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Migrant Crisis


When I heard Stefan Molyneux’s Vid this morning, I got prompted to check, what are the Nodes doing in the world right now? Obviously, this migration towards the U..S. has got to be a Node issue, among other astrology cycles I will write about later, but for now, this is about the Nodes, and I found it

Upon researching what astrological cycle might possibly be manipulating the wave of migrants moving towards the U.S. border from Central America and Mexico, Uranus is moving back to 29 – 28* Aries in exact square to the Nodes, yep.

The eruption of powerful narratives and themes among large numbers of people, extreme beliefs and opinions, trends and more can be found occurring in astrological cycles. Population, the public, trends in society, positive or negative mass experiences on the planet many times can be seen in the NODES.

( Technical stuff discussed for a moment )

For instance, if you have squares to your nodes in your birth chart, such as a Saturn in Aquarius square your North and South Nodes in Scorpio/Taurus, sometimes, it can point to frustrations with others not being there for you, here and there; or if the Transit of Pluto in Capricorn are suddenly moving into a position in your chart, for example, squaring your Nodes in Aries/Libra, the entire time of the transit approximately a year or year and a half, you’ll experience a low level ongoing dead zone with friends, your social life, your money and popularity, or connection with your public.  Normal social everyday fulfillment is just not happening during that period. And if you are born with particular planets in your chart ( not just Pluto ) in square to your Nodes all your life, there is a record there, a history,  of being at odds with the trends of that society you lived in, depending on what planet is squaring your nodes.  It would be something you are learning to overcome, again depending on what planet is in square to your Nodes. It could affect your marriages, your relationships, your financial support, or social connections with groups, community or other things. It’s like a low grade level of discomfort, that needs to get worked out. I believe the charts are not set in stone, they evolve. We Grow.

This Uranus square the Nodes, is a volatile massively disruptive population societal wave coming from the Planet Uranus in a hard pressure to the Nodes ( a certain group of people ) in the sign of Cancer/Capricorn, stirring up a mess of chaos, unpredictable revolutionary energy. This Uranus is manipulating a particular type of people ( no discrimination intended). The planet Uranus influencing a particular group of people’s receptive centers within their nervous system and karmic patterns and programing within, and influencing a mass wave towards “freedom”, which is normally, a positive quality of Uranus. But the square, creates negative results.

The test of a Uranus square, as many of you who have had their Forecast read by me, you all know, it is a wave of disruption that MUST be resisted, kept at arms length, and it has been our job in the session to identify who, what or where is this wave of potential disruption coming from? We may love this person where it is originating from, but it doesn’t mean we are to cave under the unprecedented drama suddenly coming out of nowhere through this person and their crisis situation putting YOU at EXTREME risk.

It could indirectly cause YOU to have a MAJOR setback in your life by sacrificing temporarily and/or your long term security, money, health, boundaries within your life and well being just to jump into the stormy waters of the ocean without a life jacket and save this person from what APPEARS TO BE a life and death situation ( which has NEVER EVER turned out to be what this lovely desperate person declared was truly happening. )

There are layers of issues, stories, back stories and needs that are involved in these cries for help, under every URANUS square in your forecast. The world is now receiving one. Who are the Uranus players, and what are the Nodes represented by?

So if astrology works, if you really know how to read the stars, then wouldn’t a GLOBAL URANUS SQUARE GLOBAL NODES DISPLAY THE EXACT SAME SUSPICIOUS PATTERN as one of you receiving an attack from Uranus square let’s say your Mars, or Venus, or Saturn? or God forbid, your own NODES?  The World is having this test right now, in spots that are vulnerable in many countries and political situations. What does a Cancer Node represent? Highly sympathetically emotional. Dramatic discussion on home, family and security. Feeding starving children, money and jobs. Nationality, borders, security, income, patriotism, and reacting and defensive posture against chaos attempting to disrupt or displace populations in an extreme quick concentrated manner. Unpopular public issues, from the small to the greatest.

