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Jupiter in Scorpio – Your Mastery and Good Karma


Know Your Strengths Jupiter in Scorpio

October 2017-November 2018 

  Create your chart for free Here, so you can find your Jupiter in your birth chart. Below, we’ll go through all Jupiters in each Zodiac Sign and where your mastery lies.

We can always find challenging astrological cycles mirroring unpleasant world events, but today we’re going to zoom in on our private and most deepest truth that is emerging from October 2017 – September 2018, and that is Jupiter moving into the sign of Scorpio.

Jupiter is the planet of expansiveness, wisdom, and good will. Whatever sign we find it in, it will usually bring out the highest quality of that sign. I describe it as the point in your chart that depicts your good karma. If you know where your Jupiter is in your birth chart, the sign it is in, and the house it rests in, can describe what you worked diligently on in previous lifetimes that you now have earned to have at your disposal. In other words, these beautiful qualities you possess are your natural instinct, have become a part of you, and is not hard for you to express them.

To recognize your abilities, the highest parts of you and the natural skills you possess is part of your new cycle from October 2017 up to November 2018.

Jupiter in Scorpio inspires you to dig deep within and not only recognize your good karma, your blessings and gifts but also tap into your will and power now to be more determined than ever to accomplish certain things for yourself and others.

You have your own personal Jupiter placement within your birth chart which gives you clues to natural gifts, and Jupiter in the solar system now, has moved into the sign of Scorpio which means for one year, we all have a more natural inspiration to open ourselves up to transforming ourselves …..and we do it by drawing down our own power, our own gifts we possess, resources, our talents, extra money, or our love and magnificence. You are more inclined to also use these qualities you have and invest them into relationships, commitments, projects, or something you have now decided is worth it.

And sometimes we must let go of something before we can accomplish something of greater value.

Jupiter in Scorpio takes what you own, what you have and inspires us to share. Your strengths are shared with others who are equal to your own inner qualities. Your blessings, your mind or talent, your life and world is first acknowledged by yourself such as, “I recognize at this stage In my life, I have a natural ability to unconditionally love my closest relationships and be able to help them see clearly no matter what they might behave like” or….

“ I am now clearly seeing my worth and value like I’ve never felt before, realizing I do have something to offer another person and ready to share myself with them without fear, over self analysis, criticism, or worries of inadequacies”

With Jupiter in Scorpio you recognize your strengths AND feel more confident with yourself knowing what you have to use in order to give and receive with others. Also this courage helps you to be inspired to merge these strengths with others which is the most satisfying part of life, and vice versus. Building something together!

It is a merging, collaboration cycle for all of us for the next year.

This will help you make great progress in your personal life, brings a sense of completeness, helps you reach goals faster, and you ‘ll learn things you wouldn’t have learned by yourself.

Your gifts you possess are of great value to another, and at this period, you can see more clearly it is true. Loving sharing your gifts is the key to this cycle. Knowing your strengths and realizing others may need them!

Jupiter in Scorpio is enhances your clear vision. Do you know how often your inner vision projects an imagination of something out there into space? Your pure powerful thought forms, visions, ideas are what helps you to expand your life experience, get more done and reach your potential. You have to see it first before you can realize it, right? That’s a Scorpio trait.

Scorpio also is about merging money, business talents, ideas and investing your resources or talents into another. It is also easier to open up yourself and allow someone to share your home or projects, share your world, trust them with your private self.

Sacrifice is more of a Pisces quality but Scorpio definitely sacrifices or yields or surrenders to situations in order to bring something useful or lovely into form. I give up ice cream and exchange it with vegetables in order to get healthy, thin, strong, etc…

“I have recently let myself have a roommate –  I give up my privacy and control over my home in order to live with this person who has strong personality traits and because I love them and it’s better for both of us together than alone or because we are roommates and they help pay my rent, or because they are family and this is what family does, it comforts me to belong.”

By recognizing your talents and strengths you can better choose your acquaintances and close friendships because there is such a thing called being equally karmically yoked or linked up with another. By recognizing and owning your qualities and worth, you know what you deserve in relationships and what is not going to serve you but only cause much suffering.

Does your friend or partner have similar strengths, values and standards as you? With this Jupiter in Scorpio the deep probing into your own psyche is so important so you can discover how powerful you really are. This power is to open up your own Jupiter talents.

The first step of this powerful period is to open up your vision and see clearly how amazing you are! What are Your Strengths?

If you were born with:

Jupiter in Aries, your talent is to take initiative, launch projects, have courage and self confidence, take on challenges and be the leader knowing if you don’t do it no one probably will. Your talent and natural strength is to inspire others by presenting idealistic powerful ideas which motivate others to take action.

Not only can these inspiring talks get others off their chair and commit to things they would otherwise not do, but you motivate yourself! Very rarely do Jupiter in Aries people sit around and sink in lethargy, procrastination or drag through life. That’s not you!

It is self aware and self centered. The negative of this could be too much thinking about yourself first and everything needing to revolve around you and your world. Your strength is to see things black and white, right or wrong. Voicing your opinions without worrying about others’ reactions is powerful and creating narratives which give rise to stimulating conversations to say the least!

