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Mercury Retro February 6 2014- Summoning the Muse



 A Time Of Understanding Of Many Things That Were Once Confusing
             Mercury Retrograde 3* Pisces – 18* Aquarius
                                  February 6 – 28, 2014


Wonderment of inspiration…where does it come from?
How can one moment in time, we be in a state of the predictable life, and in the next moment in time,all things have become new?
What is this thing, that alters our world so rapidly, we can barely believe it is real?

How can a confounded disjointed history of events seem nonsensical and confusing for so long, but now, it all makes sense, bringing you to a sharp conclusion and trust in the way now laid out before you?
Has it all along been a logical progression of steps?
But we had to walk year after year in faith, while all along, some thing, some presence was guiding us all the way, keeping us close to its best ability, to our life path on target to a particular destination, called, now.

This is the magic of the physical tangible world interfacing with the ethereal energies all around us.  It is the theme of this time, this Mercury retrograde. in Pisces intertwined with the all inspiring Sea of Light, Neptune.


               Now lets enter into another world of the cosmic sea of Divine Love and Potential.  As you open your heart to all possibilities, ask yourself these questions:
1.  What do I deeply feel is necessary for me to experience from this day forward,
2.  How can I grow to a place of full awareness to sincerely appreciate this new higher reality that will be given to me
3.  Can I commit to my Higher Self, that  I will be grateful for this new chance in my life, and treasure it, not take it for granted, abuse it, neglect it or diminish in any way its grace that has touched me ?

 Relax then, and send this prayer now, a request, a call for fulfillment to deliver this thing to you and as you watch this video, consider what is happening in your life and what your highest dream and love is…because now is the time it can become realized..
As the poet Rumi said  ” “What you are seeking is already seeking you.”



I feel that sea of love inside my spirit.   It yearns for the wonderment of a victory of life for all who need to have their perfect dream self-realized. The real spirit that drives us, all want that sweet victory for each other.   We are one together joining hands dissolving time and space to replace it with understanding of all that ever was and is.  

The all pervasive ether permeating essence of Neptune and Pisces invites us into this Cosmic Sea of Eternal possibilities and Love.   Mercury retrograde conjoined Neptune trine Jupiter in Cancer and the Node in Scorpio, brings a push to embrace the Spirit all around us, the paranormal, the mystical, the unexplained, but now being proven in science/;physics/quantum entanglement.
The strange and peculiar ether, waves and energies can be controlled at will, if one bows the brow to the source of all that is.
Mercury retrograde introduces the reality of ether to be loved into action for the fulfillment of your destiny.
Energy consciousness, the force, which yearns to be directed and commanded.
Each Mercury retrograde, 3 times a year,   are like moments in a university where the professor introduces a new concept to be studied and   with your own consent, accepted into your own world as reality.
The use of ether, the use of energy and free consciousness of intelligent light at your disposal, at your command, is given to us during this February period. 
Whatever you find yourself in now, the mind of the master is offering to you the idea of actually
believing in something that would have seemed quite impossible in the past.
But now, something has changed, and you realize if you allow yourself to love this idea,
have faith in this idea, and put energy into it, it could actually materialize and become
your realized future!

Teleportation, bi-location, visiting other realms of advanced beauty and knowledge while sleeping at night, mystical transcendental states and synchronistic circumstances are now subjects of interest.


How does this impact your own life?

Let’s go through all the 12 houses of your own Natal Astrological Chart and see how it could affect your life at this time.

Mercury Retrograde conjoin Neptune in Pisces in your birth chart, February 2014.

(Erect your own birth chart for free, here) 
Mercury retrograde in your 1st house
This would be if you have a Pisces rising, or possibly an Aquarius rising in late degrees which would then place the Mercury retrograde in your 1st house.)

