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Saturn in Aquarius and U.S. Pluto Return


Saturn enters Aquarius

March 20 – 21 to through March 2023

Beginning March 20, Saturn begins to implement systematic changes within government, organizations and institutions. All places where there is a body of minds unified for a cause which could improve humanity in some way is in motion now.

Saturn in Aquarius is a theme of bringing genius into the physical world. Unconventional and incredibly intelligent strategies, decisions, and the organizing of all activities which ideally bring a freedom and higher and more logical way of life for others into concrete form.

The energy of this cycle is experienced everywhere right now. It inspires people to band together, be of one unified mind and heart. Saturn acts like the leader we need but sometimes resist listening to. It will release our marching orders in the revolutionary sign of Aquarius.

Innovation and transformation from one kind of life into a new way of life and thinking; one social climate bending into a new way. Now it is incredibly challenging, yet there is promise it will evolved into a higher, more truthful community, a fresh new and more transparent and logical way. The Global Community is passing through a Saturn in Aquarius initiation from March 20 2020 – March 2023.

Everyone born with Saturn in Aquarius senses this inner tension with their friends and social pressure, the honor to support, help, make better their friends’ lives, their work, household, money, community and environment. ( The latest generation was born in 1991-1993) Now the entire world is going through this pressure.

We are all receiving the impetus to do better and reveal how deeply we all effect each other.

Similar to the Saturnian initiations people receive when they have been pummeled by their own Saturn assignments in life, the world is now receiving a global pummeling, leading to hopefully, a more transparent, honorable and happier way of life, for each person and how we treat each other and the planet. The biggest wake up would be how Saturn in Aquarius steps up in responsibilities involved with any innovative medical science or tech activities, and how one person’s actions ( or several in a group agreement ) could impact the entire human race.


Saturn handles all authoritative decisions guiding governments, agencies, non profit organizations, clubs, groups, societies and social settings where the motive is to better themselves and/or the global community. It is not political, but humanitarian. Saturn is ruled by the planet Uranus. Uranus is revolutionary change, genius and uncommon strategies implemented above and beyond your normal human mind. Uranus moved into Taurus in 2018, and will continue for another four years. Taurus is the sign of banks, money, metals, and economy. If Uranus moves into Taurus, and sextiles the U.S. Venus and Jupiter from 2018-2020 April, powerful change is discussed among brilliant strategists for the increase of prosperity, liberty, and an advanced form of money exchange flowing like Uranian energy throughout the country, and the world. Sextiles bring plans and discussions. Sextiles initiate negotiations from the smartest minds within the country and between U.S. And other smart leaders who see the benefit.

When Saturn moved into Aquarius March 20, it cemented the Uranus plans Saturn in Aquarius, ( ruled by Uranus) created the anchor point, or moment to launch a new concrete action that not only initiated phase one of a huge agenda for ultimately the bettering of people’s economic base, but also anchored all themes Aquarius rules, such as freedom from slavery, abuse, oppression, lies, deception, backward barbaric systems and groups, organizations and thugs. The opposite of Aquarian High Divine Societies and communities found in higher dimensions of the etheric plane, where live profound sacrificing individuals ever watching, educating mankind, would be many types of lower societies, clubs, groups and councils who network to feed off the human race, controlled by another false Aquarian order of off world or other dimensional things.

This fallen Aquarian pattern is being held back by a force of energy, magnified by the awakening minds of millions all over the world, desiring safety and liberation from those in the shadows. It is not even so much found in one particular astrological cycle, but a higher astrology found in the heaven world, and dictates cycles turning.

The closest signs which could symbolize this light released would be the Uranus in Taurus, The Pluto return in 2020-2024 in the U. S. Conceptional chart, and any other cycles which have come and gone in recent years.

The August 2017 Solar Eclipse was enormous moment in time where hundreds of individuals claimed they felt baggage drop right off from their world, during and after that eclipse occurred, no matter where they lived. And, continue to experience this phenomenon as the years go by.

Do not be too jaded during these new times, as powerful love is changing the hearts of people, and flooding the world everywhere with justice.

Do you understand how incredibly corrupt and dark the perversion of Aquarius has gotten on this earth? It has become like hell in so many places, networking all over the globe, thinking they own the earth and the people here.

