Aries 2016-2018 Forecast


Aries 2016-2018 Forecast


Everywhere I go people come up to me and ask the one question “What is going on!” I wrote these reports for you to give you something to count on, that would make some sense with not only your life, but what’s happening with certain planets in signs and the trends. These reports are filled with everything I could think of you might like to help you feel back in some control over your world. ( if I’ve missed something, feel free to tell me! )

Musical meditations, affirmation for your most difficult Pluto cycle, worksheet to reflect on getting back your control over some issues you need to handle, all the major planet aspects to your Sun Sign, and descriptions of Aries qualities, all the eclipses, the Mercury retrogrades, All Mars cycles, etc. I updated your Aries report to go all the way through to the end of December 2018. These reports are probably going to only get bigger and more creative as the years go by, this is my first launch, 2016 and have been working on much shorter versions on my old blog since 2012. Don’t walk in the dark, take advantage of knowing your cycles, when they are up and when they are down, and you’ll be way ahead of the game! For more details, read below.


Product Description

New Aries updated Forecast Report from 2016 – 2018, is ready to download onto your tablet, phone or computer! We’ve kept the 2016 in this updated report, for your reflection on some dates and cycles you have already gone through, or those who are not quite done with 2016.  This report includes:

All your Major Planetary aspects transiting Your Sun Sign for 2016-2018. These cycles give you an understanding of the major themes you are going through, such as positive empowering dates to receive favors, trust your collaborations, meetings or job interview, open flow of positive energies and uplifting periods which could also help you make better travel and event timing, clarity as to why certain situations are coming to an end or are challenged, and take action moments for riding certain cycles to a better outcome.

Overview of the overall theme for the next few years.

Theme video personalized for your specific Sun Sign, each 15-25 minutes long. I was inspired to create this for you, to play in your free moments, as a reminder of what you can focus on, count on, and what to navigate around. It is meant to inspire you and keep you clear and focused.

Affirmations-Specific affirmations for your Sun Sign’s cycles.  These affirmations are for your cycles iin order to either take better advantage of the good ones, or negate and transmute the harsh ones. 

Inspiring Musical Meditation for Aries All Mars transits with dates up through December 2018. (” Why would I want these?” You want to know your Mars cycles so you are not caught off guard with an aggressive conversation cycle, chaotic cycle, a boost of energy and productivity cycle or possible interference defensive driving, careful while camping, rush hour driving or handling sharp objects, cycle.) 

All Mercury Retrograde cycles up through December 2018 and how they affect you. Dates, beginning and ending, plus descriptions of what their themes are, degrees and signs they are in.

Venus Retrograde in March/April 2017

Mars retrograde, 2016 and 2018 ( You don’t want to miss these Mars Retrogrades!)  

All Eclipses, Solar and Lunar, their dates and signs, and how they impact your own Sun Sign Your Sun Sign Cosmic Worksheet.  Additional goodies include, suggestions to authors, videos, lectures or documents to bring to you information that can assist in this wonderful epic journey called your life.  Am I missing anything? 45-60 some pages for each report, ( I loved puting a HUGE amount of work into these reports, thinking about all my Aries friends and clients and what they would want to know about themselves and their years ahead.  Comments and questions welcome, please email me at  ENJOY!





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