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Timelines VI – Jupiter in Sag, Saturn conjoin Pluto in Cap and S. Node


(Continuation of key notes from the September 2017 lecture. This article is in the works, must edit…thank you for your patience.{ Adding new content 10:20 am 2/15 )  Article Timeline VI covers:

  • Uranus in Taurus square the Nodes
  • Saturn in Capricorn conjoin Pluto in Capricorn and South Node
  • Several astrological cycles from 2022 – 2038 bringing a higher order and way of life
  • Saturn in Capricorn at 9* inconjunct Transit of North Node at 11-8* Leo 2018


URANUS  square the transiting Nodes — November 21 2018 – February 28 2019 ( Might be experienced up through March 2019) and returning on November 25 2019 – January 2020.

Disruptions, unexpected turn of events in stock market, the public is unsettled in personal and global situations.

This cycle can pour into our personal life creating uncertainties, agit9ation, anxiousness, feelings of uneasiness, upsets, unexpected situations we need to handle with a level head, personal identity issues, hurt pride, feelings, being in conflict with outer circumstances which cause a change in the direction of ones’ life. Strong feelings or inspirations of independence and the will to be liberated from oppressive situations are quite strong now.

Public and social global events could be disruptive with possible unexpected economic situations up and down, erratic.

Weather/Land disruptions possibly leading to electricity outage or power/gas shortages…temporary.

(Trends, memes, popular thought, and mindsets are extreme and radical.) Creates potential theme of compulsive rejection of ideas, rejection of conformity, anti-everything.

Saturn conjoin Pluto April – May 2019 and January 2020  (January 12, 2020 it is the strongest.)

Certain deep state activities forced to come out into the open and adhere to policies/law, constraint, subjected to higher powers. A cycle of laying down or enforcing new rules, laws, boundaries and establishing, implementing strong strict guidance parameters for order and some form of governing, spread out into several areas in the world, to attempt to handle or contain a variety of economic global disruptions and huge changes occurring on the world scene.

Saturn Conjoin South NodeMay 15 – June 30, 2019 and September 10-30, 2019

When this cycle occurs in a person’s natal chart, the person is forced to face some form of karmic weakness from the past and correct it. If they have a conscience, they sooner or later realize the error and move towards correcting that flaw within their character. Many times it is parallel with a financial downturn, restricted money, not much coming in, and a sense of having ones’ quality of life temporarily diminished. We all might be feeling this temporarily during this period, or is it occurring in international economic accountability? Is it only occurring in those departments where there has been gross negligence and huge misappropriated funds and people are forced openly, publicly to be held accountable?  We’ll see.  There might also be required a period of time that it takes to re-adjust the economy in particular areas while some new regulations are put in place to better ensure these situations never occur again.

Serious negotiations with the old guard regarding economic business arrangements…the elites’ hands in all corrupt business, child and sex trafficking, drugs, pharmaceuticals, and the like, are checked. It is as if this cycle creates the opportunity for some sort of deal that must be struck in order to wean them off this type of activity and those in corruption realize it is going to end.

BTW:  Saturn at this time April – July 2018, ( exact May 31 2018 ) and  from September 15 – October 15 2018 ( exact Oct 4 2018 ) is in what we call an inconjunct to the North Node. This aspect frustrates financial matters, and confidence within the public regarding investments and/or confidence in certain agencies politically or organizations handling issues properly etc..etc… It will stimulate digging deeper in the causes behind disruptive situations on the world scene. This is an extremely discombobulated scramble of confusion, disconnect and incongruencies we observe in political, economic ( mainly where money is being sent, spent, secrets revealed, accumulated, etc…) in the world, and changes and shifts (adjustments) in value of dollar versus other currencies available. It appears to be a big adjustment.

Pluto conjoin South Node February – April 10, 2019, (peaking March 28 – April 2, 2019)

( Past Pluto conjoin South Node cycles :

1882; 1900; 1917; 1935; 1952; 1969; 1985; 2002

 A death and ending to the old guard, the old ways of being subjected to some form of power structures and their abuse, economically, and the global oppression of humanity, where those in higher positions manipulate and use these powers. Even though these cycles have occurred frequently in the past, because of the Return of Pluto in Capricorn to its original position in the 1776 U.S. Chart, it might be more significant this time around in 2019-2020. We’ll see. ( New Article updating U.S. Chart cycles and the Pluto return coming.)

