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MERCURY RETRO 29* Pisces The Purge from Present World Culture


MERCURY RETROGRADE   29* Pisces 39’ The Purge from the Present World Culture

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Overcome the World & The Healing of the Fire Body

MARCH  05, 2019  06:05 PM 29 Degrees Pisces 39  ~ MARCH 28, 2019 at 01:58 PM  TURNS DIRECT AT 16 PISCES

Why would you desire to overcome the world and what does this have to do with this March’s Mercury Retrograde?

Mercury is in Pisces. The mind/soul guidance we receive now, as Mercury turns retrograde, is a small but important next step in our lives. Pisces is a very high sign, and has always been associated with becoming the Priest or Priestess Self. This Higher Self is desirable among so many cultures and spiritual practices, because as we enter into that state, we feel a deep satisfaction with disentangling ourselves from this world’s negative and heavier dramas.  Why would we want to overcome this world? Because the world has become wholly contaminated and it’s time to think about your soul/spirit thriving and surviving in the most rich and fulfilling way possible, while we have a body, we have time and space. Can you feel, time and space shrinking? Collapsing? Something is happening to the fabric of this world, and as darker dimensions are bleeding in, so are the higher dimensions blending and pulling us up. We must prepare. This Mercury retrograde inspires us to do just that, by taking note of what has been a struggle recently and you want to Master it.

Never has there been a time where a cornucopia of healing opportunities are offered available. Healing is a Mercury in Pisces activity. Overcoming the world of pain, suffering, illusion, and addictions and bad habits. Desiring life and fulfillment, not sabotage and dysfunction.

Healing the Fire Body is a good place to start, in order to feel stronger within your mind, soul, emotions and physical body. All bodies are key to increasing your Fire. We want to increase our Fire, to become accelerated. It is usually experienced within the heart and at the same time, a vision or onepointedness comes upon our mind. Like an exciting idea, a focus of something driving you, and we are riveted in these powerful thoughts. The inspirations and love, intensifies the Fire, and we can actually rise in frequency in those moments, above the mass heaviness and sludge.

To intensify our communion with our Higher Self, and increase the bond with the Etheric Plane, is a really good thing.  This is an exhilarating experience of True Freedom. You know there is fire and light  pouring into you to intensify your Etheric Self, your Fire Body, when you feel all engrossed in a meaningful project, concentration, discipline, body ritual such as Qigong or any other ritual. Prayer, playing a musical piece, it is intensified by discipline, focus, ritual, and whether you realize it or not, you’re calling down fire to pour into yourself the creative energies to become one with a higher purpose and matrix just slightly above your own body.

Taking care of our Body would be the best place to begin. Can one make negative karma by neglecting the body?  I think so. It makes sense, since everything we do has a return current back to us at some point.

Mercury guides us to focus on that thing we are avoiding doing that is good for us…but we do not want to have to do it. Whatever it is, our bodies four, needs attending to. This Mercury Retro is in a square to Jupiter in Sag..that means our inspiration guiding us to come up higher, is in a conflict with an old habit or belief.

  1. It can’t really be that important, I’m perfectly okay being who I am, it’s not that big of a deal.
  2. I want to change this habit, but, I literally don’t seem to be able to.

That is the Jupiter talking in a square to this Mercury Retro….Normally, you would hear me speak about Jupiter as all lofty and perfectly expanding goodwill and positive things, but in a square, it is indulgent and projects the influence of false beliefs, or assumptions, laziness, poor judgement. Or we listen to what others are telling us, and they do not have the total picture. That’s happening right now to everyone. It’s a good idea to listen to your heart now. So, back to the four lower bodies of our being and overcoming the world.

Mercury is at 29* Pisces, which is at the very end of a 0-29 degrees found in every single zodiac sign. Consider 0* as the beginning, and 29* as the end of each zodiac sign. So, 0-29 degrees are contained within the sign of PIsces, and so the number 29, is an initiation degrees of the sign Pisces. You could look at it as a running out of opportunity time, or a number which indicates, you’re at the end of the race, or you’re in the last stretch, and it’s now or never kind of thing. …Think about how much more healthy, happy, content and satisfied we will be if we overcome something right now, and adopt a new mastery into our lives. So ultimately this 29* is an important part of the Mercury retrograde guiding you, because what Mercury is trying to help you with is overcoming a lack of mastery somewhere inside, and are not truly who you would like to be. Let’s ponder some empowering activities for our transformation.

