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Replacing the Astrological Grid with the Heart of God


November 14 2015

Saturn Square Neptune Replacing the Astrological Grid with the Heart of God-Part One

It has been several months since I have written an article. My head has been spinning with the bizzareness of the world.  And, I admit, I was wondering recently if I had made an error with last January’s article in my interpretation of the trauma producing Saturn Square Neptune transit cycle, that began last January 2015 going through 2016. I mentioned the first and last quarter of 2015, would be the worst, emphasizing the October through December, Peaking November 10-22 as the most destructive of the two. So, recently, I figured we must all be safely passing semi- uneventfully through that Saturn Square Neptune, and I sighed a relief. Then, yesterday, Friday the 13th happened. Which as we all know, its reputation is derived from the massacre of the Templars, Friday the 13th

The Founding of the Order

“Founded in 1118ce and destroyed on Friday 13th 1307, the Knights Templar, or Poor Knights of Christ of the Temple of Solomon to quote their full title (1), have contributed to modern society the most inauspicious date in the calendar, so that even those who know nothing of them are influenced indirectly by them through superstition. The purpose of forming the Order was to protect pilgrims traveling to the Holy Land from bandits, muggers and Saracens.

 Link Here

I am sending a THANK YOU to my friend for pulling me out of “seclusion” to write about this event. I can see now, this Saturn Transit is still very much active. I don’t know about you, but I am suspecting you are similar to me when we suddenly become aware of a catastrophe. I’ll describe it quickly, then get on with the Astrology. A mysterious natural reaction occurs when made aware of dark events. Automatically, you open up to a sacred place deep inside your body. The process could happen without you even being aware of it! We quickly place the dark event which has just grabbed your awareness, quickly into that chamber. All the imagery and emotion, the noise, and the understanding of the violation, which in this case was Paris, all in that chamber. Our Holy Altar is there, inside our bodies and you lay it upon that altar for refuge, and for Alchemy. Now the real work begins. Somehow knowing, you are a custodian of the Earth, and it is your duty and right to engage in this guardian action, a particular quality of love begins to encircle and infuse this replica of the drama. Remember, which “things equal to the same thing are equal each other”, so this “body” of the event, contains the whole reality of the living movie. An automatic response within calls down the fire upon that scene that is now within you in that contained “chamber. You invoke Agni (fire-light) to penetrate the crisis. You can feel it in your stomach, in your heart and emotions, and you trust it will fulfill its perfect intention, It penetrates every angle of the situation; those who suffered, the violence, the agenda behind the agendas, the decisions that were made prior to the catastrophe possibly months in advance, and the shock and horror of all who were there. The Spirit rescues those who were there. The intelligent fire tracks down the perpetrators and their mind control and those who manipulated those minds and the watchers and archons behind it all in other dimensions. This fire is being directed automatically by the natural intelligence of the Spirit within you and over you, that is the Fire. It’s like being a Cosmic Cop. The Fire penetrates the governments and global decisions moment by moment in order to bring into alignment the aberration which scarred our world. There are enough of us now who mysteriously possess the ability, this inner knowing and training from somewhere, to summon rapid powerful action into an event like this. I wanted to share this with you, because it is important to understand, we are not just out here powerless, unable to make a difference, or unable to bring justice to these atrocities. We are already engaging in the Great Work that makes the difference. Knowing that you go to this place, now it is the time to enhance the action with a meditation moment, or prayer to increase this fire-light. You might want to light candles. You can intensify Gods’ ability to release the comfort, the mitigation, the justice into the situation. It is the moment you demand a halt to these activities, and quickly bring peace and order back to the planet. You may use your own meditation or prayer, or use the one below: “Mighty Beloved God, I call for all the magnificence of your beauty and perfection to radiate now upon all activities of mankind. I Am Calling down your light and fire into this dimension and into all dimensions of your magnificent kingdom now. Release your word, your wisdom, your justice, your unfathomable mind into the activities of terrorism and the agendas behind it now, and consume those agendas of darkness with your illuminating creative action. Replace it with the power of peace. Raise your hand to stay the actions of darkness upon this planet and reverse the threat of terror, the actions of terror, shock, violence and manipulation of the precious souls on this earth, with the infinite light and commanding presence of the highest order and divine perfection for everyone everywhere now. Take all precious souls recently passed into your comfort. I am calling for a triple ring of blue fire around every constructive soul, area, region, activity and living being on this planet now, and I thank you and accept this done, amen.”

Here is an excerpt from last January Global Trends for 2015: Saturn square Neptune    ( link to excerpt Chapter 4) January through March 15 2015; November 1 – December 13 2015 peaks November 10-21 2015 and exact November 17 2015. Returns all 2016 “Saturn in Sagittarius is going to be moving into a 90 degree angle with Neptune in 2015. Remember, keep your frequency up. We could all be challenged with depressing news, more absolutely bizarre brazen terrorist drama, ( list below of possible acceleration of dangers) but the square is here to finally challenge the Wizard of Oz’s who are behind the curtain creating the Satanic rituals on the planet. Some situations might be actually organic, natural, not orchestrated. Some events taking place in 2015, could be so challenging, we need to confront the loss, the mass of confusion it has created and ensure it will not happen again. We then need to quickly recover. And we must as a community worldwide, get to the Oz behind all the theater. This year we can not afford to be left wide open with shock or grief. We must recover quickly. The categorizes for Saturn square Neptune are: Escalation of religious cultural conflicts stemming from an increasingly dangerous and erroneous deluded attitude to manipulate and judge a race, culture, or region to conform, change, be contained or simply disappear ( Neptune); all 2015, especially 1st quarter of the year, and last quarter of the year 2015. Escalation and exposures of hypocrisies within religious orders, classes, immorality within these religious classes exposed; Inter dimensional consciousness interfering with the boundary layer of each individual’s aura and consciousness and the planet’s sheath of protection resulting in loss of identity, etc, etc…..” “… Saturn in Sagittarius means it is time to upgrade, personally and globally. When squared by Neptune in Pisces, the two creates depression, trauma, distortions, collapsing of courage, beliefs, vision. It is dissolving because of something that has been discovered, realized or it is a series of events that are not easy to handle for the normal psyche. It would be an excellent year with Saturn square Neptune to challenge and pray for the stopping of the worst evils occurring on this planet and the individuals causing them…..” “….the idea is that your soul is on a precious journey this year. Define it. The Sagittarius is the Archer who hits his mark. Bulls eye! This is your key this year, and we do this because of keeping up the frequency in spite of the downer Saturn square Neptune. The Frequency is important this year as the key because Neptune is the planet that tends to depress and confuse. Are you beginning to see Saturn in Sag is really your ally? It is your friend and will protect your conscience to challenge the head fake of Neptune…” This is a cycle to CHALLENGE DECEPTION AND THE ART OF INDUCING TRAUMA into the population by creating theatrical false flags all over the globe which are in actuality global satanic rituals. ( do you understand, you can call a thing out, without being a religious fundamentalist or fanatic? (Research the purpose of satanic ritual masked as upsetting public activities if you like. Many of these global catastrophes are being linked to theater.) It can also be genuinely a strange cycle of natural events that simply need concentration and problem solving in order to re-stabilize our lives and the world. Again, the time frame of the hardest period of this square is January through March 15 2015; November 1 – December 13 2015 peaks.” End of excerpt.

Let’s stop here for now, and a new update will be uploaded in a few days for the astrological cycles of November through January 2016, (UPDATE HERE) that will need to be transmuted into light. Remember the Interior Chamber.  It is Real Boy-praying


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