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Defeat Apathy-Mercury Direct July 20 2013



    MERCURY RETROGRADE July 20 2013   Part Two

  1. Have you recently been under a cloud of apathy?  Feeling all that good clarity of purpose was for nothing? 
  2. Having trouble maintaining your inspiration to get up in the morning and engage in that heart felt sense of purpose?


As we have discovered in PART ONE of Mercury Retrograde, the importance of honoring our feelings, becoming attuned to our emotions for the purpose of enhancing our spiritual side in order to engage more and more with our divine purpose, part two explains Mercury moves out of retrograde, and turns direct on July 20, 2013,   the 2nd part of our assignment.
It will be changing direction at 13° Cancer, July 20 2013.
For most of us the position of Mercury turning direct from about July 10 through July 20, will be in the same house of our birth chart as when it turned retrograde.
Article here.

So the original June Mercury retrograde focus will still be on target and valid as in the first article, however, as many times when we have a breakthrough with a concept which motivates us to improve, an opposing force moves in to shut it down.

When Mercury turns direct it will make new aspects to new planets in the solar system, which in this case, is definitely showing the signs of an opposing force.

It will interface with Jupiter and Mars, the Black Moon, Uranus, Pluto, and the North node.

The Mercury moving direct will conjoin Jupiter/Mars in Cancer, intensifying our desire to not lose the vision of our new goals, our new revelations to help us make important progress and make decisions in June, but now it is being opposed by Pluto. Our higher vision must survive! Don’t allow this Pluto to wreck it.

So from approximately July 10 through July 28, peaking exactly on July 20, 2013, we’re going to add another layer or theme to our original concept we examined in Part One.

Here is the theme.
“Now that I know how I feel about ____________and where I want to go, I need to honor and value those feelings. Whatever is trying to confabulate and interfere with this original clear cut focus needs to go. I need to step up my power of intention in order to not lose this beautiful road to freedom. I need to counteract Pluto’s influence in July, to my beautiful purpose.
 I desire to flourish in my new life”.

Remember each Mercury retrograde ( June 26,) then going direct ( July 20) puts our our thoughts on an assignment we feel we must master for our soul’s growth.

So therefore if Mercury going retrograde was to help the planet get in touch with how we really feel, trust our intuition, then the second half of this, as it opposes Pluto, is to realize that living in a vacuum, living without  hope and feeling, is like being in a meaningless life.

This Mercury retrograde is trying to help us remember our emotional power within the heart that is necessary in order to create heaven around us and on this earth. Without the feelings the beautiful highest ideals of heaven and God cannot be manifest around us because it’s the love that infuses the waves of energy, into the right particle manifesting as beautiful creation in the physical.

As Mercury is going direct at 13° Cancer, it’s desiring to continue this planetary lesson on aligning ourselves with the emotions of God in order to rapidly with the speed of light accelerate the world into the next level of progress, prosperity and beauty.
But it is in opposition to Pluto in Capricorn, and square to Uranus in Aries.  It is our new challenge for the next few weeks.

The opposition to Pluto could be likened to a force somehow outside in the ethers, atmosphere, or a faction, a group of consciousness or individuals, bombardment of electromagnetic interference, however you want to describe it in whatever form you think it takes, that is in opposition to our desires to create beauty, abundance, plenty, exciting creative projects. And! more than anything else, attempting to dumb down our minds focused each and every day upon worthwhile goals with great passion.

It is Personal, and Global, at the same time.

This opposition between Mercury and Pluto is saying that there is some force or energy, that is attempting to oppose our creative feeling/spirit/consciousness fusion.That means, it is very terribly threatened by this fission, fusion of ENERGY ABOUT TO TAKE PLACE AND BECOME A NEW COMMON ATTITUDE AND WAY OF LIFE.

Either a consciousness -energy bombardment to diffuse and distract our one pointed goals,
a diversion, another huge false flag, exercise of covert ( Pluto ) power in order to stop the successful manifestation of this beautiful free energy will try to happen.

Because this Pluto is retrograde, it is subtle, or underground. It will be confusing to know where it comes from, so how do we stop this kind of interference?  The power of intention pouring through the voice, and charged with love.

Personally,  I feel this is happening  by a force creating a very subtle ambiance around us of apathy, for the most part…to cause us to become unexcited about our lives, our breakthroughs   between July 5 through July 20, especially increasing up to July 15-20. Indifference, apathy. Numb out the emotional attachment to that new direction we connected with a few weeks ago!

It could be a thought and feeling that nothing is really worth putting the effort into a plan anymore, because the world is too complicated, or

the Project is too complicated, or

I don’t have enough support, or

Nothing really matters, or

We can’t defeat this industry or elite, they’re too powerful, or

What could I do any way to make a difference, or

What if I don’t have the abilities to pull off my project, or

I’m just wasting my time pretending I’m doing something worthwhile, or

I’ll never get out of this rut, who am I kidding.

Whatever the rationale is, guess what- IT ISN’T REAL! You are being mind controlled, from without, and it is zooming in on your own programed beliefs.

But it feels so real, so logical.
So what we are dealing with with this second phase of the Mercury retrograde  beginning to turn directions on July 20, is a new problem of counteracting  a projection, and the possibility of a HUGE GLOBAL DISTRACTION IN THE WORKS, TO GET US UNBALANCED.

