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July 18 -24

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This Stardrops is focused upon the Full Moon (section half way through article) and using the symbology within this new Full Moon Chart (below) to examine the truth within ourselves, what do we need to change as limitations, what’s holding us back inside of our minds, and how can we become more expansive and confident as we approach our future next few years of creativity and accomplishments.

Secondly, it gives us clues as to what we are facing globally. The Full Moon chart is not a set in concrete predictive tool, rather, clues us into what those in Saturnian control, might be planning to do next. It doesn’t mean it is successful. This Full Moon, like other markers in astrology, keep us on top of these cycles. But first – lets’ go through quickly this week’s rundown of all the planets….

July 18         Venus at 25* Leo inconjunct Pluto at 25* Capricorn;  Mercury at 10* Cancer semi-square Venus at 25* Leo and conjoin Hades at 10* – with Mars at 23* Leo inconjunct Neptune at 23* Pisces; Mercury at 11* Cancer inconjunct Saturn at 11* Aquarius

Some alterations of your schedule might be required. Trips are helpful yet some frustrations take place for certain periods.  This weekend requires some adjustments with our values and priorities in life. It’s a good effort an important start so don’t get frustrated too badly if you don’t finish everything you hoped to accomplish July 17 – 19th.

Obligations which are not always lined up perfectly with our emotional needs, disconnects between ourselves and someone we would love to be with, but something is inconvenient at this time….it evokes a new strategy as to how to move forward with this cycle – and also examining what part of our values or needs are truly partially fantasy, or an illusion. These processes might all be about one person or situation, or involve each separate issue – each one having it’s own need to solve and strategize within it.

In general, it’s a weekend for realizing some changes have to be made, and they happen within the mind, then we talk it over, lay down a new plan and shift. 

July 19       Mercury at 12* Cancer square Chiron at 12* Aries       Be on guard for subtle hints of wounded egos bruised from disappointments – whether they were with people who did not bring enough adulation to our table, or simply just not happy with the way this or that took place. Words, words that weren’t said or the words that were chosen to be used – let it go and just put it away for a while. The following day should uplift your perspective…

July 20     Mercury at 14* Cancer sextile Uranus at 14* Taurus       Today the mind is more realistic and objective. There is an emotional understanding about life, your life, your friendships and decisions, a connection you sense in relation to others. It is positive, happy and there is opportunity to connect and allow both sides to be themselves, get their own agendas met and still get along. Papers, writing, group feedback, planning along with emotional sensitivity is strong. This is a bit of an accelerated product period.

July 21 -22     Venus moves into Virgo oppose Jupiter at 0* Pisces
Mars at 25* Leo inconjunct Pluto at 25* Capricorn –
Sun enters Leo inconjunct Jupiter at 0* Pisces.

Sometimes challenging connections between Mars and Pluto force us to address really upsetting feelings, reactions to things that come up inside of us. Typically something has triggered it.  Inconjuncts simply require jumping through hoops to fix something. Just do it, and move on – don’t revolve over it too much, blame yourself or another.

What you love, how you feel about someone or some situation and your values are quite optimistic, excited and imagination might be a bit overly activated, not very realistic or taking into account how much work, practical reasoning and commitment would be involved in a new step or a new course you might want to take. Take a moment to map it out. Take it all the way to the end conclusion, then back up a bit and modify your new beautiful vision. It’s time to move into intense self-respect and engage.  The analyst versus the dreamer.

July 24        Mercury at 22* Cancer trine Neptune at 22* Pisces   The new beautiful vision is worth the effort.




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Bare with me – as usual, it’s not that simple nor is it black and white describing  multiple layers energies and themes.  We do live on an amazing world during complex times of the AWAKENING.

The Full Moon In Aquarius, is conjoined Saturn and oppose the Sun in Leo.  The entire situation of this new FULL MOON CYCLE impacts some sensitive people with a sense of futility.  Mental anxiousness and overwhelm for what is on our plate, what we must accomplish, the time factor to consider, (Saturn involved) and being pulled in several directions, challenges with maintaining one’s vision and focus….and throw in some interference, unexpected disruptions and you have a complex period requiring much realistic planning and  mastery to pull this off. Overcoming….


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Add to this, health issues related to the Heart and Circulatory, Aquarius/Leo symbolizes these physical things, but energetically it deals with disruptions, traumas, stress and anxiety over free flow of creative energies and magnetism. Truly, it’s about frustrations with our love and commitments.

