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Mercury Retrograde- March 2012



Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mercury Retrograde March 2012






Mercury will be retrograde at 6* Aries 48′ on March 11 2012. It will go Direct on April 4 2012 at 23* Pisces 52′.  

The strongest aspects it will make will be in a square to Pluto at 9* Capricorn and a conjunction with Uranus at 4* Aries.  When it goes direct on April 4, an opposition to the position Mars was in when stationary retrograde all January / February. at 23* Virgo      ( Mars last January 23 2012).

The oppositional aspect on April 4, ( actually occurring between March 20 through April 15) could be a process where we review what we put into motion last January; this could also show  global events and those in positions of power and of decisions and actions they put in motion back in January and revising and modifying their plans based upon new discoveries or progress made this Spring.

For you personally, you could come to some kind of ultimatum or decision in your life, and again for those who are involved in the middle east confrontation, also could be the same thing, some type of ultimatum or challenge presented one person to another or a group or faction to another and but there could be conflicting views, which the other is either in denial about or afraid of, or maybe not willing to yield.  This is the nature of Pluto square Mercury. It is going to be globally and personally somehow somewhere.

The main theme with all the retrogrades from January through June 2012, ( Mars, Mercury, Venus and the Solar Eclipse on May 20 2012 at 0* Gemini) is that the outer world has no idea what is really going on with all the movements to replace certain people, nations’ leaders, move onto foreign territories for specific reason not openly revealed, *(Pluto)  yet extremely important and epic in nature.  *(Uranus in Aries conjoin Mercury retrograde).  The mystery is included because of Mars slowing to turn Direct on April 1 through 15 and making an almost exact opposition to the Secretive and undercover planet Neptune. This “turn around of events”  based upon undisclosed information is part of the confusion we all in the outer world are experiencing while watching the build-up in that area of the world, because it doesn’t seem completely logical.  So maybe there is another reason this event is happening? Neptune.

Obviously this is middle east and the Iran issue on surface, but elsewhere, not so public, a crisis building with regards to information.   With the Mercury period, it will be about the space/earth and networking communications, information, and successful operational technology, among all other pertinent pieces of data, writings, documents and findings. That period again where there is a scrambling to obtain, secure, test or decipher accurately will be now through April 2012. This is all again because Uranus and Pluto are involved and in power progressive signs Aries/Capricorn.

The Mars retrograde period was predictable, a military build-up, and also a possible Geo ( Earthquake?) crisis, which hasn’t happened yet, and may not, we’ll see. The entire Mars retro period was the end of November 2011, peaking by January 14 – February 14, then continuing through June 2012.

The Venus retrograde at 23* Gemini begins May 15 2012- June 27 2012, creating an atmosphere of informational understanding—integrating what the findings are with an elegant system or activity, acceptance and a smoothing out of situations so life can semi- move forward again with some emotional security and maybe a new financial upturn.

Again, this can be in your personal life, but very much at higher areas of power also, in markets, international economy, progress made in all forms of negotiations.

Everyone knows  Mercury retrograde can create mechanical and communication problems. Well, this one beginning February 25th and peaking exactly on March 11, then leaving on April 4 2012, could be quite a trouble maker.

     Double check all your important details, protect your vehicles, be careful with all communications and documents, reply to all requests from others, be responsible and conservative.
Tend to your animals and pets, because they might be behaving very strange now, or run away.
 There will be times when you could feel you have to make a black and white decision, not an easy one, in order to face a truth which can no longer be avoided.
Compulsive erratic behavior from others could cause problems during March-April. Immature and volatile individuals personally politically and globally could appear trigger happy,  compulsive and childish.  Our minds might not be in a good space this spring until Venus turns retro on May 15.
Strange noises, energies, moods, dizziness or memory lapses,  might accompany this Mercury retrograde because of its conjunction to Uranus and square to Pluto.
Because of these aspects, I would add it could present dangerous activities or situations elevated.
Someones actions motivated by power, status and massive material gain could trigger an event, but because of the Uranus, intercepted just in time.
I would always look at the present message of Mercury retro in my own life, and see if it makes any sense for me personally, but this Mercury is also very much pointing to  a global issue.

