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The Quest


The Quest


Quest – Mercury Retrograde and the Solar Eclipse

4 ~October 23 2014


September- October 2014, you might feel like you are in a re-run of last
fall 2013.  Mercury retrogrades introduce a theme or a new idea. It
comes as a thought that might keep popping up into our minds.  I take
them as  important assignments when I notice a new notion to do
something, or learn something, or take care of something. This fall 2014,
Mercury retrograde is moving into a similar position in Scorpio as it was
last Fall 2013, especially when it came out of retrograde and went direct
at 2* Scorpio….it is a variation of last years’ assignment or

would like to name this theme of Fall 2014 the Quest.

It is
times like these when we need assistance or a little reminder here and
there, why we are here. So, I’m here to remind you, that you have a quest
to walk, and it could be “the big one”  or it could be several smaller
ones that are congruent with your one theme in this life.  It is your
one desire you want to experience at this time.  I hope this article
gets you inspired once again to get in touch with that memory vividly, and
bring it out again into the fresh air. Lets’ shake it out and bring it to
life!  For many, this theme, and last fall’s theme had to do with
taking care of ourselves in a way that removes compromises.  Any
events or circumstances which diminish our value, our worth and standard in
one way or another, needs to be changed. For some, it looks like a cutting
off of situations, which was what happened last fall 2013.  Some it is
a deeper negotiation or agreement that will be made in order to protect
one’s standards and value of a way of life, but in a more gentler
supportive manner.

is what is happening this fall 2014. Both requires Scorpio Vision of who
you are, where you are going, and why you want it.


years’ theme was moving towards this vision restored, however, It was also
ridden with frustration, difficulty with work, people, circumstances,
health or close relationship set backs. It wasn’t easy. Much of the
hardship was coming from Saturn’s conjunction to Mercury and the Solar
Eclipse ( the Mercury Retrograde last year, was October 21, at 18* Scorpio,
then went direct at 2* Scorpio November 10, 2013. Saturn conjoined Mercury.
Saturn conjoin the Solar Eclipse November 3 at 11* Scorpio conjoin Saturn
at 11* Scorpio. )

the time the Solar Eclipse came November 3 2013 in the same zodiac sign of
Scorpio as we are having this fall 2014,  we were deep into our new
decision, our new path we had taken and we were beginning to walk it, not
just think it. It was a Shift. An epiphany. It was a new step and not an
easy one because for many, it meant making a difficult decision to proceed
with your life.

Emerging from that
hard cycle now brings us to sort of a seasoned knighthood where it is
clearly understood, what becomes of our life, is up to us, what becomes of
your nation is up to us, what becomes of our Earth, is truly only up to
us. Harsh lessons in 2014 I must say. If there was ever a time to
master Scorpio Vision and Powers from above, pouring down daily into our
magical world, it is right now. The Quest may involve many pieces or steps.
Pieces that blend into each other, and sometimes must be dealt with
separately. Invoke vision.  “If therefore thine eye be single,
thy whole body shall be full of light.” Mathew 6:22.
Single eyed one pointed clarity on your immediate
goal is crucial.  We can also call for purity in our

events, with Saturn involved, last year, made it seem severe.  During
the period of October/November 2013, many experienced an epiphany or shift
and an accountability to uphold a promise to use every urge of strength and
love within ones’ being rushed up to our awareness, and a new being was
born.  It was suppose to shake us into surrendering the old pattern
and to free up congested energy to pour into your quest.

the decision created a shield for you. The shields were necessary in order
to battle the Dragons. Trust in this shield, regardless of everything that
has transpired since fall 2013  Scorpio is demanding. It required a
surrendering of some old self and the new emerged, with shields so you
could move forward and succeed, but that step was just step

How I
see it is that we have advanced into higher training. The Dragons desired
to destroy your vision as soon as you discovered your shift. Within your
interior vision is your reason you are here. If they take your vision, you
perish. If they destroy your vision, you are ever so less effective. If
there have been obstacles, set backs, mistakes during this accelerated
training period, we get to do it again this fall. Only this time, it is
going to be with more understanding.

second chance is for remembering how important the first awakening was, and
be stronger with the shields to protect our purpose. Many experienced a
realization of their total  accountability for what they have allowed,
or created, and what they have not yet accomplished.