Physical Body-

Find the perfect way to eat which is right for you, take care of yourself, love your body, work your body, and find the emotional support to encourage you each day, and begin. The key during March, is to be more awake, conscious as to how you are treating the body, and not just out of habitual patterns. So Diet/Movement is going to be important.

  1. Homeopathics, Bach Flowers, Flower Essences, Essential Oils
  2. Fasting, Cleansing, Colon Cleansing,
  3. Hormone Therapy
  4. Raw, Keto, New Atkins, Macrobiotics, Vegan or just  cutting calories using any of these methods,
  5. Exercise, Yoga, running.
  6. Sun, Walking, Water, Hot Springs, Sauna, Sports, Hiking, Outdoors, increasing the light, metabolism, endurance and strength, moving the body and overcoming the negatives of PIsces, which are, paralysis, frozen, retreating, going immobile, fear, withdrawing and shut down. We want to counteract this now and bring love, connection, vibrancy back.

Mental Body-

Observe how much the thoughts revolve around a subject, a concern in your mind. Practice mind visualization of how you want it to go. Observe how rigid and resistant the pattern of your thoughts do not want to replace the problem with an imaginary loving  outcome! What is that about?! ( Some of you, my friends, are so good at projecting only the beautiful and positive, you are my secret teachers!)

Practice writing down the hurt or puzzle that is revolving in your brain..exactly how it was, or what happened, and determine to not dwell on it anymore, no more over analyzing of this thing, but take an opposite action instead.  Here is a great guide to doing just that! IT WORKS! Free book

  1. Confront the problem. Either change how you will fix it for yourself for your future peace, or plan with another how it to resolve. Make a mental decision, how it will go for you, what you truly need to do to fix this, and write it down. Do not remain oppressed by this mental projection.
  1.  The goal is to stop the mental revolving over and over, replaying the event, and pay attention to the energies of frustration or whatever you feel. You want to exchange that feeling with an idea, an inspiration, a vision, which brings hope to your situation. Change from anguish, to hope. In order to have hope, you must have a new perspective! Acquire a new perspective, even if someone needs to help you with it.
  2.  Protect your mental body, your mind, your nervous system from negative influences, Use Powerful Shields to seal your mind from imposing projections, from, wherever.
  3.  Checking your astrological cycles can be such a big relief to the mind.  The end of a seemingly unresolvable situation can be discovered,

Emotional Body  –

  1. Harmony, peace, support and love- this is the key.
  2. Massage,, Closeness with Friends, having loved ones around, being able to receive someone’s care, Food Zone Therapy, Health Kinesiology for body and emotions. These activities heal and strengthen your emotions.
  3. Friendships with others who  have an ability to empathize.
  4. Surrounding self with people who have mastered that rare talent of harmlessness, no desire to hurt and YOU are also mastering no desire to harm, especially through words. Be a safe person to be around.  Through actions, behavior, you can make Good Emotional Karma! Avoiding behaviors and situations which could harm those you love. This protects you from magnetizing the negatives from others.
  5. Avoid extreme bad diets, alcohol, pharmaceuticals or drugs, which can rip your aura and forcefield, and create holes in any of the bodies, opening the door for entities which take advantage of our subconscious parts not yet overcome. Your emotional Body is very refined, sensitive, feels light and dark forces. Trust it.
  6. Discipline Self, love extremely and beautifully, and overcome hurts, jealousy, gossip, getting even, coveting, anything which could activate bad feelings inside of you. Avoid dark thoughts about yourself. You are immortal, beautiful, immensely powerful.The more you practice, the more you’ll feel it.  The minute you begin to sense these emotions, such as anger, surfacing….grab yourself and say, “We’re not going there and feed this energy, or it will grow and become a sickness inside of me and become part of me.”
  7. Know there are interdimensional forces which depend upon your upset to feed on or they go hungry and die. We want to starve the entities and beings which live off of humanity’s negative suffering and emotional dramas. Visualize yourself as impenetrable, masterful. So many individuals have overcome this world and transcended it, why not you too? Wouldn’t that be AMAZING?!

