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Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius-The Secret Path




Mercury Retrograde


November 26 2012 at 4* Sagittarius to November 26 2012 at 18* Scorpio


This fall/winter 2012, and especially on election day, could be the strangest and most confusing Mercury Retro time ever. It isn’t the Mercury retrograde causing the problems really, it’s the Neptune and next to it, Chiron.

Mercury in the sign of Sagittarius is suppose to be an ethical mind, and profound utopian Ideals, pontificating upon righteous inspirations to lift up a standard of integrity and good will for everyone.

Adventure, boldness with action and speech are all characteristics of Mercury In Sagittarius. IT is the impulse to be the cheerleader, and minister to those who need their vision restored. Optimistic guidance is the best choice describing Mercury now. This is what Mercury is trying to help you with now..
Sagittarius—-the Vision of the Path, The tunnel, the Corridor through the murky waters of Neptune, to get to the other side.

So, when Mercury turns retrograde on November 6, we all begin receiving the new assignment, the message from this Minister of Vision.

Stay on course….keep your eye on the track of light and truth….keep to your Golden Rule in the Heart.
.If there are lies, speak the truth.
If there is fear, lift up and remember we will get through this.
If there is confusion with information , keep digging. Keep asking questions.

The Mercury retro is in a very disturbing complicated aspect to the planet Neptune. It is called a 90 degree angle, a square.
Mercury in Sagittarius is the Ethical, Optimistic, Righteous Judge. Challenging the inept, the Lies and Goof ups. It seems Mercury retrograde is working through all of us to change
the situations created by those who are involved in:

  1. Massive ineptness from the past revealed
  2. Massive ineptness occurring in the present.
  3. Underestimating the intelligence of the people.
  4. Unbelievable neglect from those who are professionals, and then hiding certain serious global issues which now may be jeopardizing others safety;
  5. Terrible miscalculations leading to disastrous events;
  6. Peculiar activity in the Sea
  7. Panic, Depression, delusions regarding economy, helplessness, the end of the world consciousness.
  8. Hopelessness- lack of vision for anything worthwhile to look forward to.
  9. Subconscious overload
  10. Unfair tricks and distractions projected through media to cause the public to look the other way from the real problem.
  11. Sneakiness, invasion of privacy, spying, tattling, ratting chips and devices dissolving our right to feel secure, to go and do and say what we feel, when we are innately innocent and harmless, not stupid or dangerous.
  12. Living in fear of being abused and punished by certain powers.
  13. Feeling like slaves to an invisible group, we can never bring to accountability.

Listen, this is the time to concentrate upon the beauty. Yes, the beauty and elegance of your complex and magnificent precious kingdom inside your mind, your emotions, your contemplations and aspirations……… take for granted these processes, but listen to me, they are unique to a race of light.
This Beauty of your spiritual powerful inner being and soul, is what they might actually not posses.! Mercury square Neptune means all you guys are waking up that there is a game going on. It was to hide from you, that you are different from a whole bunch of “people” who would give and do anything to either steal what you have inside of you, or kill it. Dumb it down, take it over, control it. It scares them.
Why do you think you are being dumb ed down with TV, bad food, stupid shows….Stop watching the stupid shows. Think about what you are doing here on this planet?! What are you doing here? Why are you here? What is going on anyway? Your Body and your Mind are Precious Vehicles of Power. Mostly untapped.

This Mercury Retrograde is a challenge to the fabric of illusion permeating the world.

Mercury is POWERFUL, like LIGHTENING, flashing the fire into the murky fog. Some people think this Mercury cycle is going to be a big fat mess, creating disastrous confusion and deceptions, possibly even one huge catastrophic situation. I want to add something to this. I think this Mercury retro it is ripping off the mask of the entire Neptunian illusions we have been under for ages. Globally and individually. Last August 2 2011, it was in opposition to Neptune. It was an actual event which opposes people, like a secret campaign or sabotage. It involves two parties polarized …and can result in sorrow and loss, and very much a sense something is out control to turn it around. It could have been personally, or all over the globe this might have been happening. Even without knowing the details, we felt it, and when in Neptune cycles, it creates a collective uneasiness.
This year Mercury retro is in square. There is a difference. A square means we are facing the illusions and fears within that could cause us to feel powerless. Face the fear and move right into it…do what is right within your life to get things back in integrity with yourself. Be able to go to bed at night and be at peace with yourself. Our weaknesses need to be faced so we can get clear and empowered to deal with helping the community, nation, and the globe.

