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12 Zodiac Sun Sign Forecast and Workbooks for 2021-2024

Each one of these reports,  Aries through Pisces, contain 60 some pages of informative guidance zeroing in on the highest priorities for the next few years ahead. These reports are all written to bring inspiration, vision, and uplifting hopeful guidance for the positive and challenging cycles we go through. The Reports are created  to help you navigate around limiting or frustrating cycles and take advantage of the super positive ones! 

Most agree, if they had been given  a road map for the future, they could have avoided certain mistakes. Also, who wouldn’t want greater courage and conviction to  embrace  opportunities so as to expand and advance their life path at the right time?, You will be surprised how many major astrological cycles you receive each year to your Sun Sign alone. From Eclipses, lunar and solar, Mercury retrogrades, Venus and Mars retrogrades, and transits from Jupiter through Pluto and the Transiting Nodes, it’s all there. These are also combined with other “treasures” such as personal musical meditation picked for your Sun Sign cycle, a Personal Affirmation, and personal uplifting vision restoring video overview at the beginning of each report. They were created for you with this in mind. I wanted to combine specific dates throughout the next few years with detailed descriptions of each cycle to your Sun Sign, broken down in segments which match your own birth date.

Included with the report for each Sun Sign Forecast, are affirmations specifically created for your particular cycles in mind, to uplift you above the harsh times and to boost you up, accelerate you and speed up your progress a bit!

Also included is the musical meditation for your own Sun Sign for this particular cycle now and a personal inspirational video overview of your next two years ahead, used to remind you of your potential and the next few years’ themes.

This report is also perfect for introducing someone to “transits” aspecting their chart, while learning how to overcome negative astrology cycles. I wanted to provide a method to help us remain empowered and in charge of one’s’ life and destiny, utilizing the positive ones cycles. Thank you for being on this planet and being You!

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