Discover if you need to move towards something or move away from something. Emotional safety, expressing self easily, feeling safe with others, AND again, trust what you feel.

Sharing, support, confiding, trust, listening, giving, encouraging and receiving.   Write down what hurts,  forgive and make an invocation to consume the same frequency within self ,

“ Beloved Divine I AM, I call for the purge and Violet Fire to consume the cause and core of any conditions within myself, which mirrors in some way known or forgotten, that I have behaved like also towards others. I call for it to be consumed, and I forgive the other person, situation, activity, for outpicturing this.”

Etheric Body –

Protecting and nurturing the etheric body, will help you stay out of the Astral plane, and reach the etheric dimensions, especially while sleeping at night. You maintain happiness even through stressful situations. When you have been in trauma, it’s important to get back up there in frequency,as soon as you can, and not allow soul damage to occur. Reach out, get loving help and support from those you can count on. Incurring etheric wounds is a deep sense of heaviness, like a darkness which as caused you to feel temporarily wide open and in danger.  Here are some ideas to increase the Fire and strength of the Lower Etheric Body:

  1. Increasing the Prana.. Exercise, Movement, energizing the physical body increases the light flowing throughout the body.
  2. The highest diet possible, avoiding junk, sugar, soda, drugs and chemicals raises the vibration of the etheric body.
  3. High Music
  4. Transmute the records from this and past lives which have scarred the Etheric Body,  resulting in being vulnerable, not completely whole or grounded. Use Violet Fire Mantras, or a wonderful decree is “ I Am the light of the heart” prayer..
  5. Kriya Yoga, primarily a discipline centered around a particular breathing technique. Read a wonderful story about this kind of devotion in Autobiography of a Yogi,  Check 
  6. Fire – Sun- Candles when invoking light, giving your rituals, blessing your food with your hands, creating an altar,  Devotions, reading incredibly inspiring books.

Remember, to increase Fire, one needs daily practice. Do something like these ideas for yourself every day, usually at the same time each day, and it becomes a ritual that will build the fire in your body. ( Have any ideas you would like to share?  Send them in comments below )

What does all of this have to do with Mercury Retrograde in Pisces?

Pisces is one desire moving towards wholeness into the light, and the other looking within to ponder and suffer in ones’ heavier energies.  This Mercury retrograde is a powerful guidance to confront the part within you, that does not want or know how to progress, because of records in the Etheric Body, emotional past childhood patterns, addictions in any of the bodies, pulling us back. It is as if a part of us has a desire to remain  entangled within the past habit of an old familiar behavior, thinking pattern, physical habit, because it feels good to stay there. But in reality, it’s blocking you from being even more fulfilled.

The hour of breaking ONE HABIT is now.

Not only is Mercury in PIsces inspiring us to break a habit, but also break a cultural mindset. Something Cultural set this pattern inside of you, in motion. Even if it was ages ago. Wouldn’t it be great to know what this event was, and how it started the whole thing> The reason this Mercury Retro is about breaking a pattern, is because it is square to Jupiter at 22* Sagittarius when Mercury turns retrograde on March 5, 2019. The square to Jupiter ( culture and our beliefs) means, an erroneous belief or old curse, or projection which might have been upon us, an old way we grew up, or what we were conditioned to put up with in past ages, is now needing to be challenged. “Is this healthy for me? Then why do I still resist changing it? What is going on? It is in Square with the Mercury, which is suppose to be the Mind Brilliant in PIsces the Christ Mind, evolving and absorbing more and more Light, in order to OVERCOME THE WORLD.

Why would we desire to overcome the world?

Because the world has become an increasingly challenging mixture of yes, more awareness, and knowing, AND an utterly contaminated mess. So, an option to find inner peace, is to become the Master of your World and rise above the present corrupt culture and beliefs. What empowers me, is to really lock into this higher purpose and vitality as much as possible, and engage in that ritual practice we spoke about above. Call for the removal of every implant, energetic, subliminal, false conditioning in your world. Go ahead, say it outloud now….