In your Personal Life, The main themes are two.
1. Be frank with those who skirt issues, create distractions or avoid serious issues,
to your detriment, withhold the truth, withhold bonding, lie about their feelings, Lie, project blame, distract, play games, escape from true helpfulness and truthful conscience, avoid accountability integrity and high standards of behavior. ( This behavior might have already been getting worse for months or years prior this time)
Why can’t they just be real? Mercury in Sagittarius is real, but square to Neptune says you’re dealing with people who are afraid of being real. To be fair, we need to look at our own faking, escapism, denials, hiding and distortions.
2. Overcome suspicion. Project the ideal of what you do want. The tendency to be suspicious with everything is on the rise. Projecting conspiracy upon too many things, being paranoid about 2012, about danger, earth changes, politicians, the Power Elite, microbes and Chem trails. Spying and Micro Chips, Earth changes and starvation. Fears and irrational fixations must go. Abandoning hope, abandoning faith, allowing negative frequencies to affect you, to actually alter and change you into a paralyzed deer in the headlights zombie person, unable to think about anything other than survival food and how many packages of toilet paper are we going to need……If you fit into any of these categories, Stop it!
WE are going to make it through this.

It is terribly inconvenient for all of us to be having a Mercury Retrograde square Neptune at the end of the year of 2012, because it has the capacity to magnify fears and paranoia. But maybe we are going thorough it in order to roll back everything that could be trouble, and we need to face the Neptune.

So, This is what we all need to do. Stand strong in your right to be here in this body fulfilling your divine purpose now.
Trust that the uneasiness you are feeling, is because your intuition is sensing something off with life. (Maybe it isn’t an alien invasion after all…but a projection of an alien invasion.)

Simply say out loud, with MASSIVELY POWERFUL CONVICTION “ I demand Truth and be shown the Truth. I Am Drawing down the solution to every single complicated and dangerous activity on this planet that is unnatural, potentially catastrophic, disruptive, manipulated, twisted and hidden. Expose the solution. Expose the reasons and causes behind each one of these powder kegs. Empower those who have the true wisdom to set things right. I Call to you, Living Magnificent Beings called The Angels! I call to Archangel Michael. We need you now, Captain of the Archangels.. Come and protect us, defend us, and reveal the causes behind all Neptunian Suspicious activities. We believe in the good in man’s hearts. We Thank you and accept it done, Amen”.
Squares force the truth to come out about something.

The most important thing as we all go through this suspicious period, is to hold on to your faith and trust in the goodness of the hearts of people and know with this crazy square is also…………

Mercury trine Uranus. Yeah!
Electric lightening from the planet Uranus descends into our lives, coming through certain channels, news, facts, exposure, quirky unexplainable leaks, almost jaw dropping confessions;
Unexpected information providing brilliant solutions needed in the nick of time. Technological objectivity and independence solves problems. Deceptions and hidden issues are disclosed. Its all about truth and innovation. Independent groups, professionals, just ordinary people are beginning grass roots solutions to every day issues, and it will work.

Uranus has come as a background moderator,
explaining what is REALLY HAPPENING in so many many situations around us.

Here is where we have electronic technological brilliance, unconventional solutions to touche those who would shut down, control, fake, black out, intercept and pull the plug, re-arrange or distract.

It will be innovative. What is it? For every one of us, it will be an idea, a force that shows you the way to taking on a new job, a new project, or something! That leads to greater freedom.

