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Mercury Retrograde in Cancer-June 26 to July 20 2013


Mercury Retrograde – 23° to 13° Cancer  June 26~July 20 2013


This Mercury retrograde is creating an interesting focus of self reflection.  You might be ever so slightly wondering about yourself lately.  This cycle increases your sensitivity and introspection about you.
You want to adjust and shift, but not sure how or why.  Something is missing.
I can tell you what it might be;  it could be your feelings.

The aspect to this Mercury retrograde is a sesquiquadrate to the Moon at 18* Aquarius.. ( Yes, it makes other aspects, but from my location at the moment of it turning retro, I used this time and place to interpret the message from Mercury.)

The sesquiquadrate is creating a tension.. a glimpse of what could be, and an insight into what state you are in now, and what you believe  about yourself now, is not enough, it’s not big enough, expansive enough, empowered enough…so you know what?   It’si not going to cut it, because to go from here, to there, you are going to have to change.  Learn and expand!   It is time to grow again.
Because Mercury is in Cancer, making this pressure to grow, it will be through your feelings.
You know what?  It’s okay to feel. 

 Many begin noticing the new Mercury retro about 3 weeks before it begins, so that could have been for many of you, June 1. 

 Everyone who studies the power of intention, knows that it doesn’t just take concentration and repetition and affirmation to transform your subconscious, your momentum and your outcome in life, but it also requires powerful emotion, positive uplifting feelings of love, helpfulness, excitement ,expansive feelings divine that intertwine with  imagery and affirmations in order to really believe an experience could be possible, and to feel yourself there!  So, particular Mercury is trying to help you expand your potential in your near future by feeling your real new self and your new situation, whatever that may be.   It’s trying to heal you from these many layers of hurt and numbing out.

Therefore with this Mercury beginning the retrograde point, in a sesquiquadrate aspect to  the Moon in Aquarius, from the moment it turns retrograde from where I live,  it is teaching me, we need a massive group healing of our emotional bodies. 

I’ve always thought of Mercury retrograde cycle as blessing us with a concentrated one pointed  information upon a particular task that we need to aquire. 

Each of us can experience this global message, but also check your own natal chart to zoom in and see more detail of how your feelings and internal emotions need to grow and be allowed to survive, and thrive.

So, a sesquiquadrate aspect creates a tension to want to engage the feelings, or desire to feel happier fulfilled or connected,  and then intertwine this emotion with aspirations for your future…..but because it is  an awkward aspect it’s having a difficult time connecting the dots.

The way out of this dilemma is to step up your vibration, step up your frequency. You know the old routine,

  • affirmation played with music
  • powerful inspiring books,
  • inspiring movies,
  • yoga,
  • running on the beach,
  • taking walks into the mountains,
  • swimming, physical sports and exercise,
  • anything that can change and alter your state or being,
  • give yourself a dinner party invite your best friends over do something unique and give your love and give yourself away to helping other people.
  • Get the heart Chakra in motion.
  • Extend love gratitude joy and surround yourself with loving people.

At least one of these ideas could be possible don’t you think?

For as long as the Mercury is going retrograde it would be a good idea to be patient and to apply some of these concentrations and focus in order to get prepared when the Mercury goes direct, on July 20.
The Mercury goes direct on July 20, 2013 then the  alchemical change could have taken place!  More expansive, connected, happy and focused with feelings, vs, without.
The Mercury will be at 13° Cancer trine Chiron at 13° Pisces trine the North node at 12°/13* Scorpio creating a grand trine.

The Mercury trine the Chiron has the hope of healing the wounds.
.The wounds are old, and appears to have confusion, delusions, a victim feeling at the root of the cut off emotion.  They are tired and have given up.  Please don’t give up, I need you to not give up.

So in other words possibly what this Mercury retrograde in June is wanting to heal is a cut off ocean of one’s feeling world that has been wounded by too many disappointing interactions, over too long a time. 

It’s deep in the subconscious. . And by the time one has focused their love and  helpful generosity put  back into the people all around them in little ways, and by the time Mercury goes direct by the middle of July, the feeling world  can come to life again, trust, hope, and gratitude nurses the heart.

This is our hope that we could  be healed and restored; that we could be far better after this Mercury retrograde is finished with us,  than before it found us.

