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APRIL 11 – 17 2021




Welcome everyone to this week’s Stardrops.  Below, is this week’s overview of usual astrological cycles. After the main issues for this week, will be some key cycles such as the upcoming Solar and Lunar Eclipses, along with the new Mercury Retrograde added here to give you a heads up for your planning

As we become even more attuned to staying on target with our life’s purpose, our everyday concentration on what is right before us to handle, we do it with a higher vision in mind. The vision seems to continue to be a non-verbal knowing, we’re living in two spheres at the same time – one is this world, which even though difficult, is requiring so much mastery and love poured into it as if pulling it up a steep mountain, and the other, some not so easily understood destination, filled with a higher beauty and reality.

April 11      Venus square Pluto After a subtle build up of an social friendship issue, culminating on April 11 to point socially, could end in a strong aversion.

April 12 -14     Sun sextile Mars After April 11 tensions are behind us, we enter a few days of productive meetings. Conversations, discussions, important decisions are constructive where there seems to be a cooperative positive outcome.

April 14 to May 8      Venus moves into Taurus – A softer and more compassionate energy can permeate our world. The physical world including our friendships, love, social connections, finance, business and our interaction with others who play an important role in our lives, are magnified in importance.

April 15 Sun sextile Jupiter      Moral and ethical reflections on situations that could have an almost mystical origin in nature. This sharing is discussed between the important people around you. Conversations involving th next step one is to take, future plans, travel, education, learning, the importance of integrity bring a warming to the heart.

April 16-18     Mars in 26* Gemini trine Jupiter at 26* Aquarius   Energized mind is directed towards friendships and community. The excitement of planning social gatherings, unity of purpose creates renewed positive feelings for one’s future. The oneness and confirmation experienced with certain people can assist each one in realizing, even though there is darkness in the world, there is a possibility and way to maintain an incongruency with that negativity so it rarely touches oneself. This is the nature of the Mars in Gemini inconjunct Pluto in Capricorn. An incongruency between the lightness and infinity of freedom of the spirit and mind versus the lower activities of those who’s only desire is to retain power.

April 16 – 17     The Sun and Mercury at 26* Aries sextile Jupiter at 26* Aquarius and Mars at 26* Gemini both square Pluto at 26* Capricorn

The sextile is that friendship cooperative gesture between self and others, where much is accomplished through positive logical conversation. This positive exchange of ideas, helps move something forward towards its ending. Finality. It’s over, not valid nor and issue anymore. So whatever has been in your world that could come to a head to be discussed from the past up to this week, on the date of April 16 – 17 exact could be resolved.


April 19     The Sun moves into the sign of Taurus – The period we move into is called the Builder. It is the power of Taurus’ mastery in the physical world, which brings fruitful outcomes. Money, business, gardening, creating, opening a business, or releasing a work or artistic design, whatever the concrete need is, now until May 20 is a great time to put these things into action. It is a very physical concrete time.

From April 18 – 22 Jupiter at 26* Aquarius semi-sextile Pluto at 26* Capricorn – This week supports ways to use our visualization about some new plans we desire to produce, to launch. Jupiter brings us the impetus to breakdown the steps of how to move forward, get from where we are today to where we desire to be. Steps and logical processes will be laid out.

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May 22 – June 6     Mercury stationary, conjoin Venus in Gemini and square Neptune at 22* Pisces

Mercury turns retrograde exact on May 29 at 24* Gemini.

In general, words, all forms of communications/emails/reports/meetings and decisions will be intensely high focus, but because this Mercury is squaring a totally unreliable planet Neptune on this stretch of time, May 22 – June 6, it’s the worst for getting a clear answer or response. Secrets, compromise and double triple agendas which prevent transparency and ultimate logical solutions or resolution is the game now. So again, bank on getting as much important activities out of the way before the end of May.

As we approach the next Mercury retrograde, it might be a good idea to be putting our affairs in order starting now, clarifying our intentions,making sure in all our interactions with friends and family, we are sending consistent messages to the people around us which match our inner feelings and intentions rather than behaving indifferent, glib or sarcastic.

It will be important to not be wasting our time, energy or money on unnecessary projects, now up through the end of May also. April is excellent for planning and putting our intention out there, but as we flow into May, especially the last two weeks, things could get out of control with unexpected turns of events, disappointments or miscommunications,so if you find you are planning important projects, work, events etc…plan them now, and move forward on them as best as you can.

By the time you hit May 15, re-assess where you are at with them. If something starts to go awry, slow down a bit, and maybe you will want to wait until the Next Solar Eclipse, June 10, to start up again.

