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Part 3 – Global Update-10/16-12/16



This is a reminder  we are heading into the full intensity of the return of the 1776 revolutionary Pluto. It is a return back to its original position in the United States Conceptional 1776 astrology chart– only this time it will not be only just a national event.  It is peaking from 2020-2024 and is once in 243 years. Of all the astrological cycles we are or have been experiencing,on a scale of 1-10, I would put this one up at the top as a 10.

( America Astrology is in the works )

Urgent astrological configuration for only a few weeks, please go HERE  ( includes Affirmation to change the negative into positive outcome)

A bit of Putin’s Astrology-

Pluto square Putins’ Saturn

 March 2016-May 30, 2016;   Nov 1, 2016-Jan 20, 2017;   Aug 6, 2017-Nov 17, 2017.

From Putin’s standpoint he might think the only way to move towards his goals is to create alliances with others which appear to be similar in agendas, however, this is the square that can not be trusted. It may take years to untangle from such alliances when they turn out wrong and puts him in a bind of compromise after compromise. These alliances could create new economic problems for years, reversing what he thought would be a powerful move. The square tends to allure and trick, not purposefully, simply by nature, the two coming together to create a unity in purpose but it doesn’t work well under this Pluto square. He could be blocked from his moving forward on a desire that is not acceptable to a large community of groups, nations, etc.
Before we go into a cycle that can bring more progressive humanitarian solutions, we have one more dangerous one:

Pluto oppose Uranus 

Dates:  May-July 2016; November 20, 2016- February 20, 2017;  June 10-July 15, 2017; December 1-28, 2017 ( this cycle is once in 243, years)

putin-1The theme of this cycle is this: it is the process of going through an alienating and cutting off from a group.  Is it an agency, a club or a social environment? One is being deliberately rejected, or no longer welcome within an organization, agency, social groups or company? All attempts to negotiate do not work, as an old affiliation and arrangement is over for very specific reasons. Something he assumed would always be there is no longer.  It is important to learn during this period, the possibility that the comfort one has derived in the past from being a part of this community has not been real or healthy. It has been either secretly one-sided or abusive in some manner. It may not have been fair and based upon equality, and many times if Libra is involved, it is an economic organized criminal alliance that is coming to an end. Libra has a negative side sometimes, ( as every zodiac sign does) and the negative side of Libra is deception, organized crime, self serving, self preservation activities and agendas. Because Pluto is square to his Saturn in Libra, and soon to square Neptune in Libra, he is susceptible to being deceived more now than usual. it is bringing out the worst of the negative issues or challenges within these types of alliances. It is happening the same time Pluto opposes his Uranus, which again, is another hard cycle of being literally alienated from some group, community or partnership that you never would have thought would do this to him. These compromising alliances have not been supportive of his ideals, but going along with arrangements appearing to be wholeheartedly committed,and now want to be separated from him or vice versus. Putin could very well have had just enough of this unequal fake alliance.  Or is it a community where he never could he have imagined a separation, but now accusations, cutting off, irrational independence and alienating have left him no choice but to align with another “country” or community or alliance? Is he removing himself from a particular community because he is expected to conform to some protocol and large design that he feels runs counterproductive to his situation?  You take these kind of astrological cycles occurring once in 243 some years in the chart of a world leader and it could be globally quite serious.

There are complicated positive and negative motives possibly behind these actions. We can agree it is a power play and economic interests are playing a large part, but also equally important is conflict altercation or stand off between himself and others that do not share the same reality, and it is very much like an ugly divorce in some ways. During those times, during these squares and oppositions, one is sometimes not using the best judgment as alternative paths to take, ans so this is one of those situations.What use to work in the past is now  hostile, and pulling back or rejecting and pushed away and is part of the challenge of this opposition. It is necessary to let go of the person or the group or counting upon the country, or old prior alliance, as it has turned a different path and is no longer productive or going in the path of integrity for him. The old “group” has made new “friends” and have new money and equipment, and has been seduced away, and so now, he might have no choice but to go on the offensive for some very serious reasons. Plut’o’s period of challenging choices would only reach this kind of urgency once in his life,  2016-2017. This astrology cycle is a game changer for ones’ life direction, it is quite serious.

