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Pluto In Capricorn Square Uranus In Aries


Starwatch: Pluto In Capricorn: Square Uranus In Aries The Transformation of a Decaying World

By Christine Barrere


(Originally Published July 2008)   As of July 2008, we are very different people than who we were even as early as last January 2008. We are clearer, more present with ourselves. We are more in alignment with an interior guidance. May 1998 — as if an invisible force was no longer carrying part of the weight — the world changed — life got harder. Many more reports of depression appeared. Most of us have felt it. People asked me frequently, ‘What is going on, What happened?’ The optimism of the past was replaced with heavy responsibilities. 1998 through 2007 has been rough for many people, and our mental and emotional states have been deeply impacted by what we have had to deal with on a daily basis. The reason for this is not so much astrological but spiritual. 2005-2006 an age of accountability replaced the age of innocence. We have all been taking a crash course in handling more. And we have been handling more. Not only did these new battles strengthen us and enable us to develop and increase our mental, emotional and spiritual skills. Our discernment in understanding good and evil has grown. We have been educated to handle increased complexities. When is the end of this particular training if we could call it that? 2012. The eclipse in February 2008 and the conjunctions of numerous planets in the sign of Aquarius was a unique marker point which brought a new release of Aquarian cleansing and freedom. A significant transmutation occurred and as with every step up of frequency, there was an acceleration of awareness. This cleansing created increased abilities to handle more, and has been occurring at the same time where more and more disturbing activities are escalating in our physical world. That is the dichotomy. We are at the beginning stage of this dichotomy. 2012 is approaching, and along with it are all the many predictions and implications surrounding 2012. What do we believe? What can we expect? Some say Armageddon is nigh. Others say that the earth is going through a transformational shift where our planet, society will be so different from what we now know. Our today will be so different from our tomorrow. Yes, the earth is going through a transition. There are more people than ever before. We have more ways to destroy ourselves than ever before, just as we have more ways to save ourselves than we’ve ever imagined. Psychics predict earth changes. The Mayan calendar of thousands of years ends in 2012. Alien sightings are increasing. And it seems everyone has the answer… Our political candidates are all clamoring for change as never before. The media wants us to support their candidate. Big Corporations, Oil, Drug, Banking and Finance… all say that we should buy their version of hope and change. The question is from where is the answer going to come? Will it come from outside of us in the form of bigger government or bigger business in the form of taking more and more control OR will the change come from within, from inside each of us? Welcome to Pluto square Uranus. Beginning 2011 through 2015, Uranus, the planet of innovation and freedom will be in square with the planet Pluto, notorious for its desire to exert subtle but relentless power over whatever it aspects. This square will create a cosmic tension between freedom loving Uranus and power hungry Pluto. Who will profit and benefit from the creative innovative energies flooding from Uranus? The lovers of freedom, those free spirits with a desire to live their dream to bless the entire world with their brilliance. Or the controllers behind the scenes pulling the strings of governments and corporations? The Uranian energy of Freedom and Innovation will leave Pisces May 27, 2010 and move into Aries. Aries is the pioneer of the Aquarian Age. May 27, 2010 is the date in which events will heat up. This is the date to brace yourselves. This Uranian energy will be bursting forth in multiple duplications of itself, all over, popping up here and there, seemingly disconnected, but very much reacting from each other. Like squirting out inventions and inspirations coming through us, inspiring this and that new thing, unable to be contained, with a life almost of its own, transforming the planet through its agenda to upgrade, innovate and aggressively stimulate the impetus towards freedom. Freedom in what way? Technology, efficiency, medical, concepts and psychology, healing, machinery, space, matter, science and warfare, economically, nothing will be kept out of the influence of this electrical impulse to transform every part of life, and bring mankind into a higher truth and individuality. This impetus is to realize our divinity within ourselves, our ‘I AMness’. The divinity of our individuality is to recognize and embrace that each person has their own grand design and purpose here. Aries is the sign of the I AM. Innovations, inventions, solutions — in every area — will be accelerated. Consider all the advances we have seen in our lives. With Uranus entering Aries these advances will only seem like a warm-up for