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On the Wings of Eagles




The Eagles Soar Above the din.

In every country, nation, community and home, the Presence penetrates trouble through the winds of God. Don’t give up calling down the Fire to Shake ourselves out of the trouble.

There are deep powers shaking up the worlds at this unprecedented time we are in. The astronomical and astrological signs are outer symbols and guideposts assisting us to follow the correct path. Discern when the Wind comes.

The Solar rays accelerate and purge, purify and inspire. The cardinal cross is accelerating the power of those who make the call for positive change in the country, in the earth.

Know discernment, increase sensitivity, intensify your antenna and pay attention to the presence of the winds of love and change.  Call for the power of love to enter the United States. Call for the Power to enter South America. Call for the fire and power and love to penetrate into China and Russia.

“God release your Fire of Love. I need your Fire to protect me. Send me your guidance. Release your Power of Love into my life, I Am Grateful I wait and listen. I Am Paying attention to when your wind comes..”

Don’t give up, never cease in making the call. Then sense the down flow of the Fire like missiles of angels coming to your rescue. It is a wind rushing violently into our lives. It is not passive. Your heart responds and your wings unfold.

Eagles allow the wind to carry them. They wait for the strong wind to come, sense it, feel it then open up their wings with complete abandon and allow themselves to soar high above all.  The wind takes the Eagles High Above the Enemy. Destruction and trouble is all around and down below and we soar and mount up as wings of eagles. We are Eagles.

Complete protection from the enemy is given, but the requirement is to never cease calling down the Fire of Protection providing strength, the vision, and the power to soar.

Uranus and Jupiter in the sign of fire, Aries, resurrects the power of the the call and recalls the memory within: The eagles will overcome.

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