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Jupiter in Taurus 2011-January 2012


Take advantage of these next 45 days or so from mid July through September 5 for they are given to us to recover from the unnerving cycle we have just
come out of which began late January 2011 up through the middle of May of 2011.

Jupiter is in Taurus in an advantageous period now to concentrate upon health, body, organizing, repairing, healing, loving, and tending to your happiness and soul.  It is an organically healthy gratitude cycle.  Taurus has everything to do with getting in touch with what you value about your life.  It is a slowing down energy of focusing  a wonderful concentration of the third eye vision and sight onto the bulls eye of your target in life.  It is an engaging of our will and a  powerful determination to consolidate ones energies and inspiration that comes from within yourself to go after what you want and be determined to sacrifice the meaningless distractions to get it.  Let’s make a target date of the week of September 5th through the 15th to accomplish the thing you desire to create and manifest into your life.  That week will be just about when the constructive period shifts and we then are back into another interesting period of world upsets starting with the Saturn square the U.S. Moon again, ( will cover other issues in another blog) so this week is a good date to use for all of us to target for completing something very important.  And! even though it would seem like a good time to get ambitious physical projects completed, ( and it can be!!) I have found Jupiter in Taurus is used best  by meditating upon  its action inside of us to become aware of inner values and interior treasures it desires us to acquire.

It is as if you were suddenly aware of a treasure chest in a cave on a deserted island, and you are the only one who has found it.  Inside the chest are jewels and coins, and a map left to you by a mysterious person who knew exactly what you had to possess in order to accomplish your purpose. It is as if He knew what inner qualities of powers you must master and possess in order to navigate through the next few years with the knowledge and understanding you would need in order to survive.  Just make the call to this mysterious presence for the map, the blueprint of your real path and information you need right now to accomplish all you desire.
Great Divine Source and Power Wisdom and Love from my own God Presence I Am,  I call for my Blueprint to come into my outer mind.  Show me the way to my Treasure of Great Ideas and Guide me to the most important activities, people, and plans I must connect to in the physical right now! ”  
 The survival is for your money, your peace of mind, your sanity in the future of what is to come, and your own soul’s powers of identity preserved in this world.

Jupiter trines Pluto on:
July 1 through 20th,
October 20 through November 5

March 1 through 20th 2012, but does not mean the rest of the in between times are bad times to create. Au Contraire!  The entire cycle between July 2011 through March 2012, you will see something wonderful begin to grow inside and outside of your life! But you must Ask for it to be revealed, and then watch for it to be shown to you what it is.

Concentrate and ask for your vision to be crystal clear as to what you are suppose
to be materializing at this time for you and your loved one’s lives.  Maybe it’s just for
your path, or maybe it involves others you care about. We can count on the full 9 months
of this aspect to help us get back into a more simple appreciation and concentration
of what really matters right now and begin putting things in order.

This aspect of these two planets Jupiter and Pluto are moving back and forth into nice flows of opportunity also for the U.S.Natal Chart for the same purpose for the country as it is for each person.   I see this country’s astrology chart, sometimes, as a looking glass into the activities for the well being of the precious souls of great heart all over the globe. Somehow, it works.

Even though there is present in and around our planet  the most bizarre activities attempting to dominate and interfere with our higher blueprints, collectively and individually, this grand earth trine is here to re-group, stabilize and cause us to focus crucial ideas into the physical and focus on the things and only the things that are going to matter right now for our future as one community and individually.

It is the cycle of the builders, the treasure hunters, the gatherers of supplies and the inner gems
that are jewels of power.  Go after your gems of power, inner and outer powers governed by complete love and harmlessness and you will see the seeds you plant in this particular garden will reap your surprise harvest in March 2012.

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