Personal experiences with dreams, premonitions, heightened sensitivity of everything around you, boundary between your mind and your environment around you breaking down and melting into one space.
A tremendous inspiration overcoming one to commune with a spiritual presence, God, Angels, and allow oneself to be overcome with spiritual guidance and meaning.
On a more practical bent, physical health and personal self improvement in order to reach a dream goal or ideal that become totally believable at this time.   It is time to insulate yourself from astral psychic and negative vulnerabilities, maintain your health by taking your vitamins, diminish exposure to alcohol, drugs. television, computer energies and cell phones.
Your aura, energy field, body and brain is open to etheric guidance, and at the same time, vulnerable to lower energies.   

Mercury retrograde in your 2nd house
Financial decisions, longings, aspirations and convictions will dominate your future goals now.
You could be inspired to teach yourself something quite practical and ambitious that will enhance your life and contribute to getting closer to your divine plan.   The Muse creates an understanding of your worth and value, it brings a truth to you from another, to believe in your contribution to the world and others’ lives.   It wants you to believe you have something of great treasure to offer.   Love yourself.   Believe in yourself again. Believe you are a treasure and of great value.   Ideas come to make money, earn more, gain more, acquire and accumulate.   You want to own or claim your territory.   It might even be a love you desire.
Conviction in your values and beliefs provide confirmation to help you with your life path.
It can inspire you to immerse yourself in something of high ideals and cultural philosophical activities which bring richness to your life.   Science and engineering, technology and Internet could play a strong role in achieving your goals now.

Mercury retrograde in your 3rd house
Mental academic inspiration towards writing, studying, and proving your intellectual activities proving your capacity to achieve excellence in your mastering of a subject.
Music, art, science and history excite you now, and much progress is made in one or all of these areas.   A serious decision to write or commit to a new plan of action that seems ridiculously premature or unrealistic, now seems the only path to follow.   Documents, papers, filing legal issues, and engaging in academic thesis, examinations, and certification become all important.

Mercury retrograde in the 4th house
Provides compassion towards your family and friends, deeply close to you in your home or personal life.   Taking the higher road towards blessing others with your advise and humanitarian support becomes the priority.
Household projects, refined design and real estate decisions cause you to accept a course of action that prior to January 2014, might have only been a pipe dream.
Re-arranging your home life to meet a new quality of security now seems terribly important.

Mercury retrograde in the 5th house
Theatre and education, arts and performances, love and babies grab your attention now to
create something inspiring and magnificent.   Devoting time to a child’s future…..designing a celebration..a vacation, holiday…….guided towards self care and nurturing your soul by taking the time to indulge in an ideal activity you cherish now.
Love, beauty, performance, accepting an engagement, a celebration, a part in a play or a speaking engagement seems so right now, you know it is time to commit.

Mercury retrograde in the 6th house
So many phenomenon to study, physics to ponder, anomalies to understand.
The work at had is to enter a world of the unexplained phenomenon within your profession.
A higher standard of research, investigation and analysis is demanded now, in your field.   You want excellence within your realm of research and investigation.   You desire research and
facts, quality and perfection, not just ideas and speculations.   
Highly Inspired projects are undertaken, and you commit now, to a quality of service, prior to this was not possible.
Health, diet, medicine and nutritional needs are especially inspiring.   Consider yourself being guided now, to do the correct thing for your body, even though, it might seem a bit peculiar or impractical.   Believe you will become purified and whole.   Your Muse, Your Higher Self now interfaces with your body and mind to help you become whole.

Mercury retrograde in the 7th house
Love and reaching out to another.   Something is telling you it is okay to do this and accept someone elses magical intentions for you and with you.
Partnership and spiritual or idyllic companionship appears to be a new and permanent truth.
Consulting, guiding and inspiring others in a long term plan which might take months to play out, is embraced as something worth your effort and energy.
Marriage might even be considered now, where before, a thing of the past.

Mercury retrograde in the 8th house
Some kind of pressure could be upon you now to make a decision with another’s life.
Are you being shown a problem, a truth, a peculiar addiction or illness within another’s world?  
Are you being shown this in order to make a sound decision to secure your own world, and 
maybe protect your own interests? Have courage and confidence now, that someone might actually need and merit receiving your own talents, money, or items which you could part with, if it seems right.   Both issues could apply.   A red flag about someone in your life   to be cautious about, and another path, a green light, that inspires you to help and support.