As you all witness, weeks are flying by like crazy – so before you know it, we will be in the Mercury Retro wave most likely felt by May 15, and the Lunar Eclipse energies by April 20 at the latest. I decided to include this info now, in order to make the best use of April.

The Mercury retro will be tricky and risky this time, because it squares Neptune in Pisces, specifically on the dates of May 26- June 6.

That simply means a return or continuation of a particular theme that has been ongoing from that April 8/9 Mars square Neptune confusion, misunderstandings will now appear to temporarily try to interfere with our feeling of free movement and green light to our planning.


The typical deceitful and unreliable Lunar Eclipse, this time in Sagittarius, which theme is all about very poor judgment and even worse boundaries, assuming too much and experiencing some form of exaggerations, embellishments or lack of ethical thinking will be added to the equation, requiring us to just lay low. It is a good time to be consistently relaying to everyone logical clear messages.

The Lunar Eclipse cycle will be beginning May 20 – peaks May 26, continues up to June 6.


Active between May 20 – 30, 2021



Updated U.S. Astrology Natal (1789)

Jupiter moving into Pisces temporarily, at 0-2* Pisces  inconjunct U.S. Uranus at 1* Leo from May 23 – July 17, 2021

  • Creates a huge paradigm shift, an alteration in ones’ thinking in regards to our country and the world’s future humanity. Some form of difficult adjustment, a split or an incongruency in the possible following areas, could lead to increase confusion as to what is true and what is fabrication. A disconnect increases among different factions of the nations and global community over:

  • UFO disclosure and unreliable agendas as the motive for transparency at this time.

  • International disjointed out of sync messages, activities, non of it working out for any side. Failure for large societies to implement plans.

  • Health, vaccine passports

  • Flu, Viruses, Cov -19 facts and fiction

  • Political and Government confusion leading to unusual and extreme disruptions with events, that are not congruent with what was suppose to be laid out.

  • Economic turn of events in regards to Crypto – Bitcoin, Gov created digital currencies, and all technological role outs versus alternate and confusing activities.

  • Travel disruptions, attempts to control transportation yet with an inconjunct this not only creates an attempt to enforce frustrating restrictions, but also another inevitable force inserting laws, rules and alternate agendas to disconnect from these activities.

  • Afterwards, Jupiter will move backwards into Aquarius again for the rest of 2021

  • In general, this inconjunct creates an appearance of serious moral and ethical crossroads in key themes on the planet, where a powerful wave is heading one direction, and another powerful trend is moving in an entirely disconnected and independent direction from the other trend. Neither one can come together and join. It’s a split, and it is not just America, it’s everywhere. 90 days


Saturn at 9-11* Aquarius square U.S. Sun at 10* Taurus, and  the transiting Uranus at 10* Taurus.   March 20, 2021 – May 10, 2021:   July 15 – 30, 2021;      ends  Dec 8 – 21, 2021   

(Uranus conjoin the U.S. Sun was primarily an enormous awakening 2020 – March 2021, accelerating humanity and the U.S. as to what is wrong our old systems, power people and agencies and departments…what’s wrong with this country, and what needs to change….among so many other issues, including financial awakenings, financial tech/crypto popularity or questioning its security, etc..   It was meant to be the start of a new global humanity fair financial system. It is in the process of being launched from 2020 early, up through 2021. It will continue for years to unfold, however, the past year was the start when talk of this was going around.

The Saturn moving into a square to this Uranus financial awakening, attempted to offer the economic solutions, but underlying this generosity and pretending, was a worse corruption than had been in place before. More of this transit, below…)

          Transit of Saturn square the U.S. Sun creates an incredible challenge.  In the areas of legal, moral integrity issues, the law, the supreme court, and all society psychological trends, beliefs and social acceptable or not acceptable issues, there will be massive obvious agendas, confusion and extreme ulterior motives.  There will be strong power people, advocating society safety, trends, righteousness etc..etc…and also declaring certain issues be put into laws, but absolutely more than the norm, hidden serious undermining behind all of these activities.

The problem is many of these issues are not understood until way into this astrological cycle. Most likely by July 2021.

Even well meaning individuals, who are for humanities’ well being, yet are filling their pockets with supporters and under the table deals, are rampant.

Who can you trust throughout this period?  This period simply requires a laser like focus upon each bill signed, law made, platform pushed, and so on. Then resist the caving in to these activities, or there will be regret.

On the positive end, the power to confront, pull out the truth and challenge the compromising activities and decisions is extremely high and successful. It takes a lot of work on the part of the people, but it will succeed. Never will the corrupt source admit guilt nor change. But the satisfaction for calling out this  corruption and blocking it from getting away with it, is enormous.


