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May 1-10 Global Updates


1. April 18-May 9 2017, the theme of Mercury Retrograde ( coming out of retrograde on May 3) and continuing to conjoin Transiting Uranus in Aries this entire time, has added a tense theme to our lives. We have been changing all of us, since Venus went retrograde end of February, enhancing a message deep within to regain control over our personal power, re-align ourselves to our true inner private path and convictions, and promise ourselves to re-commit to this inner intelligent light within, regardless of what we have been through in the past. Take this new year as a year to face our challenges and possibly fears with more clarity and determination to be who we are, regardless of the consequences. It has been a release of Love deposited into our bodies, our inner feelings to motivate us to go for the love, not the compromise.

However, the Mercury Retro/direct conjoining Uranus now, began mid-April up to May 9 emphasizes the following themes:

Unpredictable decisions made from important players, globally and personally,

Strong theme of violence,

Transparency and exposure with technology, communications, documents, data and information creating an unsettling environment personally and  globally. For instance, the breaking news of more detailed and disturbing precise info cyber weapons released in Wiki called Scribbles within Vault 7  ( click the wikileak image to load article )

Transparency is the Theme with this Mercury retro cycle.

Unusual turn of events  in any possible way during this period of April 19-May 9. Breaches of security, unexpected changes of protocol, staff, employment status, data, information, and technology and the direction a business, family, company or country is now concentrating upon. Employment changes, job changes, economic sudden turn of events within financial and job related situations.

Severe step up suddenly across the globe of military movement. Potential accidents or mishaps with commercial flights, advanced space/flight/aero technology performance, but mainly an on-edge and slightly nervy atmosphere of uncertainty in the world.  Privately you could experience this with your own situations, unsettling. In other words, an increase awareness of life’s unexpected disadvantages leaving one with feeling a bit vulnerable..  Sudden new information demands decisive action to change things around. Activities are stepping up, becoming more challenging, and knowing more sometimes isn’t better, it simply means having to take more things into serious consideration when planning.  I might add, anything unusual, out of the blue mishaps, accidents or catastrophes which seem extreme and unexpected even in weird severe weather stretching over huge areas of a region all at once, unexplained power outages across the continent in April, internet down in places, it all fits with the Mercury conjoin Uranus up to May 9 or 10.


Take a step back and look at the big big picture of your life. Now through May 11, take a deep breath and pick the one thing you know is your truth you must pursue regardless of the uncertainty ahead. Stick to that knowing, meditate upon it, and base all your other responsibilities around this core focus. Use this core focus as your new assignment that you know is an integral part of your purpose now, and means much to you. Then cut through on the extraneous tasks with a new vision. Now you handle them in order to reach your one goal with stronger conviction and with greater success!



( Re-cap of previous description highlights of this Uranus Mercury retro cycle: Issues with disruptive, erratic, impulsive seeming actions, personally and globally; handling strong personalities, arrogance, erratic unexpected responses or behaviors. Global disruptions and struggles to regain power and balance between highlighted nations and their leaders; machines, bombs, space disruptions; weather/communications/internet/electrical disruptions.)

2. May 2-4 Sun in Taurus sextiles Neptune in Pisces.  A happy successful meeting, friendship, job interview, connection or personal bonding time for you and others who come into your life now.

3. May 4- 5   Sun in Taurus inconjunct Jupiter in Libra- Work on re-aligning yourself to your goal as someone is introducing yet another plan or idea for you to commit to or adopt. Stay focused while being flexible for the other person.

4.  Jupiter in Libra inconjunct Neptune in Pisces. May 1- July 15 2017–  Yes, this is more prominent theme than the others above because of its length of time it is hanging around. Below are several possibilities, but I feel the main theme of this Jupiter would be an impetus to build a stronger love bond with someone, even potentially with a power within yourself you suddenly have realized has been there all along, but Neptune’s negative energies come as waves of fear, mental self depreciation, failures or dark projections. These dark shadows know you are discovering your key to true freedom within, and so now, within your body/emotions and mind, a war is going on with this force to regain its control over its host. Concentrate only upon the powerful presence which has always been inside your heart and soul. It is expanding now, introducing Itself to be your friend and guide. Demand the fears fall away from you and be free.


Your normally cooperative diplomatic manner of presenting your best side, peace maker, mediator and pitching an idea with a desired outcome is met with questions, confusing posture, strange responses or a slightly critical analysis of your comments; or they are simply  surprisingly off. Uncooperative. Disappointing.  Maybe, possibly it isn’t in a conversation, but something which you thought should turn out one way, and they did not deliver what you expected?