Mercury retrograde in the 9th house
Here we have the impulse to travel, break boundaries, stretch beyond ones limitations and expose self to a new paradigm. 
Travel, University, Religion, Study of History, Languages, exploration and adventure grab hold of your world and compel you into the desire to commit to a new realm of truth.
You want a broader vision of the world now, and the cultural diversities which make up civilizations.
Your inspiration from the Muse of your life, desires for you to connect with the beauty of the world and learn of other’s realities different from your own.

Mercury retrograde in Pisces in your natal 10th house
Finally,   a decision has been made to launch a   new business, a new project, feel confidence and strength in your ideal professional and financial security now and in the future.
You hold dear your own control over your life and no longer want to yield to the pressures of others to give your gifts away for nothing, and be left with a sense of injustice over the unfair arrangements.
Your Muse is pulling you towards embracing an incredible confidence in the right to own your life, and have it your way.   It compels you to engage in the ambition of a professional launching of some sort, to reach goals.    The realization of your responsibility as a parent inspires you to take command of the situation.

Mercury retrograde in the 11th house
Truth, change, revolutionary transforming and alterations of your idea of your future is now 
no question about it, top priority within your mind.
How you desire to interact with others, colleagues, friends, groups and organizations, 
You are realizing now, no matter what kind of manipulation from the outer world is practiced upon you and your community, there will always remain your own individuality of your soul and identity that can never be altered unless you allow it.   You can understand and might be inspired now, to increase your   shields and protection through mediation, music, gold and crystal jewelry,
and inspired protection within your living space.

Mercury retrograde in the 12th house
Brings to mind a need to give oneself over to forgiveness upon yourself.   Forgive others, forgive self for the humanness and mistakes of being human.
Sacrificing tenderness, confession, resolution and depth of peace is sought out and   a reprieve from the struggle of karma.
Desire to meditation and spiritual reconnection.     An offer to participate in a special retreat.
Take care of your emotions …a magical sweetness of what is to come into your life for 2014, has now begun. Believe in transcendence from the mundane life to the divine.  


Now comes the Muse entering your mind to excite and inspire you to believe in something which in the past may have seemed unthinkable.   This period suggests a moment of meeting your Higher Self who knows no limits in time or space.
  Let me introduce you to your friend and sage, an essence of yourself which we could say is an etheric consciousness interfacing with your life but from another dimension ever close, always at hand, and beginning now to move into your world as your very own personal teacher. This is your Higher Self that is at that point in space between you, the physical, and that Great God Presence, I AM high in frequency holding the blueprint of your life. It is at the midpoint, and is your teacher, your inspiration, and is so very innocent and believes in you.

   “Remember, 24 hours of each day, your higher mind is active in higher dimensions.  This Blessed Comforter, unknown and unexperienced by you outwardly, waits to be called into action, and does function free of ordinary space/time limitations.  Employ your Higher Mind, then, both as your apprentice, and as your Teacher; For the Holy Spirit of Truth moving therein can lead you into all truth.”    Saint Germain~On Alchemy Ch. 7 par. 13

A change has happened all around which permits more access to other realms and realities, and one is the reality of your purer wiser self enhancing your life with clarity.

It waits to be summoned in order to truly bring to you the sweetness of life.
When we summon this muse, a newness of hope fills one’s heart with fresh Roses in Winter.
Faith   in some ray of light which pierces machinations of darkness become the savior within lifting you up and out of monotony.

The conjunction with Neptune brings an element of dreamy idealism.   What are we to do with this intelligent ether pouring into body and mind, changing the very cells to obey to the shepherd’s voice?   Use it now, to carve out your purpose.

Time is collapsing, portals open, your Muse, the pure and divine, shows the way into your new future of rich understanding.   Peace, in the cosmic sea.


Christine Barrere


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