The Transit of Pluto in what we call a conjunction, has such a powerful impact of deeply thoroughly purging an old pattern that absolutely can no longer continue. The end of something that can no longer continue because of its dysfunction is crucial during this time, whatever the activity is, whatever the area it is purging is. It’s over at some deep level.  Epic negotiations with elite fallen economic arrangements, underground corruption, and the cutting off of the supply, somehow..death and end to a very old method of doing business on this planet, or who or where the control or source of revenue is handled, nationally and/or globally.

Saturn and Pluto both conjoin the South Node

This cycle slowly begins March 2019 – October 10, 2019   ( Strongest peak esp. for Saturn conjoin Node: April 26, 2019; Jul7 3, 2019; September 26, 2019 )

 The entire month of January 2020 we could see these things outpictured.

Challenging restructuring, financial systems with new blueprints, new laws put into place.  Restrictions to certain potential future abuses of financial activities and a death and ending in some way the elite’s business global economy and their power as mentioned with the  Pluto conjoin South Node in Capricorn.

On a positive note, strong and constructive industry is flourishing. A new ambitious thrust of success and excellence is the goal. Infrastructure of cities, buildings, transportation, travel industry, common sense and innovative ways and means of living incorporated into our every day lives. A strong sense of global accountability and mutual agreement to put to end exclusivity towards energy, transportation, food, housing and quality of life. It is the beginning of the structure or order of these things. The positive sides of these astrological cycles by no means eludes to the end of all suffering or a new age voila, coming into the physical out of the heavens. There will still be resistance, opposition, it is a start but a long deep process of a new brighter and more objective population through constant challenging the old ways, and demanding explanation and change, via legal and political means, to alter our societies into a new standard. Saturn and Capricorn, Pluto in Capricorn is all about the ambitious drive to create a higher utilitarian, practical and functional order of the day in all ways…purchases, living, travel, food, work, etc…these planets and the node hold the impetus of forming into the physical world, the new rules or the new parameters by which the majority wish to experience.

Because these are severe and strict planets and signs, it could denote a time of some stress, lack, restrictions, conformity forced upon the public regarding money, banking, chips, or an attempt by those remaining in power to attempt to manipulate and control, sneak into our world continual society control completely in so many ways. With Pluto returning in the U.S. Chart, which will be coming in the next few articles, my sense is an information, education blue pill revolution is in the works and is only going to accelerate preventing for our future any such abuse of privacy and control in most areas of our world.  These cycles then will denote an ending and finality regarding certain oppressive social and economic patterns which have been in place.

We’re in a special dispensation period  where possibly time and space is suspended miraculously to allow the remnant to bless the planet with their prayers. It is a speeding up of time and space. Certain awakened Souls’ are demanding Justice and are willing to initiate a Purification, Judgment, the Purge of the Fallen Ones, and Demanding the Divine Order to replace the Nephilim Culture which has ruled for so long on this earth.

Significant cycles of more gentle and prosperous spiritual period begins

  • 2026 first date of significant trines, easing up stress, restrictions, heaviness, and oppression on the planet….2026 up to 2032  shows a  long list of uplifting progressive transits….
  • Uranus conjoin North Node 2022 in Taurus
  • Pluto in Aquarius June 10, 2023 – 2043
  • Neptune conjoin the North Node in PIsces 2025
  • Saturn in Aries — May 24, 2025 for 2 ½ yrs
  • Uranus in Gemini  July 7, 2025 – May 2033  for 8 years
  • Saturn sextile Uranus 2025
  • Uranus sextile Neptune beginning summer 2025 – 2027
  • Neptune in Aries 2025- 2038
  • Uranus trine Pluto May 2026 – June 15, 2027
  • Neptune sextile Pluto July 2026 – February 28, 2032
  • Neptune enters Aries    March 30, 2025 – 2038
  • Neptune sextile North Node 2027

This article is in process of editing…..


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