Many many layers of disappointment even tiny one could have piled up somewhere within the fabric of your inner rbeing. They erode away hope, love and that sweet appreciation for life.

Many of us have gone through a confusing and hard winter, with never understanding what actually took hold of our identity, or our perception. I believe it had to do with the shift in some form of interference in the atmosphere, and in the normal emanation of rays and frequencies.

This is why I believe this Mercury retrograde is necessary it is creating an opportunity to concentrate on healing your feelings. If we don’t have feelings and we don’t want to take the risk to feel we become vacuous, like a robot, so it will be worth it to attempt restart this passion again. Let’s try and  by the time we reach the middle to the end of July we will have appreciation for the things around us again not just here in their but every day.

So the Mercury going direct trine Neptune, trine Chiron, conjoin Jupiter, conjoin the Black Moon,  trine Saturn, and  is the marriage of the emotions to the new reality we have embrace.  It is a stabilization and a secure trust in some thing you have learned to appreciate and count on in your everyday life. It is giving you permission to heal love and  be gratitude for that thing and to allow a higher light press into your house, your mind and your heart and the world all around you. Any possible thing that could promote this, expand this, and concentrate and prepare for this, would be welcome.  I know we can do this. 

Take a look and see where the Mercury is landing in your own birth chart. Find the place where Cancer is on the outer rim of your wheel of your chart and place that Mercury to the best of your ability in that area. Sometimes as it goes retrograde then moves forward it might actually be transiting two houses not just one. That will be the most important area emphasized to increase intensify and heal your feelings and your emotions.

 If it is in the first house, it will be about learning to forgive and love yourself again. Nurture yourself do something good for yourself and realize you matter. 

If it is in the second house it is helping you to concentrate upon physical things that belong to you and to take good care of them because your heart and your love is grateful for them being there. They bring you pleasure, joy, usefulness, or tools and products that provide efficiency and help you take care of your life, including your finances .  Absorb a new skill that can increase functionality within your life .Physical work, sports, games, outdoors heal your heart. Matter is Atomic, and therefore holds frequency and energy.  It is all around and so immersing self in the joy of physical concrete tasks, grounds you.  There is a lesson here for you, to own your work, what you built, created, learned.  You own it, it’s yours.  How does that feel?

If this Mercury in Cancer falls in your third house, is helping you give your mind a break. It is reminding you to think positive thoughts so as to not upset your solar plexus and your emotions because we don’t want those negative things coming into our world. It is also teaching you to feel with your mind and think through your feelings. It is teaching you to trust your gut instinct your intuition your heart your emotions about certain decisions that you have to make. If something doesn’t feel right, trust it, the truth may come out later, how you were right.

If you’re Mercury retrograde in Cancer falls in your fourth house there’s something to be done with your home, or your family. Maybe there is a key meeting, a discussion and sharing -bonding interaction with those around you overdue.
Something you need to learn about a family member, so pay attention and become more focused on who is it that needs your love and needs your comfort at this time. Maybe there is housekeeping, repairs, or outings with the family.  Whatever it is with Mercury retrograde in the fourth house regarding home, property, real estate family is helping you take care of some thing and learn a lesson of how much you make a difference all around your environment.

If you’re Mercury in Cancer retrograde is in the fifth house this is your house of your children, play, fun, holidays and vacations, but mostly it’s our will to be who we are. It is causing an inspiration to express yourself creatively and happily. To enjoy life, empower yourself, educate yourself, do something fantastic to love yourself and be comfortable and confident with how you want to express your talent, or your work, or the decisions that you do make. The 5th house of like the director sitting in your personal executive chair, deciding upon how you are to create or maintain your way of life you have chosen.  It is writing the script and directing your play.  Children, creations of the Will.

Children could be a high focus at this time and so trust your decision of how you want to help them and give them an opportunity to feel loved and appreciated and developed their own skills.

