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New Moon in Gemini Square Neptune


Facing A Truth

May 28 2014




Two facts, two distinct situations,  parallel, side by side
One, logical and empowering, so relevant right now, as to how you might proceed with your life, it won’t allow you to ignore it.

The Second, illogical, irrational, yet never the less, equally magnetic and  cosmically relevant to your path.
   Normally, Gemini and Mercury, help us come to a conclusion about a thing, based upon the most logical way to proceed, based upon the facts revealed to us.  It provides us a confident path forward and brings mental and emotional comfort as if all parts of ourselves were in order and moving together towards our present path. Basically, it feels right.

In this New Moon in Gemini, middle of May, peaking May 28, continuing its influence up to the full moon on June 13 2014, you would think we could now, gain this stability, gain a surge of mental confidence and  mental energy because now we know the most perfect path.
But this new Moon is squared by Neptune and as a friend said to me the other day,  “it’s like our bags are packed, we’re ready to go, but the train isn’t coming.”

This square to Neptune, creates a conflict between logic/facts and emotional irrational spiritual ideals. We are  wrestling with two realities at the same time.
  (A square, simply presents a contrary thing that doesn’t co-exist very well, with the other.)
These two ” Facts”  now become so blatantly and equally in your face, you can not ignore them, and with the nature of Neptune’s influence, could either freeze you, mesmerize you, or seduce you to not care and throw all caution to the wind and yield to the risk of a shaky path ahead.
Maybe denial would be part of the decision… you could yield to the Neptune’s force, and deny that it matters. Or become frozen somewhere in between the two.

If you yield you compromise at this time. The Sign Gemini provides this clarity of logic and facts. That’s its job.  It is present day, here and  now time, real time, not future time, or “what if”  time.  It is impersonal information decision time. 
Based on the reality of what you  know now, how would you decide?
The New Moon is the thrust we need to take action within our mind to help direct our next step….., then our life follows, proceeds according to the new decision, based upon the truth and realities we now have accepted…… in spite of the powerful Neptune square that we are realizing we have to leave behind, at least for a time.
The disbelief or the frustration is the question of should we be waiting for this other side to come out of its diffused and incapable state, is what has us frozen….and why are we waiting for it?  Because it could represent something so potentially beautiful and  has brought us close to an ideal of what the etheric heaven plane is like. We bought a ticket a while ago, to get on this “train” to a destination that held an ideal, if we could swing it.
Yet, right now, it is not congruent with your NOW( Neptune is the planet that holds the closest vibration of heaven and the etheric plane of spiritual divine love. It is the planet that holds the potential for the most beautiful ideal and imagery of  happiness. We need Neptune to dream beautiful and idyllic things. It releases inspiration, faith, hope, immersion in a magical existence.
 When in a negative aspect such as now, it’s negative qualities emerge, such as an ability to sabotage, be dysfunctional, involve addictions, deception,  be incapable, irrational and psychologically unstable.  Unless faced and dealt with, it sabotages all that has been gained, and that is why when in a square to another planet, the hand is raised, and your posture is, “STOP” ).
The 3rd part of this stage, is to sit and wait, be patient and focus upon what you do have now, what you can do, and pour your energy into what is in your own power to control and build, nurture and transform yourself. 