I suspect we’ll begin noticing these symptoms early this week,  (or they have been building for a while, and this Full Moon period is when we can finally realize what has happened) occurring from July 14 up to the 23rd, when it will be the strongest..then continuing for a few weeks afterwards.

You might already relate to some of these, you’re already there – but a cycle as this one, amplifies it, and forces solutions  in order to change it. Even though it will be experiences mostly personal, the new negative agenda projected onto the world scene is also full of this overwhelm and constant shock – so everything I’m describing we might identify with it personally, but globally, will also be intensely notable. The positive is also included below.

Becoming accustomed to repeated unexpected traumas and shifting circumstances, rules, declarations and adjustments – Realizing this is the new NORM and feeling compromised and alienated from our inner power and quality of life as we knew it? 

This Full Moon signals a challenge:

  1. The way we lived, is over.
  2. Capture, nurture and protect the most meaningful necessary elements of that past Culture, and fight for it.
  3. We’re now entering a period of needing to NAVIGATE around and through more intense global and political shifting sands which I’m predicting will escalate in local disruptions, as increasingly disruptive minor inconveniences with our every day flow of life, to major disruptions, random, not one place but randomly breaking out sporadically here and there throughout the world.
  4. What is everyone going to do about it? Because something actually can be done – but, it’s going to demand a big Leo courageous change within to face and conquer this situation, and from where we are today, and what is occurring in several nations’ astrology, esp the U.S. which began March 2020 – escalating to February 2022 and on, it’s only just beginning.
  5. How to maintain love, the focus of our attention on our own responsibilities is so important now. Not allowing anxiety to run our thinking, but keep the vision and information as to what, why, how and where are we going with all these changes. It changes frequently, but your goals should be straight and clear.
  6. The most important challenge is facing, these challenges which have been underground for decades. Because of the Astrological times, and several other Cosmic Events which astronomically have been occurring in the past 20 some years, these underground activities can no longer be hidden, and are bursting out onto the surface, which is what you are seeing and learning about. So, get ready.You can do this! This is one big part of the Full Moon message.

Globally, more and more (Uranus in Taurus and Moon in Aquarius) themes emerging among concentrated groups of people, will be bucking up intensely against systems, other groups, etc.. and especially to whomever is controlling and ruling the masses– terribly. It’s very high alert now. With Uranus involved, nothing is held back. Don’t forget, Pluto continues to block out certain truths in global media – and project out other information. It is selective NEWS. On one hand, it’s been this way for years, on the other hand, because of the astrology now, it’s being discovered more and more, brought out into the open and challenged. Could this Pluto oppose and square the U.S. Charts and other Transiting Node activity since summer 2016, be the Death of News as we knew it? 2016-2024.

Freedom, individuality, humane rights and demanding personal autonomy and personal choice will be heard everywhere. This is the Full Moon in Aquarius conjoin Saturn in Aquarius, and square Uranus in Taurus primarily. ( patience all you astrologers, I am getting to the other aspects…don’t worry)

The capacity for a message to be heard and noted LOUD AND CLEAR making an impact however, is so strong now, since this Full Moon is in trine to the Node in Gemini (Facts and Communications Networking in unconventional ways) and the Saturn at 10* Aquarius is in trine ( positive) to the Black Moon in Gemini. ( Factual information and whistleblowers, intel and reliable verifiable documents) brought to light, which supports final decisions made in many situations at hand. ( Chart Below)




How does this impact us personally in our own lives?

Personally, find creative ways to circumvent stagnation, change your scenery, get out and get away, break up rigidity – invite people to dinner and have a long enlightened conversation over wonderful meals – and promise yourself you’ll write down ONLY TWO things you must get done by let’s say, the 30th of July,  and do them. The theme would be how am I limiting myself from the actual amazing potential of my real true being I haven’t even reached it’s potential yet? 

Push away distractions, (aside from work and family of course) especially throughout this Full Moon period and let’s hyper focus on those two things, maybe even just one things. I’m going to just tackle ONE, and I’m keeping this agenda to the end of the year.

Keep your mind focused on the Saturn/Moon higher meaning, which is always about committing and working a plan. Stay Focused. When in Aquarius, it’s truly in regards to understanding your innate ability to magnetize and precipitate anything, including world change. Write down all the reasons why it matters and will benefit you and the others’ involved.