Venus retrograde –

The one cycle that could lead to negotiations, peace and cooperation is the Venus at 13* Aries station retrograde oppose Putins’ Sun at 13* Libra, February through April 2017. The Peak is March 3, 2017.

Uranus trine Pluto –

This is the open door for material, territorial, financial, political liberation and breakthroughs if the worst part of the previous cycles can be handles properly. No compromising alliances as more and more, people could be realizing and working with him that it will be a globally bad decision.  Powerful drive, ingenuity and confidence to claim a new project of liberation and achieve  certain power political goals. These kinds of cycles are incredibly difficult to decipher because we don’t know what kind of person is deep within Vladimer Putin, so, is this cycle good for him in the long run, because he is a powerful leader, good for his country and an asset for the world? Are certain powers in the world antagonistic of what he is doing, because of their own private agendas? Or is he relaxing and changing from a certain compromising relationships and trying something totally new, being a front runner of promoting innovative technology and a source of truthful factual events occurring on the globe that not many want to discuss? Personally, it advances an individual to be himself, to be open and share his political experiences with others and liberates him from oppressive compromising alliances. Again, it’s a break away from the old, but in a more positive way than the previous transits. My sense is that he is feeling an empowering confident new self, to be openly admitting what he sees, what he plans to do, and what his goals are. Freedom from oppressive agendas and moving in a new direction are all indicated with this cycle.  Dates: April – June 2016; October 1-25,2016;  February 20-April 10, 2017


roeorich-sketchSaturn conjoin Russia’s Sun and Mercury- Dates:  February-November 20, 2016   *Once every 29 years*

A heavy reality has settled in on Russia, heavy issues and confrontations are necessary to act upon, with weighty situations to deal with and no way out of them but to forge ahead and do one’s best. Very intense situation of Saturn conjoining Russia’s Mercury, Sun at 15,16* Sagittarius..that demands a facing of reality and positioning themselves quickly as some oppositional force making it seem Russia has to suffer and accept some form of consequences of  limitations, restrictions, and oppression, while working quickly on solutions. It is a forcing the facts. Because it is happening in the sign of Sagittarius, Saturn brings out the worst of that sign, meaning, confronting the truth about a renegade entity somewhere in her circle of influential connections, a total lack of boundaries,empathy and consideration of Russia’s welfare and how Russia is having to deal with this situation, strive for her own cultural and economic thriving.

October 4-November 25, 2016. This is a stressful anxiety inducing transit, where one is being expected to perform, jump through hoops for some almost impossible situation that must be dealt with, usually from the neglect of another who could have made the difference

Global Transits

In general, we have been going through an exhausting period of being forced to actually study the news, and not assume everything reported on is accurate. Media is filled with confusing people, their actions and behavior, what actually happened? Sometimes we question were there paid actors that can be validated or was that a rumour? The cycle of Saturn square Neptune, and several other ” Yellow zodiac signs” within transits that have tested us to unravel the media parading one story after another, or analyze individuals and organizational movement, and what and who is manipulating, it’s just been hard. Yellow ray signs are considered primarily the wisdom information and communications signs of the zodiac and they are Sagittarius/Gemini/Pisces/Virgo.

So much information and unbelievable drama. What is true and real and what is fabricated or manipulated? All of us have been concentrating very hard upon a long series of configurations within the astrology cycles testing our wisdom, capacity to discern, fact check, research, pay attention and make smart decision. And, we’re having to master this complex flood tide of info while awful events are exploding on this planet that really demands the correct decisions and response! This is serious discernment required, and we are relying upon anyone, who? to tell us the truth.

I wanted so much to lay out this list of planetary aspects, and anyway, it never happened….The string of testing transits to our capacity to see through the magic, began April 27, 2016 with the Mars in Sagittarius retrograde, and continued with major Virgo/Gemini/Sagittarius/Pisces aspects from April through November 3, 2016. These are what some call the Yellow Ray Signs, and several planets, retrogrades and Eclipses have made important aspects within these signs beginning with the most insidious Mars in Sag retrograde April 17, 2016.