the real show. In other words, we haven’t seen anything YET! Uranus in Aries will give us all an infusion of creativity and innovation. This cycle will usher in a dynamic exciting period of innovation where the intent will be to benefit all life. These innovations will have a profound and lasting impact on every facet of our lives. But let’s be realistic, it is not going to be easy. Pluto rules large bureaucratic organizations, such as governments and large business. Can you really imagine any government or large bureaucratic organization not going after absolute power during a Pluto in Capricorn cycle? Not only will they not pass on the opportunity, we will find that they will be pulling out all the stops and really going for it. Pluto will want Big Government and Big Business to control EVERYTHING, and if Pluto cannot control or profit from Uranus in Aries, Pluto will try to block it from coming forth. Uranus will want to declare a FLAT OUT NO to anything that will try to limit, control or degrade its expression to serve all life through new ideas, innovations, inventions and solutions. It is possible that during the Pluto/Uranus tug of war between freedom and control, there be periods of shortages, rationing and interruptions of services. These shortages could show up in any area where this Uranus/Pluto tug of war will want to play out. The undercurrent will always be a conflict between greater control or greater freedom. For example some areas where this conflict could be seen could be gasoline/food rationing, interruptions in electrical service. I suggest you consider acquiring some reserves and think of ways to weather through such a period. Uranus in action during this time represents us. We are the new pioneers. We are waking up to discover our inherent divinity to create! This is Uranus checkmating the Pluto misuse of power. Pluto will attempt to put down this spirit of freedom. We can learn much from the last Pluto in Capricorn cycle, which was 1762 to 1778. The beginning of that cycle was launched by the miscalculations of British Parliament to take the wealth generated by the colonies while keeping the colonists as 2nd class citizens. Fortunately the last time Pluto was in Capricorn was a time that was well documented. Studying the thoughts of the people during this period can help us understand this cycle we are now entering. One of my favorites is: ‘The Letters Of Richard Henry Lee 1762-1778 by Richard Henry Lee’ So how could this look in practical terms? The answer is ‘conflict’. Conflict that can take any number of different forms. From war between countries to war between controlling interests. War is always about who will be in control. ‘War’ when involving Uranus and Pluto always involves large bureaucratic organizations and the enslavement of the many vs. individual ingenuity and the greater freedom for all. Remember. Pluto in Capricorn empowers EVERYONE, THIS INCLUDES YOU! We are entering an amazing new era of more power given to us. We can qualify this power each day by making a conscious decision to blend our will with a higher will. Prayer and meditation is the alchemical necessity to bring in the full benefit of this period AND to maintain our harmony through this transition Mighty Divine Light! I call for Love to take dominion over the world! We have a date with the Divine Mother. She is counting upon us to engage our own power with her intent to save the world. Beloved Divine Mother, release your love, your wisdom, your divine power into my life and lives of all here and now, I call for the Golden Age to be born, remove the strife, the struggle, the ignorance and conflict now. I thank you and release all my will into this mighty Spirit of light to guide and direct the affairs of mankind in this country and in the world. When we are confused or unsure of what to do, ask the divine light-energy all around you everywhere to move into action: Miracle healing love pour forth everywhere and transform the earth. Remove the veils from our eyes and inspire us to concentrate through our hearts on truth and liberty in all its manifestations. Let the one true power — love — be infused into the nations and the world. Look at all the ways people are assuming responsibility with such courage and empowerment. And for those of us still struggling to become more aware, just knowing we may need to go through this transition period in order to transform the complex falseness engrained in our world into truth and liberty, inspires us to keep on the path ever upward. I know it is difficult to keep going. But you are changing the world. You are making a difference. Did you ever expect it to be easy? Vondir. Christine PS When looking at the upcoming elections, I caution you to consider that Neptune is conjunct the U.S. Moon at 27* Aquarius throughout 2009. This will tend to inspire us to feel our needs are FINALLY going to be met nationally. You may think you’re getting a dream come true of a candidate elect but later realizing there is an Aquarian perversion. Rather than the candidate of our dreams we find out that we have another obedient servant to Pluto in Capricorn’s fallen agenda of control and enslavement.  

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