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Stardrops For The Week Of March 28 – April 3



MARCH 28 – APRIL 3, 2021


March 28 – Venus and Sun ( peaked March 26) conjoin semi-sextile Uranus

For the past four days, a strong impetus to re-arrange one’s life a bit stemming from one’s inner valuing of yourself may have led to new promises made to yourself, new convictions, planning and decisions. Like turning a new leaf, life is totally seen from a higher vantage point. This aspect in a semi-sextile to Uranus prompts us to engage in a ritual, a new schedule, or some sort of reaching out to another to share and multiply what we have to offer with others, rather than keep it all within ourselves. There’s so much we now desire to do, to be and experience. The will and spirit is now determined to somehow make this a reality. I believe it’s possible.

March 29 – Mercury and Neptune conjoin in Pisces at 21*

Strong mental idealism, faith and some spiritual devotional moods can take over our outer mind so much so we might find ourselves engaged in a move, book, a philosophical or Jungian type analogy, relating symbols, archetypes or heroes to ourselves. It’s as if suddenly we’re realizing who we really are on an inner level, and catapulted back into our every day mundane life, but with this new truth. No one might see it, but you know it. A part of who you are here, is actually amazing, on a mission. There is a reason thoughts are moving in this direction.

March 30 –31 Venus and Sun at 11* Aries sextile Saturn at 11* Saturn at 11* Aquarius

A perfect time for sharing an important issue with another, that otherwise might feel a bit intimidating. Planning and strategizing is the theme for the day. It might have already started, and could continue for the entire week. It’s a clear concise sort of order of thoughts. Practical, black and white…not a lot of fuzzy grey area is discussed, only what’s known truths and realistic possibilities. This is to help you and others, know what to expect and how to move forward. Loved ones’ might be involved, or a lovely social gathering planned. Money, values, truth about who each of you are, bringing one back to basics about what really matters these days.

March 30 – Mercury semi-sextile Jupiter

Time to do a bit of research. Digging around at others’ motives, seems to be key. When you get a hunch, it most likely is correct. Using that hunch can truly help solve a problem.

March 31 – Mercury semi-square Uranus

A slightly stressful day for our minds. We’re being asked to handle a bit of overwhelm in our day’s tasks. Maintain the vision of the ideal outcome, and forge through the day. Keep things orderly, and try to avoid falling into that attitude, it’s not fair. Anxiety can truly be kept at bay. Semi-squares are hints of irritation, not full blown attacks.

March 31 – April 2 Sun and Venus sextile North Node

What you value, the love and power you pour into your project, your people and your children or those you are looking out for, even if at work, are being helped tremendously now. The response back, is an increase of validation, love and respect for you. If it is related to business, indirectly, money flows your way. A very good day for meetings and negotiations.

April 2 – Mercury at 26* Pisces sextile Pluto at 26* Capricorn

Here is a day for constructive contracts, agreements, documents and hard facts discussed. A day for coming to an agreeable conclusion, yet difficult subjects could be brought out into the open. The arrangement might not be totally the ideal, but it works. Both sides are content this is now making progress.

It is a good week all around, for intellectual sharpness, getting to the point. It’s good for style, order, medicine, healing. It’s good for money and analyzing what to do with one’s papers and data. Figuring out the ideal strategy for one’s bigger picture of life, comes to you in layers of plans, and the mind can handle the tasks.

April 3 – Mercury moves into Aries

With Mercury jumping into Aries so quickly, after just being at 26-27* Pisces the previous day, it might seem as if this week, especially April 1-3, went by like a comet.

Time suddenly speeds up – you wake up and it’s already dinner time. How to handle this sort of warp, only pick 3 things you try to accomplish each day, and give yourself a break if you only get one done. A timeline shift is occurring this week, so there must be a new level of awareness, new information and new perspectives expanding our thinking so quickly, we won’t be the same people from this week on, that we were, the previous week. It’s happening quickly, this might be a good time to jot down thoughts throughout the week in order to keep track of the rapid stream of your train of thoughts. Each thought will lead to another in order to advance you to an ultimate decision or progress.

Have a very meaningful week!

(1167) THE HOLY SCIENCE – Part 1 – Swami Sri Yukteswar – Audiobook – Lomakayu – YouTube


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One thought on “Stardrops For The Week Of March 28 – April 3”

  1. This is very helpful information. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!
    And, based on some alternate media sources, we may all be sensing that
    things are happening behind the scenes this week
    (when not even reliable alternative media are willing to discuss specifics)
    ...and underground. where the forces of good are battling the dark forces.


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