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The Rising Sign-Birth Chart


The Rising Sign

Your Rising Sign is the zodiac sign which is on the Eastern Horizon at the moment of your birth.  You can discover what this is, by calculating your birth chart here,  but for this position, you must know your time of birth. It will be shown at the 9:00 area of the wheel if you see it as a normal clock,  or in the legend as ASC.

Your Rising Sign or Ascendant, is a guide or a whispering conscience.  it is trying to help you develop a new quality of the sign it is in.

‘ Hello there!  Wouldn’t this seem better if you only…..”:

See the potential-Sagittarius

Remembered your worth and value-Taurus

Learned the facts-Gemini

Worked towards  perfection , higher quality and purify-Virgo

Spoke compassionately and expressed your ideals-Pisces

Had courage and led-Leo

Could connect to ones feelings-Cancer

Exert Power, take self seriously-Capricorn

Became quiet, observant and strategic-Scorpio

Spoke honestly , directly and took action now-Aries

Developed Objectivity and humanitarian views-Aquarius

Became a peacemaker, yet exposed injustice -Libra

The Rising Sign is the place where our Higher Conscience meshes into our mind and heart.  It is in another dimension, but acts as the forever teacher, like the Jimiiny Cricket on our shoulders, reminding us of the better way.  It helps us become more and more our True Presence radiating, our Sun.

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