  • Pluto square Mercury continuing from 2020 – 2022   (Excerpt from U.S. Astrology April 2020) 

       go here….Pluto Square U.S. Mercury In Aries 

DATES:   Dec 28 – January 30, peaking exact Jan 20-21 2021;

                August 5 – 25 peaks exact on August 17, 2021;

                Nov 18 – 30 peaks exact on Nov 23, 2021


  • Transiting Saturn at 8-13* Aquarius Square transiting Uranus at 8-13* Taurus –

        Feb 6 – March 2, 2021; Jun 1 – Jun 26, 2021;  Dec 15 – Jan 1, 2022     (Will continue  filling in details next week)



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Transit of Jupiter inconjunct Mercury      April 5 – Sept 13 – Nov 20, 2021

Three phases, April, September and November, where key individuals, public figures, which should be in that integrity position of power and responsibility over others, suddenly change their minds.

This is so strange and disconnected from reality, one wonders what happened that we don’t know about. They are obliged to shift their position, as more information emerges, and they are informed about situations. One day, these people are steadfast on a direction, then next week, they’ve flipped. These are insertions of outcomes which will happen, if the course of action is continued along one trajectory – seemingly out of nowhere, a new statement and plan could occur. Confusion, inconsistent directions and agendas and a sense of an out of touch chaotic authorities could run across a large spectrum of agencies and departments. Something is truly running several systems at the same time, and they are not in sync with each other at all.

The June 10 Solar Eclipse will initiate a strong message from what could have been in the past, a U.S. ally, but easily, with the mood of the world at this time, will be interpreted as an antagonistic statement. A simple statement, a comment taken as a challenge, a competition or threat.

This can mark the beginning of a sharper realization of what the intentions are from other leaders. This Solar Eclipse could trigger the 7th house of open enemies. Because it is in Gemini, facts, data, antagonistic statements, declaration of technological dominance will be part of this challenge. Some form of threat involving information the U.S. has on these countries and the countries in question having incriminating secrets against certain individuals in the U.S. turns into a strange agreement that would not be covered honestly within the news. The turn of events in the media might appear odd, disjointed and fake. There is a truth underneath that can be uncovered, as this Eclipse also trines the U.S. C Saturn in Libra in the 10th house. It very well could be statements, intentions and transparency publicly announced which also past Presidents and administrations all new about, and now it is completely out in the open. Another country might have to expose it, or let it slip out, and now it can not be undone.

Five long months this could be the new theme, potentially changing so many things. It is easy to spot misinformation inserted into the public now. The people are suspicious of any thing coming at them via media and other internet sources, as this Eclipse is recognizing many spokespeople for what appeared to be the good of America, are enemies.

Jupiter conjoin Moon       April 15 – Dec 20, 2021. Aquarius – This is a powerful one year long cycle, increasing an incredible volume of innovation. People from all over, are inventing ways to improve upon work, health, independence, autonomy and smarter ways of increasing their return from innovative business/skill ideas.

This period we are in, increases the demand for Aquarian freedom. It also exposes absolute truth. Truth about everything. All the facts, all the records, all the actual footage, the information, the witnesses and anything else that can bring out accuracy for analysis, whereby a more objective and advanced path can be followed, bringing people opportunity to achieve progress in every way you can imagine.

Because this Moon is in the 6th house of Military, and Aquarius usually is associated with innovation, advanced forms of equipment, technology along with soldier training and biological/health upgrade will be enhanced. The truth will also be spilled out regarding science/space/technology and what the armed forces and secret elite factions of government have been dealing with in regards to extraterrestrial lifeforms, and some of their intentions over the past 100 years of so. Space is an Aquarian theme, Jupiter enhancing space, is expanding militarization of space in 2021.

Uranus is the planet which rules the Moon in Aquarius, is found in the 11th house of science, the future of earth’s communities, and certain organizations and societies which have a more advanced perspective. This is also expanding and taking people on a humanity journey into the future of truth and sovereign goals. No matter what opposition or interference will try to oppress these cycles, because we have entered another era of wisdom flooding the planet, nothing can stop this progress. This year of 2021, will force investigation by the people, on all fronts, and challenge those who lie and attempt to oppress the truth. To reiterate, this is an astrological cycle empowering the innate intelligence of the people and because it is a conjunction, there will be action involved, not just discussions.