Jupiter trine Saturn  May 21 – June 16  ( peaks May 21-May 31)
While Jupiter is still in Cancer, up through July 16 2014, we still have time to nurture and protect an idea that has been important to us since December 2013. Think! What is it you need to shield, put a barrier around it. You have a new outlook now, new information, new perspective that you have been adjusting to.
You have acquired a new attitude of protecting and sealing something, anchoring it inside and now it is a strong part of your outlook on your life. Does someone want to share it with you?  Move in on it?  Partner with you?  It’s about the thing, the idea and concept, not necessarily, you.
The clarity of Gemini has thoroughly thought through the entire reality of the situation and understands what the next step is, but instead of advancing to the next step, the two distinct magnetically charged situations are in a square and you have to put your bag down, sit down, and process this.  Someone is missing, some thing is not able, capable to come along on this train of thought, and its a frozen moment…. frozen emotionally and mentally in moving forward with your next step in life.  The other situation that should be merging with you, is in Neptune world, spiritually undergoing a very strange mystical diffusing immersion in love, but is not ready to merge with yours yet. and maybe vice versus.
So in the meantime, keep it simple, take charge of what you do have, and don’t move forward until it’s right.
  It is time to put the last finishing touches upon something in your life you felt was  important to have last December up until now. Let it expand and grow, as you are patiently allowing things to settle.
 Settle your affairs.

 Put this potential parallel world-dream in a precious place in your heart, and mark it down as a potential to reach, but now, there is some catching up to do.
Clean up your life, settle your debts, and empower yourself with an uncompromising non splitting environment.
You are consolidating and building your energy.
 Say no, more than yes, to situations which would normally require you to stretch yourself too much.
We are still in the theme  of the Taurus Solar Eclipse which began in the middle of April, peaking on April 28, 2014, extending its influence through the summer.
The theme for this was to stand your ground regarding what you value, and preserve it, in order to possess yourself and own your life.
 Consolidating your energy is what we need to do now.
 Continue to hold fast to your boundaries.  Hold fast to your long term vision…….resist being imposed upon.  Say no to interference and being talked into anything that would set you back, or require too much sacrifice.  ( The time for sacrificing will be here soon enough).
Neptune square the New Moon is about knowing what you want but realizing the logistics of it working out at this time, is close to zero.
Instead, see yourself sealed in your own auric Magnetosphere.

As the earth is encased in its own magnetosphere,


  So is your own aura.  As the Sun projects outwards its Heliosphere, so do we.

Your own aura is protecting you, generated from an electrical magnetic power from within the center of your being, your heart.


The next stage or step isn’t happening right now, because our shields could be down. We must rebuild the shields.
The release of powers under the sign of Gemini longing for the polarities, the mingling of two opposites is what runs the galaxies, Suns, Stars, everything.  It is natural to magnetically desire to merge two things, two Ideas, merge ourselves with an ideal, reach up for a vision and merge it within ourselves until we become bigger, greater and more than we were yesterday. It is the act of creation.  It is natural for us to magnetically mourn for that polarity which contains the seeds of the new universe we were assigned to create.
 It’s all about CREATION.
THE LONGING for the pair, the dual nature combined to release a new energy, idea, birth of something greater than before.
Everything has duality, polarity a positive and negative polarization.
it spins, swirls and twines around each other in order to increase electrical energy  and its’ impact upon the world around it, but the Neptune squaring the New Moon is warning us of a possible weakness in our world that if ignorantly pursued, would lead to a possible setback that would weaken our creation.
You have already made so much progress.  Look at that progress and acknowledge it. Protect it and think about what could sabotage it. 

 It is time to increase our bubble of protection, our sphere we live within.  We need it to be strong, uncompromising and powerful now.  Today is May 21.  We can concentrate upon this idea of increasing the light within our own world and aura, up through the date of June 13, the Full Moon in Sagittarius.  But, why not make it a regular consideration in our daily lives? I found this book in 1979, after a moment’s pause, similar to now.

In that moment’s pause, stopped at a red light, frozen with two paths before me, I made the decision to walk into that bookstore across the street and choose my path to one of empowering my inner world, and let the other rest.
I had to pause and wait for a new train to come…and my bags were packed and ready to go.  I am so glad I paused. It gave me just what I needed to continue the journey, stronger than before.
Don’t give up hope for the integration of these two ideas, two beautiful worlds you desire to merge into one, or where you are now, and what you hope you can have in your life.
Right now, we need to expand ourselves inside.

It’s time to pull in, and build the inner mastery, take command of what you do have, and the rest will come soon.

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