accountability you have become aware of within yourself, is a huge act of
becoming a master of your world.  It is beyond Maturing, it is
adeptship. The very step you have taken to grow and expand has been noted
by those who have everything to lose by your growth.  Because once you
allow full accountability, they know, soon after, you will figure out how
to proceed with an increased determination to get what you want for your
personal life and for the planet.  When we quit waiting for others,
even subconsciously to provide these “things” for us, and realize no one is
coming to just hand it to us, (as the New
Moon in Gemini
summer 2014 revealed) we then, take charge and discover
an ingenuity within that will find a way to make it happen.   This
shift into more accountability and ingenuity last fall 2013, lasted a few
months, then was manipulated by certain dark factions, knowing we as a
large group of people all over the globe, were changing. They
noticed.  We were going to muster up the power and courage to lay out
the plan and transform our life, thereby, indirectly or directly changing
the world, one by one. These forces, whatever you know them as, began to
interfere and set us off course a bit, causing this or that false flag
drama globally and personally. As of July 2014, when Mars finally left
Libra, we shook ourselves off and now we need to get back in our

Whatever setback
seemed to happen to you in 2014 so far, pick yourself back up and remember
your original goal, but this time, this fall, add a new layer of enthusiasm
to your path, not only because of how darn smart you have become this time,
because last time the shift was trusting in that knee jerk impulse and
almost had to happen.  It was because of Saturn’s involvement. Saturn
contributes a severity to the situaiton. Venus last time was not buffering
or softening the situation, but it is, this time.

is contributing an elegant spherical intelligence and refinement to this
cycle of pouring energy into your path, your strategy mapping out your
Quest. This is such a blessing this time around compared to 1 year ago.
More courage, confidence, experience, love, companionship, support and

fall 2014 Mercury retro theme compels you to not only get in touch again
with that conviction you tried to embrace last year which was to protect
and value your self with common sense and implement a stronger business,
love, relationship, security or financial freedom, but this time, this fall
of 2014, do it in a way that might not be with such a sense of urgency or
severity tied to it. There is more pragmatic planning and more support from

time, with Venus, you have grown, you are smarter, and the situation seems
manageable. Venus is magnetically bringing confidence and acceptance of
your mastery back into your life. It is bringing a similar situation back
to you but with an alteration to the plan that is better.  It is to
perfect the idea, the project, the business, design, etc…and to do it
with strength, conviction, but more coming from deep love, and so much


are doing it with the awareness of loving self, loving the project, loving
your people, loving others. Believing in the dream and knowing now exactly
what you want and what you don’t want.   The barrier which
separates the higher dimensions, the heaven world is thinning. This can
personally be occurring the same time the world is escalating in its
madness. Maybe this is why it is escalating Maybe it’s because we are
transcending and we are finally becoming congruent with our inner
competence and maturity…and the ones that can not transcend, at least at
this epic of time, for whatever reason, are not responding with much

your vision restored you have millions just like you saying NO to the
insanity they want to unleashed. You are the one, one by one by one. Reach
up and call down this Vision. Call it down, pray for it. It is everything,
and that is exactly what Mercury needs you to do now. The Solar Eclipse in
October 23 for 5 months will take over and guide you magnetically into
action, to strategize for you steps that will rapidly transform yourself,
our countries, villages and the world.

will have 5 months to practice this new courage and standard of being in so
many new ways of thinking. It is a new attitude. The bar of living has been
raised, it’s happening right now!

The Scorpio theme
brings us a deeper vision. Are you finding yourself becoming impatient
sometimes throughout your day, because you expect more from yourself in a
10-13 hour period?  Some are experience this, and others who have
lived this way all their lives, are moving towards an internal

Now, this fall of
2014, you somehow have the inner love for your soul, your inner will and
vision to do it, to try it again… you realize this is going to take a lot
of work, but guess what?? You are so worth it! Your dream is worth it. Your
special person is so worth it. It is as if time and space are also
suspended when you are locked into this creative process, and it doesn’t
matter how long it is going to take, it must be done beautifully,
perfectly, with great contemplation infused into it. It doesn’t matter what
it is.  Art?  Music?  A business structure?  A love?
Your happiness is worth it. You are reclaiming your QUEST, your
Purpose, your Mission that is so beautiful, you want to give it the biggest
chance you have ever yet engaged in. You must become obsessed with your

 In the past,
we might have built our dreams with bits of talent, sticks, brush, bricks
and rocks here and there, and we made a home, a business, a relationship, a
family, but it was partly good karma, partly winging it, partly common
sense and talent.

What we are talking
about now, is a realization of details that we missed all our lives, that
we feel compelled to master and use in our new alchemy of love and courage
this time. We are more awake now, and we know more than we did

 So, If Scorpio
rules Vision, the inner vision, our spiritual imagery mechanism, our Pineal
Gland, and the part of our spirit which can conceptualize a thing, this
fall throughout 2014,we are going to need help to keep that vision of our
QUEST and manifest it!