“ I call for the complete and total removal of all manipulations of my being and world, even down to the subconscious levels and my own neurological conditioning. I Invoke Fire to consume the habits which are getting me nowhere. Divine Self, and Angelic Beings, I call for the complete erasing of all brainwashing which has affected my outlook on life. Replace it all right now with the right habits, the deep and loving emotional drives and feelings, and protection of the mind, possible now, throughout this Mercury Retrograde period. I accept this now and command freedom from all interfering force fields and forces attempting to hold me down and keeping me oppressed,  Amen

The New Moon is also on March 5 and 6, as this Mercury turns Retrograde, and it is also in Pisces. So is Neptune conjoined the New Moon and Sun in Pisces.

Neptune is the planet that also rules over Pisces. We have a major theme going on here, of handling subliminal mind programming, and rising out of the illusions.

This is a new beginning to master ourselves. Did you know,Pisces is the sign of Mastery over all Illusion and Hypnosis? What illusion are we all still entertaining?  Illusion within us, and holy smokes, everywhere out in the world. The waking up process is really disturbing, as we discover more and more unbelievable darkness has existed right under our noses, literally. This Mercury Retrograde is also conjoin Chiron. It means there is a wound a limitation we need to address, and a threat to dark forces to overcome. Think about it for a minute. Could there actually be something that does not want you to untangle yourself from this old condition or pattern? These Pisces, Chiron, Sun/Moon in Pisces, Neptune conditions, square Jupiter in Sag, are subtle subworlds of sensations, moods, preferences which we keep going, or allow. This period of time is to notice them, and say, “Why am I doing this?

What would want you to remain oppressed and unhappy?

A dark force on top of all our psychological wounds. Now we look at our problems as not just our own doing, but possibly a manipulation from some other energy or anti-Mercury Mind thing…I don’t know about you, but this makes me even more motivated to be free.

Motivation, tools, support and inspiration are the keys to overcoming this “thing” which has some form of ability to attempt to keep us blocked. Ultimately, we are the power to repeat, indulge, or set ourselves free from any harmful thing, but to know there is also an energy that is very happy we’re stuck, is a good thing to know. So we have a double bind. And we can now really nail it to set ourselves free!  Wouldn’t it be something to make a list ( here she goes with her list obsession again..) and write down all the stuff in yourself and around you, that you don’t like and have tried to change, then understand there might be entities invested in keeping you stuck to these old patterns, so they can live off of these bad habits? Why are we becoming aware of this right now? ( Go back to the “IT WORKS” PDF above.)

This is because Mercury retro is at 29* Pisces, and Chiron is at 0 Aries. They are conjoined, which means the wounding and handicap of Chiron has got to be addressed in order to proceed on to our happiness. Mars rules Aries ( chiron in Aries,) and the Mars this day of March 5 and 6, is in Taurus, square Venus. There is a block and antagonism towards Love.  It takes Real Love to care for ourselves enough to overcome this hypnosis and accelerating the Fire will increase your Love. It always does.

The key for March is to love and resist the temptation to go back into old patterns. Practice a ritual each day to increase the Love, and overcome the world. More to come in regards to ideas, inspirations and affirmations to empower us all. Good fortune with your awakening!

Vondir, Christine

4 thoughts on “MERCURY RETRO 29* Pisces The Purge from Present World Culture”

  1. Cami Cacciatore says:

    This explains so much. Thank you! Looking forward to hearing your ideas to overcome, rituals to change and for protection. Thank you for sharing. And so grateful your family is okay.

  2. Shirley Bauman says:

    I’d like to share this website.
    Read about the Heilstrom or healing stream and the healing reports of those who consciously take in this healing stream daily. Taking in the Heilstrom has been a great blessing to me over the past five and a half years.
    There’s also a link on the website for the documentary film about Bruno Groening’s life and the healings that took place while he was alive. The healings continue even today!
    Shirley ❤️

  3. Christina says:

    Deep spiritual wisdom here, Christine. Thanks so much for your contribution to a better world!

  4. Judith Powell says:

    Thank you, Christine. This is exactly what I've been going thru. I tho't of Mother, Lanello, and El Morya 'in residence' on Mercury, their home planet and helping us. El Morya told us "Battle within, cast out, and begin again." And, "keep on keeping on." I've been burdened but not really knowing why, part of me wanted free, part of me didn't, so glad to find out who's really not wanting to be free. Thank you for fulfilling part of your purpose in helping me/us with these insights of your astrological gleanings.


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