It has to do with a possible severe disruption in one or several of the following:

A possible EMP pulse taking out electrical power. Either Solar or Military weapon; 

What is an EMP?  It is an electric magnetic pulse that can emanate from the powerful rays of the SUN and/or be the result of an atomic missile launched by a rogue country (to explode 200 feet in a strategic atmospheric area of another country) with malicious intent.  In the worst case scenario, the energy grid of the country will  be totally wiped out.  Everything operating from the grid ceases.  The threat is real . . . it’s extremely dangerous  . . .  and something you should be made aware of…

Increase new developments with psychotronic mood, mind weapons affecting the populations’ ability to think;  ( again, the Mercury ( mind,) influence connected with Pluto, control, and Uranus, the bizarre in technology)

Technology created to protect and ensure proper relaying of data could now have a glitch or vulnerability and need to be re-visited to function correctly.

Networks of all types, including space, ( again Uranus) might be in danger of sabotage, putting situations at risk. * Pluto and the Aries involved)

Faulty information transmitted ; intercepted information;  Challenging or hostile information received;

Disruptive misinformation leading to possible errors in judgment. (this is because of the emphasis upon the Venus retrograde this spring in Gemini, Mercury in Aries ruling Gemini, the Mars retro in Virgo also ruled by Gemini ( all mercury/Gemini/Virgo involves communication precision under normal conditions, but because Neptune opposes Mars in Gemini Virgo at 3* April 1-16th especially and Virgo being ruled by Mercury ( communications) there could be secret or invisible things, objects or issues, problems with disappointment, confusion, errors in judgment, misinformation or a feeling of having our privacy interfered with in some way by others.  )

Sudden earth changes possible, maybe two events back to back;

Gossip and unhappiness with others words and statements;

A rising theme of ousting those hastily who are in power, or control;
the explosiveness of demonstrations or groups at a moments notice, maybe even contrived, then  the unnecessary containment and control certain groups or gathering which were potentially harmless.

The positives of this Mercury could be an escalation of those with affluence and influence challenging corporate powers who are in control of destructive products and activities, and not backing down until something changes for the better.

Personally Mercury will be helping you by being energized to cut through, take action,
make concrete decision.  You will feel inclined to cut things out of your life that are no longer helpful.
So we could see this nationally and personally all at the same time.

It could motivate you out of all inertia.  Empower you to a wonderful shift in personal identity and self image, you feel more internally in control and confident now.

Now, you have no problem saying no thank you.   Mentally, it is getting easier, an internal will power is developing to push back bad situations and/or habits.

Every where there has been a sort of putting up with a handicap or unwanted condition, you now change it, just like that!

Remember, we all begin to feel the theme of each new Mercury retrograde at least 3 weeks before the peak.  So around February 25th it should begin. and again, the theme for this one is about a concentration upon identity. Higher identity or the old negative human self image that has been somewhat limited and frustrating.

Positive self image and true real wonderful identity versus how you thought you were suppose to be all your life, but is no longer necessary because you know what? The old self didn’t work very well anyway. It’s time to get real.
2012 is the year of the dividing of the way. Which path do you want to walk this year? It begins in Aries, with the Mercury helping you decide.

Chart for Mercury Retrograde March 11 2012  ( Mercury conjoins Uranus; almost in a Finger of God, inconjunct with Mars at 10* Virgo, and Moon in Scorpio);    Square to Pluto.  This aspect could also from March through April, create an emergency with economy resulting in decision to make an impulsive bold shift in our currency or financial networking of money; and/or the electrical aspect of Uranus involved, a sudden crisis with the grid forcing a restructuring of all our power to free-energy source, but somehow because Pluto is involved, it’s still not free, but an attempt for those to still control.  Could part of the grid plan be to have a justified excuse to revamp all our electrical energy sources, but it was actually manipulated not an accident? What and who would gain from this ruse ( a trick).

Chart for Mercury Direct April 4 2012  ( inconjunct or quincunx Saturn)

In addition to the Mercury Retro spring issues, I wanted to include Mars in Virgo Retrograde from January through April 2012, as the actual “breakthrough” period…breakthroughs for all forms of refined elegant processes people, corporations, governments were waiting for, for a long time.  Some positive, some disturbing?  Remember, one of Virgo’s qualities is Micro-Tiny….and Mars-Military or Competitive.   Insect-like Drones
My concerns with the unusual unorthodox “weapons” include self replicating metal droplets with are like metal DNA, and the numerous array of Nano technology being developed for whatever reasons, we can only speculate.

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