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MERCURY RETRO – OCTOBER 13 in Scorpio – “Can I let go of this pattern and reach that next level?”


Friends, time seems again to be shortened and we’re all cramming so much into our days – hence, I am posting an excerpt from STARDROPS ( Sept 20, 2020) WEEKLY NEWSLETTER here, regarding the upcoming Mercury retro.

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   Begins now – building up to October 13, and continuing up to November 3, 2020.

My view of Mercury retro’s are a bit odd compared to the norm.  I believe Mercury the planet of intelligent transfer of information ( the messenger of the Gods) comes around approx. 3 times a year to encourage and push us to hyperfocus upon a new idea and action that would be a very very helpful thing to pursue. I can not remember a Mercury retro that did not guide me to do something in my best interest ( or someone elses’ best interest!)

So, this Mercury retro is asking us to let go of a bad habit or behavior, or a way of living or indulging from our past patterns, in order to move up energetically. The reward for this would be measured by what it is you’re sacrificing and its reason for doing so. It should be evident that it only blesses you and all those around you by doing this. It’s worth it. I would tell you my sacrifice but I don’t want to jinx it! Which might be a Scorpio thing, since secrets play a big part of Scorpio stealth operations in our lives….anyway – tune in to the things that come to you repeatedly every single day until you finally concede and give up to it….it’s there to help you. That will be the Messenger dropping a Star of Wisdom into your mind.



September 23/24 Mercury at 25/26*  then returns in a greater theme from NOV 1 – 6.

Libra square Saturn at 25*/26 Capricorn and oppose Mars at 26* Aries then returns most intensely November 1-6.

A  news, media, data communication/information glitch. This is like a mental standoff which intensifies thoughts of urgency or amplified reaction to information or conversations one is pondering now.

Globally and personally, people could be at odds with very specific issues that have surfaced in the news and within our own personally lives. Firm decisions need to be made under this transit, but unlike the one above at the top ( Mercury square Pluto ) this one on Sept 23/24 is more or less a ‘fed up’ attitude and willing to finally put one’s foot down with lazy, sloppy, compromising people, situations or circumstances. It might be more of an outspoken confrontational Mercury moment.

Problems will be addressed powerfully now. Some have legal issues that must be squared away – one party in denial or delusion, another party intensely fed up and calling it out.

Saturn checkmates Mercury in Libra’s ‘taking the easy way out’ non confrontational posture and a history of compromising. We even look at ourselves and wonder why we’re allowing ourselves off the hook with our own issues or being too easy on someone.

Time to create order in our minds, put everything and everyone in the correct place in our lives, value what we have, bring love and intense gratitude to the gifts we have already received, and the lessons! And yes, share, love, get together and support each other during this self examination period and bringing reality out into the open.


It could be another form of lockdown in some way, or maybe a plan or mandate of some kind not necessarily virus, is implemented. It’s quite serious. A restriction – final decision from authority level- that’s Saturn.

           See Mercury/Saturn Symbols below to get the visual of the dates it’s occurring:


This Mercury issue will be in an upcoming article titled Mercury Retro in Libra/Scorpio, the Sifting – but I want to add one more event about this Mercury retro, since it is occurring during one of the most historic elections ever – and this third Mercury issue is in the middle of these two Sept 17-23 and the Nov 1 – 6 Dates —- It’s between October 7 and 19th.

This is when Mercury will officially turn retrograde at 11* Scorpio and oppose Uranus at 11* Taurus.

The official date of Mercury turning Retro is October 13, 2020 oppose Uranus in Taurus (Money, Economy, Gold)

This Mercury retro oppose Uranus has something to do with a splitting apart, breaking away, cutting off, discarding an old regime, an archaic system, financial institution, amputating a corporation and all its tentacles connections and funding. it can be seen in so many ways as a splitting apart and separation between something much more effective and functional versus a corruption. There is a sudden public exposure, reveal occurring while these separations are going on.

Let’s list all the possibilities of what the meaning of this cutting off and discarding an old regime might possibly be! I look forward to hearing from you and your ideas!

Here is what it looks like, below in Blue…All the 4 circled sections are Mercury making aspects which bring confrontations and conflicts beginning Sept 17 – 23, then leading to the decisions and separations starting Oct 7- 19. Then a round of establishing some form of restriction and formidable last word ( possibly something so factual and accurate, none can deny) occurs on Nov 1 -6. One last final review of this separation occurs on Nov 17, then the entire Mercury retro is over.

We could use other words to describe Mercury oppose Uranus, such as agitated oppositional polarizing confrontations with an end result in walking away, moving away, leaving or ending a situation by eliminating something or someone.

The Mercury Turning Retro and oppose the Uranus is shown in the Blue. Oct 7 -19, then returning one more time on Nov 17.

Cutting off of an old system. Cutting off of any potential of guessing and projecting mistrust upon another body, person or situation and activity.

Verifiable facts, information and truth is at the top to be accepted as fact.

The challenging cutting off or separation mechanism is probably involving a splitting apart or choosing prioritizing between this or that, an intellectual decision, a document or an open or verbal and media involved statement or understanding which separates one thing from another, and leaves something archaic and not functional behind – because Mercury is mental/paperwork/documents/media and decisions. In Scorpio, it’s pretty final – oppose Uranus – sharp, causative, decisive and unexpected. With Uranus, there will always be an element of surprise and shock, expose and truth coming through it.

When Mercury officially turns retro and is station there is always an extraordinary heightened intelligence sharp and observant, totally focused upon the truth of a thing one must know to move forward in life. This mental focus of intuition, information and powerful insight throughout the weeks before and up to the elections, the turning of Mercury retrograde which will be between October 20 up to Nov 3 exact, will be witnessed everywhere all over the world, and be felt also in our own personal lives.

Remember, the main theme of this September – November in regards to the Mercury retro is this: A profound depth of awakening and awareness is guaranteed to occur at a level not known before. Imagine you are at one end of this opposition being exposed to a revelation about a person/situation or activity that is rapidly becoming clear is terribly abnormal, distorted or in trouble. As the Oct 7 – 19 plays out, your conclusion is crystal clear in regards to learning something new about a person or situation – now what to do about it! This is the expose period.

When Nov 1 – 6 comes, Mercury squares Saturn for 6 days exactly when Mercury slows down a second time and changes directions moving out of retrograde towards direct. This is when a restriction and locked down decision is made. A block, barricade, boundary or an adamant statement based on reality is made which I’m guessing is not only about the elections, but the process used ( possibly blockchain voting system) and other issues which took place before during and right after election involving the economy, global economy, systems etc..we discussed earlier. This will be an Epic two months ahead.



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