Jupiter in Taurus accumulates money, property, friends and all kinds of things that bring to you a sense of power in this world. Jupiter in Taurus desires to feel they are valued, so possessing things increase that sense of self worth. The past life talent could be all about using your singing voice, musical mastery are building something wonderful, over and over again so now it is second nature for you. Or making money, saving, being frugal, building friendships, building business, and recognizing your worth and value by your professional abilities, your financial savvy or engineering, construction or building talents. Taurus rules the earth and all things material, including your body and your own worth of yourself and your soul so it is all about increasing ones worth and value. This is your good karma.

Jupiter in Gemini tells you how much you worked on your mind and memory. You absorbed information like a sponge and now people could say you are a walking brain reporting on everything that is going on. If someone brings up some subject in a lunch you fill in inevitably with details and interesting facts about that subject. You want to stay informed, learn, share and talk. Talking with others, teaching others, sharing your mind and understanding about certain things is like breathing oxygen to you. Jupiter in Gemini means you earned the good karma to be smart, intelligent and a good communicator.

Jupiter in Cancer means your feelings are everything to you. Not only your own feelings, but others feelings also. The emotional body is developed and caring, empathy, love and providing security for others and self is so natural to you. You developed much tenderness for life. You have a natural capability to bring domestic protection and food, safety and good parenting for others. Your natural desire to have family around you, or children, or the people you love is strong, so your good karma is the capacity to provide security and devotion and emotionally respond to the love of the Universe.

By the way, without emotions, we can not manifest as quickly. Emotions tied to your vision intensifies your capacity to realize your dreams.

Jupiter in Leo  Beautiful qualities of joy, pleasure, celebration and fun are your natural inclinations. The understanding that there is plenty out there, you just need to work smart and you can have it all. Refined taste, style, sense of balance, attractiveness, what’s pleasing and brings an uplifting of moods is your gift. Incredibly generous, your good karma and strengths are the ease with which good things come to you. Money, beauty, business, investment success, real estate, leadership positions, joy in life, pleasure recreational activities. You surround yourself with stimulating things to add quality to your life. You possess the natural strength within to direct your life, create the lifestyle you prefer and not compromise with how you desire to live. You fear nothing and protect those in your care. Self learning, self education, self training in order to get from A to Z is easy, as is reasoning and analyzing how to get the money you need to live in the quality of life you like. Your love for children, education, play, creating a quality life is your gift.

Jupiter in Virgo  The strength and quality you possess is a conscientiousness towards everything. The success is in the details, the power is in the details and the devil is in the details. Micro focusing, pinpointing key things, zooming in on the one issue that is truly the priority, attention to perfection, categorizing and compartmentalizing in order to create order in your mind and environment are your strengths. Pragmatic, functional and willing to serve, work, help out and bring order and sanity in others’ lives. Jupiter in Virgo is the wisdom magnified through discernment of everything that is going on no matter what it is, your capacity to analyze the situation, the words, the things all around and find the priority, the key point, the first things first is your knack. Without this quality, everything is a mess and people’s minds wander all over searching for the clues and the direction to move forward on. You have the strength to elevate the key issues or concepts to the top of the list in order to eliminate waste and errors.

Jupiter in Libra is the natural quality of loving others, desiring peace, negotiations, harmony and friendship. You are naturally drawn to being with others, and normally people call you wanting to be with you because of your big heart, friendly cooperative nature, helpfulness and empathy for others. You possess the gift of truly putting yourself in others’ shoes, knowing what they must be going through, and thereby counseling them with the best words and solutions leaving them feeling someone really knows them and cares.

With Jupiter in Libra, in other lives you might have valued art, beauty, music, order, symmetry, peaceful atmosphere, equality in relationships, love and all things pleasing to the senses. Jupiter in Libra is a negotiator, a mathematician, a musician or artist, a stylist. Jupiter in Libra creates space for others to find relief. Jupiter in Libra can also fight for injustice, calling out deception, delusion and unreality within someone else’ world, presenting facts as to how this or that truly took place, what they really said or did, and challenges those who deceive for their own self gain. Jupiter in Libra is the deep knowing of justice and karma, equality or the exchange of energy. What goes around comes around. Your gift is maintaining equilibrium and balance, fairness and good will in all things and situations. The gift and quality to create beauty, design and things pleasing to the eye such as architectural design, fashion, home or jewelry is very strong in you. You worked on these qualities so much in the past it is now a natural part of your nature, and you execute them without much effort.

(c) Dundee Art Galleries and Museums Collection (Dundee City Council); Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

Jupiter in Scorpio  As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, this Jupiter has the natural quality to surrender to situations involving family, friends, home, work, employees, or circumstances and use your resources and inner strength to endure. You have tenacity, endurance, patience and can find solutions to things that others might not have been able to pull off. You are mystical, deep, researching and look for clues. You have a vast inner reservoir of knowledge about the subjects which interest you, but many times keep them to yourself, only bringing them out when necessary. You have a gift of being silent, keeping secrets. Your ability to support others in their journey through life is great. Long suffering and surrendering to situations, because the other person needs you more than you need your own personal time, or work, or money or whatever it is, is actually an incredible gift. I’m inclined to believe people with Jupiter in Scorpio are way more selfless than selfish. Although, the negative side of Scorpio is a drive within to have nothing stand in your way of achieving your desires. If positive that is good, but if destructive, it will be self sabotaging. Your natural gift and strengths are the capacity to merge your self with others, and value their gifts, money, love, life equally as your own, knowing two or more is better than one!

