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Full Moon in Gemini-The Missing Piece Dec 6


December 6 2014

Full Moon at 14* Gemini


Full Moon is Saturday, December 6 at 5:27 AM MST (Mountain Standard Time)

( Sun is 14* Sagittarius and Moon is 14* Gemini, Mercury 13 Sagittarius trine Uranus at 13* Aries, sextile North Node at 16* Libra, trine South Node at 16* Aries, square the Black Moon at 13* Virgo)
An Affirmation for the December 6 -22 Full Moon Cycle
“ I AM calling into my world the most clear enthusiastic confident vision and materialization of the missing piece to my plan, dream, project or ideal situation I feel that is crucial for my next step in my life now.
I Am desiring the information and clues to manifest with all the missing pieces which are the important steps I know I must understand for my work, hobby, physical health and body, relationships, money and finance and projects or business now.
I trust the one thing that I have been confused and stuck on, in my life, will become crystal clear, realizing if I had this one thing understood, and knew how to proceed, I could accomplish the thing in my life that would help me achieve so much more completion and satisfaction, not only for myself, but for those I love
I Am now receiving and allowing this Blank Space, Empty Box of a step to be filled in with Divine Clarity and Movement now, in whatever way it desires to be completed and manifest.
If It is a mentor I accept it.
If it is information in whatever form it must take, I accept it.
If it is advice from any source, or a book or video, a class or on the internet, I embrace and connect with it.
I Am now calling for the step of ___________________________in order to realize and fulfill _____________________________________to be swiftly clear and in my hands.
I Accept this now in Full Power.” ( I learned a long time ago, to close my affirmation with something that seals it, or protects it. Some people like to say “ It is done, Amen, or Angels seal and protect this affirmation, Amen”, insures its power is protected and has more of a chance to be fulfilled!)
Full Moon in Gemini
When we move into a full moon, I look at it as a moment to have exposed to me what I might want to face and overcome. What I need to face, is some issue that reflects the sign the Full Moon is in. See it as a captured photograph of a moment in the sky, this one is the Full Moon, and freeze it, look at it, and it tells a story about what is happening to you right now. It will be a reflection of our real state of mind, or our personal world. Inside this picture, will be an antidote.
Gemini/Sagittarius theme is a message we are in information overload and thereby becoming spread too thin, or thinking we have to do so much, and don’t know where to begin, so we do nothing.
The theme of Gemini/Sagittarius are usually about too much information to process or take in, and not enough focus and prioritization. ( Procrastination comes into this also) .
The discernment process is not inherent within these two signs, and that is why Virgo is so important in our lives, because it can prioritize, filter and categorize.
The Full Moon in Gemini/Sagittarius, and fortunately for us, is in a square to the Black Moon in Virgo. 

The Full Moon, happening right now on December 6 and influencing us until December 22 2014, provides reflection on how much in the past one has had their energies dispersed, scattered, not focused… and possibly even over extended oneself financially, or in any other way, such as taking on so much responsibility for others, that it actually dispersed your own ability to reach your personal goals in the past. It’s a time to ponder a potential block that has delayed your progress, got you a bit off track from a very important vision, and how much time has gone by allowing oneself to be distracted. So I would take this Full Moon cycle as a push for me to desire and precipitate a change of some sort and fill in the empty space where there was once a block, keeping me from my beautiful goal.

Because this Full Moon is in square to the Black Moon, It helps expose a flaw or glitch.  It makes us stare at it and admit what is wrong, and then motivates us to fix the flaw.

Visualize the end of the dream and put it down on a marker board, or large piece of paper. Let’s Use Squares, or Boxes.  It doesn’t matter what you want.  Maybe you want to feel happier in your relationship with a child.  That would be the end of the dream. Back engineer the steps..visualize what comes before you are finally in the flow harmoniously with that child.   What can you imagine comes before that?  A meeting of the minds?  An Ah Hah moment for you about your childs’ motivation behind some behavior? What comes before that?  A visit with a therapist? A friend?  Do you need to ask for information from someone about what your child did or said or is confiding to someone else that would be the  missing key to explain where they are coming from?  The step before that is the beginning of realizing something is wrong  and you don’t know what to do.  The first step might actually be an attempt to connect, and there is only disconnect.  So the missing piece needs information, facts, discovery.
#1. Get clear about two things…what takes up your time,  the things that are not always a life and death issue. Something that repeats, and it is the thing we say to ourselves “ if only I could eliminate the:  housework, grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning up,– maybe just maybe I could actually figure out this project I know I have been suppose to be doing since 19..xxxx!!” it’s called procrastination, excuses, a bit of injustice, then distraction! ( Gemini/Sagittarius/Virgo) Because I can’t see clearly how to master one part of it, I’m stuck.  Realize these mindless errands and excuses are only fluff filling in space and time, because we are in IGNORANCE.

So your relationship with the Child continues to be stressed, because of Ignorance, but I’m telling you, it’s an energy of untouchable radioactive anti-progress, anti-creation, anti-love. It’s as if it had a consciousness and were alive, perpetually emanating a psychological mind game, “there is no solution, this problem is a mystery and you can not figure out the answer, you will be perpetually frustrated, you might as well accept it because no one or no thing can or wants to give you the missing piece. Ignorance is one of the demons of Gemini energy, especially with the Moon in Gemini. So the Full Moon in Gemini is going to expose Ignorance, something we have perpetually Ignored, and the Virgo helps us get to the point where we are so done with this, we are willing to allow ourselves to be a little bit irritated to solve this issue.