Neptune oppose U.S. Neptune 2021-2022

A once in 150 some years of the ideals of America and all freedom loving peoples of the entire world, opposing the negative U.S. Neptune, of lies, disintegration of an old Neptunian movie and theater. Continues to challenge deceptions and cover ups, along with hidden terrible agendas all the way through December 2022. This is a huge astrological event. It covers mainly what others have wanted everyone to believe, and it is mostly lies. It is coming from the 3rd house to the 9th house of the U.S. chart. The 3rd house is journalism, news, articles, magazines, entertainment, commercials, ads, reading materials and the movies.

Neptune has been associated with hypnosis, mind control, aerosols, toxins, poisons and gas. It is also connected to all Mk-ultra technologies or other forms of interpenetrating communications to the 3rd house brainwaves. So whenever we have a seriously negative Neptune aspect, we could easily incorporate the possibility of these negatives into the picture. Mainly, the opposition suggests a polarizing of one group with another group regarding serious dysfunction, lies, intrigue and massive secrets.

All oppositions demand first, exposure and realization, as if one is waking up to something, then secondly finding out 3rd house details, facts, and thirdly confrontation and dismantling the veils.


Neptune square Mars at 21* Feb/March – Jan 30 2022

This aspect is connected to the previous one, only it will be a very testy frustrating part of that confrontation, which could be people disappearing, data vanishing, confusion over who is doing what and how did it come about? This is a challenging of getting square with the perpetrators, but how can a large section of the population accomplish this, if the original perpetrators can not be found, or point the finger at others who are some how immune, missing, or no proof? This period can be a challenge of deception and passing the buck, hiding, destroying evidence and unusual outcomes.

This period is also known for viruses bacteria and sicknesses of unknown origin coming to a point of serious questions and interrogations. Neptune square U.S. Mars pitches more deception to key people who hold positions of influence, remedies and solutions, some fake some positive Much confusion could occur regarding statistics, number of deaths and facts, square mean they are misleading, swept away or just not discussed. This square is a problem.

      Working on….

  • Uranus sextile U.S. Sun at 13* Cancer


  • Saturn in Aquarius inconjunct U.S.  Sun in Cancer – May 8 – June 7 Jan 13 2022


  • Saturn trine U.S. Uranus at 8*



  • Neptune trine U.S. Mercury





A new beginning for many. One’s mind and thoughts, ones outlook on life, and perspective  is positive, optimistic. Because of how we are interpreting and taking in certain pieces of information recently handed to us, for the most part, an exciting period has started for many, to experience life as having some hope, some ability to enjoy a new adventure.

The power of this Solar Eclipse is in the additional planets, Mercury and the Node moving through Gemini with the Sun and the Moon, and the beautiful connection mental optimism enjoys as it also makes a positive connection with Saturn in Aquarius. This combination allows life an easy open pathway to being able to stick with a plan, depend upon professional or wiser experts, receive experienced support, and be able to count on others and ourselves, to bring order and constructive every day activities to help reach a great outcome, for this year 2021.

Look forward to experiencing a fresh new excitement which should be coming into your world, in your mind, as you enter that week of June 1 – 12, peaking exactly on June 10, 2021. It should be a strong sense of trust that certain areas of your life you are invested in expanding, can now truly get going!





October 1, 1949 Beijing, China      Asc 5*56” Aquarius;     Moon 3*11′ Aquarius      Sun 7*47′ Libra;      MC 7* Sagittarius

2021 – February 2022 – Transit of Saturn Aquarius inconjunct China’s Saturn at 13* Virgo, trine China’s Sun, Mercury, Neptune at 7, 13 and 14* Libra.

With several frustrating events challenging economic, health/medical and work related situations, settling on particular agreements internationally, could be the eventual outcome in 2022,




  • TAIWAN     

July 1 1967 Taipei City, Taiwan

With the wrapping up of the harsh Pluto square Taiwan’s Mars in the 7th house of allies, and potentially threatening open enemies which was active between late 2019 – throughout the entire 2020 now over, a new beginning for the country is necessary in order to face the realities globally. Some era has ended, and a temporary serious elimination of a relationship which could have been its Mars in the 7th, is now in the past. Taiwan is moving into a five year mission of ingenious arrangements to increase its independence in ways that were not so urgent prior to 2020.

With Saturn sextile Taiwan’s Saturn at 11* Aries, positive negotiations and support from particular independent behind the scenes friends, can rally to assist maintaining Aries control over valuable areas, departments, military and other assets, The sextile forms an alliance usually ensuring the success of the country’s goals.


  • IRAN

  • IRAQ




  • UK




















As the weeks continue, each Nation will be filled in with the most recent Astrological Information.




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  1. Martine Griffiths says:

    Great update on the US charts...many thanks Christine. I followed your previous charts and you were spot on!


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