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Mercury Retrograde- A Shift in Thinking


A Shift in Thinking ~ Cut through the Confusion! MERCURY RETRO October 21 2013


Fall/Winter 2013, It’s time to push through the distractions which have gone on too long.  Let’s get focused on your project and really cut through and finish it!

A new determination to navigate around a barrage of  confusion appear.  Maybe there have been  too many pathways to take,  multi-layered processes involved in your projects that have discouraged you, too many details or steps which appear overwhelming. Any of these issues involving your goals, or simply feeling you are making headway, could be paralyzing you to take clear action.

During this Mercury retrograde season, you could very well sense there has been something important you have wanted to do.  It may have been gnawing away at you all yeu all year.  You plan and set time to construct this project, to get it done, and the next thing you know, interferences come from every angle.  If you are experiencing  any of these symptoms, it’s time  to  get focused and produce some results.  Mercury is helping you focus, between September through November 30, 2013, to get it done.  This Mercury retrograde, is trying to inspire you with discipline and the formula to make it happen.  ( Mercury retrogrades begin impacting our consciousness, at least 3 weeks prior to its actual peak date.  The peak of this one, is October 21 2013.  So any time from September 15 or so, it is now creating a theme, something which must be accepted to learn, to assimilate and possibly incorporate into our lives.  If a Mercury retrograde happens to make a challenging aspect in your own birth chart, then the lesson is two part:

1. Notice where Mercury is going stationary retrograde, what house is it station in?  That is what your desire or goal rests.

2. Notice what planets are in a hard aspect to this Mercury.  That one planet or planets, will represent another energy, person, consciousness, that will probably have its way and override your own personal desire or goal.  Here is where Mercury becomes quite Zen.   The test is the same each way, whether you have a positive inspiring cycle of your Mercury retrograde or not.  The positive helps us progress a little bit more on our path to becoming creators in our world.  If it is in a challenging aspect to something, you will still feel an inspiration to accomplish something you know is right for you, but someone is either indirectly taking precedence over your goal, or outright blocking it, because of their own personality is stronger, more determined, or fueled by a power we can not fight  nor can we fully understand how this could be so severe.  It is possible in those strange circumstances, we must allow that negative force to have its way, in order to let that person or situation learn a lesson.  It could be karma.

This is where you must trust, especially in this Mercury in Scorpio, because Scorpio is about trust. I am mentioning this in case you have a difficult period, while you are being inspired, to not dispair because your gift of vision of what you know is right and correct, should still empower you in some way, even though someone else or something else is overriding it.  Please don’t abandon this idea.   So we are going to proceed, trusting there is only good coming out from this period of September through November 2013.


Two months of serious focus.
If you want to take charge of your days and hours, or in a broader vision, your life, it is a good idea to break down your desires right now, and back track them for action to take place.

Some Helpful Ideas:

A.  Decide it is okay to be obsessed with your goal.   Realize you are going to have to sacrifice something  in order to get this goal done! ( not putting off feeding the baby, or running your normal responsiblities in your life in order to keep everything going, please!)


B.  Go get your tablet and write down the goals.  Make two columns
1.  One Column:   The most important goal on your heart.
( This goal, really should be realistically possible for you to achieve.  You should be able to accomplish this goal with concentration in a short amount of time.)
We all have so many things we want, usually, but in order to really cut through now, and build a victory in your momentum of reaching a goal, all the other ideas and needs or desires, projects and lists, must fall into the second column, so your entire energy is concentrated upon this one thing.
2.  The Second Column:  Here is listed all the projects that must get done soon, but are not necessarily connected to the real important goal.  By writing this second column down, you are letting  your soul/inner self know, you are not abandoning these important errands, just simply exercising some discipline in order to master the art of logical prioritizing.  You are telling your inner self, we won’t forget these other things, and periodically  remind the inner self you will not be distracted by bringing them all up in your mind throughout the day. 