So the Uranus in Taurus, is to liberate the corruption of the money.

The Pluto conjoin the U.S. Pluto on a scale of 0-10, is a 12. It is the process of doing surgery on banks, financial institutions, economic controlling clubs, societies, organizations and agencies who could all be seen as Aquarian Perversions.


As Saturn moves on throughout 2020-2021, and enters 2-10* Aquarius and begins to square the Transiting Uranus at 6-10* Taurus ( 2021) we could see a checkmate moment with the Fake Aquarian order and the Saturn leading the way for a final document/decision pushed into our physical hands as the new concrete ideal eonomically.

Pray and visualize this clash between the false Aquarian model whether monetary, chip implants in the guise of virus recognition or vaccination, or other tech intrusions, do not override the genius Uranus and Saturn are attempting to bring to humanity for ultimate liberation from the controllers in the next three years.


The economic structure is shifting into a brand new way .

It appears to be initiating in the U.S., and will spread.

This combined energy of Saturn and Uranus in 2021, will be a moment where change is pushed into place, changing the old way money has been handled.

These old patterns must yield to a new innovative matrix. The pressure is the resistance seen in the square.

I’ve been watching develop for a few years ( since 2016 -2018 ) the introduction of radical change to our global and national economic systems, without disrupting our everyday business and function of the population.

This cycle we are in now, is increasing the power of those shifts and will continue through 2026…however, the major disruptions right now, with loss of jobs, doors closing, lay offs and businesses shutting down has been triggered from other cycles. This cycle of Uranus would not have resulted in such extreme disruption in early 2020 if the U.S. Charts had not received devastating Pluto aspects #1, and #2, the ominous Transiting Hades conjoining the Transiting North Node ( the public being negatively disrupted by a dark energy ) had not occurred. This is my personal belief.

This financial and social change began in 2019, escalating in 2020-2021 and continue throughout Uranus’ cycle in Taurus up through 2025, ( our values, money, metals, gold, silver, our value of each other and all things we find of great worth to us.)

The initial awkward adjustments, creating unpopular uncomfortable and rather difficult

situations, which hopefully leads to a higher life, could be during the following:

Transit of Saturn in Aquarius inconunct the Moon’s Node in Cancer/ Gemini

March 15 – April 30, 2020

May 10- July 30, 2020

Sep 10- 30, 2020

(The dates above, can be challenging for us, disruptive and create frustration, some anxieties and confusion…yet, I have a very strong feeling, there are several layers of events taking place which are incredibly good, while at the same time, there are also layers of dark activities which are attempting to counteract and introduce very negative things into the world, all at the same time.

(Do not worry, we are amazingly powerful, and your very own heart and soul alone is magnetizing positive invincible change into the world to defeat any threat from any direction now.)

This cycle presents several challenging adjustments with maintaining one’s security, self sufficiency for the future, yet still looking out for each other in that beautiful Aquarian Way. From now on, have as much self sufficiency in your homes as you can. This Uranus is all part of the economic changes the markets, the oil etc. During the periods above, the dates of frustrations and challenging adjustments causing disruptive emotions and some disruptions and inconveniences with the public.

Beginning mid-December 2019, peaking March 2020 for the first time in the United States Conceptional and Natal Charts, the U.S. are experiencing extremely hard astrology from two transits.

Two similar Pluto transits – one, an opposition to the United States Conceptional 1776 Mercury at 24* Cancer, and the second one, Pluto making a square to the United States Natal 1789 Chart’s Mercury at 24* Aries. And imagine, both Mercuries are in the 8th house.

What does the 8th house represent?

The 8th house is a financial house, where sharing, negotiations, deals, import/export, production/sales/price arrangements are carried out.

The 8th house can be taxation and agencies or corporations where the people owe money to, or should receive money from. It rules other countries’ support to us, or our promise to other countries of economic support. It rules two people joining their money, goals or agendas merged into a plan or desired outcome.

It involves sharing things, being in something “together” such as tech, goods, medical sharing or partnerships.

It rules also underground dangerous activities and the arrangements with other countries, that are kept in secret which involve both parties getting something out of the deal usually having multi-layers of agendas, motives and goals.