Step by step, it has been important to keep moving forward with your own personal goals, presenting information, expressing yourself, making your decisions and unraveling Neptunian Deceptions. If the confusion wasn’t in world issues, it was in the process of trusting yourself and holding on to your integrity and vision of who you are and where you are going.  It has been vitally important to speak your mind, share your investigations and become comfortable with digging for facts and having two or three reference points in order to validate your opinions or a journalists report.

Also, a strange escalation in the discussion of the world we are living in, and are we actually in a simulated world, have timelines been altered, and are there glitches appearing within our every day reality that can not be denied. People have decided they are sick and tired of living in this Matrix, and have hired the top minds to get us all out of the computer codes. Article. We want the real thing. Is the next Pluto 1776 revolution the fight for liberation from the box we have been put in? What is the box and who created it?

The global community has been working hard to discern facts from fiction in the media. Not only has it been a string of smaller astrology cycles from April to November 10, 2016, but it has been the most depressing transit of Saturn square Neptune, which just ended September 28, 2016, and has been going on for over 1 1/2 years. That aspect itself, is like one long crazy magic show.

(Check out the January 2015 Global Cycles in the Library section, under Global Trends January 2015, and in there will be the concerns I had with Saturn square Neptune  ) Saturn in Sagittarius and square Neptune

The idea is to keep up the intelligent, smart and very focused  observations upon the daily events, world and person, and as you make your conclusions you are exercising your own mind to learn and think about a bigger picture that could be unfolding so fast, it is shocking. If you desire to use prayer, meditation and affirmations for the peace, truth, transparency and total tearing of the veils of layers and layers of agendas that is good.  Don’t you think by expressing your observations, doing a bit more research and fact checking, blogging or having a video channel to express your intelligent observation is making an incredible difference in the rapid maturing of the population to wake up!

Jupiter in Libra.square Pluto

Who wouldn’t love Jupiter the planet of wisdom, protection, expansion and morals in the sign of Libra/Justice and equality, relationships and peacemaker, financial abundance, beauty and luxury?  When it squares Pluto, globally what is being forced upon us to accept as an arrangement, agreement, economic decisions is not reliable. All Jupiter squares potentially create an open door for mishaps and misjudgment. People assume trust and cooperation, but there are hurried decisions and sloppy analysis. Confrontation with extravagance, relationship betrayal, unreliability within important relationship agreements come to a head in order to sort out deception and mistakes.

Interference from dark sources complicating the pure Jupiter to release love and reality everywhere. Something desires to block it,  at this time. Think about situations within your own personal life right now — are you in any way reflecting upon some kind of sour power from a person, some controlling energy from someone that could have been sane and cooperative but now has decided to block the cooperation? Maybe this situation or person has been manipulated to  make the decisions they have made that has stumped your progress. Possibly this rigid position appears even like an attack of some kind to your hope of a softer more satisfactory life at this time? This square says our own moral good will nature is being checkmated by a rigid position that seems to have a cold unyielding agenda, blocking temporarily, your expansive goals.  If there have been successful negotiations, good will collaborations and agreements with much fairness and sharing building all over the world, Pluto is interfering with some of its progress by its ambition to have what it wants with no consideration of any other option, no other path to consider.

October 4-November 15, peak Nov 8, 2016; March 17, 2017-April 12, 2017;  July 25-August 16, 2017.

For the rest of the time Jupiter Libra is creating an emphasis upon these following activities in your life and between nations, governments, and communities discussing and problem solving with other communities. Energy, mathematics, effortless living which frees up our time for more spiritual, recreational or productive projects is expanding and brought onto the market for ease of purchase.

Jupiter in Libra oppose Uranus in Aries- Dates: Dec 18-January 3, 2017; July-September 2017

Here we have stand off confrontations, polarizing against irrational aggressive nature of a community or organization of the most agitated types. Splits and separating occur. No negotiations usually can happen with Uranus in Aries, instead it is like a cutting off, a threat or warning, a nervous anxious time wondering what the other person will do. 