I feel this aspect of Uranus/Mercury retro in a Trine ( 120 degree angle to each other) is
the game changer.
It is also peaking on the same dates as the Neptune problem square. Last week of October through first 10 days of November. So it is running right along side of this retrograde confusion, sorting out things to make it functional, accurate. This is in the world, and in your personal situation. You will feel the truth guiding you towards a clear light at the end of the tunnel. Just stay in this protective focused tunnel path and you will make it through the waves.

Not only is Mercury in this wonderful connection to the transit of Uranus helping the entire population have a breakthrough in their lives all over the globe,
but it is also in the same trine aspect to the U.S. Natal Uranus at 1* Leo in the 11th house, creating an impulse for truth,
reform, unconventional courage, inspiration, and grass roots community building.
The most powerful days for truth and solutions to come through are: October 30 and November 13 2012.
Global Events and Mercury
Mercury retrograde is in square with Iran’s Venus in the 8th house
at 3 degrees Pisces.
October 24 – November 17 2012
The Mercury is in Iran’s 4th house and it denotes
concentration upon its
own security and prosperity, trade, commerce, and
securities, but because it is in square to Venus in the 8th,
means it is having a hard time culturally with a relationship
with an outsider, another country ,
religion, race, culture, who could appear to Iran as
being impossible to please, very high standards,
wanting materials, the goods, buried deep in the 8th house.
Possibly these materials contain the potential for something advanced
something pertaining to physics, magic, an elegant artifact.
Not just oil, but something more exotic?
Negotiations will have to happen.
You can’t win in a Mercury retro square a natal planet.
You’ll be forced to bargain, and hand it over, or make a deal.
That’s usually the way the 8th house works. To whom though.
I’m not speculating the U.S., because.

The U.S. also has frustrating
aspects from this Mercury retrograde…It’s appearing
to look like it too has to yield or contend with
some annoying group or source of authority
and take the crumbs.

Mercury is also in square to Iran’s Saturn in the 2nd house of assets, possessions, net worth and valuables. November 1-8
It looks like Iran might also have some trouble holding onto something it considers of extreme worth. It may be the rights to something…Iran’s Saturn is in Virgo, Mercury always rules Virgo, and we find it in Iran’s 8th house along with the Venus, in Pisces.
Again we are dealing with something very high, elegant, culturally unique and peculiar, ( Pisces ). Mercury Pisces connecting Saturn Virgo, some kind of manuscript, documents, writings or tablets perhaps? Why would this be so desired?

 Mercury retro is square to Iran’s Saturn in the 2nd ( assets, ) Square to Venus in the 8th ( being pressured to oblige someone they are in a strained relationship with, and
Mercury retrograde opposes Iran’s Moon in Gemini in the 10th house of government or leaders.

The Opposition of the Mercury retro to the Moon is interesting…I think that could be a split within the country which comes to a head, all escalating around November 6, and the most concentrated time would be November 1-11th2012

Election confusion November 6 2012 Mercury square Chiron/Neptune.
This could actually be seen as a wounded ideal event. Whatever high ideas were espoused, promoted, becomes as vapor now. The Mercury could be pushing all those ideas aside in order to make room for a new Sagittarius Spirit. Visualize and concentrate upon justice, accuracy and protection on Election day for all votes, technology, ballots tallied, individuals and agencies to be completely under the watch of a Universal Intelligence of Truth. ( God) and for the divine blueprint of the entire Nation to come into alignment with its true purpose.

United States 
Mercury will be concentrating upon the U.S. Natal 4thhouse of homeland security, land, boundaries, liberty, independence, freedom, food, agriculture, the weather and its affects upon crops, distribution of food, water, transportation of goods, oil, fuel, gas, and strange unexpected issues with water. ( Mercury in the U.S. 4th house, square Neptune-water- in the U.S. 6th house of public health, crops, agriculture) The Neptune square could contaminate or create loss in these areas.