You are establishing a priority now, in order to remove the other energies and planetary forces which have been trying to distract you from your real timetables and purposes, negatively compromise your  aura, your own identity by attempting to diffuse your mind and cause a certain degree of forgetfulness.  Look at it as a consciousness war if you like.  You must fight against this negative interference.

We are not morons! However, Mercury is showing us now, by its position in the astrology this season, and in its conjunction to Saturn in Scorpio at 12 degrees, and the ruler of Scorpio, Mars, being in an opposition to Neptune in Pisces, many of us have been in trouble with our inability to stay present and connected to our inner power and well being, possibly since last winter. We need to take our sense of accomplishment back!

I sense there also is an urgent time frame to accomplish this, because of Mercury’s conjunction to Saturn, the father of time and deadlines.

  You are moving into another precious dimension, leaving behind a lower frequency that would trap you in a confusing world of strange energy, foriegn to your soul.  Come up higher. Your jobs, daily affairs, can still be carried out, but your heart will be lighter, your inner self will be strong and clear.   Confidence replaces the old unsettling feelings, because you are interfacing with a higher frequency while still living on this earth plane. It’s like being in two worlds at once. 

The Mercury Saturn conjunction creates discipline, making a deadline, using your calender, being one-pointed ( eagle eye) and  requiring a scorpio sacrifice.    When in Scorpio, it is multi-layered, has many pieces to the project usually. So be patient and willing to walk the steps.

 Mercury Saturn in Scorpio trine the Black Moon and Jupiter in Cancer.

 We are in a  precious moment in time and space to draw to us this fruitful nurturing awareness for our project now, mostly because the Mercury and Saturn are in a trine to Jupiter and the Black Moon at 20 and 25* Cancer.  This is a very prosperous fruitful aspect throughout the October/November period. Can you sacrifice a human substance or habit in order to make room for a higher etheric substance to enter in? Allow then, the water signs to nourish this new frequency and substance of light in order to help you create your goal.
        The Water Signs nurture the projects;
        The Saturn creates structure and organizational ability, plus it manifests stability in all you do, and brings permanence;
        The Jupiter expands and blesses it,
        and the Black Moon brings divinity, spiritual blueprints and purpose from a higher level descending into your body, heart and mind.  The Black Moon’s influence involved in this Mercury Retrograde conjoined Jupiter in Cancer is powerful.  It is motivating a large number of souls on earth who are also working on their own projects and creative endeavors to anchor beauty, prosperity, efficiency and progress into the world’s needs at this time, to fill space, so nothing evil can find any fertile soil to take root.   It is doing it quickly, secretly, and your movement is part of this group.

They unknowingly, are all connected to each other in the big picture.  Each beautiful heart, exercising the Will to manifest their idea now, is one piece of a larger body for the success and sealing action of independence and progress on this earth.

We are all involved in creating a smart network of organized hearts with each person’s individual goal or assignment and somehow, we are all working in harmony towards laying down a magnificent platform of security and prosperity.     Your progress matters more than you’ll ever know.  The Black Moon’s aspect here, tells us this.

            This Fall/Winter, is just one more huge step towards your/our success and happiness in our near future because Mercury retrograde trines Jupiter and the Black Moon.

C.   When you have written down the most important goal, see it finished in your mind’s eye.

1. Now, write down the details of this goal.
2.  Visualize this already finished. Enjoy seeing how satisfied you are accomplishing this.
3.  Logically understand what actions were needed to finalize your plan.

It is simple if you take the painting house analogy; ( For many, you will see this process as a given…in other words, you probably automatically logically follow this train of thought before you take on something.   ….but because of the compromising energies which have been on the planet, affecting our minds, ,this formula may not seem so obvious to some, so bare with me)

Write in Column one as you also visualize:

Your house is done. ( or whatever your end goal looks like to you, see its end result, and enjoy its completion!)

You see yourself and others painting the house. ( you see yourself involved in creating, building, engineering this great goal! )

You see yourself buying all the items needed. ( you see the steps you need to take right before the act of creating. Do you need to include anyone?  Hire anyone?  Establish a place to do this work?  Set some time up to do it?  It’s okay if there are several preparation steps with this one. Write them down.)