Personally, people in your life might be going through a risky unsettling situation that could be a close call. This could be because of international foreign positions and ideologies that will not bend. The most challenging part of this aspect would be like a position one is taking about taking the high ground with their life, and in a relationship with someone that has a more independent unpredictable personality, or a renegade sort of attitude and this is why it could be a split occurring as they may feel compelled to go separate ways. The opposition can mean sometimes we are separated from people we care about. In an extreme Uranus could trigger war, increase of attacks and unpredictable social disruption.  Libra can represent ease of living, and Uranus in Aries oppose is a sudden deception or taking it away, or challenging the way of life.

People in general are now willing to take huge risks regardless of the ease, money, materialism or soft life they would be abandoning, in order to transform the world into a higher prosperity and freedom. Isn’t that what Uranus is really all about anyway? Expect gutsy brash expressions of individuality and opinions spilling out all over the place. This just might be the end of political correctness.

On a higher note, because Uranus rules Aquarius, and Jupiter rules Sagittarius, and these signs are in harmony naturally with each other, maybe this confrontation isn’t such a bad thing!. The countries are upgrading socially the quality of life towards contributionism -generosity-resourceful sharing and technological support in order to turn the world into a paradise again. Jupiter Uranus idealism?

Saturn in Sagittarius sextile Jupiter in Libra: Dates: November 21, 2016-Jan 26, 2017;  Aug 18, 2017-Sept 9, 2017

Professional mature credible minds bringing clear and pragmatic skills into our lives. Globally and privately, support, discussions and meetings with important serious people to get you from A to Z.  This cycle is so helpful and desires to merge the structure and protocol of rules, parameters and formality with hope, expansion and happy goals in mind. They work together now. Excellent time to have meetings and negotiate. Reality, truth and integrity are working together. A positive cycle for Judges, the law and negotiating and embracing a more progressive global society. How would this impact your own personal life? Support and cooperation from people in authority positions able to clearly mediate, support you and look out for the highest of both sides of situations. Positive and generous – minded professionals providing support, solutions and expertise for your personal problem solving.

Saturn in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries

Here we have even more support, solid arrangements and authority figures, employers, experts supporting the desire for people to be free and liberated, independent, individualized. This is a perfect blend for people all over to accept and agree to diversity and solutions for social peace. In your own personal life, launching business, plans for special projects, signing papers, completing important cycles, legal affairs are all positive. * You might want to ensure your personal transits are very good for your own important decisions however. *

December 4, 2016-(especially peaking on Dec 21-Jan 6, 2016) – January 10, 2017: May 7-26, 2017:  Nov 1-16, 2017

Mercury Retrograde

hermes-guiding-souls-in-the-underworldMercury Retrograde at 15* Capricorn conjoin Transiting Pluto at 14-16* Capricorn, December 2-19, 2016. ( Jupiter also joins in a square to Mercury and Pluto on November 20, 2016 )

The decisions you are making in your mind during this time, are serious planning, problem solving and involving complex situations that must be faced. You are moving through a strange Mercury retrograde where each path you could take has to be calculated for the best interest of more than just yourself. Pluto conjoin Mercury Retrograde means this inspiring period helping push you forward with some guidance, is not just about you but everyone who is in your life. Future security, organization, commitments, career decisions and employment motivations are serious business now.  Most likely, you are choosing new paths to follow as you are also taking into consideration of global, national issues, business economic situations. Being told or inspired to commit or to accept some level of cooperation or arrangement with a power group, organization, agency, government or corporate agenda for you, or for the planet could be part of this cycle. To truly see how this outpictures lets look at the U.S. charts. This cycle just might be a serious commitment made by government to commit to war, so none of us want that, and so Pluto conjoin Mercury needs an affirmation, a call, to reverse the worst.

“Beloved Divine God Presence of all Love and Life within me and all who live on this magnificent world, I call to you to mitigate the negative portents of the Mercury Retrograde at 15* Capricorn conjoin Pluto at 16* square Jupiter at 16* Libra, oppose Uranus at 20* Libra. I all for the mitigation, transmutation and reversing of all fanatical intolerant positions, declarations of war, obsessive desperation motivating those in power to instigate any activity disrupting the way of peace, prosperity, security and cooperation. I Am commanding and demanding my own life situation be balanced and abundant of every good and perfect gift for myself and loved ones and for the Body of Light Everywhere, and I accept this done this hour in full power, So Be It.”

America Update 2016-2024 Next….assad























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