Jupiter in Sagittarius  This is Jupiter’s natural sign! It is the tendency to be expansive, enthusiastic, optimistic, visionary, far sighted and happy! You practiced and concentrated upon having faith when things around you could have been grim, terrible, and traumatic. Your faith in life, God, love or belief in your vision or dream is what constantly got you and others through the dark night. Your faithfulness to projecting a positive confident attitude has earned you the talents of being a natural teacher, inspiring motivator, coach, leader, presenter or guide. Your adventures were exciting and so now traveling is second hand to you. Feeling a kind of international spirit, the world is your home. Because of your faith in a higher knowledge, whatever you desire to know or acquire comes to you by simply concentrating upon it long enough. Your natural talent is to bring vision to others and expand their minds in a way they otherwise would not have thought possible. This is your strength.

Jupiter in Capricorn is some part of you that recognizes your power. It is the gift of being pragmatic, the CEO of your life. Organization and ambition, goals, schedules, functionality and assessing your environments’ potential, or your family’s potential, your people’s potential and delegating responsibilities around so your life is moving right along with the goals you have set. Using the resources of others, their talents, knowing their skills, hiring the right people for the right jobs, being smart, functional, practical and law abiding, following the formula, the rules or the blueprint is what matters here. Your skill is the ability to be in power and use it wisely. Your skill is to recognize when someone is “off the beam” and bring them back into alignment so they are everyone is on track. Your natural strength is your ambition and constant desire to self improve and achieve some form of status in order to make it to the top of your mountain. Your strength and natural ability is knowing your power, respecting power, and doing things the right way.

Jupiter in Aquarius is funny, clever, talented and multifaceted! It is the natural good karma of being surrounded by some kind of advanced learning, privileged knowledge, exposed to a special childhood parent friend, community or relative which provided a broader, more humanitarian scope of the world for you. Your school years were blessed with special teachers, or gifted classes, information which felt natural to you, but could have been unique in some way It brings a more evolved refined cultured and talented person into the world. Your strength is your higher intelligence, observing self and others so objectively and accurately in order to love better, do better and serve with more perfection and reality. Truth is the key, so your strength is all about the love of transparency, honesty and self improvement, and the improvement of others or your surroundings, your family or love. You are blessed with the natural gift of humanitarian love and cosmic awareness.

Jupiter in Pisces has the most precious sensitivity to sacrifice for everyone else but themselves. To be on the cross is natural for this type of person. Giving oneself to causes but them leaving nothing for themselves in the end is transcendent but taken too far, is self sabotage and foolishness. So this placement of Jupiter must be watched carefully because your natural tendency is to be impractical in some way, throwing self into the moment of ecstasy, escape into an adventure, a project or trusting a friend with the adventure of a mission together, travels, work, a business or simply, love. Finding out later the person was psychologically fragile and incapable of fulfilling their end of the arrangement is common. You are guileless, unconditionally giving, have great love, and desire another world of bliss and beauty where everyone is a good person and treats each other kindly.

Pisces loves zen decor, eastern environments, refined taste, and is a perfectionist in their skill. Your wonderful strength is your imagination and intuition, your natural spiritual knowing, understanding and your soul is beautiful.

In addition to the theme of our new Jupiter in Scorpio cycle for one year, there are two major aspects Jupiter is making this next year:

Jupiter Trine Neptune

Nov 20-Dec 15 2017; May 15-June 15 2018;   Aug 10-28 2018

These dates provide opportunity to visualize what you desire to have, achieve or do, and with pure intention, you can bring these gifts and visions within your mind into actual reality, especially by the last date of August 2018! This is a spiritual cycle, increasing devotional nature, meditation, yoga, deep reflection upon what is true and transcendent for you, and bringing musical and loving energies into your soul. Divine love is the thoughtform for this cycle, for all around you, or especially with another person.

Jupiter in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn

January 10 – 20 2018;  April 3-24 2018;  Aug 20-Sept 20 2018

This aspect brings important relationships into your life who have resources, gifts and powerful skills and they are so happy to share them with you. It might be a nice time to collaborate with others, join a group, form a partnership or trust another but do get your own personal chart checked if much is on the line for a partnership commitment. Practical business and career projects are combined with enthusiasm, your vision of the outcome you desire and help from others getting the job done. It is typically a good fortune period for money, organizing your money and making money.

With all the intensity of global drama coming at us throughout this time of 2017-2018, my hope is for you to take these small gifts of guidance, and concentrate upon your own abilities and natural qualities within yourself and truly expand now. You are naturally gifted and only you possess the exact combination of talents to enjoy and give to others. Love and blessings to you.

Christine Barrere

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