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On Becoming Jedi




2012- Part One
On Becoming Jedi

By Christine Barrere
July 20,2010





princess Leah


The great event began in 1998. That year was the official start of the 2012 cycle.

Since 1998 the Sun began to move into the influence of the Galactic Plane. The Galactic Plane is like a gravitational disc. This transition of the Earth from one side of the Galactic Plane to the other has been and is the major astrological UMBRELLA event under which all other astrological aspects are being influenced.

2008 through 2015 is the peak period of the most uncommon adjustments for everyone on all levels of being. Our world — as we knew it — truly began to change in 1998.

Within this cycle, ALL astrological transits occurring in your birth chart, and the world’s cycles, intensify — more than ever before.

There are several layers of influence now happening simultaneously…

    • The buildup and catastrophic acting out of forces and individuals who are not in the vibration of integrity. Individuals who are leftovers from another age and place, who want total control and if they can’t have it are intent upon taking all of us down with them. They know they have lost their allotment of time. They know their time is up on 2012. Watch how epic they will create disaster upon disaster.
    • Our national survival — country by country — and the labor pains of creating a Divine Age of Prosperity, Industry, and Humanitarian Love.
    • The identities of each one of us and of countries moving into love and honor, helpfulness and cooperation and a realization of The Law of the One is permeating more and more into this world.
  • Our own personal understanding of basic laws can no longer be ignored. We are realizing more and more that Love does generate everything good in our world. The understanding that we can each be individually fulfilled and happy with no harm coming to anyone else, is now a theme coming to more people everyday.

The work for each of us is to decide how…There is such a thing as your own personal 2012 assignment. The GREAT WORK, the magnificent resolution within your being that must become solved and made peace with. One of my favorite speakers said “Your problem while on earth is your assignment”.

Your own individual yearly forecast will be your personal barometer to guide you through your tests as you cycle closer to your True Sun, and the Divine Heart of that Sun, on 2012.

There is now a greater sense of the separating of that which is good and that which needs to go.

This separating is occurring in each of us, in nations and in the world. It is occurring in all activities, our relationships, in businesses, in the economy, in governments. Everything is becoming re-aligned. The individuals that have very little Divine Reality existing within them will fight to the end to preserve their artificial blueprint. The souls who possess light within the heart are incongruent with these artificial blueprints that are being thrust upon them, they know it is not reality and change is the order of the day.

From December, 21 2009 through December, 21 2012. There is a descending of the Divine blueprint through the four cycles of matter — Fire, Air, Water and Earth. Each cycle is twelve months long.

Fire – Etheric (Dec 2009 – Dec 2010)
Fire is the domain of the Seraphim and Salamanders, transmitters of pure creative intention. The escalation of fire opens us up to possibilities we may not have had an understanding of before. In can start as if being hit by a flash of light — where out of the blue a new inspiration and new possibility emerges. New possibilities in business, in our relationships, in our government, in technology. Fire is where new inventions come from.

The misuse of fire is also the place where the escalation of acts of terrorism, unexplainable accidents, mishaps, events that require emergency measures — all misuses of the fire of inspiration.

Air – Mental (Dec 2010 to Dec 2011)
The acceleration and expansion of the mental plane. An increase of the empowering of peoples minds. It is as if we can learn anything. Many times simply by asking the right question, the answer will materialize almost out of nowhere.

The misuse can express itself as an increase in misinformation and hoaxes to attempt to control the people into believing lies and tricking them in believing the wrong thing. Mental manipulation in the media to split people against one another, in an attempt to distract them completely from the original issues, such as turning tea party issues, into issues of racism.

The misinformation and the lies will not work, there will be millions of souls waking up and discerning the truth from the lies. The more people wake up, the faster and more intense will be the desperation of the deceivers.

Water (Dec 2011 to Dec 2012)
All things that bring security and comfort such as financial systems, domestic security, food production and water purity.

The misuse is the escalation of sporadic supply and demand. Disruptions in all these systems that bring security and comfort.

While there will be disruptions — simultaneously — millions will grow their own food, discover energy free systems, and manifest ways of magnetizing money and security.

As the escalation of UFO sitings and unusual physical phenomenon increase there could be an increase of insecurity as the world shifts. But running parallel to this fear and uncertainty there will be a mature objectivity adjusting to these physical changes and maximizing our intelligent inventions to address each of our needs.

There will be higher vibrational solutions to address the needs of a right currency, food supply, fuels and healing.

Earth – Physical (Dec 2012 to Dec 2013)
This cycle begins December 2012. This last quadrant involves the Earth — our physical world. The land, our physical existence, the actual ground and crust of the Earth. I believe how the first three cycles play out will determine what happens in this cycle. How much is contained and harnessed under the divine perfection of love — through right thought — right words –right action — through love in action (“love” as a verb) — will determine how severe or small the actual events in the physical will be. The Goal of this transition is to take back the Earth and for all to truly value and see the gift this Earth is to us.

During each of these cycles, the darkness will become more desperate and rash as they scramble from meeting to meeting making decisions — global in scope — faster than a blink of an eye. Their actions will become almost unbelievably transparent and so very clear to all. They know they have a few years left. They have vowed from the beginning to make the Earth their own and to take all of the Light down with them, so they make stupid speeches and deceitful promises.

It is their last physical retaliation against the Supreme Divine Will that permeates everything.

Whether we are consciously aware of it or not — we have all been sensing this transforming truth within since 1998 and we are being tested. And we have been careful in this testing! We have grown in truth. We have grown in courage and become flexible. We have opened our eyes and awakened.


While we are increasingly aware of the liar and the lie, we have not taken up arms or violence to throw off the liars and the ones who continue to misuse our money and our very place we live! Instead, we take the approach to change our reality and reaction to the external world, in order to rise above it, overcome it, and then, with the new authority of confidence and of love within us, we press the higher love and reality onto the old outworn misuse of light and power, and command it to change.
Freedom, Freedom, Freedom.

The Golden Age of Aquarius beyond 2012, marks an age of complete masterful self governing, a daily resonating with the higher will, a connection in our communities with a universal loving mind, and no need for enforced external control dictating what we must do.

We must continue to press on in non-violent measures.

Being tested requires a different kind of daily concentration.

I consider 1998 to be the very last year where one could get away with coasting and still feel a grace of time to get back on track again.

For a few, the intense cycle of reclaiming one’s true power and mastery over karma — limitations — suffering and ignorance, was the mid to late 70’s through the 80’s. It was if these few needed to move into that warrior mode, before the rest of the world moved into it. After 1998 there is no turning back for any of us.

What an exciting opportunity for each of us to be the central figure in our own Stars Wars saga, where we each develop the mastery of the God Flame that is pushing us to out-picture God’s Divine Plan for each of us and for the world.

This is the end of part one. In part two I will be covering the Galactic Rift and actual astrological activity that is bringing all this about. Activity that has been understood by ancient civilizations and which we are now coming to understand. Part three will be how to walk through this transition.

Until then…


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