You are being made

Music, Beauty, Love, and the plan


I am
a musician, however, I understand some do not care one way or another if
they have music in their lives.  I am presenting the concept of
Music, waves of magnificent sound, to increase the power of
your vision. Playing it often! Have a play list.  Set up your Music
Station in your home, car and office. Get the equipment you need. Go online
and find your music and download it onto anything and play it for your
daily inspiration.

Discover your
music-Create a
easy access to your files… have sound in your home, your office and/or
car infusing your body and soul with uplifting incredible harmonies. The
assistance of musical waves mixed with your vision and emotions to sustain
accompany you on your path.

Sound and music
opens our heart and infuses us with more inspiration and desire to keep
joyously living. Beauty is about caring. Another Green Ray Scorpio visual
imagery. Sound, Light, Color, Beauty, dress, order and powerful focuses to
gaze upon throughout the day.  Become sensitive to your surroundings,
your appearance and the healing Teals, Emeralds, Turquoise  and Aquas.
Sound is crucial, and so is sound coming out of your voice!

 Your Higher Self joins you in this

You are embarking in
a vision Quest, and your will is going to merge with this Higher Self that
will help bring your quest to fruition. It is right near you in another
dimension. Ask it to guide you. Affirmation:

God, Beloved God Presence of myself with all your infinite vision, wisdom,
and power to release into my world advancement, success, completion and the
perfect new way of life, Beloved Higher Self, which can guide me, speak to
me, teach me and shift my way of feeling about all things, I ask for you to
come into my every day life and bring a richness to my every day living.
Move me into that beautiful space of oneness with you. Join me in this
Quest for greater love, greater success, greater satisfaction. Join me and
guide me to my Holy Grail today, closer and closer each day. I thank you
and accept this done , and seal it in Archangel Michael’s name,

 Ask for vision and believe you are going to uncover or recover what
your Quest is. Ask for your Higher Self to put in your hands the Music that
is needed to play in your environment to help you feel the lightness and
energy of having a purpose. Ask for the aroma, the Beauty, the photos, the
colors you are to begin surrounding yourself with.

 Look at last
year as Phase One. Now we enter Phase two. Add the affirmation. Add the
music. Add the love. Call for the love to be in your life. Beauty, Call for
beauty to be surrounding you. Fragrance, call for the aroma of herbs,
frankincense, oils, your favorite spices to fill the air. Music, call for
Music to fill your space. These are grand attractors for your

 Write your prayer if you like. It could begin with “Heavenly
powers, Precious God Presence, I am your servant and friend. I know you
desire me to help you fulfill your highest purpose in this world also. Send
me on my journey this day. I am ready and capture this day’s challenge and
I know as I conquer through wisdom, through love, and expressing my power
with great discernment, millions like me are doing the same and we will
transform our lives one by one. We are transforming our beautiful planet.
We command Peace. We Demand Prosperity and Safety. I accept this done,


Your Quest or Goal
is like a Seed. It will grow, I promise you, if you nurture it every day.
It takes time to mature like a baby in the womb.  Visualize, affirm,
write down and nurture with Love and Feeling, this beautiful seed. You
don’t need to know how it is going to happen, you don’t need to know every
single detail mapped out. Just plant the seed.

 If you suffer
from the negativity that is so permeating everywhere, it is possible, it is
not a chemical imbalance. I’m not saying it isn’t, but it is very possible
it is not coming from an internal origin.  Drink organic fresh carrot
veggie juice.  Get your hormone levels checked by a specialist who
could help you feel better if there are any missing, if you are open to
going down that road. Take your nutritional supplements and eat enough raw
fruits and vegetables. Get outside, walk, go near a body of water or walk
in a forest. You need to change your location sometimes to get out from
underneath the energy.

What is always popping up in your mind, IS YOUR
on your mind, and how you are going to solve it, is your

And one more thing before we move on, human beings
were created to materialize
things in this dimension. Things are,
anything that is a result of an ideal held in one’s mind that is positive,
beneficial to self and / or others.

If we feel we are not creating, we are unhappy
people. It is natural to feel depressed if we are not doing something,
anything that is an expression of our individuality, but sometimes, we need
help shifting out of the dulldrums.

That is why we need reminders, help, music,
affirmations, friends, encouragement.