It could be re-committing to family, a living situation and location, an Epic Project plan, your health/body. Loving an old friend or helping out a community.Your goals will possess an Aquarian Vibration and Theme- Progressive, Truth, Liberation and Freedom from personal unwanted states of mind and situations to community or global ambitions. Do it, it will work in some form. Because Saturn is also running through Aquarius from March 2020 – Feb/March 2023, we are assigned to make the best of this cycle of change and transformation.

As all Full Moons go, it could maximize our feelings in these areas, but because it’s in Aquarius, it will be more friendly, transforming and helpful, objective, more intellectually reasoned out – and involve some form of self improvement, involving others improvement, humanitarian, scientific or urge to improve on your own attitude, your own view of things, and expand the LEO love and the heart’s part of the equation. This is because the Moon in Aquarius and in opposition to the Sun in Leo.

Mixing the two, the Leo/Aquarius, coming to conclusions to fix this or that, commit to improving or re-strategizing this or that situation, investing ourselves in things that are good for us in the long run, and how others will truly benefit requiring emotional sacrifices here and there will most likely occur now to us all in some form throughout this week….and years to come… but also don’t forget the Sun in LEO, YOU NEED THE LOVE poured into the whole package of why you’re doing it. THE LOVE IS THE REASON.

The Full Moon in Aquarius conjoin Saturn, oppose Leo Sun, also involves new decisions and responsibilities and boundaries possibly with children. New serious endeavors, new decisions, new ways of planning the future.

Take the high road with this cycle. Observe any remaining anxiety or stress which appears to have shrunk your circle of life, diminishing your creativity and trust, and how full your life might have been years ago and now it’s somehow smaller – your joy and your generosity needing reviving.. Remember, it might not just be you, something invisible and external has been manipulating many to pull in, shrink in some area of their heart interactions, and emphasize justifying not staying lovingly connected and close to others. People have changed.

Recognize sabotaging thinking, limiting your life from Love, habits and attachments that you know are leading you nowhere. Saturn helps us face these things yes, but the negative side of Saturn on the Full Moon can lock us into a punitive self limiting love negating state of mind. Smaller and smaller boxes of existence.





This week, commit to refusing anything oppressive and controlling of your soul’s desire to really feel alive and love, create,  EXPAND AND RADIATE LOVE, be in a life of infinite potential, to move, live, work, gather and create freely as inspired! Friends, this is natural!  Even if you need a little help, get it! You really are not alone – find a way to make it happen.

Burn Away The Global Spells.

Realize that residing within the symbol of Saturn close to the Freedom Loving Moon in Aquarius there is a message warning us, we’ve gotten too cold, removed, alienated and oppressed. Now we’re experiencing a worse condition of these planets, including the Uranus square, repeated Trauma, forcing more alienation and suspicion.  What is causing this?

The message or code is suggesting, we‘re required to address this quickly, because, I don’t trust life to be normalizing or secure…the big picture of this Full Moon’s message for the next two weeks out could indicate yet more randomly bizarre  incidences breaking out. 

Let’s unify our desires to protect and sustain our foundation of functioning every day for years to come. Let us Demand it. While external events may have to play out, our life goes on as productive and safely as possible. This is what my intention is.

Leo is the Will. Will it so.

The people’s Souls are subjected to being bound to a repeated form of subtle undertones of trauma – it might be OUT THERE in the world, our jobs, the politics, our disappointments etc…or possibly in your own personal life, but whatever it is, this Full Moon is sending us a Coded Message via the Saturn/Moon symbol right there to see, to wake up and recognize it’s time to leap into the power of the higher Aquarius and the Creative Radiant righteous indignation of the LEO authority to throw off the insane bars of entrapment.

We should do this quickly!

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THE SUN IN LEO”s capacity to recognize with an internal KNOWING, you are a free soul, an incredible being that has the force and the will to re-design your life in some way – even if it only begins with a shift of perspective, is something to truly desire now. Forget Saturn’s’ methodical planning – we need to hurry it up.

In addition, this Full Moon is including the Saturn in Aquarius square to Uranus in Taurus theme which was that tension we spoke about in past Stardrops  beginning February 2021 – finalizing on Dec 10 through 25, 2021– it is the tension between the controlling and the liberated – the truth versus the imaginary rules –the continual emergencies or global catastrophes and unexpected traumatic pounding of changing the game, the rules or seemingly unrelated crisis occurring everywhere on the globe weekly, daily to the point where we are becoming so accustomed to being yanked around in our nervous systems, we withdraw and accept it…the rigid projecting to conform versus  revolting and the free and individualized autonomy of following ones inner guidance, happiness, safety and love.

