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Moon-Birth Chart


The Moon

Our Moon sign tells us what our disposition may have been like in our previous lives, and carried over into the first 20 some years of this life.

  By knowing your Moon sign, you can target what parts of your emotional personality reacts to situations that might need to be tempered a bit, or supported with the more mature parts of your new powers within your Sun Sign, other planets, and the positive aspects in your chart.

 For most of us, our Moon feels totally justified in behaving and engaging in every day responding and decision making.  It feels like home.  Its sign and place in the chart might reflect one or both of our parent’s more challenging or negative personalities.  So it is molding us, or re-enforcing a personality that we already are.  We strive to change and be better, and have to teach others around us who are trying to still engage in that dynamics back and forth with us, in the old way, that we are not that person anymore, and want something greater.

 Between birth and 29, we act more like our Moon than our Sun.

  So, We move away from our Moon / soul’s negative temperment or old way of handling life, and become more and more of the positive personality of our Sun Sign. A good rule of thumb is to take note of the challenges of the zodiac sign your Moon is in, and say ” Well, I understand why I’m like this, but I can see it isn’t working anymore.  It is actually hindering me from my successes, so I must overcome these patterns, personalities, people, relationships, situations.”

Love your soul, love the qualities it must have had to incorporate into its personality in those lifetimes when you needed them to survive.

Power, status, and judgmental-Capricorn

Need for control, bossy-Aries

Picky and dissecting, doesn’t ever measure up, ill, criticized- Virgo

Overly sensitive, sentimental, self gratification,holding on-Cancer

Vain, Stubborn, Prideful-Leo

Slow, Hesitating, Simple-Taurus

Contrary, internally agitated and ever alert-Aquarius

Overly active mental information overload-Gemini

Emotionally yielding to difficult people, calculating-Scorpio

People pleasing, impulsively friendly, agreeable – Libra

Reckless, Boundary Problems, Hypocritical-Sagittarius

Escaping, martyr, inconsolable, self-medicating emotional trauma-Pisces

 You can see these don’t sound very pretty. These are some ideas of the hardest tendencies of our Moon’s patterns. It does not represent the totality of who we are, by any means!

But, can you put yourself into an imagined situation, where if you were not acting out your Moon sign’s qualities in that particular past life situation, you might not have survived? Of course, we could make better choices, but there can be beautiful emotional soulful decisions which our Moon sign mirrors also.

This temperament, is simply a left over personality used to protect self or get your needs met when you entered your new family life and playground of experience.

It took time to get use to some new ideas and rules which were your Sun Signs’ qualities.  The Moon’s nature is impulsive, and the Sun Sign’s qualities are inner strengths and tendencies which mostly help us grow and expand our wonderfulness.

So, Love your Moon, thank this soul’s creativity manifesting these emotional traits for whatever purpose it needed.  Now we can cherish its strengths and begin eliminating the negatives.

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