Watch for flooding in some areas, coastlines? Or drought in other areas. Snow where it never snows, heat where there should be winter.
this cycle begins now, and concludes December 1 2012
What this means is that the U.S. has to concentrate upon preserving and putting constructive actions into some of these areas described above seriously, because of an infiltration or evasive activity attempting to sabotage these liberties and things we take for granted in the 4th house of security and home. 

Mercury retrograde inconjunct the
U.S. Venus, and Mercury retrograde Inconjunct the
U.S. Conceptional Venus and Jupiter.
Those two aspects mean we also want something someone has.
We really want to negotiate, own it, use its resources,
but someone else is getting in the way. More frustration.
Mercury in the Conceptional 12th house
is pointing to a behind the scenes culturally
influential group, and the inconjuct to the Venus,
denotes we as a country, are incongruent with this group
or have very little to say about the bargain taking place.

It could be partially with Iran, but possibly
there is a much bigger story this group is
negotiating with to have something that it,
they feel will provide a platform of security
and stability for them in the future.
( Mercury retro in Sag, in the 12th…….hidden,
behind the scenes, sag= culture…….Jupiter rules sag…
so we go to where Jupiter is in the U.S.. to find more clues…
It’s in Cancer in the 11th house..the future, Cancer security.)

Why would anyone want to lie? Mislead? Cover up? Create so many gazillion false flags in the media? Or in your own personal life?

Devious individuals could do ANYTHING devastating now, and blame it on Iran, or anyone.
Why do they want to start a war? Why? Another Mercury retro square Neptune tactic.
Distractions…..smoke and mirrors…….magic. What are we being distracted away from?

Mercury retrograde is also in an inconjunct ( frustration ) Aspect with Israel’s Venus in the 9th house of foreign people, foreign minds, culture or race.

( Just recapping here: Israel has stressed aspects with having to yield, accommodate someone’s attitude and code; U.S. Is having to accommodate and yield also to one they are in relationship with, and Iran is strong and desires to confront and move forward with all it’s plans, but is being blocked and having something taken away it values.

Mercury issquare to Israel’s Mars at 28* Leo in the 10th house…..Oct 28 through November 13th. This is a strong example through mostly a speech, a powerful dramatic presentation of authority and right to have their way…it isn’t so much a declaration of conflict or war openly, as it is powerful words reminding others of their heritage and the Lion in government. But again, Mercury is in square, which leads to a block or a setback in someway to what Israel would like to accomplish…no matter how powerful something has been presented, the leader may have his hands tied to a former promise or arrangement…again involving the country’s 2nd house ( transiting mercury retro in the 2nd) of assets and worth, valuables, or valuable heritage.

China is also receiving a hard Mercury cycle. It is in an inconjunct with China’s Uranus in the 12th house meaning China is frustrated over a behind the scenes ( 12th house ) brilliant and technologically advanced people or system, and it is a challenge for them to gain power over it, or assimilate the knowledge and genius behind the technology. Mercury is conjoin China’s Chiron in the 5th..they feel embarrassed by the overpowering group as they are forced to yield to either the control of others, or patiently work on gaining the expertise they so much desire in order to continue to have the corner on materialism and powerful position in the world.
The dates where China experiences the hardest incongruences between its desires to achieve, and the others’ more powerful control over them are: November 6 and December 14. In conclusion, it seems each country, and there are more I have not listed, is going through some kind of disappointment this winter. And it seems the disappointment is as a result of some manipulating force, blocking certain ideals or agendas, each country desires to accomplish.

No wonder there is so much confusion in relation to the global movements and actions of leaders and military, trade, currencies and bailouts, missing billions non accounted for, all at the same time the earth is stepping up in its earth shaking and solar flares threaten blackouts and satellite failures.

The vision I have for this period, all the way to the end of the year, is a crystal tunnel. I am running through it. I have my vision, my end of the tunnel goal! I am on a routine and even when I feel the energy swirl around in waves of peculiar Neptunian waters, I keep running through the tunnel to the Great Central Sun of a Golden Day I know is there.
We will make it through whatever is on the horizon, because we are a different people, with unique inner resources.

Until next time,
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