If you’re Mercury retrograde falls in the six house this summer then your concentration is going to be either upon your job and a coworker and expressing your feelings whether positive or challenging towards somebody in order to get a project done faster, better, and with less irritation or to solve a problem or dispute.
It could also be  an issue with food and diet, health nutrition, and boosting your immune system by eating better food.  Maybe you need to fast on fresh juiced veggies, lemon water, cleansing powders, which is interesting because the very first thing when I looked at this Mercury retrograde at the beginning of writing this article I thought it would be good for all of us to go on a fast.  I thought what a fast way to  clear out toxins and old energies in order to let the light into the chakreas.  You want your feelings rejuvinated, then more light is needed. How do we get more light into the cells in order to rejuvenate our feelings and get connected with our heart and are higher presence?  Fast!  Empty out, raise one’s vibration through mantras, OM, OM OM!  
 I don’t know about you but it always seems to work for me. So this might be an idea of Mercury Cancer in the six house.
 If Mercury retrograde falls in your seventh house it is about listening to the other person. It’s about being open and hearing what they have to say with feeling and trust that even though there may be something irritable or redundant about the conversation, it is now time to really listen, because the talk is occurring during this cycle,  and so this time it is important to listen to and share.
Cooperative agreements, empathy, goodwill, friendship, peaceful communion, would be achieved during this period. /A perfect time to negotiate an agreement. 

If you’re Mercury retrograde is in the eighth house this summer, then it simply comes upon you to feel how wonderful it’s going to be to be close to those you love and share your time with them, and make it as much as possible all about how much you love them. I believe it’s important to allow others to give to you, help you, take the load off you this time, spend the money on you, allow them to be generous to you. Soothe you.  Discussions and decisions about Insurance, Life Insurance, joint finances, jointly owned houses, assets, Wills, others’ money and inheritances, spouses or partners’ responsibilities are processes we must go through now.  Serious decisions are now being made here.

If you’re Mercury retrograde this summer falls in the ninth house, this is a time to help you understand the childlike psychology and emotions, perception and belief systems of another person. This person obviously must be close to you, or they wouldn’t be pulling on you for support.   In other words this Mercury retrograde in Cancer in your ninth house is teaching you about the fragile mess of someone’s attitude and emotions.  Possibly your compassion generously given, being privy to their history and their perspective, could flood them with comfort and your kind words and landholding could actually transform and make the difference for their life. They could appear to you as childish and emotionally selfish.

If you’re Mercury retrograde falls in the 10th house this summer, and if you are a parent, there is probably some big decisions made regarding security and finances, goals for children, family and school, housing and organization of their affairs.  It’s all about new structure, new goals and plan for all to follow. Don’t worry, it’s going to be fun. This is something you must need to do in order to have your July healing of things that weighed on your heart with too many layers of disappointments, chaos, dysfunction, and disrespect.
Another thing I want to add, is about business in your responsibilities professionally. Be the compassionate one that is extending diplomacy and goodwill to all people you work with or your clients. This is a time to come up higher and recognize people look up to you whether you know it or not. It is a responsibility to maintain harmony and a loving attitude to be helpful and nurturing and look out for those who may not know which way to go.

If you’re Mercury falls in the 11th house, it is time to spend some fun and nurturing quality with your friends, and community. It is a time for giving to people on a larger scale. It’s time to express anyway you can how grateful you are for them being there.. Not just necessarily for you personally, but for their presence, their courage, their capacity to be innovative thinkers, want the truth, want to transform the world, keep trying being courageous, and your involvement in these people’s lives just knowing they are there and knowing you are all on the same team. That is enough to brighten your day. You are not alone. You are moving towards the same goal, and aiming at the same target. It only may look different in variety of special interests, and agendas, but basically your friends are here with you and you with them, and I bet they think about you more than you realize. Get together with them. Write to them. Share and unite.

If you’re Mercury falls in the 12 house, it is time to go to the inner planes where the highest Ethieric beings dwell. Here you can learn about your own psychology, or work on a mystical communion through your yoga, through your meditation, or  you simply in communion through meditative music and spiritual uplifting materials, retreats, seminars and conferences that lift one to a higher level. But my true feelings about the 12 house is a private communion with your higher self and those divine beings that live in other dimensions in the etheric realm. If you’re Mercury falls in this 12 house during this time, it is important to allow yourself to retreat into a mystical world of oneness and commune talk share and woo your higher self closer and closer to you every morning and every night before you go to sleep. This is a going within. This cycle is to rejuvenate your soul. Through this process, there you will find the healing of the many layers of harshness and numbing that you may have experienced.

Well, I think that’s about it for this Mercury retrograde. Enjoy your new feelings, purified and renewed. More later, Christine.

Part Two  Mercury Retrograde going Direct July 20



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