Saturn’s’ (and some Capricorn themes)  the relentless need to control, build wealth and power in some circumstances with certain individuals or societies, enforce structure, systematize and control big things and implement bigger long term agendas in any possible way versus the dynamic electric Uranus’ and true Aquarian individuality and magic that can precipitate advanced solutions without compromising humanities’ freedom of life – that’s what the Saturn/Uranus square theme is in 2021. This theme is part of today through the next two weeks, the theme brought out into discussion, in the open.

Now we add the Moon and Sun to this configuration……


     When we add the Moon (on the left side of the wheel in blue) to the Globally heightened control and maneuvering Saturn (next to the Moon) versus Uranian revolutionary independence (at the bottom) oppose the Sun in Leo in Orange to the right, we have a T-Square with this Full Moon.

The Uranus is the handle, the way out of the tension. Uranus in Taurus rules economic freedom, resource backups, humanitarian original solutions, innovation  with economy, several ways of bringing in your own personal securities and preparing for the unexpected. Unfortunately it also rules revolutions and the push back to those revolutions.

Let’s now understand, the Moon can represent our own evolving wise yet subjected to emotions, SOUL  The SOUL which can be represented partially by the Moon, is shown at this time, to be subjected to these negative Saturnian oppression, and tells us that the theme being revealed through this astrology, is that we could be in trouble. In otherwords, it’s time to step up our own personal protection, preparations, and acceleration through your favorite means of spiritual, mental, emotional and physical mastery and clarity. The trouble is interpreted as, now is the time, not later, to take an assessment of your own mind, attitude, family situation, what do you need to change and improve upon now. Let’s get started, because the world is about to change, again, and you want to be stable, not rattled anymore. That’s what this is about – let’s not be rattled. Let’s stabilize and be realistic and objective.

In order to eliminate anxiety and worry, just take one thing and concentrate upon it. Therein lies your power.

There has been and is right now a preparing of some sort of move, to up the anti towards the continual control of SOULS. But remember, this conflict of the Saturn/Uranus is also stepping up within many to speak their truth, take action and initiate the right changes for our future.

 During this Full Moon period, because of all the planets configurations we have brought to light, some new problem could escalate over the globe. In addition to unrest, marches, protests and a variety of unusual flooding, fires etc…expect the start of more internet outages, electricity and energy disruptions, anomalies surrounding cargo disruptions, transportation, and on and on…..Sometimes these Full Moons, New Moons and Eclipses, launch a new theme that goes on for some time – creating the NEW NORM…..let’s deny this type of trauma being our new norm as we’ve already had enough.

Take all this mysterious metaphysical symbolism, and just simply translate it back to how you have been thinking for the past year, five years, ten years … and realize there has been a slow unnoticeable progression of diminishing happiness or enthusiasm, love, connecting with others, bonding, sharing, health, Dynamic Creativity with Excitement and HOPE.

Maybe not all of you have had this experience, and that is fantastic. From where I sit, it’s tangible. This is an extraordinary level of Dystopia. The only thing you’ve got sometimes is what your gut instinct tells you, something is off, really really off.


  The Full Moon Chart July 23, 2021

     Just know, this full moon is revealing a message of what has been happening and, what is about to attempt to take place, disruptively, but because there are specific dates to these cycles, and one of them is right now this week up to July 23 peaking for two weeks, this is this a symbol for us to know, a very oppressive move is about to be made, globally, to further oppress our imaginative creative and electric Presence in the world.

This is what I’m going to do…I am going to work on expanding my mind, removing more walls of limitations to my potential and asking for clear seeing as to a more truthful self reflection of who I AM, who WE Are. … and taking the Cue from the Aquarian Moon, how much we need each other, and what invisible factors have actually created the PERVERSION OF AQUARIUS in me, which is isolation alienation, intimidation and trauma bonding, intellectually justified. I want it gone.




I AM the commanding universal infinite FREEDOM and Magnificence, radiating in every direction, precipitating divinely designed creations! I AM Infinite closeness and sharing with my loved ones. I value everyone that has come into my life. My future is filled with infinity of satisfaction with obtaining that union between my Divine Creative Inspiration and my human heart.

I AM always receptive to the shattering of old molds and structures, closed in walls within my mind and breaking free NOW. My soul is Awake.”



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