If I saw this in your personal chart for a year or two, we would write up an affirmation, log the dates when it’s the worst, discuss the game plan, take a deep breath, and leave with my last words, “stay focused and look out for yourself no matter how much you love this person or have emotional or financial investment into this or that situation or individual…find a way to walk a dispassionate middle way at this time, without burning too many bridges in the process.” The instigators are the Transiting Uranus always. They are not “bad”, they’re simply displaying the negative nature of Uranus. In need, desperate, compelled to disrupt not only others’ lives by pulling them into the fire, but potentially sabotage their very own life progress by using really bad judgment.

Globally, the dates of this square began when transiting Mars made its very last square of the summer to transiting Uranus (0-9* Mars retrograde in Aquarius to Uranus at 0-2* Taurus ) as the last violent global community ( Aquarius) trigger of the five month long cycle ( began May 13 ) we’re all glad is over. The peak that launched this migrant situation I feel, started on September 22, 2018.

I’m sure, along with other globally unprecedented disruptions, September 22, 2018, or there abouts, was when this entire mass organized exodus was officially launched somehow. ( Below is the search showing exact Mars/ Uranus square dates as Mars has been retro in 2018 creating a continual agitation in our lives and the world. I’ve covered this Mars in Aquarius, you find them Here and Here.)  Could it even be possible, that this was and is the main Mars retro disruption I had been writing and warning about that could happen, the big one, from last October 2017 on? And people or a back-end organized system had been preparing to launch this from May 2018 on, when the Mars retro began? We just weren’t aware it was happening. Just something to think about.

I feel that was the final trigger, at the end of September. Uranus has been now from October on…to move retro back into Aries and begin to square the Nodes.  September 27 – ish, 2018. It is heading towards an exact square to the Nodes. Uranus moved to 1* Taurus retro, the Nodes moved to 3-2* Leo/Aquarius this October/November…. The point I’m making is that these two points in space, the Nodes and Uranus began to lock onto a hard square agitating each other, beginning September 27, just after the last Mars retrograde also squared Uranus for the last time in 2018. It’s too much erratic revolutionary and violent chaos coming out of these two configurations alone. Something had to break or erupt. That is the start of the chaotic drama beginning to globally erupt sections of the population, with the Nodes, ignites certain trends to take off, opinions, beliefs and programming of sections of population out of control.

Because Saturn was also at the end of a two month long 2* Capricorn, now inconjunct the North Node at 2-1* Leo and trine the Uranus at 2-1* Taurus, this September/October, Saturn becomes sort of an organizer, orchestrating the Capricorn political drama ( Leo = Performance) behind many world scene events. The trine anchors it into a physical reality, it grounds it…. ( in other words, people are gathering, it’s organized and has an agenda, a goal in mind). The inconjunct from Saturn to the Node in Leo means there are those who will not end up reaching the goal, and it will divert into another terrible regional crisis in ways we can only predict. After listening to Stefan’s analysis and possible outcomes, I realized this is a terrible terrible thing that is happening, and absolutely will end horribly, unless something intervenes now. I know this is a lot of astro babble, and thank you for even making an attempt to track these dates and astrological cycles. I write them for Astrology Literate people, but hopefully non astro savvy people are picking up that there is a pattern, the crisis is matching the astrology, and it’s serious and partially at least in the beginning of this situation, manipulated.

Are these people who are sacrificing so much to traverse these 1000’s of miles every one of them honest and sincere?  Can we take all these thousands storming the boarder for Cancerian needs seriously? I’m just asking. Remember the North Node is in Cancer. Food, better jobs, income, shelter, new way of life for their families, etc..? In order to understand that, upon writing this article, Neptune reveals sincerity or deception. Right now, ( correction) Neptune has moved back to 13* Pisces and about to conjoin  Mars at 13-20* Pisces. Neptune conjoin Mars rules complex stories of deception weaving in and out of other potentially legit stories.

