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Starfires June 2018 Update


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The Alchemists’ Portal of Opportunity is Now 

June 6 – July 20, 2018 ~ Mars in Aquarius conjoin South Node at 8-6* Aquarius retrograde.

  1. Now through July, concentrate upon absolutely believing and feeling with conviction and ease, an outcome you want. At the same time, know it IS going to turn out for you. Use the power of Aquarius’ positive alchemical visualization  with your love and purity of your intention, to project upon the screen of your mind a desired outcome. It is an outcome you desire for yourself. This is an experiment on the love within your being combined with the Higher Powers of Love in the Universe, God, Divinity, joining together to create something more beautiful and perfect for you or the world.

Mars is action + Aquarius, transformation and change + South Node, the past =  changing the way the past turned out, into something better. Wanting to create something now that you might have left off a long time ago, and revisit it because it’s a lost part of yourself or, something you had to leave behind in order to take a different road.

There was karma that needed to be handled and commitments needing to be fulfilled.  So, this concept, this idea of Mars conjoin the South Node, is Inspiration #1. To concentrate on something beautiful that was left behind, a feeling, a friendship, a small part of an old way of life that was part of who you are, but had to be abandoned for a while.

      2. For some, this cycle will involve reversing bad events and trends that were put into place by those creatures who used dark magic for their own gain, but set into motion negative thoughtforms, concepts, and bad philosophies that were very harmful. Aquarius perversion then becomes aberrations of a higher design that was meant to uplift a civilization. These aberrations can be reversed by creative people who are now able to project a powerful trend of thought, concepts and will upon the ether and turn around the distortions that some forces twisted and warped the beauty of creation. Through our own will and determination, through our strong conviction in our ability and the love we have for bringing about something better and greater, we override those dark agendas, the twisted and tangled past put upon us by dark alchemies, giving the word Alchemy a bad name.

This cycle is an energetically highly charged period of time where thousands of brilliant souls, are harnessing the power of change, to bring about a revolutionary love and brilliance of mind, personally and globally simply by using their concentration and inspiration to give birth to something better. So, it’s personal, especially meant for YOU, and it’s global.  It will be seen in new trends of ideas, thought, and the empowerment of courageous people confronting dark activities and aberrations of all sorts. You’ll see in the news on the internet especially. Aquarius is Science, and the science is the formula, combined with Love, and the highest thoughtform, is your right to use. You just need to get the hang of it, and this cycle is exactly what that is all about!

Many new programs, projects and Victories will come out of this period. It is a time of using your will, and asking for the Higher Will to guide you as you proceed to plan out your June through August period. THE KEY: Get into a space within yourself that can feel it will be easy to precipitate this thing. It’s a knowing, a feeling deep inside, that you are allowing your thoughts to accept and embrace the plan, that says to you, ” and it will be so.”  Do you wish for something to be brought into your life now? Or imprint a higher more beautiful thing onto the fabric of life? Do it. Don’t just think it, imagine it will be so, and take some steps to start it, and watch all around you, how it’s actually coming true! The awareness that we really are living in a malleable universe is Mars in Aquarius. This is very advanced stuff, even if you’ve been hearing it forever. Think about it! This is huge, and not only would it be something if you actually began using it, but the next realization, is Wow, what a responsibility we have to create in the highest way possible. That’s why we ask for a Higher Mind and Will to guide our ideas daily. Now you’re actually becoming what you were always meant to be.

( Why don’t things materialize for me, and other things seem to come easily? It could be a desire you have that is not shared by others within your group or relationship, and so the two are not mixing, it will be interfered with. It might not be correct visualizing, there is something your soul knows you must have or do, or not have, or the outcome would be worse for you, so it is stopping it. Surrendering to the experiment and trusting the outcome is part of our path. The karma is not allowing it to happen. There are dark energies surrounding your goal, not from you, but other energies that would not use it for the highest good, and so it is not being allowed to manifest. See how many reasons things do not materialize? That is why we work hard with the Highest Light to infuse us with ideas, changes, alterations, shifts of plans, it’s all part of the process.)

     3. Expect being pulled backwards during this time. Reflecting on past events and tracking the thread of your consciousness throughout your life. Highlighting what was meaningful, and how those events helped you form your character, who you are today.  Valuing friendships which had that essence of your genuine self and see you and those events in some better way, being back together once again. All of those good things you thought and did solidified in so many ways, your purpose and what you believed in.

This is a powerful reflection time and a gathering together the people that matter to us. It is a time inspiring us to re-evaluate what really matters. This cycle stimulates truth-time, what we love, who we value and who we really are. If friends and past events held a special place in our hearts, what about it did we love? Why do we treasure these memories? If some of these stories were sad, hard or even traumatic, pick out the lesson, the overcoming, the bonding between family/friends, and now, today, create a new.

Unfinished business needs fixing. Unravel crazy knots and straighten out the stories, make your environment, your path, or your relationships better.

A time for courage and to change what was left undone from years ago, or let it go altogether. Either complete it, fix it, or cut it. Take the first step towards improving the situation so life can bring you what you now want. 

Aquarius’ energy is always about transforming one situation into a better one.

The South Node, is not only your past, but collectively, it’s the public’s past experience on the planet. It is telling us now, that crazy volatile events took place ( because of the Mars in Aquarius energy) and needs to be flipped around into powerful leadership, taking command of our world in a way that will ensure no more insanity unfolds through any one person, or society, and humanity taking a bad hit. It’s time to harness this cycle, and reverse it.

Do it consciously, in your mind and with a knowing it is so.

“The world is almost out of control, any one thing could happen now, that we all would suffer from. Any one deranged individual or group they identify with could do this or that and we could suffer.  I am projecting my heart out onto the fabric of space, and declaring only perfection and responsible actions are happening now.”

Well, that’s all for now, Vondir





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