The U.S. 8th houses do not necessarily involve an entire department participating in these deals and financial arrangements, but possibly only a few individuals, or a country, being paid to produce or deliver something to the other country, for enormous amounts of money. Remember, the 8th house is secrets, exchange, it rules death, some medical, and the part of individuals and the country carrying untransmuted desires.

Remember, once in approximately 243 years, beginning last December in 2019, becoming exact in March 2020 with the full power of interference in our nations economic areas of the charts, this astrology cycle is a double action, one for the dismantling and disentangling of many corrupt activities and areas of power in economic, product exchange, secret exchanges deals, financial activities including whatever agencies could be a conglomerate of power dictating how money flows and from where, along with all resources, banks and any dependence upon other countries’ support for crucial products such as Pharmaceuticals. ( or other countries’ dependent upon the U.S. ).


the unleashing of certain dark activities in order to manipulate world events for their own purposes ( which to some may seem unbelievable, but true). These dark activities are released by dark forces who work through ignorant people. The good people around the world are then subjected to these dark agendas and activities and the intense blackness of energy behind them. I think the horrible energy that moves behind a Pluto oppose natal Mercury is enough to break someone. There needs to be powerful intercession employed throughout a Pluto oppose Mercury. Imagine an entire nation receiving this astrology cycle.

The people are under attack.

So you understand, these transits, including the return of the Pluto conjoin Conceptional Pluto in the 1776 chart, is huge. These cycles are so powerful, they impact the globe. They only occur once in every 240- 260 years.

The push back upon these heavy energies by people who desire to strategically remove these cells and core darkness once and for all, is stronger that the manipulators, and will win in the long run.

Typically, both are in operation; the strategy of dark, building over the years to unleash this tsunami of destruction and manipulation on many levels against people all over, and the operation of taking them out and pushing back this wave of energy and ALL their activities until they are completely defeated.

These transits are influencing the world.

A client of mine asked how it’s possible the U. S. Transits could be paralleling the entire global crisis?

I always believed from 2000 on, the return of the Pluto at 27* Capricorn conjoined the U. S. Conceptional Chart’s Pluto at 27* Capricorn, in 2021 -2023 in the 2nd house of economy, banks, money, and oppressive manipulations of the people, the people’s assets, money, worth and value was going to go through the second house, will create another American revolution, but this time in 2021, it would be a revolution experienced throughout the entire world. People will have had enough, and will push back. It will begin building years before, escalating throughout the 2020’s.

It has begun this year, and won’t stop until we’re free of he lies and manipulation.

The world will never be the same again.

An update on the U. S. Chart’s Pluto transits will be uploaded on STARFIRES in another article, but for now, I’m giving you a glimpse of how important these cycles are.

The first article will be Saturn in Aquarius as we are including in this Stardrops, and how it moves through your own natal charts, also, the Transits of Pluto in Capricorn oppose the one U.S. Chart’s Mercury, and square the other U.S. Charts’ Mercury, and lastly, the return of the Pluto in the 1776 chart’s 2nd house of banking, value and gold backing of currency, ( the 2nd house) Block Chain currency,and how it is all paralleling the increase of the awakening consciousness in people all over the world.

More Saturn in Aquarius qualities we will experience…

This Cycle of Saturn brings to all of us an increase of truth, investigation, objectivity, thoughtful research in order to improve upon every important activity.

Motivation to seek out friends, loved ones, coordinating in teams.

Bonding with people who have similar values.

People look towards the future for:

  • Greater preparedness not just for self, but loved ones, friends and our global community, in every way.

  • Group or community independence and self sufficiency

  • Rapid Breakthroughs in Science, Medicine and technological Reveals.

  • Innovative business transformations and improvements.

  • Freedom from past Financial indulgence and waste.

  • New visions for increasing youthfulness, circulation and meridian flow.

  • Honesty, frankness and emphasis upon truth for improvement in all relationships

  • Honoring individuality, each person’s unique characteristics and cherishing eccentric, unusual, vibrant stand out positions, bold truthful and genius statements made which make a difference in providing a higher vision of how beautiful life could be lived.

  • Abandoning the old and archaic systems and believes, replacing things with modern upgraded, Everything.



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