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     “Secrets of the Ages, Doorway of Truth, Keeper of the Mysteries, She contains the passage to Magnificence and the Perfecti. Rise again, Oh Egypt! Our souls remember thee and your Initiations of the Great Ones.   We bow before your blinding fiery light, eternal flame hidden within.   Oh Mary, come again and guide us to our Freedom, to the secret place where lies our Our Eternal Love”.


It is difficult to absorb so much news and information, not only regarding one event such as Egypt’s turmoil at this time, but astrologically also. So many different aspects to take into consideration which may have played into the protesting and demanding the stepping down of President Hosni Mubarak
Much of the time I’m searching for the “one thing” that pops out to me, like scripture rising up off the page to capture your attention.   The one thing I saw was the. Saturn square the U.S. Moon, and the Saturn square the Conceptional Sun and the match in the Egyptian chart with Saturn square the Uranus.
Was that the aspect that began the uprising?   No, I don’t think so.  Egypt had been suffering under a much more dramatic aspect since last May 2010. It had been building up since then. It is Uranus square Egypts’ Sun at 27* Gemini for one.  It ended on January 12th 2011.  It denotes a year of holding back disruptive chaotic forces clanging at your door, while quickly attempting  build a new plan, a new infrastructure before they bust the door down.  There is usually a driven focus of communications, negotiations, documents, research and moving step by step putting into place this new idea before it’s too late.
What we have to keep in mind again, is this is Egypt’s national chart or internal experience, not the President’s chart!  Those two are totally separate experiences.
A nations’ chart is the combination of the unified karma and character traits of the people and the government they have magnetized to them, for whatever reason.   It is what it is.
If Uranus in our solar system, all of 2010, has been squaring Egypt’s Sun for 10 months, it’s like having the country  in distress at high level from within and without.  It’s like knowing you have to upgrade, change and accelerate, but it’s under duress.  The country  patiently kept the finger in the dyke until they wear the opposition down or find a way to win them over, negotiate, make a deal or overthrow them, while AT THE SAME TIME secretly knowing in their hearts, they need to change.  We’re talking about the people wanting change, but confused as to how, the government needing to change, but because they have been in the old system and comfort zone for so long and gotten away with it, don’t really want to.
We are talking about:
A. the people being the Sun Presence   ( 27* Gemini )  patiently discussing, ruminating and planning what to do with their lifestyle, economy, limitations and oppressions, led by possibly some very outspoken and challenging individuals, such as Mohamed ElBaradei.
B. The central core government  also can at the same time be the Sun Presence in Gemini, stressing and posturing as they hold internal meetings and were strategizing on what to do with “the group” or organization  that is threatening and pressing their agenda onto the central core of power which would create massive threat and instability, not only to their country, the Middle East, but the entire world;
and at the same time strategic meetings taking place discussing  the country’s survival and modernization for the population in general, freedom, jobs, education, independence, yet wrestling with how much can they afford to bend without, ( in their eyes) losing their supreme authority and benefits they have enjoyed for so long.     Drudge Feb 3….
“Because of the fervor now unleashed in Egypt, one Obama administration official said, Mr. Mubarak’s close aides expressed concern that they were not convinced that Mr. Mubarak’s resignation would satisfy the protesters.
In an interview with Christiane Amanpour of ABC News, Mr. Mubarak said that he was “fed up” with being president but that he could not step down for fear of sowing chaos in the country. ”    These are old familiar themes, but definitely fitting with the May 2010 through January 12 2011 transit of the planet Uranus ( we want change! or, we must change but we don’t want to!) making a 90 degree angle called a square to Egypts’ Sun in Gemini.   Well, it’s over now, as of January 12th, 2011, and we will never know how far any of it came to enlightenment.   Now, that cycle is finished, Saturn moved in, January 25 2011.
I wouldn’t have thought much about Saturn square  Egypt’s Uranus if it wasn’t for the fact it has slowed down and stopped, or positioned itself at 17* all January and February, peaking at its most critical and potent place on January 25th.  We call it a Station, and it magnifies its affect or power 100 times more as it begins to appear to turn backwards and move in the opposite direction in the sky, but still hanging around the 17* for a while.

When I saw Egypt’s Uranus at 17* Cancer, and knew our U.S. Moon is at 16* Cancer ( which I covered in the previous articles under “transiting Saturn square U.S. Moon, January 2011”,  I felt we were witnessing the end result of a long process of pressure and internal conflict with the people and within the government both, and no change occurred as it was suppose to, in time, before the Saturn on January 25th kicked in.  They ran out of time, and now look what not only they but we have to contend with.

Because it is in the U.S. chart also, we have to prepare and brace ourselves for the outcome of this cycle, ending or concluding on September 2011.  We should see the first stage of dramatic news of the shift or changeover on February 22 or 23rd 2011, which is the second peak of our Saturn square our U.S. Moon representing an ally who has gone down temporarily in a major way.
Uranus will trine Egypt’s Midheaven exact on April 5 2011.  The second peak of Uranus trine Egypt’s Midheaven October 20 through 30th 2011, and the last peak is January 21 2012. These three periods could bring about global acceptance and support for an upgraded form of government, and the second cycle is always so much more complete and obviously working that the first one. The last peak, January 21 2012, is when the conclusion of the entire cycle occurs, with all of the crucial elements defining this reform, finally in place for the highest successful transition possible.
Next we have the Uranus Mercury conjunction in Egypt’s chart to take note of.  These are the troubled ones in the “family” that the nation must work with patiently and respectfully, because there is an old story here, and sentiment, and history, and a legacy of interacting and benefiting from each other, and other times, cursing each other’s obstinacy and resistance to being controlled.   This is the Saturn’s job at this time of January 2011 through September 2011,  checkmating or squaring karmically the people and the government’s disturbing situation about them and Saturn forcing its hand to address it.
This new cycle comes under the January 25 2011 through September 2011. So there are several issues up to get straightened out within this tiny 9 month cycle of Saturn Squaring Egypt’s Uranus, and the U.S. Moon.
Just as a family member falls ill and may go through 3 stages of testing in the hospital, in and out, never quite feeling completely healed until after the last illness episode, so will Egypt go through something similar in the U.S.’s eyes.  This is what Saturn Square your natal Moon can do in your birth chart, well, our country is going through it too, with a sick colleague or family member in some way.
( More coming…originally written January 2011)

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