You see yourself deciding upon a color and type of paint. ( you are deciding what it will be and why you want it!  This part is so important.  Why do you need to do this?  Spend the time to know why it is so important to you. There may be many reasons. This is the moment when you realize all the other distracting errands and projects, duties and responsibilities may actually have to take second place for a while, because this step must happen or you and maybe others, will not be as happy without you doing this goal now).

You have the money to purchase all these things because you have added up how much it will cost and have planned well. ( if there are expenses involved, people to hire, etc….you have planned for this and/or are budgeting and cutting costs if need be. You are determined to make this happen, because it means this much to you.    When you get to this part, which is pretty much, the first step to take, here is where the affirmations come in, to materialize the means the money, the resources to reach the goal.)

You can give an affirmation every morning and evening before bed  in order to become empowered to bring your goal into your world, like this:

” I, ___your name___ Am, excited and relieved my amazing project of _______________is complete to my satisfaction,
and I Am enjoying the end result now, by _________date of completion _________. I AM Grateful!”

Elaborate if you like, but the key is to keep writing, and saying out loud the same thing every day, twice a day.  You can use different emotions and examples.
Now, say this out loud, and yes, write it out as you are saying it.  Do it a few more times, to anchor it into your world.

It doesn’t matter what your goal is. It doesn’t make any difference if you are a physicist building an elegant system, or an amazing teacher launching her new school…..the formula is the same.

 Now, see it and feel it working.  That is the first step.

By using the word I Am, you are using the MAGIC KEY to materializing this goal.  The most important step is to be excited, trust, and be as a small child, believe in the magic, and keep doing the exercise.  Eliminate all thoughts of doubt and negativity. Remember, you are training for an event to take place, like a physical sport or competition of some kind. You are in training.  Treat it seriously.

Now you have a formula, and you have an affirmation.   The last step is to close your eyes, and see a huge golden white sphere above your head, but in a way, in another dimension, you are facing this sphere.  This step is to begin  feeling and sensing the difference between your human mind, and the higher mind’s infinite ability to move through anything and accomplish your special inspirations within your heart.

As you look at this beautiful irresistible sphere, you realize it is looking back at you.  It has a face inside…there is a being inside of it.

It is actually your higher self you are seeing, and has always been in this other world, this other dimension, connected to your life.  But the key is, it can not interfere, unless you consciously, with your mind, and out loud, acknowledge it.  We acknowledge it by seeing it in our minds eye, and talking to it..thanking it for being there, sending it an acknowledgement that it is so amazing, powerful, intelligent, and you are asking it to actually perfect your work in its own way, and you trust its process of doing this.

 Now, with the combination of this visualization, the formula, the affirmation each day, you are set!

We freeze the moment Mercury turns retrograde, and take note of interesting patterns of the other planets that moment.   Mars opposes Neptune is telling us on that day, that there has been a deceit affecting us and trying to put us to sleep. It has been an opposition to your ability to accomplish goals or to be productive in some way..
Mars oppose Neptune is telling us that the way out of the Neptunian diffusion and chaos, is to use Mars in Virgo’s power of detailed visualization and concentration, logic and analysis to bust right through all opposition.

Something has created so much confabulation and confusion, interference and discouraging situations around you, that you might not even be able to see your way to the end anymore, or believe you will ever achieve it.  That is why you must start today writing it down and doing this simple exercise

And because your project has being opposed, and your head may have been scrambled and distracted, and your soul, discouraged, something has analyzed this potential you possess, to create anything,  inside and above you, and they consider it to be extremely threatening to its agenda and survival.    Do you see?  Things don’t just happen in this world randomly.  There is always a reason.  Nothing can interfere with the power of the I Am above you, once it is contacted.   Remember that.   Mercury is revealing the way to get out of this confusion.  Why is there opposition?  A compromise occurred in time and space ages ago, and people forgot this formula, became overcome by hazy, lazy attitudes, neglecting this dimension.  So where there is a vacuum, other things take up residence.  If we do not control the Earth, something else that craves controlling, will see the open door to move in. That is what has happened.  Some of us are strong, some medium, some weak and lean on others.  It’s okay, we all are being compelled to get stronger, but it begins with this Saturn conjoin Mercury Retrograde discipline now.