Could this be unsettling for you and now you need to re-evaluate your plans? Unexpected and unexplained decisions and actions on the part of others happen and maybe you are just now discovering this or finding out about it.  Definitely a time of adjustments from new information, stretching and going beyond the comfort zone in order to do what one needs to do to arrive at the end destination you had in mind. This maneuvering might be very necessary because of the April/May 11 decision that sparked your new vision of where you are going this year and why!! In other words, you are clear what is the end goal, but now you need to handle the frustrations of the process.

The peak periods of most intensity would be May 17, July 4 2017


Trying to get the right info but you walk away shaking your head? Mysterious, unexplained conversations now with emphasis upon turn of events in meetings, negotiations, changes of mind with people in power, changes of direction, changes of loyalties. ( Mercury Uranus forces the truth out into the open). Seemingly disconnected people acting on wrong information, delusions, or strange decisions made which leave others wondering what was the story behind this… could effect others financially or otherwise. It all seems mysterious. A new direction unexplained takes place and confusing as it seems it’s just what’s happening now. This new path to take that was not agreed upon  requires adjustments out of everyone’s control. Sometimes very serious adjustments must be make suddenly from receiving new information and facts. But with this transit because Neptune is involved, the information and facts, are they true? Does everyone really have their facts straight? Try to go to the source.

Some power position is informing those down the ladder of unexpected change of plans without revealing the real reason why. That would be a neptunian adjustment required under Neptune inconjunct Jupiter. The shift might not make any sense. Globally? The media won’t even know how to report it as it seems confusing with nebulous sources providing vague motives for the change of plans. With Jupiter in Libra, it should have something to do with diplomacy, making agreements within organizations/nations where great wealth is at the root of the changes. Religious/Cultural positioning at some of the root of the shifts, and this isn’t a positive helpful transit. It creates confusion in the world.

One in power is changing the game rules, they are on top of the chess game leaving all at a disadvantage yet no one knows how to move forward with negotiations and peaceful compromise- it is as if they’re all being played and didn’t realize it until it’s over late July.

Here is a nice moment to add a quick inspiring advice:

Chase Jarvis Interview 


Again, this is NOW-JULY 15 2017.

5. May 8-10  Sun in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn- Power days for all money, commerce, business decisions, working with those in authority, cooperation with challenging people, successful outcomes with difficult people or children, breakthroughs with organizing your life, your personal papers. Your will and determination could be high these days so you can really move forward on your goals.

May 8-12 2017 Saturn trine Uranus – This cycle is for the stabilizing of friendships, communities, organizational progress, unity of goals, plans begin to take shape, clearer vision of what the group stands for, what they believe in, what you stand for, faith in your future, your truth, their truth, freedom to express it, desiring to be heard, coming to a higher solution. This cycle is about being brave, courageous, moving forward with a sense of inner power, belief in yourself. Ethics and integrity are the keys empowering you now. The entire period of this cycle began December 20 2016 and runs through November 22 2017.  You are working on something important. Some of you professionally, all of us, it’s an inner mystery of truth we are about to make into a permanent strong identity and new way of life. ( I wish to elaborate on this cycle in another piece.) The highest periods: Dec 24 2016; May 18 2017;  Nov 17 2017. These times bring the strongest opportunity for maturing, growing, making progress with your projects and goals which theme would be Uranus themes such as freedom from old patterns, deeper comprehension of spiritual truths one must become, discipline in all kinds of study or skills, technological and mechanical projects and businesses and solving past problems, sensing now we have an opportunity to really move forward with constructive activities leading to a more empowering way of life.

This is also a positive period to have interviews, meetings, collaborate with groups, friendships and launch new exciting and truly worthwhile projects.

Part Two-May 7-11, Personal and Global Update

This Saturn grounds the unpredictable and brings order out of chaos, which is very much needed since our high frenetic Mercury retrograde was so unnerving at the middle of April – to May 11.   The Saturn Uranus connections brings workable pragmatic solutions into your life, which prior seemed unpredictably erratic and leaving one with a bit of anxiousness about the future.  Saturn trine Uranus begins to fix the problem, find the solution, discover the source, address the issue of some of the activities and problems that were revealed above, under #1 at the top of the page. The astrology cycle of Mercury retro conjoin Uranus, can now be solved, grounded, resolved and overcome thanks to Saturn trine Uranus ( and Mercury).

6. Mars in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces- May 9, 10, 11 –This is definitely not a good time at all to trust any important promise, arrangement, meeting taking place, interview or counting on someone or something to turn out the way it was suppose to. You might notice plans are a bit nebulous. Encourage others to wait a day or two before deciding on anything seriously important.  Confusion is normal, unable to focus, or being disappointed and highly emotional now.

7. Mars trine Jupiter- May 10-11,12. 13 – Optimistic and expansive days- optimistic and willing to get out there and take on something which brings vitality and satisfaction. Excellent for writing, speaking, presentations, Excellent for vacations, parties, social events, meetings with important and very special people.

Thanks for reading!     Christine 

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