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This new cycle is special because it is a Solar Eclipse period. It will peak on June 10, and last several months with its direction. You may have already felt its effect beginning middle of May or even earlier.

This is your most prominent path for right now, but this focus of activity should be harmonious and blend right in with the bigger life agenda you know is yours in your heart. At the end of this article, will be a clearer definition of how to uncover this cycles’ path for you.


MAY 30 2021      Venus at 26* Gemini inconjunct Pluto at 26* Capricorn – this aspect causes us to struggle a bit with our social/emotional patterns and old preferences, our old familiar style or human comfort. With an inconjunct, a pull to go back to what is humanly familiar will only set you back. This can be on so many human/social levels:

  1. Relationships and partnership choices, reactions, behavior
  2. Emotional preferences, what we are used to being and feeling like with others, now might need to be looked at as in need of an upgrade
  3. Human comfort patterns and our needs versus awkward, disjointed situations
  4. Assumptions as to how we interact with others or what we do or say or not want to do or say to others or how much energy is put into others and why
  5. Our values in life will be changing for the better

This inconjunct requires a re-educating of ourselves, even down to our very electrons and molecules that comprise our human bodies, as to the new direction, frequency and higher smarts they now must follow!

An inconjunct like this needs us to shift, or, the nature of the inconjunct will create a returning message to us that we’ve messed up somehow and need to make something work better.

An emotional social change is required, even the way we treat and respond to others, as the old way, isn’t going to fly anymore.

Mars at 22 -24* Cancer trine Neptune at 23* Pisces this lends to a compassionate loving heart, empathizing with situations, very tuned in, intuitive, giving and understanding. An excellent time for family, friends, domestic/home care, food/cooking, or simply experiencing the blessings of those who are like family to you, close to you….Openness to the spiritual nurturing of our souls during this time.

Meditation, deep yoga, retreats * or planning these activities * and making commitments to allow inspiration to guide us more than only our head and every day tasks we find are never never ending.

MAY 31 2021 Venus at 27* Gemini semi-square Uranus at 12* Taurus, and Sun at 10* conjoin Node at 10* Gemini.

A slight hint of higher insight, a heads up, as to what is going on that you must know and be prepared for.  Anything which has to do with money, finances, assets, security, or how something might be played out, whether personally or globally, follow that train of thought, and use this hint of insight as if you were playing chess and needing to write that thought down, mull over it a bit and figure out, what do I do with this information? Not every hint has to come true.

JUNE 1-3      Venus sesquiquadrate Saturn, and Sun sesquiquadrate Pluto;

An irritation involving love, friendship, or partnership issues, all centered around the art of social graces and reciprocity. Attempting to build onto something long lasting, but does not have the substance to reciprocate.

Mercury at 24* Gemini retro – semi-sextile Mars at 24* Cancer;   Another intuitive hunch involving house, home, family and something to come – something you might need to have or get ready, or do. Again, because of Mercury in Gemini, communication, information, something you’ve read or heard is triggering your own personal security needs now, giving you a heads up that you need to get ready.

Sun at 12* Gemini semi-sextiles Uranus and Sun at 13* Gemini trines Saturn at 13* Aquarius.   A perfect time to investigate, hold a meeting, discuss possible preparations for future problems or needs. Time to get real, practical innovative and progressive solutions put into action. Discuss, plan, formulate outlines and feel that empowerment that planning and preparation brings to you greater confidence and freedom. What is it you’re sensing you must get out of the way?

Venus at 1* Cancer trine Jupiter at 1* Pisces     This is just a beautiful period in general for protection, guidance and waves of love coming your way to provide not only emotional security, but home/financial/or domestic love and kindness all around. Good things happen in general to make sure you are at least on the right track of securing down what matters to you and your future. Sacrifices might need to be made on your part, but with this week’s astrology, little important details, bit by bit are getting done, improving on your mood, the success and richness of your projects, satisfaction with how certain things are moving forward and family or home bringing rewards.

JUNE 4-6     Mars oppose Pluto; Mercury ( 2n exact hit) square Neptune while retrograde;

This cycle appears to be reflecting more what is happening in the world. Again, misleading half truths, with epic control factors behind the scenes, neglecting and withholding so much truth in order to disinform and maintain control everyone is much as possible. Partial flat out lying – splitting hairs, misleading information, diverting conversations as to avoid facts and accountability. Pick any subject globally, and you’ll see it.  This Mercury retro square Neptune is for the POWER OF MERCURY AS THE POWER OF THE PURE MIND OF DIVINITY WITHIN EVERYONE to grasp tightly the tail of the perversions of Neptune, the Great Deceiver, mists of ambiguity and vague misleading nuances, never really revealing reality, and shake it hard, confront and push it back into the night, never backing down from that relentless weapon of The Truth and The Facts.

A square can mean sometimes, getting square with a situation once and for all, putting it to rest.



Tense pressure between these two planets, which has been building for a while, can continue the solar disruptions, thereby outpicturing as strange pressures, changes and shifts of our paths, our ways of seeing things on earth. It can lead to weird weather, earth changes etc…  But mostly, indicates strange abnormal experiences in our lives, where we need to work extra hard at staying the course, remembering what really matters to us as sands shift beneath our very feet.



We are moving towards the 2nd peak of SATURN SQUARE URANUS (June 14 exact) meaning, the tasks that are in front of us and how to complete them, appear daunting, ever changing situations and somehow unstable – yet if we don’t plan, make the effort and try, the unreliablity of Uranus’s energies can have a greater disruptive power than we would like, inserting too much interference in one way or another, in the future.

Use Saturn to enforce rules, stability, order and our blueprint, without being archaic, rigid or too intolerant and fixed. Use Uranus for innovation, flexibility, change and higher intuitive ideas in order to complete creatively your Saturnian tasks.  This is simply a year of accountability for so many things, including, the truth.


Assistance in deciphering our Path for this Cycle, June – July 2021.

The easiest way to decipher a Solar Eclipse, is to take a look at your birth chart, and discover where the symbol Gemini is on the outer rim.

(see example above)

Take a look at the HOUSE where the Gemini symbol is. In this example, it is sitting on house #9. To then understand where your June focus would be, where all other minor life issues would be eclipsed (diminished in importance) go to the HOUSES page on Starfires, here

On this same page, you can find a link that will help you erect your own birth chart for free.  For more detail, take a look at that number 18 degrees Gemini on the outer rim of HOUSE #9. Because this Solar Eclipse is at 19 degrees, I would put that Eclipse definitely in the 9th house.  If that # was 25 degrees let’s pretend, the 19* Gemini Solar Eclipse would then be just behind that 9th house, so it would technically be located in HOUSE #8. Then you would look up the 8th house definition

Remember, this may already be playing out in your life now, as of even a few weeks earlier, and continue as a new theme for your attention for the next few months, very strongly.

Have fun deciphering this cycles’ Solar Eclipse, and see you next week!

Enjoy 1924 “Thief of Bagdad” with the intensely moving musical piece from Rimsky Korsakov’s Scheherazade for this Silent Movie Score. It is worth patiently moving through the first 20 minutes to get into the true POWER of this sweet example of one man’s PATH.

“When The Thief of Bagdad (Douglas Fairbanks) sneaks into a royal palace, he discovers and instantly falls in love with a beautiful princess (Julanne Johnston). The thief pretends to be a prince, and the princess becomes enamored with him. The thief then reveals his wrongdoing to a Holy Man (Charles Belcher), who sends him to find a magic chest as penance. Overcoming many obstacles to win the chest, the thief then uses its powers to save Baghdad from a foreign invader and rescue his beloved.”


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