Taurus Forecast 2016-2018


Taurus Forecast 2016-2018


Look Inside the Sun Sign Forecast Here

Digital download onto your tablet, phone or computer/laptop. ( I personally use the digital report and print it out and carry it around to mark it up!)

Included within this unique 56 page Forecast Report for the Sun Sign Taurus, is a deep analysis of all the major transit cycles influencing your Sun. It is packed with inspiring details for Taurus to use to bring worth, confidence and insight into themselves and daily guidance. The cycles described begin at the end of 2016  through December 2018. I know you’ll love it!

Product Description

Don’t walk in the dark, know what is going on and be smart. These individualized eBooks are designed literally to help you be awake and value your life, your personal affairs, and all your decisions you need to make to protect and preserve your quality of life. Much hard work ( and love ) went into creating your Forecast Report, Taurus.

56 pages of every transit to your Taurus Sun includes Pluto-Jupiter major cycles.

Every Mars transit ( we need to know where Mars is to take advantage of energy creating cycles or challenging opposition to our plans)

The Venus Retrograde in 2017 ( for love and happiness)

Every Mars transit, especially the most important Mars retrograde in Sagittarius, April-August 2016, and the Mars in Aquarius retrograde in 2018.

All the Mercury retrogrades with the dates and signs they are in and interpretation. ( Mercury retrogrades inspire and urge us to move upwards with new ideas for our benefit)

An inspirational  video overview of your Sun sign’s themes for the next few years personally created only for Taurus.

The report has affirmations to help mitigate certain difficult periods

A personalized Taurus worksheet to help you stay focused upon your goals and your true worth.

A musical meditation for your listening pleasure.Be ready for anything and get a handle on your affairs!


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