To be apathetic. To lose focus. There is an interference with our feelings.  An interference to the global passion and clarity we are all in one unison moving towards.
. It is the passion that we should be harnessing and nurturing.
Because this Mercury at 13* trines the North Node at 13-12* Scorpio, Mercury will succeed…the fusion of your own passion with your vision to see the end goal, and move towards it each day, will succeed, but because there is Pluto, we must do something to secure it, which is why we ACT.

Now, how does this Uranus in Aries in a square to this Mercury come in?
The Uranus is at the tip of the T-square. It becomes the focus of the solution to the Mercury opposing Pluto. If you could look at it as a sideways T, the Mercury is on the left the Pluto is on the right and the Uranus is at the bottom.

So the opposition of a polarization between Mercury in cancer thinking through our feelings thus being excited and focused upon a new course of action, versus Pluto in Capricorn potentially feeling stifled, uninspired, and projected upon by something else that is a lie to shut down our creativity, or project, and disconnect us from our passion, causing us to drop the project.

We can find the answer to this in the planet Uranus at the right angles of these two planets. This is the technique of solving oppositions when there’s also a third planet squaring both planets. Diagram below


Uranus in Aries takes bold action. Physically move, do something bold. Move your body. Make a goal right now, self-motivated to get out of the space of inactivity and apathy. “I will not live a mediocre life!”

Do something dynamic, Aries like, Uranian like, that will shatter the spell this Pluto is creating.
All of us together deciding to take this form of action, globally! Will also dissolve any attempt by other forces to pull of another false flag, no matter how huge it is.

Uranus requires action when it is in the sign of Aries. Sitting and reading, studying, simply meditating, helps us but is not in Aries action solution. This one requires charging the atoms around you with fire! ..impact.

Out loud, charge the atmosphere with the power of your intention and watch it ripple through the world:

“I (name) AM, charging my mind, my feelings, my vision, my inspiration, with my truth divine plan anchored down in this world for my hands and use to manifest today. I am fears that the inspiration and the feelings of God. I am infused and direct it by the mind of God. I am protected and shielded by the most magnificent release of life and love surrounding me, swirling around me, bringing to need to find opportunities and direct action each and every hour of my day. I am divinely directed each moment of my day.

I Am filled with light, I am filled with protection, my mind is completely protected and shielded by the most electronic blue and white light, electric fire, radiating love, nothing can penetrate my consciousness, my aura, my divine purpose, and my creative expression that I feel and connect with each and every day. I am fulfilling my divine purpose now. I called to God to bring into my world opportunity to feel alive and connect in a most vital way, my reason for being. It is done”


One of the fastest ways to shake off the indifference to your life or projects, is also, to get together with people who love you and believe in what you are about.  Call them, and brainstorm over your ideas, what is troubling you, and yes! they need to talk you back into your belief in yourself again!  With the affirmations, and the friendship support, you can get back on track.
On a global scale:

The same conclusion and breakthrough we personally achieved in July, has been occurring within the globe, in every possible vital field.

Therefore, the same vial opposition has discovered a new consciousness and a new project is about to be birthed, and is planning to create a cataclysm to shut it down.

By the same power of the WORD changing frequency in your world around you, via affirmation and love, it will also secure this amazing progress occurring in ENERGY, MONEY, FREEDOM, on a planetary scale, about to manifest now.

So along with our personal test of locking into our feelings and becoming inspired and then taking action against some opposition to our goal and freshly acquired inspiration, the planet is going through the same initiation.  The Black Moon’s position conjoined the Mercury, is saying to us, it is mandate now we fulfill this protection of our new energy, new acceleration into God, into a higher standard of life for ourselves, and the Globe, and not compromise. Don’t forget your/our original intention an lesson we have gone through up to this point.

As a group of community of light all over the planet Pluto could be recognized as some faction or force of energy, that is threatened by our unified feelings and unified creative dynamic inspiration to progress, to reclaim our security (Cancer), and moved to the next level on a planetary scale to our happiness, progress and freedom.

This Pluto would not want that to happen, so in any possible way it could try to manipulate circumstances to create a war in the middle east, an economic crisis escalated, some form of mind control psycho-tronic projection of apathetic interference, blandness to life, no reason or purpose to live, or simply waking up in the morning and feeling a blank page. This is evil, energy-veil. I see it as also a power attempting to create more chaos all over the earth as never been seen before, community accidents, cataclysmic explosions, economic failures, oppression, to project globally, it is too much to control, too much to handle or solve…too may crisis.  What is Uranus in Aries?  The Alchemiy ( Uranus) of Controlling unruly forces ( Aries) by the POWER OF THE HEART, YOUR LOVE, by commanding this love to put under ITS control, these forces run amok.

What we need to do then, is to create a powerful emotionally felt affirmation, which would be a Uranus in Aries action, antidote, to this Pluto opposition to dumb down and wipe out our newly acquired focus as a whole.

“ I call to God and to my own divine I Am Presence, to shatter and to eliminate all Plutonian opposition to our minds, our progress, and our acceleration in the light becoming more and more free joyous conscious responsible progressive advance and prosperous each and every day, all fulfilling our divine purpose and reason for being on this earth. I Am commanding and demanding the mighty archangels and divine beings of great light to counteract and reverse and push back all Pluto energies in opposition to the Mercury at 13* Cancer going Direct,that could manifest in any form of darkness or oppression escalating out of their fear of being overcome, and replaced this day, by the Light.”

Let’s give this once or twice up through July 20 midnight and see how our power of vision to manifest beauty and progress on the Earth and in our own personal life is fulfilled.

Part One~ Mercury Retrograde

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