and protected.

( This idea is still all within the parameter of Mercury in Cancer – mind filtered through a feeling of anticipated happiness and future security.)

Allow it to expand. Pay attention to this situation that could just now actually be launching a new you.

Is it happening via your work? Is it happening in your personal relationships? Is it occurring by how you look at your surroundings, your needs or your vision of your future? Are you sensing you could actually tackle a project or big picture that before just seemed too much for you or no one was around to assist?

The Moon rules Cancer, and the Moon on the Mercury retrograde cycle is in Taurus. This grounds the ideas. It tells us it is a practical commitment. It’s doable and requiring you to increase your acceptance of the value and treasure of yourself!

It’s possible this new feeling if it is planned conscientiously, could be an additional asset for your life, something of great worth, an additional beautiful thing of value that is your very own for you to enjoy and keep. You own this.

Imagine. What is that thing that you’re sensing throughout the weeks which calls you to achieve it and is worth the effort if you could just plan it out, figure it out, or have the positive outlook to believe it could be real?

Take the pen and write down your own Affirmation. Say the words out loud as you write it every day. Five minutes a day. “ I name AM so excited that I am achieving __________________________and it is manifest in my world!”

Welcoming your story – don’t let this one get away – write it somewhere and remember.

Vondir- Christine

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