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Stardrops July 25 – 31


STARDROPS JULY 25 -31, 2021

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This weeks’ Stardrops are short and  a bit  to the point – thank you for reading Stardrops!

Themes:  A week of looking at both sides – reflective, doing your research and discovering new information which might motivate one to shift their thinking and change some future plans. Be patient throughout this period because it is as if each day brings new truth to light, which enhances your own good fortune. You know those times when you say to yourself, “Thank goodness I waited, otherwise I wouldn’t have seen so and so, or found out this before I did or said this” ….etc..etc… The culprit is the Mars in Virgo tempting us to jump to conclusions, or, be overly judgmental or critical, or that place we go when we’ve absolutely assumed so and so must know how I feel, or surely got the message …and so on.    Impulses to make arrangements, concrete plans, and so forth, this week is a bit sloppy and untidy for that kind of commitment. Just wait a bit and allow more things to clear up, then you’ll know exactly what to do.

One more thing, for some of you, throughout the week, it might begin to dawn on you, that you need to accommodate a person in your life in one way or another….this is another shift that might occur, not only what you need to discover with news, conversations or others’ opinions, but also someone who needs your support and love, yet the entire picture is still not very clear why. A week of slow but sure enlightenment.

July 24-26 Mercury oppose Pluto –       News, information and communication coming from sources where much is riding on their opinion to influence or make your mood high or down – resist being manipulated throughout this weekend, throughout the week. Much information is flooding the information pathways however, sorting through the story behind all the stories is difficult. This opposition tells us much is hidden on purpose. For some it’s frightening, for others, exciting….we’ll need to wait and see.

July 26-28 Mercury inconjunct Jupiter in Pisces       Plans might need to change.    A re-arranging of your hourly schedule a bit in order to handle some unexpected visitor, problem or persons’ situation. Some adjustment regarding future goals, schedules, agendas. Another strange disjointed period. Not bad, just requiring adjusting. The thoughts were centered upon some idea or opinion you may have held as fact but now you’re presented with another perspective and considering a new concept. A shift in the mind is required. Research, process, learn something new. Information keeps a coming….

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July 28-31 Mars at 29* Leo oppose Jupiter at 29* Aquarius along with Venus square the Nodes

You might be inclined to jump to conclusions, exaggerate others’ conversations, beliefs, judgments, or advice….it’s a time of being a bit overly confident, cavalier about some issue, motivated by passionate feelings and the promise of having ones’ needs taken care of. 

 Is it you feeling this way, or are you dealing with someone  else overly confident, yet pressured and stressed to pull something off but might not have the ability to do this…No matter if this is on a large scale or smaller personal daily issue, just maintain common sense, balance, objective. Keep the straight logical protocol in mind and be a great leader now, not so much a follower.

July 28 – 31      Good fortune with discussions, friendships, visits, beautiful conversations where a union of thought, oneness of thinking is powerfully validating.  Finances are more positive on the 31st…..lighthearted meetings, dealing with professional projects and negotiations, guidance and advising is all positive now. In general, people are open, intelligent, cooperative.

July 30 Venus inconjunct Saturn     You might be considering bowing out of an event. Some awkward social situation is at the root of it –  yet is totally understandable – on the other shoe- if you have high hopes for a particular outcome with someone, just be honestly realistically open to talking about a situation, but keep it as short and manageable as possible. Not a good time to emotionally pull on someone or to be pulled on. This awkward social situation isn’t the easiest, so tread lightly and be detached. sometimes regarding Saturn and Venus, we need to keep it professional, business – like.

July 29 2021 – Mars moves into Virgo while opposing Jupiter’s last few days in Pisces

Mars intensifies order, having things perfect, picking apart words, conversations, negligence, gossip, disappointing things with others….it goes on and on searching for something to criticize.

Just pay attention to ones’ urges now to be highly fussy, ruminate over petty things, even things which can’t be proven, or fixed….protect yourself from getting waves of irritations from others towards you or your work, or something you did or did not do correctly – just relax and let this pass. Try not to get entangled in the injustice of this one. Give yourself enough time, resources and good planning to handle responsibilities perfectly, so you don’t have to overlap, rush or be exhausted or run out of time.

Mars in Virgo will continue to behave hyper critical, driving us to order and detailed perfection with most of what we do – even about ourselves. It will last up to September 13, 2021. Even greater focus is upon health in all ways throughout this period. It seems to be launching yet another wave of high risk health concerns this weekend. The worst day for confusion over health issues and the need for absolute factual advise is Sept 1 through 4 as the peak, and continues on throughout September. Mars will oppose Neptune during this time, so again study, learn, analyze and research – this is the theme of the times.

Remember, the push and push back  energies, the revolutionary vs constraint and control Uranus square Saturn is still continuing on up to December 24, 2021. It has been severely active since February 2021. Globally there is a warning for increased restraint and common sense, some delays experienced regarding things  which have been long overdue, and the need for much self control and managing ones private affairs creatively are so important now. Budgeting, saving and creative living is key.   Thank you for being there!

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One thought on “Stardrops July 25 – 31”

  1. Lee Budka says:

    Thanks for the heads up, dear Christine! My birthday is the 31st. The music was lovely too! I hope and pray all is well with you and yours.


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