( All you wonderful souls who have Moon in Gemini, just need to relax, you don’t have demonic ignorance entities, just a need to realize how much actual facts, experience, and true knowledge there is to acquire out in the world, before you set out to conquer it!  You’re all actually very very bright.)
#2. Put down the steps of getting to your goal. Remember, just pick one thing you keep bumping up against, that you don’t know how to do, and if you did, and you could engage in that one step completely, it would move you on to the next step and YOU WOULD FEEL BETTER, HAPPIER!  Fill in the Last Box first, because that is your vision you want to achieve.  Then Go Backwards.

The Key! You don’t have to figure out how to implement the step right now, just identify the confusing missing step and write it down.  This is the place where we practice drawing the unknown from the Universal Treasure House of Everything You Need!

First Box: I really want to catch my own fish in the Yellowstone because it’s wild caught and I love that. and I live 6 blocks from this beautiful river.  ! I love fish and it’s on my health regime diet! And I want to be able to feed myself if anything happened, God forbid!   So I have many reasons to learn to fly fish. 

 Second Box: I have all the gear.

Third Box: ( the blank box) I don’t know how to do it, and I just can’t seem to get it together to actually make the effort to find someone who really knows how to fly fish, and where  the best fishing spots are) This blank Box is the PROBLEM!

This exercise might seem childish, but it’s to help illustrate the “missing piece” problem, that usually lies lurking within our non-movement.  It usually isn’t because we’re too busy.

 If we can change our thinking from mysteriously frozen to ” there is a blank, but it doesn’t mean the actual filled in vision or physical reality doesn’t exist!  I just have to ask for it more powerfully to come!”  

The missing spot is like invisible material over your idea. If you have never been exposed to a particular path, knowledge, or item before, even a software, a business strategy, then how can you know it exists?  But if you shift your vision, you can see it. Just put concentration upon the blank space, energy, focus, question, repetition, then AH! You’ll see it!

 The answer is right there, it’s just invisible right now. Search the internet, send emails, ask, inquire, read, but more than anything, use the writing and affirmation exercise to bring it into the physical and rip off the invisible cloth over your blank box.  It isn’t blank at all.
Fourth Box: I gut the fish- easy.
Fifth Box: Freeze the fish in special wrap and freezer bags, voila, I”m done! “Yeah, I have fish, lots of fish, in my freezer, anytime I want.”
So, the empty box can stop you from doing something that is either incredible, satisfying and adding meaning to your life,
something so important for your money or relationships, if you don’t get that BLANK BOX figured out, you are stuck forever!  THE ACT OF TRYING IS THE KEY.
We must put intention upon that blank box and tear off the mystery hex fabric thingy that doesn’t want us to progress.. ( Yes, there actually is an energy that might not want us to progress!)

and, instead of just waiting for the right person at the right time to come along and do it for us we need to do it ourselves.

How do we get through this blank spot and color in the empty lines?


Imagination > How do I > My Dream Goal
First thing to do is to Write Out early in the morning when you are barely awake ( before your outer mind catches on to what you are doing!)
“ I Am attracting to me now, all the information and people, books videos and coaches I must have to know this next step thoroughly of _______________.

I know where to look, and I call, write, visit, make the actual physical first step to solve this mystery in my steps to fulfillment of this goal of _____________________”.
Then, do it again, exactly right before you go to bed and don’t forget to say outloud your affirmation at the top of this article.
Do this every single day, even if it takes 28 days, and let’s see how we have changed the blank empty Box into a new Plan.
Don’t be surprised, once you get that part complete, and you have drawn it into your world, a new blank Box will emerge with yet another mystery to solve.

It’s like a Scavenger Hunt!
Do the same thing again, and again, and don’t give up. Reverse engineer your creation.
This cycle will

A,  Expose that we have been procrastinating

B.  Face the fact we are actually in Ignorance about something and that is why we keep filling up our time with other things.

C.  Inspire us to use a Virgo Formula and motivate us to discipline our mind to actually put the energy into removing the “ignorance demons”.through intention,

affirmation, writing down our story. What is your story about this one path?

D.  Use the sextile of Uranus to this Moon to be innovative and actually cut ourselves free from the stuck situation, and learn something refreshing and amazing by asking.

E.  Know there is something in the air right now, up through December 22, that actually is sending inspiration to everyone, like a wave of innovation and genius,

to break through old barriers and old patterns.  This is the North Node in Libra trine the Gemini, and the South Node in Aries conjoin the Uranus helping all of us

change and fill in our blank box.

It’s Powerful!

The Mercury conjoin the Sun, is simply energizing our minds, to inquire and write, research or analyze how to experience the fulfillment of this idea.

The North node in Libra in trine  to the Moon in Gemini,
sextile  the Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius, is to show us, that a new relationship with someone who can educate and train, inform and guide, could showup more easily now than ever. This special generous person, could be part of the new plan. I’m going to practice this right along with you, and let you know how it went.

It’s too cold to go fishing, ( at least for me) so my project will be about another more serious goal, that has been puzzling me for quite a long time, and I’m determined to not be diffused and distracted any longer!. I want to fill in my coloring book lines, with a new vibrant design!
Let’s try!

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