Saturn’s involvement in this Mercury retrograde theme,  demands focus, discipline, and here’s the key, sacrificing something in order to get something you want.  Yes, here is where the obsession comes in.  ( Scorpio is tremendously tenacious and focused…)   Learn to catch the distracting things trying to stop you from executing this goal or finding out a truth. Tell people for instance, to give you  more space, you must get this done.

I had an acquaintance a long time ago, who would bring up critical things about myself, the same day I had just decided  to accelerate and go up higher in my progress with my work, my goals, my life.  The timing ws uncanny.  How could this person be so in-tune with my shifts in attitude? Exactly on the same day I would shift from one moment settling with my life, to tne next moment, deciding not to settle by changing my old pattern to a more advanced and progressive pattern,  she/he would be in a funny mood and find something to say to bring me down.  It always seemed so right, so logical.  This is one example of a distraction.  They don’t always have to be a physical activity. They could be others power over our decisions.

Many times, she/he would not even know on the outer, I had shifted that day and was getting ready to make an important progress with my life. When I finally saw the pattern, I was amazed.  It was one of those moments I must have slipped into another world temporarily, and saw the big picture, objectively, because I trusted my feelings, and caught my feelings becoming let down.  I decided instantly, it was wrong. I found a way to honor all the responsibilities I had to personally sacrifice, and move forward with my plan after all.  It never tricked me in that way again.

Treat this goal as if you are preparing for a tournament or race…all of this helps extremely, your mind to focus.

In other words, you are going to have to make a sacrifice  in order to cut through, and you need to draw upon an extraordinary Will within and around you, to make this happen. Keep it up, the oppositional energy will finally give up, and bend to your divine will within your heart.

If you want to paint the house before winter, the sacrifice would be to forget about weekend outings, sports TV, or doing anything else you would normally do….you get the idea.
The planet Mars is in Virgo at 3* oppose Neptune at 2* Pisces during the week this Mercury turns retrograde. ( October 1 through 21 approximately.)
and is the part that is revealing a deceivingly tricky which Mercury is trying to bring us a fresh new vision to conquor it.

 Once one accepts the possibility we have being played, whether deviously or simply by the energies of the planets  etc….you can gather your wits and declare war upon this undermining attempt to take away your time and your essence.  Don’t you feel your time is more important now than every before? And have you noticed we seem to never have enough of it? 

The Mars is the ruler of Scorpio, and Mercury turning retrograde in Scorpio establishes our theme or assignment for this period of the year..basically from September 1 through November 20 2013, making its greatest influence really, by October 21 2013.

  The formula will help you get your motivation back, and plan the way out of the mess.
Write the goal down.  This goal is so important, whether it’s painting the house, or building a new security research device to save the planet!  Become obsessed with this thing, and
  D.  Practice discerning what is an important distraction, and what is not necessary.

Something has stepped up its ability to interfere with some of our concentration  and our abilitiy to prioritize, weed out the unnecessary details meeings, or errands, and causing us to indiscriminately put too much detailed attention into every little thing. Normally, that is not such a bad thing, but I suspect a subtle tricky new way to diffuse our focus by too many unnecessary details taking our attention away from the thing that really matters right now!   That is a perfect example of Mars in Virgo oppose Neptune in Pisces!
Pull back a bit, reflect, regain your objectivity and strengthen your inner identity. Remember, if the emotion, the energy in motion is not present, it’s part of the ploy. What does it take to activate your love, your heart, your emotion?  Music? A Friend?  A drive somewhere inspiring?  Whatever it takes, in your discriminating way, lets be up and doing.

I hope this helps you with your very important divine plan, bit by bit realized.



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