Opposing force wants to
keep you down, and most of the time, it will be invisible. You won’t know
it’s happening, because it is in the atmosphere, or coming from the mind of
another person or thing, or tv, or something.  It is not natural to
not create. If you find you are in this state, do not be frustrated at
yourself, know it is just what is happening here at this time and we need
the shields, and the weapons to counteract

Saturn in
Sagittarius- December 2014

Because Saturn is
swiftly moving into the Sign of Sagittarius on December 2014 for 2 1/2
years. It will bring you the structure and routine, discipline and
repetitious duties that are all geared towards bringing the Christ the
Higher Standard into your life, but with excitement and fire, joy and
enthusiasm your vision, your Quest to fulfill this dream will come alive.
For many of us a wonderful accomplishment has been achieved when Saturn
finishes its movement through the Sign of Sagittarius, which will be
. For many of us, that isn’t too far away
of a goal end date, for what we might have in
mind to accomplish, what do you think? Better get on your horse!



rules the adventure, the standard bearer, the athlete, the knight on the
horse, the life coach, the wayshower, the astronaut, the traveler. Saturn
in Sagittarius  is helping us advance our lives by actually engaging
in the adventure. These are real energies, waves of a particular influences
coming to you now from these planetary cycles.

are examples of someone’s Quest. Understand, these might not be what you
had in mind; they are just examples.

Beginning tomorrow, I’ll be taking a 50 day trip in
partnership with the United Nations, supported by the Secretary General’s
MDG Advocacy Group. I’ll be posting portraits and stories from the trip on
the blog. We’re calling it a ‘World Tour,’ because the trip will span over
25,000 miles and circumnavigate the globe. But since there are only ten
countries on the itinerary, it would be rather foolish to claim that these
portraits and stories somehow represent ‘the world,’ or humanity as a
whole. The point of the trip is not to “say” anything about the world. But
rather to visit some faraway places, and listen to as many people as
possible.” Go here for more

And another example,
I found this video around the same time of writing the article It seemed
Click Here!


More Inspirational Events


The dates below are motivating periods for you to
enjoy. These cycles can assist you on your adventure.  ( Remember,
look at your life right now as the beginning point, and you are shifting
your vision again, only this time, to see your life from now up until
December 2017, as a Quest of great significance. Even if it appears to be a
mundane life, ( that’s the point!!) it is a quest to see it in a new light
of supreme importance. Don’t look for the usual Hollywood dramatic
accomplishments and victories you are used to in the movies…look at it as
personal etc..accomplishments and each one truly matters!)  The dates
below are astrological cycles which could bring empowerment and protection
to your tasks.

do you think your Quest is? Take the time to jot it down on a special paper
or notebook and look at it to remind you this is important, each morning or
night. Your day will get filled up with everything else.  The
Quest is something at first, you need to insert into your day, until it
becomes your day.
  If you feel you are already on it, then your
refining of the path will require the same outlook.

planetary aspects below, help define and add richness to your path. They
expand your fulfillment, and provide an overall sense of winning. The
emphasis of these planets are all in fire, in positive aspects to each
other. This kind of cycle is amazingly energetic and motivating. It
releases energy and that get up in the morning vigor, we all love so much.
Jupiter, the planet of expansion, wisdom, good will and protection, is in

Uranus the planet of
change, acceleration and advancement, transmutation and alchemy is in
fire/Aries, the conquering warrior and pioneer of great things.

in October, the planet of motion, action and energy, is in fire,
Sagittarius, and in March, Aries. 

Saturn, the planet
of structure, stability, pragmatic common sense and permanence December
2014 -Dec 2017 is in Fire/Sagittarius. This is spiritual inspiration and
opportunity to engage in your life as an adventure, now more than

Now through 2015, the helpful dates will be:

Jupiter in Leo, Mars
in Sagittarius or Aries

trine/conjoin Uranus
in Aries-

September 20-October
30 2014  Jupiter trine Uranus

2-6 Mars trine Uranus

6-11 Mars trine Jupiter

24-27 Mars trine Saturn

24 – March 10 2015  Jupiter trine Uranus

3-12  Mars conjoin Uranus and Mars trine Jupiter

14-29 Jupiter trine Uranus

and a
big one  Saturn trine Uranus Dec 16 2015- Nov 18 2017

up your spirit, help the world, but also please, help yourself find your
fulfillment. Find the people you are meant to serve with. Find the
treasures that match your inner sight, bring them into your life. Venus is
radiant now, assisting these two events, the retrograde and the eclipse,
magnetize your special precious path in its total clarity.  Your
vision is everything.

I’m counting on a
Miracle. Blaze through on your path beautiful knights, you do have
everything you need. You are prepared, you will see.


For more insight on this Article, please watch this video!

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