In other words, it could be mess of lies mixed with hidden agendas along with sincere innocent people believing somehow, by doing this, they’ll have a better life by taking a chance. And oh, by the way, did I mention the Nodes not only deal with social popular trends, and the unique movement of society, but it rules MONEY?

Along with Mars moving into Pisces conjoin Neptune, will be the Mercury retrograde November 1-20, retrograde in Sagittarius also in a square to Neptune in Pisces…again, emphasizing some form of misleading news or reporting, or murky assumptions as to the origin and intention of this mass “Caravan”.  This is the aspect of being scammed. Neptune can rule media, filming, documentaries, and mirrors, what one wants another to see or think. The conjunction to Mars as this hit the news, begins exactly on Nov 15-Dec 8, 2018. As it continues, the test is to make a 180* turn and face the Neptune story, as opposed to yielding to the story that we’re either being fed, or we’re assuming it is all genuine..dig and penetrate the many layers of murky waters until we can get to the origin of so many reasons why this is happening now, including a few legitimate ones. Mostly however, it could contain lies.

As Mars moves into the last degrees of Aquarius now through November 15th and begins to make a truthful transparency sextile to Uranus ( Uranus helps us wake up) especially on November 1-15, 2018, people are going to begin to talk. News, most likely internet news, will begin to discuss leaked info and witnesses about this “Caravan”. You’ll begin to discover other sources of truth and revelations about world crisis that begin to make more sense as the puzzle is getting solved. This isn’t just outpicturing in Honduras through Mexico, watch for it erupting anywhere at the same time. Just about the dates the event has reached its maximum crisis with Uranus square Nodes, November 5 – December 3, 2018, Venus goes out of retrograde, and is stationary at 26* Libra and also squares the Nodes. This aspect along with the Mars square Neptune, means the mess of lies could have been gamed out for stealing something of great value. Someone or some activity is desperate to steal something that doesn’t belong to them. Venus is something of great Value. Libra’s positive quality is reality and fairness…it’s a karmic sign. The perversion of Libra is thievery. Stealing things out of desperation because it seems utterly impossible at this point, to earn buying or receiving something legitimately. The Mafia comes under the sign of Libra. Organized crime. That timing is on November 26-30 exact. The cycle of Venus in Libra, the peace maker, or stopping a thief,  surely will be some form of political diplomatic intervention and negotiations that will not be pleasant. Libra can be a peacemaker, but it also rules declaration of war. I’m not saying we’re going to war on November 26, but a standoff that is as if an energetic declaration of war through some show of force that stops the actions of something precious that could be stolen, through some complicated and uncomfortable negotiation will occur.  That’s all for now. Vondir.


” I call into action quickly with the speed of light, the Divine intervention from the Seven Archangels, our combined I Am Presences of unlimited power and  intelligence, into the cause and core of all corruption, hidden agendas, mass manipulation, chaotic and revolutionary energies manifesting negatively through the population and triggering all such forms of society rioting, physical force leading to a disintegration of order and security in any situation and I Am Commanding a Divine Solution to enter into all such situations, quickly with the speed of light, to consume and dissolve this Uranus at 2* Taurus to 28* Aries, previously in square to Transiting Mars from 0-9* Aquarius, and now in square to the Nodes at 2* Leo – 28* Aries, September 2018  – December 31, 2018 exact, and beyond into 2019, until it is dissolved. Archangel Michah, we invoke unity, divine intelligence, security, protection and safety for all and call for the light of peace and ingenuity of Uranus to enter now all potentially socially disruptive dangerous situations. We accept this done according to the Highest Will, Amen.”  URANUS SQUARE NODES SEARCH BELOW

Stefan’s Video 10/25/2018     ( and this just in…..Link from an Honduran  and a Link from Scott Adams  regarding Border control)

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