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Stardrops with an Alchemical Purpose – January 24 – 30, 2021


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Jan 25 Sun conjoin Saturn and sextile Chiron – Jan 23 – 25 A Time for some serious re-evaluation of one’s future, goals and responsibilities. Beware of too much strain put on one’s nervous system and mental faculties at this time. Pull back and pace oneself. Good time for important strategic conversations now. Clarity, truth and progress are huge motivators for each person this day.

Jan 24-26 Mars sextile Hades Keen observations directed towards problems, origin of problems, potential weak points in one’s life. Discussions and planning, in order to capture the practical wave of progress for your life.

Jan 26 Sun at 6* Aquarius square Uranus at 6* Taurus Disruptive energies, potential interference with your striving for progress, friendships, meetings and solid planning. Maintain good boundaries and be strong with what is important to you, not allowing others to dominate the narrative too much and take you off your path. Maybe you feel like doing your own thing, being just the way you are, thinking the way you want to think and not caring anymore what anyone thinks about you? Stick to your core values and necessary path, regardless of the disruptions around you.

Jan 28 Venus at 26* Capricorn conjoin Pluto at 26* Capricorn  Serious decisions of the heart. This aspect between fast moving Venus transiting directly in line with Pluto, creates a strong alignment to one’s hearts’ longing and profound values and personal needs in life. This deep reflection on one’s values, what we are, and what we love, causes us to reflect on our world around us now, and take stock on anything that is missing. Something our heart might acknowledge we require to finish the journey. Artistic and musical power can be linked with this energy. These powerful contemplations would be congruent with our own values in life we might have left behind. This aspect is occurring the same time as the Full Moon in Leo, on January 28/29th adding a powerful longing for meaning in life, bringing back the richness, freedom and creative powers that makes life so beautiful.

Jan 28 Sun conjoin Jupiter at 9* Aquarius inconjunct Hades at 9* Cancer Empowering productive and expansive outlook circumvents negativity, walks around dark shadowy creatures and things that lurk trying to pull you down. Stay with your interior power and your own inner intuition as you move out of the way of the crazy.



January 2u-29, 2021 FULL MOON IN LEO AT 9* LEO

From now up to January 28-29, try to wrap up the month with some meaningful things crossed off your list. It is a week of completion, resolve and winding down quite an intense month. By the 29th, whatever energy you exerted in January in order to live your life and more, now we can re-group and allow a new assignment to come into play. It would be a time to allow the heart to open and get back in touch with all things not so mental and driving for outer accomplishments.

Mercury in Aquarius Retrograde can give us some beautiful vision and direction also for this Full Moon since it is occurring also at the same time.



January 30, 2021 – February 20, 2021 Mercury at Retro at 26* Aquarius to 11* Aquarius – semi-sextile Pluto and Venus conjoined at 25 and 27* Capricorn, semi-square Chiron conjoin Jupiter at 5 – 13* Aquarius , ( Jan 11 up to Feb 14, continuing up to March 4) and square Mars at 1 to 17* Taurus, ( especially beginning on January 8, Feb 10 and March 23.)

Project yourself into the immediate future. Concentrate upon a 4 month challenge for yourself until the next Mercury retro, which occurs on May 29, 2021 in Gemini. Take care of your business as if you were preparing yourself to be as independent, clear and ready for anything that should come down the pike. What is messy, get it straightened out. Do you have projects left over from 2020? Plan to get them out of the way. Use this time for Aquarian future planning, re-fresh and re-new yourself and become extremely focused each day with a list revisited, an affirmation with all your goals written down, and organizing the weeks so as little time is wasted as possible. Your intention is at least two concepts: One, mobility, freedom and preparedness. Two, by your strong focus of intention, you are carving a Timeline for your future resonating at such a productive positive and responsible way, combined with millions of other human beings motivated in harmony focusing upon similar realities to create, so it will become the larger global reality.

There’s a war going on with two competing ideas of how life should be on earth that is occurring – Where one is trying to keep us slaves and the other is trying to make us free – There is a force that is deliberately trying to confuse us, erase our memories, debilitate us.

There are malevolent forces– a push pull factor going back and forth – fighting for pushing the dominant timeline in order to dictate who is going to win – they keep trying to effect timelines yet the natural organic and loving millions are becoming brilliant, creative and powerful at automatically visualizing and demanding a higher timeline and frequency to take hold, overriding any attempt by negative forces dominating, yet it is hard to keep this up.

If we don’t keep it up, the vibration will lapse, go down and cave. Keep this up – concentrate upon the wonderful potentials you can accomplish within the next 4 months, and let’s take one section of the year at a time.

Jan 6 – 30 peaks Jan 21 – Neptune square Nodes in Gemini/Sagittarius.


The nodes deal with the population, what’s the trend or theme of the people, which way will they move or tend to trend in their thinking, especially because these Nodes are in the mental communications and decision making signs- Gemini/Sagittarius.

They are being squared by Neptune. The planet of confusion, fake events, pretend, delusion, betrayal, deception, and lies. This cycle can create a massive FOG come over the decision making process for people in so many areas of their lives – mostly not that important, but with all of these other planets above in hard aspects, it really is a test.

It could be a MASSIVE TEST the world needs go through, to discern the lies and deception from the real and highest IDEALS, as Neptune rules Ideals and Higher Aspirations of Divine Love and Happiness versus all out deception, betrayal, disappointment and pure FOG. Neptune is the Planet which leads us into Euphoria and Heaven, or addictions, hiding and escapism because of all forms of activities that have been done in secret.

It might also be a test of being in the dark, sailing through the fog and not knowing the exact facts one needs to navigate quickly through the mists. Possibly something is also keeping key facts and events dark from the Nodes ( the population), for whatever reason.

This Neptune might be a mid – point – a moment in time since that last Neptune conjunction in Pisces in 2016, as a moment in time where the world needed to face the initiation of deciding what is REAL AND NOT REAL. It’s up to the predominant unified consensus of the world, what kind of world they actually desire, REALITY AND HEAVEN OR UNREALITY AND HELL, although with Neptune, the negative alternative, like drugs, is not seen as Hell but temporary hits of euphoric escape. Neptune in a square can also tie people into fear, panic and escapism.

So that is what I was going to say and write about last October, for this coming January 21, 2021, which is the exact date this Neptune peaks in a square to the Nodes.

See below, I’m not making this up. ( The blue highlight is the exact date)

Jan 28 Jupiter and Sun conjoined at 9* Aquarius inconjunct Hades at 9* Cancer An expansive, protective, moral and ethically motivated action taken in order to empower you today. This cycle will steer us away from danger or negative situations. It counteracts Hades, in the nick of time.

Jan 30 – February 25, peaking Feb 17, 2021 – Key Highlight – Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus begins for an entire year – Article coming – Saturn checkmates continuously throughout the year any social disruptions, upsetting unpredictable events, activities, situations and challenging social situations or people, globally and in our own lives. Getting square with all potential activities out there, which might cause us to feel unprotected, caught off guard in any way – socially, home repairs, finances, health etc…take care of business throughout the year. Get square with the future unexpected.

The wrap up for January – Navigate through this strange unprecedented time with a clarity of where you are going and remember what you are doing here. Be prepared, take care of yourself, be aware of your surroundings and live in confidence and empowerment to know there are invisible powers protecting you, guiding you and giving you that intuition you need to do the right thing.

It is a time to be skeptical as to what you hear or take in, consider the source and remain extremely non-polarized with your social life.

You can shift and realize a massive Alchemical Change is occurring, even inside of you.



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